See How Many in the ‘Squad’ Under Financial Investigation in Less Than a Year

When the ‘Squad’ seemingly took over the House of Representatives in January of this, each member promised to make the world a more just and equitable place. However, only ten months later, we see evidence that not only have they failed to live up to this promise but have actually done everything to the contrary of it.

It has been called to our attention that no less than three of the four members of the freshman group, are currently under investigation by the Federal Election Commission, as well as have complaints filed by House ethics inquiries.

As the apparent leader of the Squad, we will address New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first.

AOC was brought into politics by Justice Democrats PAC, a political action committee that hand-selected her for Congress and provided her not only with the overhead to compete and take office but also the funding needed for the staffing of her campaign against former Representative Joe Crowley.

The fact that the PAC contributed to her success is entirely reasonable for one getting into politics. However, the fact that two separate complaints have been filed on her relationship with Justice Democrats prove something is right.

The first complaint was filed in March against her then-campaign chair Saikat Chakrabarti. It alleged that Chakrabarti had diverted nearly $1 million from the PAC to an LLC under his control.

The National Legal and Policy Center Director Tom Anderson said, “It appears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her associates ran an off-the-books operation to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, thus violating the foundation of all campaign finance laws: transparency.”

But even more alarming is that the FEC found that of the three board seats for Justice Democrats, two of them were held by AOC and Chakrabarti. This means that while the PAC was supporting her campaign, she and her chief of staff were running the whole thing.

Former FEC Chairman Brand Smith said, “At minimum, there’s a lot of smoke there, and if there are really only three board members and she Chakrabarti are two of them, sure looks like you can see a blaze.” And he continued, “If this were determined to be knowing and willful, they could be facing jail time. Even if it’s not knowing and willful, it would be a clear civil violation of the act… I think they’ve got some real issues here.”

For Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, her wrongs appear to have started before her time in Congress, but as some would say she’s “doing it again.”

You’ve likely heard at her recent extramarital affair with Democratic consultant Tim Mynett. According to a divorce report filed by Mynett’s wife, “recent travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Rep. Omar.” However, worse than having an affair is documentation showing that Omar has been paying Mynett’s company with her campaign funds.

According to the FEC filing, nearly 30% of Omar’s campaign funding from July to September went to Mynett’s firm and were classified as “travel expenses,” around $370,000 in all.

Of course, she would have to pay her boyfriend to hang out with her.

The National Legal and Policy Center’s FEC complaint alleges that she “may have touched the third rail of campaign finance law: disbursing campaign fund for personal use. It’s a brazen act Representative Omar was caught doing before in Minnesota, and all the evidence we’ve seen tells us she’s probably doing it again.”

Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan’s complaint is similar. She, too, is being looked at for using campaign funds for personal matters.

In early November, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) board voted unanimously that the House Ethics Committee continue its investigation into the Tlaib’s campaign finances.

House rules provide candidates to receive a salary from their campaign but only up to their election date. However, it appears that Tlaib continued paying herself with campaign funds after she was elected.

OCE said, “If Rep. Tlaib converted campaign funds from Rashida Tlaib for Congress to personal use, or if Rep. Tlaib’s campaign committee expended funds that were not attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes, then Rep. Tlaib may have violated House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law.”

Naturally, all three women have said these allegations are nothing more than a “political ploy” from “fringe, Republican groups.”

What a joke! This is what these Democrats have to offer: corruption and lies.

48 thoughts on “See How Many in the ‘Squad’ Under Financial Investigation in Less Than a Year

  1. What else can we expect from Democrats except lies and self gratification? Just wait… There will be additional charges against the Squad; Omar has been accused of feeding sensitive information to Iran. Who knows what else is waiting to be uncovered?

      1. They are demonCrats.
        They don’t know how to swim.
        The best they could hope for would be to “Float” (like fecal matter) and get washed up on some Communist shore line.

      1. i get the feeling you dont like these fine upstanding dems but can you name one thing that these are doing that is not in the spirit of being a democrat

      2. not just removed but put in prison and after they get out the ones that can be deported and the rest cannot hold public office again and they all lose their retirement and other benefits only thing they can draw is social security if eligible

    1. We can “expect” death from Democrats! as they have delivered US the 1860’s, not counting the Dem’s 50 million taxpayer funded blood sacrifice abortions!
      Expect Romans 6:23’s admonition, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

  2. Go after all of them. All the crooked politicians, etc. They have no right to be a part of our government. Nothing but crooks and spies.
    Why are the not arrested and prevented from working in our government!?
    Also, get all illegals out of our Country. I’m tired of them getting everything handed to them. I can’t even get my teeth fixed. We don’t even know who’s in our Country.

    1. Linda, I understand completely. One is a spy for Iran, one is a George Soros puppet, and one is a filthy-mouthed liar and all three are cheaters . I did get my teeth fixed but I had to find a dentist who would take monthly payments. Meanwhile we are paying taxes so the criminal invaders can get FREE STUFF. It’s got to end.

      1. Dr. Barbara Embry – EXCELLENT – This is so devastatingly UNFAIR! – I am so OUTRAGED about these FREE LOADERS while We
        Pay the COST !!

  3. finiah proving this stuff. now. if giulty, prosecute., for real, not mere words for posturing. if proof is there for exulksion fromelected posaition, do it. get it done. time for words is over.

  4. What needs to happen now is my damn do-nothing Republican Party members in Congress start harassing the Squad like the Democratic Party has done since before Mr. Trump took the oath of office. they got there ass beat by a businessman elected by the people of our great country cause we’re sick and tired of the norm on both sides of the aisle. Also if there were term limits of say 8yrs. would get the bums out of office for newer and brighter representation. We Americans deserve better. _PS, Pelosi, Schumer, and Waters should be the first to go and prosecuted for all their anti-American doings.

  5. GOP members are expelled for having an affair – Omar’s record of allegations include arrest, bigamy, incest, citizenship fraud, anti-semitism, possibly fake last name upon entry; affair and breaking up a family (is that an affair by “Faith” as well?) – and diverting campaign donations to her lover’s business and her lawyer? And the latest allegation is she is a Qatar and Iran’s s foreign asset passing US Gov’t info and being paid! Why isn’t she expelled?

  6. These All DemoRats monkeys are should be Locked Behinds Bar the day they’ar in the Governments. I have known all along these Animals are no good. When I first saw there Dirty Crooked Lies Filthy Mouths then I said to myself they are worse then Animals, i was right. We American Patriots should Rise to Convictions to proceed. God Bless U.S.A.

  7. WOW! . . . The bigger their MOUTH, the BIGGER the TROUBLE. Let’s make them a “one termer”! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    1. AG BARR don’t you have the legal right to proceed with some kind of get them out of office for there offences?WHY Are You Waiting? Isn’t there enough edivence to do anything yet.WE THE PEOPLE want you to do some thing now not tomorrow.Please AG BARR do something now!

  8. I agree. The squad should be impeached and incarcerated. They do not respect the office of the president and are antisemitic.

  9. I agree. The squad should be impeached and incarcerated. They don’t respect the president or the office of the president and they are anti Semitic

  10. This is what and where our country is heading. Yes, it is true we are a country of immigrants, but that was when the country was young and needed to grow the population and ideas. Everybody was basically on the same page.” America land of opportunity” “Big Ideas” “America Proud” These were the immigrants that came to America. Now because of “Politics”, we worry about how people feel, what people are entitled to, needing safe spaces. The early settlers of this country were strong, daring, courageous and fearless. Now we have wussies, snowflakes, entitlements of one kind or another. Political correctness has all but ruined the once most powerful nation in history to “Mother May I.” Wake up! America. Political correctness has allowed people from countries that we know that absolutely hate us into government positions. You don’t have to be predigested to be smart. Let’s be more pro-active and safe, rather than Political correct snowflakes and continue to give up our country.

  11. If you are a liberal , either dem or rino , you are an anti-America , NWO criminal ! If you vote for these known criminals , you are supporting criminals , making you complicit to ALL their crimes

  12. I am amazed that these three trohblemakers are getting away with their crimes, it’s a sad commentary on what the Democrats have done for our country…….NOTHING. They have only allowed these ill tempered foul mouthed parasites into our government thus endangering our national security. Then they carry on with this foolishness they call impeachment inquiry. Hypocrites and evil scoundrels is what they are. THEY ALL KNOW PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG. Evil never prevails, only truth and justice. Dems, you are in for it. You are nothing but useless deep state enemies of patriots. Sad but true. You will get wjat you deserve, God is greater than you.

  13. President Trump is a little rough around the edges but he means well. All these allegations are a threat to our country. The squad should be thrown out of congress along with Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler & all the other accomplices to this HOAX. Pelosi & Schiff, Maxine Waters need to clean up their districts or get out of congress. They should all have term limits(2-3 terms) and should be elected only if they get the results in their elected districts. Wasting time on impeachment & doing nothing for the people they represent. Let’s all work together to get President Trump re-elected and vote as many democrats as possible out of both congress & the senate. Let’s get the wall built and get rid of the cartels as they are terrorists killing our citizens.

  14. I love what all of you have said!I believe in our Constitution,laws,and I trust our President and I also believe that there are crimnals in our government and WE THE PEOPLE need to get them out before they destroy the greatest country in the world.This ‘s what I believe to be destroying our world.Not just the US but all nations in the world will be destroyed if the US doesn’t fix this problem in our government soon! Our government officals with the power of the people need to go after these crimnals in our government and convict them of their crimes and sent to prison and the ones that can be deported sent away.WE THE PEOPLE should show the rest of the world that we care and we can clean up our own Government and then maybe we can help other nations with there problems.It all starts at home first!

  15. If we don’t stop this nonsense of not going after these people, who are our leaders in our country, we are in for some really bad things to happen. Why would we put these women in positions that our secrets can be handed out like candy. Do you really think Omar and the others don’t have a different motive. You can tell they hate our country, and yet Nancy continues to act like she has lost her mind. If it is good for the rest of us, when we do bad, then why would they be any different. They are crooks and trying to bring down our country. Along with the old goat from VT and some of the others on the campaign trail.

  16. Well, we the people are speaking here. Next step, slap our self-centered congress people/senators hard. I told our senator, Michael Bennet, that he works for us, so start doing your job!! Never got a response. Ain’t that a shock?

  17. What we are witnessing is the gradual self-inflicting “Death of the Democrats” immersed in corruption, known liars and cheaters, proclaim by their action and words that they are above the law something they keep accusing the president off. They judge the president by their low standards of civility and morals, why, because the simple reason they just HATE HIM FOR NO REASON EXCEPT FOR FABRICATION THAT THEY CAN MAKE UP 24/7 to throw him out of office, a duly elected with the mandate of the people, and, their tremendous loss of the 2016 results that is at the bottom of this farce. From what we have seen this president has the 2020 polls in his favor, heading for a major landslide victory. Maybe the dems. will retain a few seats barely to establish their existence in congress.

  18. If those three morons are the face of the democratic party , no wonder the party is falling apart. Pelosi jets off with other democrats in private jets while attending climate control seminars in Spain???? STUPIDITY RULES for these dimwits. Hello, NATO, impeachment nonsense and you think hypocritical flying off in private jets to a climate conference is smart.

  19. Letting the squad stay in office is hurting this country. The squad should be removed from office they are Anti-American. Democrats are making this country evil. The democrats have to much HATE in there party. They have to go.

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