US After Russian Hackers Called ‘Evil Corp’, Targeting Them with Fervor

The Russian government is a bunch of meddlers that love to steal from people and cause havoc for other nations. As they continue to cause trouble for people they sit back and laugh at the work that they have done. This week authorities from the United States stepped up their efforts to put down the cybercriminal organization that calls themselves “Evil Corp.” They seek to steal money for companies all around the world to fund their greedy and nasty behaviors.

Their leader is not a stranger to the public as he shows off his stolen wealth to everyone around him. Law enforcement says that this group of idiotic criminals is very damaging as they hack their way into servers and computers of their victims. Their estimated total of theft is $100 million. Maksim Yakubets is the man behind the crime. He’s wanted by people around the world for crimes against select nations.

There is currently a $5 million reward for information that leads to the arrest of their leader. But the United States authorities are targeting him with fervor. Brian Benczkowski who is the Assistant Attorney General for the United States has said that “Yakubets is a true 21st-century criminal. He’s earned his place on the FBI’s list of the world’s most-wanted cybercriminals.” Their leader is so public that his license plate reads “thief.” And yet the Russian government does nothing about it.

This tells the world that Russia does not care about relations with nations of the west. They are more interested in stealing from them and causing war wherever they can. Their latest attacks come from computer viruses called “Dridex.” This malware is ever-changing and has been plaguing people since 2011. The program works its way into businesses and financial institutions and makes fake transfers of money into the accounts of the hackers.

U.S. Treasury officials have stated that “Yakubets worked on the side for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), its domestic intelligence agency, and stole classified material on Moscow’s behalf. One senior U.S. Treasury official said he had even applied to the FSB for a license last year to handle secret documents.” Sources are showing that this man has connections within the Russian government. Showing that the Russians have no interest in effectively helping bring this loser to justice.

The malware has been placed into smaller businesses that do not have good protection. They do not care who they target has a luggage company has been hit as well as a dairy company. For the criminals, it is all about the money. U.S. authorities are working with other nations to bring the man’s picture to international attention. They want to put so much pressure on the freak that his people want to turn him in.

Their leader drives a defiant car. It has a camouflaged paint job and has yellow lights that illuminate the car. Authorities are publishing the man’s car so people know it is him when they see it.  Yakubets and his band of thugs have no problem targeting any nation around the world. They are evil and greedy, and they think that they will never be caught. Every sad criminal is eventually caught. It is just a matter of time.

Law enforcement is stepping up their efforts and working with other departments around the world to bring these men to justice. Russia plays a role in this man’s crime. They know where he is and do nothing about it. They love their crime, and they have no intention of stopping it. Russia has meddled in the elections of the United States and will do so again by their admission. They certainly cannot be trusted. Eventually, they will have to answer for their crimes. The bounty on the man’s head is just the tip of the iceberg in enticing people to turn him in. President Trump is working on strengthening the military and equipping them to combat cybercrimes all around the world. This is just one of the many promises that he has fulfilled while in office for the past three years.

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