Sailors Punished for Wearing MAGA Style Uniform Patches

According to several sources, several US sailors have been penalized for wearing a uniform patch that read “Make Aircrew Great Again,” while President Trump was in Japan last year to visit them.

The red patches, which also bore a likeness of Trump, were photographed and documented by reporters present for the president’s speech in May of 2019 as being worn by a small number of sailors aboard the USS Wasp. Naturally, after being photographed, news of the patches went viral, drawing the ire of quite a few liberals.

At the time, the military made a statement that the situation was under review and would be handled. An investigation began, and it was found that several sailors, all from the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 based in Guam, could face non-judicial punishments for seemingly violating a Pentagon policy that prohibits active military personnel from taking part in any political events while in uniform.

Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 1344.10, which was revised in 2008 demands than any and all active-duty personnel remain as apolitical as possible, not taking part in anything that could signify favoritism to one party or another.

It is believed that only nine sailors actually wore the patches, and yet, according to, 18 officers and sailors were thought to be in violation of the policy.

The non-judicial punishment to be meted out is a kind of military discipline given for minor offenses but can stay on a person’s permanent file. According to the Navy, “Permissible punishments for officers can include forfeiture of pay (up to ½ of one month’s pay per month for two months), restriction to base or to the ship (up to 60 days), arrest in quarters (up to 30 days,) and a reprimand.”

However, upon the conclusion of the investigation, all charges for the sailors were dropped, according to Instead, the persons believed to be involved received unknown administrative discipline.

Pacific Fleet Spokeswoman Rachel McMarr told CNN, “Though the investigation found the Sailors did not intend to wear the patches as a political statement for or against the President, U.S. Pacific Fleet determined that, because the American public could reasonably view the wearing of the patches on official uniforms as DoD association with President Trump’s 2020 campaign, it was in violation of DoDD 1344.10.”

It was assessed that the sailors had worn the patches as a way to boost crew morale and nothing more. However, as it could be seen as a direct violation of military policy, punishment of some sort was thought to be deserved, even if it was light.

As news of their not-so-severe punishment traveled, it was met with mixed emotions and justifiably so.

Some were angered that these sailors could be punished for merely showing support to their commander in chief. One social media user commented, “Navy punished sailors for wearing these patches while Trump visited their ship. He’s their boss and they (love) him! These patches will be family heirlooms now and priceless.”

Others were more understanding, noting that there is a thin line here, and our military personnel should be held to the highest of standards to maintain their professional integrity.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper agreed, making a statement on February 5.

“As public servants to have taken an oath to defend these principles, we uphold DOD’s longstanding tradition of remaining apolitical as we carry out our official responsibilities. Maintaining the hard-earned trust and confidence of the American people requires us to avoid any action that could imply endorsement of a political party, political candidate, or campaign by any element of the department.”

And he makes an excellent point. As servants to our nation’s freedom and Constitutional rights, our military personnel should be able to represent America as a whole, not a particular party or way of thinking. They stand for all of us, whether we lean to the left, right, or center. That makes keeping politics out of it essential.

However, it also means that these sailors and officers should have a right to be proud of our President and what he has done to make America great again. There was a time when Americans weren’t afraid to show pride for their nation; Trump is bringing that back. When he finished speaking to these sailors and Marines aboard the USS Wasp, it wasn’t his name they began to shout. Instead, it was something much more honorable, much more hallowed, and much more deserving of our respect.

“U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.”

100 thoughts on “Sailors Punished for Wearing MAGA Style Uniform Patches

  1. Interesting, I thought that all federal departments like the FBI, CIA, Military, and various intelligence agencies were all supposed to be apolitical. Well the enforcement of the rules appears a bit lax. That’s what happens when senior officials are appointed to be heads of Federal agencies by politicians.

    1. When it comes to the Deep State those who are of the impression that laws do not apply to them such as members of the Democratic party and career politicians and all those who work for and support their deviant mindset do not have as I said can disregard all rules.

      I keep on hearing Brennan whining about losing his security clearance which I have read more than one article that states he never has lost said security clearance, does not need it, should not have it and only wishes to maintain it because he is only of use to our enemies while he has it which is why he cannot profit if he no longer has it.

          1. He is Brennan. Stay awake! Since the patch was not worn for public consumption, who cares what they might think? If the patch were glued to their foreheads instead of on the uniform would that have been OK?

    2. Yeah, the federal government is totally apolitical, huh? I guess you don’t get out much, do you? The FBI and CIA are completely biased…and so is the IRS! The military is probably the most disciplined of any federal agency but it is very difficult to remain neutral when the president is so pro-military (unlike some other recent Commanders-In-Chief) and has your six 24/7…you tend to want to give him cover!

      1. Absolutely right, Dennis. The IRS is the most biased IMO as we saw under Obutthole. He sicked them on Republican Senators and Representatives during his second term in their mid-term campaigns in a puerile attempt to dish up dirt on them. Ah, the things the liberal press never tells us!!!

        1. When do they ever tell us anything that is the truth and not skewed through their narrow slit of “Trumped Up” Journalism that is so anti-Conservative it’s sickening?

    3. Since when is it a political event for the President to visit the troops that are under his command? Since when is it wrong to make the President feel good during his visit? People should lighten up! As a veteran, I applaud them.

  2. WAIT!!!! Should Federal agencies and other politicians be held to the same standards??? They’ve done much worse than ‘wear a patch’…. Oh – I forget who makes the rules and for whom…..

  3. I am a long-since retired Master Chief. When on active duty, I would never have stated either support or non-support for any political person: It is understood (or was, several decades ago) that one simply did NOT do that, period. If you wanted to be political, get out of the service and knock yourself out. FWIW, I strongly support Pres. Trump.

    1. Somehow my previous comment didn’t get on here. I had stated that some disciplinary action was appropriate because it is a violation of regulations to make unauthorized modifications to the uniform and KP or base clean-up detail and a verbal reminder from their commander would be appropriate.

      Sean Parnell, MSgt, USAF, Ret.

        1. There would probably be a line three times around the ship of people waiting to get into Sickbay with indigestion and other tummy troubles if Hillary’s face were on the patch.

      1. Figures, coming from The Air Force/ Retired Master Sergeant Us Army!
        Times are changing! Generals retire and can’t wait to get on TV and bad-mouth The President. They are still commissioned officers.

    2. As a 14-year Veteran of the military myself Robert, I can see where you’re coming from about remaining politically neutral. I also believe that it was an over-reaction to punish the sailors for wearing the patches. They should simply be told not to wear them on their uniforms and keep them strictly on their “civies”.

    3. As I see it THE PRESIDENT is not a political person ,he is THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF of our Armed Forces.He may be a politician when dealing with dumbocrats but when he is among our Armed Forces He Is “COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF” which is not political!!!


    1. I wonder why it’s ok to punish the sailors, while allowing Muslimes in our Air Force to wear a rag on their head, when in uniform? In fact, Muslimes shouldn’t even be allowed IN our Armed Services!

      1. I agree. They complain the loudest. Pretty soon all our rights will be taken away. Then they will have the same thing they left their country for. I have never wanted to leave my birth home, but if our President doesn’t get re-elected I’m ready to leave.

        1. If trump Is Re-Elected, There Will Be Nothing Left Of America To Leave Considering How Hard He’s Tried The Past 4 Years To FLUSH IT DOWN HISTORY’S TOLIET! If That Presidential PISS ASS PIG Gets Another 4 Years To Finish The Job! GOODBYE, USA!

      2. Agreed and the punishment seems diminished according to the article but I have to admit childish for such an event. Having served in the Navy myself I agree it could be construed a being out of uniform and simple enough fix without all the hoopla but then again Zumwault started the pansy crap while I was in and was it was the very reason I got out and lib monkeys have bastardized it even more it appears.

  5. Master Chief Pilot is absolutely correct. During the 23 years my husband was in the Air Force,we couldn’t even have a political sign in or on our residence. If it were for a local sign(not specifying Rep or Dem ) we might . School boar, millage was acceptable.. If you were in uniform, NO patches other than unit etc were authorized.

  6. To meany Democrats in the Military making bad decisions . This needs be handled because
    The President is Commander and Chief!

  7. When I was in USAF Basic Training, the one thing that was EXTREMELY pushed down our throats was to be above all else APOLITICAL. One didn’t even TALK about the president or vice president. We were there to protect the Constitution, NOT the president or VP. I cannot believe these pansies in government today!

  8. As a 33 year Navy veteran as enlisted and Officer status, and a brief stint of Civil service with the Navy, I am quite familiar with Navy Uniform Policies! it is against Navy uniform regulations to wear ANY non-approved patch, badge, or symbol on ANY official Navy uniform. The regulations are quite clear, widely distributed, and required to be known, acknowledged, and followed by ALL members of the service. Any non-approved badge, patch, medal, or other adornment not specifically approved can result in disciplinary action as severe as general court martial. SO if they are only being scolded and refused to wear/display such adornment then they are getting the lessor of NJP available for their disobedience!

    1. I would be the first in line to get a general court marshal for wearing that PATRIOTIC patch.
      Some things are worth the punishment. BEAUTY IS in the eye of the beholder.
      When they told me to remove the patch from my uniform, I would paste it to my forehead.
      TRUMP/PENCE ~ KAG ~ 2020

  9. Yet that foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” apologized for every military operation approved by Congress or the State Department over the past 200 years praised every action most of which were evil on the part of the Moonie Muslimes lied about how much they contributed that was beneficial to mankind, weakened our military making our nation as a whole less able to defend itself from our enemy more than anyone bestowed with the honor of defending our nation, but then his goal is not nor ever has been to uphold and defend the principles of which our fair and just laws Constitutional Republic are based.

    My point is if the alleged faux POTUS can violate the rules then why not those who are forcibly put in Harm’s way.

    1. That’s right, Craig! LMAO @ Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry!!! I prefer to call him “Obutthole”. He and Killary Clinton were also responsible for the murder of Chris Stevens. Do you remember Obutthole turning his face from the camera when Mitt Romney asked him about Benghazi during the 2012 Presidential Debates? Lying scumbag.

  10. This is total BS!! What ever happened to “free speech, ” or “freedom of expression”, military or not.
    My time in the USMC, in my division, we had ALL of our freedoms without restrictions. We had to
    openly communicate with ALL personal regardless of rank. All information we were exposed to
    was of top secret (majestic) classification and everyone needed to be up-to-date on all information.
    Semper Fi

  11. When I was in the USN, having retired many years ago as a CPO, we still had the right to have a favorite and we used it when we voted. When we sat around and shot the breeze we certainly offered opinions and had some fiery debates, but we were all there to protect this country even to the point of death. We never wore any political items on our uniforms. Some in this discussion act as if you were in the military you had to be some kind of senseless Robot. I think these sailors were wrong but not to the point of taking them to Mast and messing up their service jacket.Bob

  12. What am I missing here?. Isn’t President Trump the Commander in Chief of all the military services? Why wouldn’t you support him? I can see not altering a uniform but come on folks. Quit running scared of those liberal loons.

  13. I believe since trump is the commander in chief, he should be able to be shown support by the troops as the generals demand support for themselves

    1. The Hatch Act prohibits any Federal Employee, including the members of the Armed Force from participating in partisan political activities while in uniform or official duty.
      It does not prohibit the individual from having partisan political affiliation. The individual just may not outwardly become part of the dialogue in a way that eliminates his neutrality.
      In this case, I imagine the punishment is probably an official letter of reprimand that will be part of his official military record or an oral reprimand (an ass chewing).

  14. Quote: “Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 1344.10, which was revised in 2008 demands than any and all active-duty personnel remain as apolitical as possible, not taking part in anything that could signify favoritism to one party or another.” When is Lieutenant Colonel Vindman going to be held accountable?

  15. In the cesspool that the Armed Services have become in this decadent dystopian world of Today where the Politicians fiddle while Our Country burns, and Muslim “Americans” are allowed to wear their head-rags as part of this country’s uniform, they are worrying about a half-dozen American sailors wearing a silly patch?! Oooh, then Whack Their Pee-Pees!

  16. These Sailors showed love for the USA… If these men are punished, What about the demorats dishonoring our country & FLAG by removing the flag from stag at a political event.??????.. WHAT ARE THEY..??? ABOVE THE LAW>????

  17. Liberals OPENLY SHOW EXTREME HATRED for the US Military.

    President DONALD J. TRUMP LOVES the US Military and OPENLY SHOWS IT.

    I’m not seeing a problem here.

  18. It does not make a lot of sense to punish these sailors. What were they doing that was so wrong to bring these kind of charges on them. I bet liberals were behind these actions.

  19. Every time I see some garbage like this I remember why we young WO’S laughed so hard at all the stuff shirt “RING KNOCKERS” and certain senior NCO’S. In NAM our aircrews had had unit nickname patches and call signs made and we proudly wore them. Not a one of them was approved!! None of ours was vulgar or porno and not one of us liked President Johnson or later President Nixon. We argued politics at the “O Club/Nco Club all the time. As far as we were concerned neither of them had our backs and threw us under the bus all the time. Our CO’S had common sense!!! They understood the morale of aircrews and the grunts at the tip of the was paramount!!! Why do libs who hate the military give a damn about a little pocket patch that probably raised morale astronomically!!!

  20. get rid of the whinnie liberal democrats in the administration, military and elsewhere
    the bunch of queer illegal muslim obama destroy america team. all those whinners
    need to be tried for treason.

  21. Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 1344.10, which was revised in 2008 demands than any and all active-duty personnel remain as apolitical as possible, not taking part in anything that could signify favoritism to one party or another. —— Interesting how this was revised in 2008. Hmmmmm I wonder why? Oh, YEAH. We had a smarmy Resident who despised the military and tried to hamstring it every way he could from sequester to lawyers on the battlefield documenting “war crimes”.

  22. For all of you that are or have been in the military, Thank You and may G-D Bless You for your service to this land. YOU truly are the ones that Make America Great.

  23. It’s pretty funny how all these senior NCO’S and probably senior OFFICERS quote regs but when the rubber meets the road the junior Officers and WO’s and junior NCO’S and enlisted people are the ones on the firing line. Patches displayed on flight suits and fatigues and other duty uniforms not considered Class A apparel was tacitly ignored by knowledgeable CO’s and TOP SERGEANTS especially in combat units!!! It seems to me that at this point that the Navy big brass should re evaluate their priorities. At this time they are all pissed off that Trump called them out when they again tried to rid themselves of SPEC OPS PEOPLE that actually kill bad guys, tend to operate outside the box, think for themselves and accomplish the mission while STILL BRINGING THEIR TEAMS HOME ALIVE NOT IN BODY BAGS!!!

  24. Yes we know it’s a violation of military uniform conduct, but esprit decor doesn’t hurt, especially out on sea away from home. Watch the fun/funny videos on YouTube by our fine military personnel and you will see all variations of uniforms for entertainment purposes. We’re not talking about honor guard or other dignified duties, just hard working military personnel putting their lives on the line trying to lighten the rigors of military life! Have some heart and some fun, God knows we need it, as do they!!!

  25. The military has very strict rules about “politics in uniform”. Do it and you are in trouble. they got what the deserved.

  26. It’s been a standard policy since the 50’s at least that all military personnel remain visually apolitical. No specific political yard signs, banners, window signs in your home etc. The sailors goofed and as long as the UCMJ doesn’t apply and their e
    rror doesn’t ruin any future promotions they’ll make it through

  27. Hey, yosemite sam, If you consider CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, That Walking, Talking
    Pile Of (SICKO CRAP) the (BEST)? President this country ever had, I Sure Would HATE Like HELL To See Whom You Consider The Worst USA President Ever!

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