President Trump Looking for GOP to Defend on Substance Not Process

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind these last few weeks have been the craziest time in our nation’s history.  Three people are to blame for all of this mess.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the one who stirred the pot, Adam Schiff.  Last week we find the GOP stormed into the Democratic chambers as they held the illegal impeachment inquiries.  This week we observe the Democrats still searching for something which is not there while the Commander in Chief and the GOP are doing something for America.  President Trump sees those who support him in his party. Still, he is requesting the GOP back off of the process of the impeachment inquiries and focus on the substance of the probing.

As more testimonies are scheduled this week, the entire world knows the process of the impeachment is illegal and will never stand on its own.  The Democrats are trying to make it right, but only by making the rules as they go to cover their tracks.  This, in time, will eventually burn them.  Before leaving Monday for his flight to Chicago, President Trump told reporters, “I’d rather go into the details of the case rather than the process.  Process is wonderful, but I think you ought to look at the case.”

House investigators have pulled out a massive amount of depositions as they are going after Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer.  Guiliani is the one who is putting the pressure on everyone to get to the bottom of the Joe Biden and Hunter Biden scandal.  There is a scandal, and there is the criminal activity that took place.  Guiliani will uncover the evidence and burn the Democrats with it.  This is why they are attacking Giuliani with all the stops.  The Democrats are shaking in their boots, and they are scrambling to stop the truth from coming out.

So they go after the ones who won’t let up like Giuliani.  Monday, Trump defended his long-time friend and lawyer when reporters asked if he felt Giuliani was in trouble.  Trump’s response was, “No, I think Rudy Giuliani is a great crime fighter.  He’s always looking for corruption, which is what more people should be doing. He’s a good man.”  Giuliani has denied all accusations against him, and like Trump, has done nothing wrong.

Last week Republicans had enough as they were kept from being a part of the impeachment testimonies, process, and committees since the beginning.  They have proven their point well in standing up for the president and the American people they represent.  Now, it is time to push forward and derail the case of false accusations put on the president.  The Democrats say they will try to go public before Thanksgiving with their proceedings, but it’s too late for that!  We already know there is a scandal behind those closed doors as long as Pelosi and Schiff are feeding America with a line of bull.

More defiance comes from the GOP members as they continue to not show up for the depositions.  At this time, that is the only way to combat the Democrats by not wasting everyone’s time.  The GOP has done nothing to entertain the Democrats who still refuse to work for the American people.  Monday, Charles Kupperman, who was the former deputy national security adviser for President Trump, did not show up to testify.  Adam Schiff was furious.  He stated, “In instructing him not to appear, the White House obstructed the work of a coequal branch of government.  If this witness had something to say that would be helpful to the White House, they would want him to come and testify.  They plainly don’t.”

Crying about it is Schiff’s way of trying to make the GOP look like the bad guys.  Clearly, the GOP does not have the time or want to use up taxpayers’ money to fund this circus nightmare.  Countless GOP members and former members are being called to testify with little to no information of value to the impeachment process.  So far, everything has been put into the GOP’s mouth by Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer.  Nothing of truth has come out of their mouths, and Trumps’ supporters are doing just what he is requesting.  By not showing up and refusing to play the Democrats’ game, they are focusing on the source as more information unveils leaning toward the guilt of the Democrats.   The substance the Democrats have is nothing but lies and deception.

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