Senate Rejects Veto Overrides and Trump can Now Sell Weapons

The dumb Democrats are not interested in protecting American interests. They have repeatedly stood against the president’s attempts to keep Americans safe and his efforts to secure the border. Recently they objected to his approval to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. And somehow tried to get the Senate to block his veto power to keep him from moving forward with the sale. Past presidents had done similar things in the past with no objections. But the Democrats always stand against Trump because they hate America.

This was vital to the stability of the Persian Gulf region. A region that is under constant threat from Iran and other hostile nations. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates deserve to have the protection they need in order to protect its vital assets that affect the United States. But all their futile efforts failed in the Senate because they did not have the support they thought they had to override the president’s veto.

Stupid Iran is threatening the region with attacks and these two nations have a lot at stake. They need the weapons to ensure their safety from the terrorists that live north of them in Iran. Both these nations are allies of the United States. Iran would love to see the deal not take place. But the Iranian Democrats have failed in their attempt to give Iran an upper hand in the region.

There is no reason why the Democrats should try to block this sale. Only that they hate President Trump and do not want to see him succeed at what he is doing for the nation. Iran is watching and just waiting for the United States to slip up and allow them to attack someplace or to just start a war. President Trump is not going to allow them to get away with hurting people.

Not to approve this sale just sends the signal that the United States will not protect allies in the region. Iran basically they could do whatever they want without repercussions. These weapons will cause Iran to think twice about attacking or trying to attack American allies in the region. But the devils called Democrats are Iranian puppets, and they want to see Iran take over and hurt American allies. This is one reason they tried to block the sales of these weapons.

And of course, all the human rights activist groups are screaming about the sale of the weapons because they actually believe that they will be used to kill innocent people. Rather, these weapons will be used to protect innocent people from the terrorist attacks from Iran and the Democrats.

The United States is the largest supplier of weapons to the region and it only proves that the United States protects and supports all allies. For years the United States has sold weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with no issues. Now all of a sudden the Democrats want to make a big deal about it because of who sits in the White House. Their actions over the past three years have been anti-American.

It is no secret that President Trump supports the Middle East allies of America. America has been a friend of these two countries for years and there is no sign that it will end any time soon. President Trump sees a bigger picture of what could happen if America did nothing about Iran. The Democrats have buried their heads in the sand and cannot see past their noses that without the weapons from the United States Iran will attack and cause death in the region.

The House Democrats did not even voice any concern about this deal because they were so focused on their own little baby fights that they missed a chance to object. Proving they are living in their own little Democratic world. The Democrats in the Senate started screaming and tried to get the Republicans to go along with them but failed big time in trying to limit President Trump’s power.

7 thoughts on “Senate Rejects Veto Overrides and Trump can Now Sell Weapons

  1. The people of America best wake up the Democratic Party is not a party at all any more but made up
    Of self interest individuals who care about themselves only they thing there all Hollywood stars they like to act but offer nothing of substance to America oh I’m wrong they offer hate and bigotry and their acting is unAmerican we’re st a turning point people the country is at stake

  2. Well stated and there is only one thing for American’s to do.
    Have to courage and smarts to vote all the liberal Democrats out of office.

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