Protecting Citizens by Releasing High Risk Sex Offenders and Murderers?

Nearly two months later, with no incoming funds, Myers is struggling to make his new house payment and put food on the table for his three kids.

The story is much the same for people all over the nation, like Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia and Stephanie Mata of Laredo, Texas, who usually offer beautician services.

With stay at home orders still in place, these once prosperous business owners are struggling even to make the smallest of ends meet.

But desperate times call for desperate measures.

And so each of these individuals have decided to take the risk and go back to work anyway.

Myers opened his shop on Wednesday for a full ten minutes before police showed up to arrest him and charge him a fine. The 38-year-old now faces up to 60 days in jail or a fine of no more than $1000.  But you tell me, how is a man who can barely afford to feed his own children supposed to now pay extra money to the court or spend another two months without work and in jail?

In Laredo, Castro-Garcia and Mata are in the same boat. After being tricked by undercover police, both agreed to see customers in their home for cosmetic services. And shortly upon this agreement, both were arrested. They have both been charged with a Class B misdemeanor facing “up to 180 days in jail, A $2,000 fine or both,” according to the Morning Times.

The threat for people all over is, as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said of her own community, “Don’t make us treat you like a criminal.”

However, those who actually are criminals are getting set free to do as they please.

In Orange County, California, for example, seven “high risk” sex offenders have just been released from prison. District Attorney Todd Spitzer says, “These kinds of high-risk sex offenders are the most dangerous kind of criminal and the most likely to re-offend.” But they are back on the streets anyway.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens caught on the beaches in the area will be taking real criminals places.

And the state of Washington is no different. Here a lawsuit was recently brought forth, demanding the release of two-thirds of all state prisoners be released, regardless of their crimes. Those to be considered for release would those over age 50, with underlying health issues, and inmates with 18 months or less remaining.

This would include one of the most dangerous men in the state, Gary Ridgeway, who pleaded guilty to the murder of 48 women and claims to have some 80 or so more. And yet because he might be at risk of getting coronavirus, he might just get to walk free.

Well, he would have. Thank God, the state’s Supreme Court ruled to deny the lawsuit. However, it is noted that it only ruled that way by one vote. It was a 5-4 decision.

Makes a lot of sense, right? To protect the public, law officials are willing to let known murderers and sex offenders back on the streets and the turn right around and fill those cells with citizens who just want to get back to work so they can provide for their families.

51 thoughts on “Protecting Citizens by Releasing High Risk Sex Offenders and Murderers?

  1. Nobody said it would be easy, but these politicians who think that criminals, who faced multiple years in prison, would somehow, after being let free, magically become model citizens, especially since most have no honest job skills, except maybe on the west coast where they could peddle pot to teens.

    1. I actually have a really good friend whom was in prison for some really bad shot. However he got out a changed person and has bettered himself. However this is not the case for them all i say leave them because whst if one of them is a phsycho murderer and gets out and goes on a huge spree of slaughtering. We really need to think about this one.

    2. These cocksucking criminals need to be shot dead on site. Then their dead bodies need to be dropped off at Democrap’s houses across the country. Yay, let’s kill the criminals. Send them to hell where they belong.

  2. It seems like criminals, including illegals, receive preferential treatment over law abiding citizens any more. It says in the bible there will come a time when everything that’s right will be wrong and everything wrong will be right. Apparently that time has arrived.

  3. The lazy , power & money hungry politicians who release these criminals then place people who just want to maintain their business should be held accountable. They are not the one at risk of being rapes , murdered or their homes broken into – they have walled homes with armed security guards protecting them. Is it coming to the point in America where we must be armed to protect ourselves because the powers that be are not. My Grandad said ,”keep a full load & don’t pull it if your not going to use it.”

  4. For some reason the local law enforcement in those illustrated instances in Texas of all places seem to be gleefully done to harm, not to “PROTECT AND SERVE” as the motto goes. I wonder if the Laradeo PD is able to do as well with it’s undercover sting operations in the area of …oh say human sex slave traffickers, or drug smugglers, or maybe terrorist and violent illagals in gangs such as MS13? This Wuhan Virus is terrifying but not near as terrifying to a parent as watching your children become ill because of poor or no nourishment ie starving??? That tired old saying “I’m just doing my job” left the barn wayyyy back in 1945 at Nuremberg!!! I was very encouraged when GOVERNOR ABBOTT and both the Lt. Governor and the state AG came out as they did to try to straighten out the seemingly growing glee with which the liberal left leaning judges and a few Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police are ordering their officers and deputies to hunt down and arrest citizens trying to feed their families. I guess the officals feel they have to replace the rapists and murderers in the cells to justify the jails existence now that convicted criminals have been released for their “protection”. For some reason the world is turned up side down. THIS HAS TO STOP. The voters have to clean this mess up. Vote out these opportunistic libraturd sheriffs and judges and I guess mayors and city council members who control liberal cities and towns who would rather persecute tax payers then predators.

    1. They havent even been made into law yet. Any law has to be voted on by the state elected cabinets. These are just tryants tryin to flex their muscle because the people are letting them. Listen to all the Drs that are coming out and saying that there might be as few as 30K actual covid deaths. They are being instructed to put any deaths down as covid to panic and make this seem worse than it is. They are trying to push us into a fight so they can justify bringing in the stormtroopers. If they keep it up thats what their going to get. People around my area are sick to death of the BS lying. This PANDEMIC is as fake as their impeachment.

  5. Yeah let’s let out all the rapists out of prison because they might get sick and die of Covid but let’s jail innocent people for opening their businesses and trying to feed their families. Shame on you, Gavim Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Gretchen Whitmer, Lori Lightfoot, Eric Moye, and MANY MANY others!

  6. Why are we allowing criminals out of jail. They are going to do the same
    crimes or worse. What difference does
    It make where they catch covid 19
    We are letting real criminals out of
    jail while damocrap are persecuting
    honest lawabiding citizens. Why dont we put the criminals back in jail and the treasonist politicians with them.
    I dont like to say this but it is time for armed civil disobedience. The DOJ isn’t
    Any help. It is the same at all levels of government talktalk and bs but no action. Nothing but gutless bas s.
    If we want an AMERICA we will have to take our GOVERNMENT BACK. Who do these people think supports them. Recently schiff said he didnt care what the people wanted he was going to do it his way. BULL SHIT folks. The damocrap governors are lying to make it their story better. Honesty, if you believe that I got a bridge I’ll sell ya.

  7. Michael you forgot to add governors need to be voted out or IMPEACHED but largely this time not as a hoax.

  8. Open our country! You have no right to keep us hostage…we know exactly what you are doing! They all need to be in prison for scaring the people into thinking they are dying. People die every day if we do than let us do it on our terms not yours! Dam natzie government! Trying to destroy or economy because they have to win at any cost…taking peoples jobs trying to cut off food supply’s jail and fines if we don’t wear a mask…if we don’t fight back whats next take our home and kids away…yea they are sex traffickers anyway…we all know they are the deep state! Give us back our freedom this is America! Not a communist country…trying to take over!

  9. Just when I thought Government couldn’t get any worse, along comes, let the sex offenders out of jail to make room for the real offenders, the ones who want to get back to work and feed their families. What’s happening to this nation ?



    1. Coronavirus isca great way to get rid of the waste of humanity that are in prisons. Let the motherfuckers die from the virus in prison. It’s what they deserve. Yay, coronavirus!!!. I knew something good would come out of you.

  11. the hate Trump morons are still out in full force with their obvious mental deficiency on display daily.. worse though are the scum bags on the Real American taxpayer payroll telling folks that not only will they be arrested for attempting to survive, but that scum bags are being released from incarceration where the Real American taxpayer’s money was spent to put them behind bars.. hoping that some of the more idiotic democrapo enema bags become the criminals next victims.. along with huzzypooping..

  12. If any of these released convicts re-offend while out, the officials, starting at the Governor and working down, who facilitated their release should be charged as an accessory before the fact in any crimes committed, with full penalties for such charges.

  13. Only under one condition would this be alright. The politician ‘s that think this is alright? When these criminals do offend again. A family member of these
    politician’s will be jailed with the criminal, and that criminal will be allowed to do what ever they’d like to do with the family member. Rape, abuse, anything that might come to their evil minds.

  14. Do we care if murderers and rapists get the virus. That would be NO!! You do the crime, you do the time, and if that includes a virus, that was their choice. Better than releasing them so they can continue to rape and murder. And if they are illegals, take them to the border and tell them to keep walking with the encouragement of armed military.


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