Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Ultra-Liberals Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is America’s favorite politician to hate and despise. It is just so easy to hear her name and have a bad taste come into one’s mouth. Her liberal inconsistencies have defined her as a staunch socialist that wants to tear down the United States and remake the nation into something that she controls through terror and force.

All for the sake of earning lots of money at the expense of the lives of people. All through the lockdowns, protests, and other issues, she has repeatedly criticized the president and other leaders regarding their decisions to act. But not once has she ever offered to help.

Now it seems that she is going after one of her own liberal nut-heads regarding the budget cuts that de Blasio is pushing on the people of New York as he shrinks the police force. Ocasio-Cortez believes that the cuts need to be more, so the police are basically phased out of existence.

She is accusing the mayor of New York of doing some funny business with the budget cuts. And since these cuts involve money on a grand scale, every Democrat in New York would like to see a piece of that pie show up in their personal bank accounts.

De Blasio and his favorite politician are in another love fight as they accuse each other over the correct course of action that needs to be taken. Ocasio-Cortez has accused de Blasio of manipulating the money to look like it is $1 billion. She calls his action “budget tricks” and “funny math.”

This is coming from a shady bartender that could not cut it in the real workplace. She is accusing him of not defunding the police. The hatred that Ocasio-Cortez has for authority is simply mind-blowing. She has no respect for those in positions of authority. But when it comes to her self-made authority, everyone is to simply bow the knee to her.

DeBlasio has simply laughed her off like he does everyone else that tries to talk about him. He stated that “Well, she’s just wrong. The facts are, we took money from the NYPD, put it into youth programs. We are reducing the size of the NYPD but still in a way that can keep us safe.” The city of New York is too big to try and keep safe with a handful of police officers. There still has to be some kind of law enforcement to keep people safe.

Ocasio-Cortez maintains that the money is being moved by “budgetary sleight of hand: Moving school safety officers under the Department of Education.” The changing of the guard within the police force helped save the money. But the fact that de Blasio moved school safety police officers to other city agencies goes against what he told the city. He was supposed to make the effort to help the kids but removing the police from the school is not a very good start.

Ocasio-Cortez just wants to get her hands on the money. She has been trying for several years to fund her insane Green Deal. But even $1 billion is not even close enough to funding her outrageous plan. Her delusional way of living is costing the people that elected her a lot of time and money.

She continued her love spat with de Blasio when she said that “This is not a victory. The fight to defund policing continues. Defunding police means defunding police. It does not mean budget tricks or funny math. It does not mean moving school police officers from the NYPD budget to the Department of Education’s budget so the exact same police remain in schools.”

The fighting within the Democratic Party is just getting started. The more they continue to oppose and facture themselves, the worse the fighting is going to get. Ocasio-Cortez cannot work with anyone. It is either her way or she fights against the proposal. She is cancer within the House of Representatives. She has done nothing for her district and nothing for the United States of America.

22 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Ultra-Liberals Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

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  2. All of the far left demorat idiots needs to be voted out thay are trying to destroy our nation & they are using the money that are paid by taxes from all of us this MUST STOP GET RID OF THE ALL if ya only kill one or to roaches that will not stop the rest from becoming a big problem THEY ALL MUST GO OUT OF OFFICE & STRIP THEM OF ANY POWER THEY HAVE IT’S THE ONLY WAY

  3. I hate her as much as she shares America. My question is how in the shell did she get elected. Something crooked with the voting ballots?? I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would have voted for her. Let’s send them all to Russia, and let’s see what Putin does.

  4. Ocasio Cortez is DISGRACE to the HOUSE in the CONGRESS and to the USA . I will get rid of her when I vote on Nov. 3rd.2020 ! I would appreciate all who vote against her !!! She wants to turn this country into Communist , so she will put lots of money in her own pocket ! She is really NOTHING but a BIG CANCER in our NATION !!!

  5. What were they thinking? Frauds: De Blasio, Cuomo, AOC plus how many more. Tax payer monies used to fund and line their pockets and get a paycheck too. Must be nice!! We’re one of the few countries addressing/ touching global carbon issues. China among others polluting the earth. Is anybody addressing these issues with those countries? Looks like someone turning a blind eye. She (AOC)has to be replaced, let her go back to bartending. Poor marks for job performance.
    What will happen to our country if the likes of AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pelosi, shumer , nadler, shifty shiff, Newsom, Waters and others like them, continue to be elected? No love for their country. Every country in the world including Mexico refuses to let people in without proper immigration papers.
    We have our own issues to attend to constructively and with respect for all of our citizens regardless of color. Keep existing immigrants and get them registered with residential passports. Get rid of DACA, so if anyone wants to come to the USA they must go through proper channels to enter. No more piggyback rides. Those who want to bring them over must

  6. I disagree. She has done much for her district. She has pointed out the stupidity of her constituents and has therefore made them eligible for State Assistance for the Disabled.

  7. AOC is acting like a spoiled little bitch. Where does she get off telling the mayor what to do with his city. She has no right at all to demand that he do anything. Her job is at the House of reps not butting into the mayor’s business. I may not like a lot of things you do do blading but in this case tell AOC to go to Hell. Any money that is cut from your budget better not go into that bitches pockets that stealing period

  8. Let AOC and de Blasio DUKE it OUT! . . . They’re both a COUPLE of WORTHLESS Left Wing Liberals who need to KNOCK each other OUT – of OFFICE, PERMANENTLY! Almost as funny as a PATHETIC sitcom. The worst LEADERSIP (?!?) EVER! One Hilariously LAUGHING Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I am with you, Charles. Maybe they will just be walking down the streets of Brooklyn or the Bronx on a bright sunny day and their “brains” will be splattered on the pavement.

  9. I love looking through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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