Presidential Hopeful Williamson Discovers that Democrats Eat Their Own

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is finding out quickly that her own Party isn’t afraid to devour anyone – including their own. If you haven’t heard the name Marianne Williamson, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. The truth is Ms. Williamson won’t win the Democratic nomination or even come close but this isn’t a story about her goals to become President. This is a story about how one Democrat realized just how horrible her party is and how ugly they can be.

Of course, most of us who don’t live under a rock or who call themselves Republican are all too aware. But we can’t be too hard on our Presidential hopeful because, while she may not have known them in her lifetime. So it is very possible that she still believed in the things those Democrats of old did and that she thought her party was about those beliefs.

Now the Democratic party that makes it easy to live off the government. A party that asks, what can the government do to make your life better?

She has also, as one story shared, been recently introduced to today’s Democrats and their willingness to chew each other up and spit each other out. Maybe she should have known and she almost said as much as our story quoted her saying “I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the Left lied like this. I thought the Right did that. I thought we were better.”

Oh, dear Ms. Williamson, they are like that and they can be much worse. To be fair, Marianne Williamson isn’t a career politician so it is possible she didn’t know how ugly, vicious, and broken the Democratic party is. Although it is difficult to imagine how she has missed all the writing on the wall. With the in-fighting between Pelosi and “the Squad” or any of the ridiculous and offensive things that the leading Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has said. It is all right there and yes, it was naive.

In any event, all it took was this well-meaning tweet (that she has since removed) to set the Democratic attack-dogs loose. This was what she said in her now-deleted message: “The Bahamas, Florida, Georiga and the Carolinas… may all be in our prayers now. Millions of us seeing Dorian turn away from land is not a wacky idea; it is a creative use of power of the mind. Two minutes of prayer, visualization and meditation for those in the way of the storm… .”

Yeah, what an awful tweet right?. While most of us sane and caring human beings read this as believing in the power of prayer and positive thinking, the Democrats responded in a less-than-kind and an almost less-than-human way. One of the many ugly responses she heard from the Democrats and the left-led media called her a “crystal gazing kook.” Wow, for saying something positive and uplifting about a very troubling situation? Yes, that is exactly what her party did.

It is one thing to not necessarily agree with the power of positive thinking or even prayer for that matter but to attack someone for a well-intentioned tweet like that? It’s cruel. Marianne Williamson, let us introduce you now to the party you wish to represent. This is only a small sample of how deep the Democrats can cut, how heartless they can be, and how ugly they can get. What is really frightening is to think that this Presidential hopeful who really doesn’t have a chance and doesn’t pose a real threat, as if just for sport, was attacked and mocked.

Ms. Williamson,  if you want to join us on the right, there is always room for good people with good intentions over here. Can you imagine having to defend yourself for saying something completely positive and encouraging? You can, if you’re a Democrat.

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