Republicans Get Feces Sent to Them…But Why?

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Liberals love to paint the picture that Republicans are bullies with their guns and with their rules. However, the only party to ever lash out are the Democrats. They pick fights, they get violent…and now, it appears that they’ve stooped as low as sending packages of human feces to Republicans in Ohio.

Imagine getting a special delivery only to find out that it’s human waste. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Liberals don’t realize that what they’re doing is wrong and completely unacceptable. And it’s not just the politicians who had to deal with it. Mail carriers, interns, and more came into contact with the envelopes.

And you won’t hear the Biden administration calling anyone out for it, either. They’ll stay silent on the bullying, just as they have with the Republican-appointed SCOTUS judges who have been getting bullied by the left.

So, what is the meaning of these envelopes, and who is receiving them? Let’s dig in.

Every Republican in the Ohio Senate received what is believed to be human feces inside of an envelope. Many of the deliveries were caught by postal workers in Akron and Cleveland. Other deliveries weren’t caught until they had reached the mailroom of the Statehouse in Columbus.

A total of 25 envelopes were discovered, though none made it into a senator’s office.

There’s an investigation being carried out by the sergeant-at-arms, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and the U.S. postal inspector, according to John Fortney, a spokesman for the Ohio Senate Republican caucus.

Fortner had a few choice words about the senders, calling them “pathetic, little cowards” and “they should’ve just sent a selfie because it’s the same thing. I’d be more than happy to explain it to them in a parking lot or cornfield of their choice.”

It’s unclear as to whether there was any kind of message included with the feces. As of right now, it appears that each Republican received an envelope that was simply filled with poo. Since the sender didn’t provide any kind of message, it’s simply a guess as to why they are so upset.

They have the attention of everyone in Ohio, but their actions are not going to get them anywhere. They should have just flushed everything down the drain because they missed their opportunity to actually say something.

Senator Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) was the recipient of one envelope. And while he never got his hands on it (lucky for him,), he did have something to say. “It is another manifestation of the angry society in which we live. People are mad for a variety of reasons that spread across the entire political spectrum.”

If we had to guess why the Republicans received what they did, it’s likely because of their take on abortion. They had a case recently where a 10-year-old girl was raped and became pregnant. She was not granted the ability to abort, which meant that she’d have to cross state lines to get the procedure performed – and it has created a significant amount of outrage from the left.

What the left fails to realize is that saving up their bowel movements for a few days and sending it via the Post Office isn’t going to accomplish anything. It doesn’t explain why they’re upset or what they expect the Republicans in the Ohio Senate to do.

Unfortunately, there will likely be more of this kind of behavior from the left.

The country is breaking apart. Meanwhile, Biden is standing on a global stage and complaining about how the Supreme Court handled the Roe v. Wade case…because that will certainly help the country to heal.

Perhaps when we get a conservative administration in place, we can put an end to these childish games. Otherwise, the next headline is going to involve flaming bags of poo…or did we miss that one?