See Why Gun Sales Just Soared in Minneapolis of More Than in 20 Years

Since the death of George Floyd, many in the city of Minneapolis have called for the police to be “defunded” and disbanded. However, as the residents of the city are finding out, that makes for a rather dangerous situation. And one that has driven many to begin buying firearms en masse.

As WCCO, a local CBS affiliate reported, “Background checks in Minnesota spiked in March as COVID-19 hit the United States, with more than 96,000 filed – the most for any month in 20 years.” and now due to the riots, civil unrest, and the continued calls for police departments nationwide to be defunded, those numbers are only rising.

“Kory Krause, the owner of Frontiersman Sports in St. Louis Park, says demand again grew following George Floyd’s death last month, and it is still climbing.”

Krause told the news outlet, “People are really scared coming in here. We had a three-four hour wait just to get up to the counter during the height of… the rioting.”

And I don’t doubt it. When people are scared, they want to feel like something can and will protect them. Nothing quite does that like a gun, even if one has little to no experience.

It’s one of the reasons why police officers are called to handle chaotic situations and crimes.

But now, after the city decided to defund the police, the good people of Minneapolis are essentially on their own.

The newly found independence from law enforcement has many second-guessing their recent decision and wonder if a huge mistake was made, especially in the more impoverished areas of the city.

As the Star-Tribune noted, the lack of a police force looks different depending on what side of it you live in, as the North Side has experienced a massive spike in crime and violence since the City Council announced their pledge to defund the police.

“I know on one side of the city, it looks beautiful for defunding to happen,’ Franklin said from the parking lot of Merwin Liquors as investigators marked shell casings that fell inches from where his car had driven. ‘But her on this side of the city, I’m scared if you defund the police … Is it going to turn into World War III over here?”

And this isn’t the only citizen to note the crime and chaos that is quickly taking over the city.

Steven Belton, who is president and CEO of the Urban League Twin Cities, has also noticed a “significant, dramatic uptick” in violence and crime in general since the fateful day that nine of Minneapolis’s City Council members voted to do away with the police.

The Star Tribune took his story, noting that he called the decision an irresponsible one. Belton, like many in the city, honestly believes that some sort of reform or transformation needs to happen within the police departments of Minneapolis, but he says that “defunding” them isn’t the answer.

He also noted that those who made the decision did so without any consultation or consideration from anyone besides those in their own inner circles. No one with severe sway or participation in the black communities of Minneapolis, especially those on the North Side were included in the decision. But the wealthy white citizens most certainly were.

But even these more prestigious persons are beginning to understand the consequences of not having law enforcement around.

As the New York Times reported, one predominantly white neighborhood now refuses to call the police for anything. But that vow is being tested now that a homeless encampment of about 300 has moved into the local community park.

Their once-quiet streets are now seeing double the amount of traffic and a severe increase in crime. Drug dealers walk their sidewalks, contributing to the recent overdose of two individuals in the park. Even prostitutes have set up shop on their street corners.

And that’s not even the worst of it. Recently one man was robbed at gunpoint by two teens.

It has left parents afraid to let their kids play in the park. Adults are losing sleep over thoughts that some campers may break into their home. And yet, the police are still not called.

No wonder gun sales are booming in the city. If the police aren’t allowed to protect and serve, who will?

29 thoughts on “See Why Gun Sales Just Soared in Minneapolis of More Than in 20 Years

  1. Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks for your time!|

  2. 12 to 15 years ago my hubby started pushing to move out (of the city) into the country because he KNEW all this was coming. I finally agreed but ONLY if it was the country in TEXAS! We found a lovely place out here In the middle of the country in Texas and moved. We’ve been here in Texas for 9 years now. We have loaded up with all sorts of rifles, shotguns, hand guns, and ammunition. I haven’t taken any classes, which I need to do, but I manage to hit the bull’s eye or one ring away EVERY time I shoot! We have a granddaughter who is 11 and hits that bull’s eye EVERY time she shoots! Do I feel safe? Pretty much so. I do worry that maybe we aren’t far enough away from the big cities but we do have other places to go if necessary. I’m not fond of the idea of shooting someone but if it comes to me and mine, whomever is trying to get in and/or take or destroy something is going to be dead meat!! ARM YOURSELVES, folks! It’s going to get MUCH worse before it gets better!! And vote these leftist, socialist, communist bastards out of office!!!!

  3. Someone should tell the dumb ass bitch, explanation points go INSIDE the quotation, not OUTSIDE!!!! “Like this!”

  4. Instead of lame signs about “bad apples”, how about doing some REAL research? The results will surprise you, and not how you might think. These people are paralyzed from the shoulders up.
    Gun sales are exploding because Minneapolis is turning into Mogadishu, Minnesota.
    People are going to defend themselves, their loved ones, and their property. They know their elected “leaders” won’t let the police do their jobs.

  5. Eliminating the police is the single most effective means of depopulating neighborhoods. Property values will plummet and I seriously doubt of any truck driver would venture into the city to make a delivery – of anything, This means food also folks, so THINK about what you ask for, you just might get it.

  6. Interesting photo for the story, a bunch of white women protesting for BLM. I wish someone would interview the protesters, especially the white people that have become the majority of the protesters, and ask them about the leadership and values of BLM! Do they know the stated goals of BLM? The leaders and their values? Stated goals of a group are not always the actual goals of the leaders, socialist like to hide behind organizations, and slowly change the goals to meet the goal they wanted from the beginning. There is nothing wrong with people wanting to be equal, but we already have laws for that, BLM wants something more. The defund police movement is fairly new, but “abolish the police” is just silly, I bet the woman with the sign wold run to the police in a heart beat rather than be raped or murdered. The method is to get people’s attention with a clearly way left than center comment, and then say you are negotiating when they step a little to what really can be done. Our government, especially the leftists, loves to claim they are creating laws to even the playing field, but these create special rights, anytime some group is given a right that others do not have the group moves into the special rights category, which is basically not what America is about. A quick lesson on the Constitution might make these rioters realize they are equal in the eyes of the government, which is all you can ask for in life, people will always have their bias, government cannot! Not in America, ever. So what are they protesting? “state-sanctioned violence”, this is right from the BLM home page. So what exactly is this, police killing people when called to a scene of a potential crime or during the arrest of an alleged criminal. So in 2019, only 14 unarmed black people were killed by the police, this is about half of the number of unarmed white people killed by police in the same year, so where is the state sanctioned violence? Or is the desired result of the protests something more evil than abolishing the police? My believe is this: If you want to be respected then earn it, when you demand it or get some special right, you will only make people respect you less! The government canot control our thoughts, but individuals can make a big difference. When I see riots and damage done to private property or public works, I loose all respect for the protesters. Now I am going to go buy another gun or two and a lot more ammo.

    1. I agree . There is an old saying that your right stop where mine begins. Black lives matter but really ALL LIVES MATTER.

  7. Put this sign in front and behind your home and business”Trespasser will be shot, survivors will be shot again.”
    99% of protester and looters and not going to face death for their cause, they are all cowards. When the leaders
    start dying the resat will run for their lives, but they can not hide. If you are hell bent on destroying America, prepare to die.

  8. The Nigerian/Somalian tribes were unsuccessful when thinking they could overthrow there Government in Africa,”so they applied for asylum to enter the United States during the Obama Administration before their consequences of genocide/extinction was a known reality they created an have started it all over again here with the radical Muslim faith instilled in them from birth with BLM movements of terror…

    1. You don’t turn off someone that has been bowing down 6 times a day all his or her life. That would be like turning the pope into an atheist. Anyone that thinks he can change there mind about it is a damn fool! keep in mind that their kids will be bowing down the same as them. Japan has the right idea NO MUSLIM ALOUD PERIOD !!! Japanese kids do not go to Muslim countries to school or for anything else.

  9. I study the facts before typing any comments,”to try to arrive at a resolution to the consequences of the problems that have arisen since the Obama Administration allowed asylum seekers from Nigeria/Somali, African Nations to arrive here with their created issues from over there as they were seeking to hide here in the “cells” that they have since established from that time when thinking that they can now over-throw the U.S.Government etc.

  10. Of course the public at large are purchasing guns. They have no choice. The political hacks that the ignorant voters have installed in the mayoral offices are either crooked, socialist, or simply not up to the job and the police commissioners are no better, not letting law enforcement officers go out and do their job. They prefer to throw the cities wide open to the criminal elements instead of doing their sworn jobs of protecting the citizenery.

    1. It’s now time to take back this country from Antifa and the Democrat’s who are paying for the distruction of Americans freedoms vote Nancy pelosi and Schumer out of office and their partner’s

    2. Then they deserve what they get. It is the innocent citizens I feel bad for. How are these people paying their bills who are rioting and raising hell. I feel like if you don’t like this country then leave. Pack up and move on and don’t look back.

  11. I am seventy five and I have always had guns and I am glad that I do. Guess what my guns have never shot anyone. Three times over my life time I have had to produce my gun to an intruder that broke into my home. Never had to fire it, just seeing that I was armed made the coward run away! In these times every family should own a gun and take safety classes and practice at a gun range on how to use it. It is your responsibility to protect your family. When you only have seconds the police are only minutes away!

  12. I imagine these young white women will be comfortable being gang raped with no one willing to listen to their complaints. Choices!!

  13. they will end up shooting each other . Maybe thats the plan. then they can t blame it on the cops. Classes are being held in homes regarding handling of guns.

  14. Just wait when one of those new gun owners opens fire on some poor rioter/looter/arsonist. I wonder who calls the police then? Or do they just call the morgue?

    1. These Black’s and whites are nothing but thugs and trash and I can tell you now that if anyone of these thugs ever get the urge to harm me or my love ones they will have to call the morgue.

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