Sean Hannity Slammed the New York Times – It Wasn’t Pretty

The New York Times is a widely respected newspaper that has come under fire many times because of its liberal stance on many conservative issues throughout the decades. This view of the Times might be changing in light of new actions that have come to produce what one is saying as, “running scared.” Sean Hannity said these word the other night about the New York Time. He has dubbed the Times as the “Gray Lady” a term that has often been used of the paper.

Sean Hannity has claimed that the New York Times has recently kept its reporters from showing up on the liberal news channels that are deemed by many to be what he calls, “too partisan.” News channels that are willing to be balanced are something that is becoming rarer to hear about. It was reported that people such as Rachel Maddow, who works for MSNBC, and Lawrence O’Donnell, Don Lemon, who works for CNN as an anchor were said to be on the “no-go” list with the New York Times.

Joe Pompeo, who is Vanity Fairs media correspondent, has written, “The Times was wary of how viewers might perceive a down-the-middle journalist like [David] Enrich talking politics with a mega-ideological host like Maddow.” Hannity also stated that, “The New York Times? They are now scared, taking notice, and they are realizing, uh-oh, they’ve been duped by the conspiracy TV media mob.”

Continuing his dialogue he stated, “Look at this new report — the New York Times is warning editors and reporters against appearing on prime-time shows on ‘Fake News CNN’ and ‘Conspiracy TV MSNBC’.

And stating, “Why would the New York Times not go on their favorite programs, who refused to ask the tough questions to begin with, like, did Robert Mueller forget his previous statements in yesterday’s remarks, or did he intentionally muddle the waters to fuel the Democrats’ unrelenting impeachment rage psychosis?”

These statements are in reference to reports that The New York Times editor Dean Baquet was highly concerned that certain channels and shows were becoming more and more political. He did not want his reporters being accused of joining forces or agreeing with issues or views held by the channels they appeared on.

Dan Baquet has stated, “The New York Times is facing an existential question over whether to allow its reporters to appear on cable news programs that are heavy on opinion and punditry as opposed to straight journalism.” This is an interesting statement coming from a person that works as head over a newspaper that is known to provide its liberal take and opinion on many issues that are not in line with its own liberal stances on things.

He also maintains that the reporters will still show up on channels when they are invited to do so. He claims that he has reservations concerning the channels and news agencies that take an opinionated stance. Baquet believes that opinion and simple reporting need to be separate in order to provide a balanced approach to journalism and public opinion.

There was a time when news reporting and opinion were completely separate. But now it appears that things have changed to the point that the news agencies are telling people what to think and how to believe on certain issues. This kind of news reporting is the only fair way that facts need to be provided to the public. The problem is that many channels and organizations have begun to provide personal opinion hoping to direct more people to follow the political cause they promote.

Certain businesses have also made it in the news lately each time they make remarks on taking a stance on many of the hot issues that face the country. Consumers are tired of the opinionated report that takes place, and they are beginning to boycott certain businesses that are beginning to jump into the political scene. Consumers just want a place to shop without being approached or solicited to join a specific cause or agenda.

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