Russia Frantically Looking for CIA Mole

The story of the CIA agent that was working as a spy in the Russian government is a story that seems like it belongs in the movies. One side denies that the person ever existed while at the same time the other nation claiming that it is no big deal, but is persistent in finding the man that they will do anything to make it happen. This all comes down to one age-old debate and posturing that Russia and the United States have been doing for decades. It all comes down to which nation is better than the other nation. And this time, like always, the United States wins.

The foreign ministry of Russia is scrambling to stop the embarrassment that they received at the secret hand of the United States. Russia has officially asked for the international policing agency, Interpol, for help in finding their missing man. They seek him because he is believed to be a mole that they are looking for. Well, Russia wants to get their hands on him, so they can punish him for being that CIA agent no one knew was there. They lost their secrets and now they are secretly mad about it.

The name of the man is Oleg Smolenkov, or at least that what the world is being told. Russia wants the world to believe that he was not a high ranking official but then why pursue such a low ranking person and waste all the resources trying to get him back? The truth is that Oleg was a high ranking official, and he got away with a lot of Russian secrets. Up until now no one even knew that he was there.

Oleg was said to go missing in 2017. He and his family went on a vacation to Montenegro. That is what the Russians were told. What was happening is that Oleg used the vacation to get his family and himself to safety. He met up with the extraction team and was then later said to be missing. What stinks for Russia is that Oleg was a fake name and now the person is safe and sound in the United States.

Russia is asking Interpol for help in finding a man that does not exist because it was a fictitious name. What an embarrassment for the nation of Russia. The United States got the upper hand and no one knows or wants to admit how cool that is. Russia is trying to make it appear that nothing of importance went missing. They are trying to appear like it is not a big deal. If it is no big deal, then why ask for help in trying to find Oleg? The problem for Russia is that it is a big deal. Everything that they are claiming about Oleg can only be seen as a lie because of the effort they are going through to try to find him.

Russia is also trying to appear caring in this matter. They want people to think that they care about their disappearance. Truth be told they want to make sure that nothing secretive exited the country with Oleg. One news agency put it like this, “A citizen of Russia disappeared on the territory of a foreign state along with his family. Interpol was presented with questions regarding the disappearance of a foreign citizen and his presence on the territory of the United States.” It is a big deal for Russia.

The reason that Oleg has been brought home is that of the stupid media. The CIA felt that he would be exposed soon because the media in the United States does not know how to not report sensitive secret data to the world. The media likes to reveal every plan that the nation has.

The spy did his work as he discovered what has been revealed that Putin ordered the meddling in the 2016 election. What now needs to be discovered is how it fits with the Democrats. The Democrats were revealed to have worked with Russia to win the 2016 election. It is time for the investigation to start and for the guilty Democrats to be brought to justice. Oleg was near the top of the military chain and was close to Putin. The information he provided will be highly beneficial to the United States of America.

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