Scientists in America Are Being Funded by China to Destroy Us From Within

Scientists rely heavily on research grants to complete their extensive studies. The processes of discovering new cures, vaccines, and other formulations created for either the benefit or destruction of humankind, depending upon their mission, requires cold hard cash. Lots of it.

The National Institute for Health, or the NIH, has strict guidelines concerning the distribution of funds, and the sources coughing up the loot. Particularly, reporting the sources of these donations is of the utmost importance,

These funds come from a variety of sources to include private investors, institutions, pharmaceutical giants, and governments. Tracking the individual sources is done for one purpose in mind, and one purpose only.

Common sense and experience tell us that not every contributor to the world of science has the proper motive in mind. There’s a dark side to the research they’re paying for, and the money is all too often exchanged under the table, behind the back of the NIH. For good reasons, the funds aren’t reported.

In somewhat of a sting type operation, the NIH discovered 54 scientists who they determined guilty of receiving illicit funds from non-reported sources. It should come as no surprise to anyone how a whopping 93% of these funds came from none other than, China.

These findings have set the biomedical community ablaze. Criminal charges against the devious scientists have been filed, including charges against Charles Lieber, chairperson of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology.

NIC director Francis Collins said, “It’s not what we had hoped, and it’s not a fun task.” He went on to describe the recent discovery as “sobering.” All 54 scientists have been fired from their positions.

Almost three-quarters of the fired scientists already had active legal grants from the NIH, and half of them had more than one active grant. The total collective amount of these grants equals $164 million.

Many of the investigations are pointing to an Asian man in his mid-50s as one of the main contributors, which is curious in itself, but no name has been released as of yet since the investigation is ongoing.

Roughly 70% of the scientists are guilty of not turning receipts for the money over to the NIH, while 54% of them failed to report their involvement in a foreign talent program. Only 9% of them had ties to an actual recognized foreign company, while just 4% of them held unreported patents.

This serves as an indication of the charged scientists conducting business with unknown entities for unknown reasons. But here is the real shock factor surrounding these crimes. To add to the dilemma, 82% of the scientists under investigation, are Asian.

The NIH has been diligently searching, as part of federal efforts, to identify the types of illegal behavior that could prove harmful to America’s national security and economic well-being. A current bill introduced in Congress would limit the number of Chinese, or other non-American citizens, allowed to conduct their research in the United States.

The pending bill would also limit the amount of access to highly sensitive and classified research programs to any foreign scientist. Our federal government must consider the possibility of infiltration by foreign entities for all of the wrong reasons. Spys come in all shapes, colors, and professions.

Because of their findings, the NIH is in the process of broadening their investigation, and thus far they are eyeing an additional 399 scientists they say are “of possible concern.” With the FBI’s assistance, they have already honed in on 30% of them who they have little to no doubt are guilty.

Some of our institutions have taken it upon themselves to identify and rat-out any of their on-staff scientists they have strong suspicions about, and their results have uncovered another 44 prime suspects.

This is only the beginning. The NIH, the FBI, and our federal government will stop at nothing until all of these foreign planted infiltrators have met their due fates.

Invading a country does not always require long-range missiles and hand grenades. It can be done quietly under the shadows of darkness.

Scientists have access to chemical reagents used in biological warfare. Most certainly these illegal unreported funds are being used for the development of such heiness chemical concoctions which could one day be used against us.

Our government’s duty to keep citizens safe is ongoing. Much of what they do is not publicized for apparent reasons. But isn’t it nice to know how our president and crew consistently work behind the scenes so America can sleep better at night? The answer would be a resounding yes.

41 thoughts on “Scientists in America Are Being Funded by China to Destroy Us From Within


  2. The Commies in Red China do not believe in God, because they do believe in their Lord, Satan. They have sold both souls and asshole to him. America needs Chinkland like we need the Pope. Buy American, hire American, and let these squint-eyed world-killers take their exported viruses and rip-off junk and plunge into the Abyss or their own assholes, whichever comes first. America needs China like a Fish needs a Bicycle.

  3. For all those people who think Trump just got his agenda about foreign policy when he became president, there is a video of him around 1990 or so talking about how dumb our politicians were and how their selling this country out. He had the same convictions then as he does now, only now he’s trying to undo what those fidiots ( can’t say fukn idiots anymore because my wife gets mad) did. It was working until China screwed us, and I hope he has a plan to deal with them !!!

  4. No jail if they are guilty they should be hung as traitors the taxpayers should not have to pay for them to spend time in jail. The death penalty is a great deterrent for any one in the future.

  5. America should have seen it–when hundreds of thousands of Chinese students were enrolling in our Universities–duly funded by China as scholars.This started many years ago and most of the students went home and walla–China was transformed from a third world country to a mighty and rich Country. Sometimes I think some of our Politicians were either dumb or stupid. At last it takes an outsider like Trump to finally do the RIGHT thing!! MAGA.

  6. And people here in the USA get angered at Pres. Trump for limiting immigration or hiring from within our country! Keep an eye on all the foreigners who have access to any thing that has to do with our countries security and it’s violated weed them out if necessary and prosecute as needed . If America needs any special trained personnel from other countries, vetting must be of the highest priority while Chinese scientists as well as students here attending our Colleges
    should ne kept to a minimum.

  7. And people here in the USA get angered at Pres. Trump for limiting immigration or hiring from within our country! Keep an eye on all the foreigners who have access to any thing that has to do with our countries security and it’s violated weed them out if necessary and prosecute as needed . If America needs any special trained personnel from other countries, vetting must be of the highest priority while Chinese scientists as well as students here attending our Colleges
    should ne kept to a minimum.

  8. There is more to everything that’s going on. Think about timing. There is more than just scp want death to America. Just bare with me. First Obama his crew and Hillary and her crew started all there shit when Trump was elected. First there was the Russian collusion which was proven wrong after unlimited time and resources with millions upon millions of dollars spent. Then there was the impeachment deal. Quid quo pro that was proven to be bullshit (and proven Biden did to the country Trump was blamed for bit on steroids in comparison). So Nancy Pelosi impeached him in the house of representatives. She held onto the impeachment and refused to send it to Senate. When she finally gave it to the Senate, covid had started at around the same time. During this time period was when Trump signed the trade agreement with China. Now remember Nancy Pelosi and her democratic allies already said and it was televised by all the news stations that they would change everything about our country to basically get and keep power. It has been proven the dems are in bed with china and have fought against any regulations against them. During the pandemic all those democratic states have been put in a communist position. At exactly the same time that all the PROOF OF THE COOP AGAINST OR PRESIDENT AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAME TO LIGHT, ANTIFA and black lives matter start looting and burning down our city’s and beating and killing innocent people. Now we are being told that we have to give up our freedom to pander these terrorists. And you have Nancy Pelosi saying when the Republicans show there law reform she said and I quote (the Republicans are trying to get away with the murder of George floyd.) Trying to keep the country in flames. I think the treason and being in bed with china goes deep and people dont see it.

  9. I’m 57. I can remember being a little girl and my daddy warning me of things to come .. things just like this .. and like big pharma killing us off slowly with illness and disease .. and pesticides and herbicides and chemicals etc .. why is food and drug in the same administration? And who oversees either one, really?

    1. I’ve seen this unfolding before people caught wind of the conspiracies surrounding Whore -bag piss- hosey and Creepy Blow-riden. It’s a Chinese elite backing and funding the Democrats and their black lives matter terrorist group. Antifa is just a fucked up group of terrorist who pounce at the drop of Piss-hoseys tits hitting the floor. No doubt acted as mercineries. The American conformist group of Democrats, and the wealth of bill Gates are the puppets and key interest figure of this CCP Elitist. China owns shitty wood and the fucked media, so they’re running their propoganda non stop. Kill the people involved from our country to set an example to the faggy fuck ccp. No respect required for defectors or commy faggots. The police need to be filtered of the democrat pigs for hire. Floyd was no accident, and neither was black lives matter. This was all orchestrated. The murdering pigglet’s were given something of value to move forward with murder on national media platforms and of course blowing it out the fires of hell, the CCP faggy Owned fake source of bullshit liars, threw gas on the flames. Those reporters who back chinkfuck propaganda should be killed for defecting along with the democratic party. All of them. Then hunt down the CCP faggot funding the Dems, and snipe him like a lot cigarette. Bill Gates should be made to watch and when it’s his turn, force him to watch a 72 hour multiple partner gang bang of his wife, cut his dick off, shove it up his own ass cartarize it shut, feed him full of laxative, make him shit it out, then eat it and shit it out again. Any one who would cause genocide and the pain of our nation deserve no less!

  10. The fucking chinks have shown their colors and intent. The US government and it people should turn the tables on them and give them a reason to stop trying to destroy us. It could be done by systematically by ” shutting down trade with them.” Inform them that any other attempts to undermine the safety and security of Americans well be met with maximum retaliation. If trade is just reduced then use high tariffs to penalize them in any way possible and drastically reduce what we buy form. When they retaliate blow them off the face of the earth. This is my peaceful solution of the problem.

  11. Get ALL Chinese OUT of our research labs as well as out colleges and universities. They simply can not be trusted

  12. You are spot on and so many Americans just scoff at you if you say we are being destroyed from within!

  13. So we have our own scientist becoming traitors to our country! Do they get paid by the company they work for then get paid by the CCP for information? That’s treason isn’t it? What happened to integrity, loyalty and self respect? Such bright minds wasted. I’m all for sharing information through the correct channels, in the right way, for the right reason, where our country is protected.

    1. Problem is, Virginia, that the CCP WANTED US TO GET THIS VIRUS. If it were a case of a virus that just broke out on it’s own and became a pandemic ON IT’S OWN, I would be all for sharing information and setting up consortiums that would work together to find a cure for this horrible disease. We cannot trust the Chinese government. They are duplicitous and deceitful.

    2. I believe the democrats were in on it. It answered all their prayers and is keeping Biden out of public eye. All this to get a president they hate out of office. If it was Obama they would erect a statue in his honor. Mmm I wonder if theat to would be defaced and torn down?

  14. My belief is simply leave them out of the equation. We have other countries that believe in Democracy first. Cut, cut, cut them out.

  15. From the beginning of the recent and ongoing Crona virusi have said this was not an accidental exposure to the United States and its population. I now truly believe this killer virus was a plotted and planned attack on the United States and the world. I will light the match if needed or push the button! We should cut all ties with China!

    1. Absolutely NO ACCIDENT Sondra. A top Chinese official was quoted shortly after the virus was released was that it would “bring the United States of America to it’s knees”. The scientist in charge of the project at the BIO Level 4 lab in Wuhan was executed after he tried to warn the world about the virus. The CCP waited a FULL SIX DAYS before locking down the city. Domestic flights ONLY were restricted at Wuhan Airport. They wanted to make sure the virus spread as far as possible around the world because the CCP knew that they would be at an economic disadvantage if they did not. They also lied about “human to human” transmission and are angry at Donald Trump because he took a firm stand with them regarding our trade policy. They would rather go to war than admit they are wrong.

  16. Track them down and put them in jail as a clear warning to others who would betray America. Get ALL Chinese OUT of our research labs as well as out colleges and universities.

    1. China should pay America for the Corona virus pandemic they sporead to the people worldwide. Trump should demand reimbursement in billions if not trillion of dollars destroyed by this pandemic intentionally or unintentionally caused by
      China. China is killing us !

    2. We need to take all of the property the ccp has here. And our debt is finished. We can’t screw with people who don’t care about anyone except themselves as they squeal on their friends.
      Everything about communism is marked by the great satin. Well great asshole satin.
      Everything they say is a lie. Everything.
      The children chant they hate us.
      I just can’t believe how deep they are into America thanks to Obama Clinton but not Bush. Bush is to stupid to do that. His IQ I read is like under 95.
      Maybe 90. A puppet without brains.
      Let’s attack Iraq, they said bad about my dad.
      The mother of all wars.

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