Senator Murphy Now has Three Versions of This Story… and Counting

The Democrats depending on where the song began, have danced from one skillet into another like a moth dancing with fire. Senator Chris Murphy has now given us three song and dances about the Ukrainian Call Transcript, but it is only a matter of time before those who play with fire get burned. Most politicians slant views, walk the fence on treacherous topics and we all are guilty of downplaying or highlighting aspects of an event. These are the type of comments, that even if recorded in today’s capture-everything world of technology, there is still an allowance for perception. Murphy did none of the above.

Let’s start from the beginning, so to speak when one story covering Murphy’s statement reported, “Murphy met with Zelensky in early September… aid was withheld… in the hopes of trying to get other nations to contribute more first, which isn’t out of character for this administration. They got European nations to contribute more to NATO, which has strengthened the alliance.” This was the perception that Senator Murphy stood behind – the first time.

Then came this news, these incredulous rumors about President Trump essentially threatened Ukraine’s leader by demanding they investigate Biden or else the U.S. would withhold help. Then for about the 900th time, someone else whispered the “I” word. Murphy’s response to these rumors and whispers? Our story answered “…the Democratic senator now says that Zelensky felt pressured by this White House to open a corruption probe against Hunter Biden. Well, The Washington Free Beacon got audio copy about that meeting and Murphy didn’t make any mention of the allegation… .”

When the so-called CIA whistleblower information was released, the Senator went so far as to say that Zelensky spoke with him “directly” about feeling pressure from President Trump.

So to be clear, Murphy agrees with how things were handled. That the U.S. didn’t withhold anything but merely encouraged, promoted and allowed other countries to get involved. In essence, making NATO about the world, not the United States, and thereby making these alliances stronger. Awesome.

Again, just for clarity’s sake, the United States according to Senator Murphy threatened to withhold help and support if they didn’t comply with Trump’s demands for a Biden investigation. Really?

Now, just to be crystal clear – wait, what? Yes, this is the age-old moment when someone is caught doing what we call, the “flip-flop.” Hold on though, because the Senator wasn’t done, there is also a third version of his story! That’s right, just to help us clarify what the Senator does and doesn’t know, he has given us three choices to choose from.

Shortly following that meeting with Zelensky, Senator Murphy had a briefing wherein another version of his communications were recorded. According to the story, “Murphy initially told news reporters in a Sept. 11 briefing that… neither Zelensky nor any other official he spoke with brought up political requests from the Trump administration… .” He was quoted saying, regarding the topic that they “didn’t talk in-depth.”

This is the political equivalent of “Uhm – I don’t know.”

Come to think of it, this may be an entirely new political play. This is a creative new spin on the flip-flop technique. Think of the benefits this would give to those discussing gun control or immigration issues for example. You wouldn’t need to stand on one side of the fence or the other, hell – you don’t even need to stand on the fence with Murphy technique. It looks like this:

No, the President didn’t pressure anyone and yes, there is a healthy and open relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine.

Yes, Zelensky did feel pressured and confided in me directly about these issues.

And… I don’t know.

What a brilliant concept, just offer several answers and then let the public choose whichever answer they like. No politician would ever have to commit to a stance on anything and voters can hear whatever they want to hear. If you hear the term they “Murphy’d it later, remember you heard it here first. No longer will politicians be flip-flopping on issues, not when they can be Murphy’d!

71 thoughts on “Senator Murphy Now has Three Versions of This Story… and Counting

  1. Can’t wait for the day We The American People get to SEE ONE BY ONE they get lead out in handcuffs laughing, making JOKES about who looks better in the jump suit!😂
    But once in JAIL & THE Charges against them released all their LOSER LAUGHING STOPPED!😂 Wasn’t just Democrats, but Republicans, Independents, then came the next day & THE AMERICAN MEDIA GOT A STORY OF STORIES, THEIR TURN,😂 Cuffs on into the Car’s! That day my American Friend’s is Coming!😂

  2. which of these stories are correct? . . . Just “roll the dice” and see what happens. Apparently NOTHING is true (Rolled “SNAKE EYES”?). How can ANYONE trust the MEDIA or the DEMOCRAT party for the truth? HOW?!? This whole “impeachment” inquiry is a FARCE and needs to be SHUT DOWN. And, I think it WILL be, before, during and AFTER the 2020 elections when the DEMOCRATS and the RINOs (Here that, MITT ROMNEY?) LOSE. TEAM Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  3. Every single Democrat has come out with their own personal version of the Trump phone call conversation and they all are not only wrong, but they lied every single time. Now I ask! What moronic American Democrat would believe anything these imbeciles they voted for to represent them in Congress believe in them. Me, I am not one of them. Democrats since 2016 have tried, lied, and told BS lies for over 2 years. Enough! Help Americans with real problems like border security, healthcare, education, etc!

  4. These flip-flops by Senator Murphy are indicative of the actions by every Democrat serving in Congress, as well as those who have served in the past and others. When one -in their minds, big scandal proves to be a nothing, they all jump on the next big nothing to come along. That big scandal which they are certain will bring down Trump ends up making the entire thundering herd look like chumps.

    My question is this. If a private American citizen is engaged in fraudulent activities with a foreign government that could put the US in a compromising or dangerous position why is it a crime for our president to ask for assistance in the investigation? It isn’t like our FBI and other law enforcement agencies can travel to the other country and start their own investigation. And, it damn well isn’t a crime for our president to hold conversations with other foreign leaders. I think the president is only doing the job we elected him to do and, instead of being investigated, we should be congratulating him.

  5. Murphy can’t even stand up for the truth,because the other dems will come down on him.Come on man stand up,and have some pride in yourself.The truth will set you free.

  6. Really, going to cherry pick one politician,even if accurate, this president has flipped flopped on numerous issues including gun reform issues just to name one. BE consistent if you want to be taken seriously

  7. the DemocRAT swamp rat party is the party of vicious lies and extreme hate… .. They would rather try to take out President Trump than do the job they were elected to do… Taking care of the issues that affect this country and the American people… They have ONE agenda and that is to destroy President Trump and his family and they don’t care that they have to lie, cheat, create something out of nothing to get rid of him… PATHETIC LOSERS….
    ANYONE Who votes for a democRAT swamp rat is a vote to destroy our country and the American people…

  8. this clown is full of it… he threatened ukraine to stop investigating biden and biden’s son or else the money would stop… that’s what happened…

  9. Senators ranking below used car salesmen in trust? Do some still have a mind of their own or are they all in lockstep with jumping on the latest rumor without thinking, let alone investigating?

    1. Gail;
      First you have to realize that every politician has more skeletal remains in their collective closets than any other members of society!
      If you investigate one, eventually all the skeletons of all will come tumbling out !
      And that’s something that no politician even wants to think about because it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that none of them can be trusted!

  10. I will continue to support President Trump who was legitimately elected by the people of America to be our President. I wish you “Swamp Creatures” would please leave our President, His Staff and Family alone. How can any person support anything “BIG Sack of Schiff’ AKA Four Pinocchios Adam Schiff
    says. “Sack of Schiff” needs to resign from the House of Representatives IMMEDIATELY.

  11. It’s time to re-introduce firing squads for all to see what happens to low life crooks who bilk the taxpayers money for self gotten gain. I would volunteer for the squad without hesitation.

  12. Who knows maybe they can find a story they all can agree on… since they are all making it up as they go why not get together and get their version of the story together… They make a mockery of truth, this is nothing but another lie perpetuating their insane, hate filled rhetoric with no basis in fact. Now who knows what the truth is, so far the only version that seems consistent (and accurate) is the actual transcript of the call. Shocking how the actual conversation might be accurate. (Dripping with sarcasm and disgust for the democRATS and their illegal attempts to overthrow the ELECTED President of the United States.)

  13. Trump is soooo far ahead of these idiots it isn’t even funny anymore. Keep up the good work for the country Mr. President.

  14. I’ve decided that, I do NOT trust our Senators nor Representatives. The majority of them are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. However, I DO trust our President, & back him 100%. The Dimocrats have been playing dirty for years now. And, it’s only going to get worse. I look for a PUBLIC assassination attempt on the President. And, we already KNOW that they don’t mind doing it one bit. Johnson had Kennedy murdered, to keep him from being re-elected, & getting rid of the Mafia. Jackie always believed that, up until the day she died. We may NEVER know the truth, which is why Jack Ruby shot & killed the assassinator. Then the police shot & killed Ruby. So all the shenanigans by the Dims went to the graves of Ruby & Oswald.

  15. Democrats remind me of a cat in the cat box. They are very busy covering up their mess, but at the same time, looking at us like they wer’nt the ones who did it.

  16. Too bad “Truth” no longer exists
    Let’s get on with what really matters…..real issues that concerns
    U.S. citizens.

  17. Read the treaty Bill Clinton signed in 1999 with the Ukraine. Allows U.S. and then to ask for aid in investigations. Why is this not being told. Trump has done nothing wrong.!

  18. To bad the Democrats have lost there MINDS, they started the first civil-war and they may start the second one that is coming. All they want is to control all the people and not let the people control them. If you read the Communist Manifesto all this is in there and the Democrats are following that to a T.

  19. Gail;
    First you have to realize that every politician has more skeletal remains in their collective closets than any other members of society!
    If you investigate one, eventually all the skeletons of all will come tumbling out !
    And that’s something that no politician even wants to think about because it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that none of them can be trusted!

  20. This is all an organized coup attempt against our country and our much loved constitution The socialist Democrats and the deep state (CIA) are trying to remove Mr. Trump so they can institute the New World Order and end the freedoms that we enjoy because of The Bill of Rights We built 840 FEMA camps all around the country to send us (WE the People) to in order to remove us from the equation Go to the UN’s web site and look up Agenda 21 which says it all

  21. I, as one Conservative Republican am fed up with all of this Ukrainian bulls***! These DemocRATS are so full of themselves, surviving only on the sheer evil hatred they display toward President Trump! And they have the gall to stand in judgement before they can come up with a viable reason to commence impeachment. I say, if the DemocRATS continue with their charades, all the more reason to vote a straight Republican ticket in 2020!! TRUMP 2020!!

  22. This is beginning to sound like a soap opera. The democrats will not be happy until President Trump is out of office. The bad news is that he’s going to be elected for 4 more years. When will the democrats get back too running the country or get out of their offices.

  23. Senator Murphey I expect this kind of lies leaking out of the mouths of idiots like yourself. Your lie s will eventually catch up with you and perhaps a cell in a federal pen will have your name on it!!!

  24. I believe most politicians do “Murphy’d” at one time or another, but they being the ones having decision making power is nothing we can do…or is it? Yes there is something we can do: vote them out! The problem with that is us, the American people! How? We’re divided by our own interests! Some saying goes like “all politics go through the belly”. And we all have different ways to get our meals! Small businesses, most of us employees , corporations/companies, large numbers of employees, many in unions, the huge education system, with millions of teachers and their unions (SEIU), cities, states, government employees, and again their unions, so diverse. Then the diversity of industry, agriculture, commerce, military, transportation, and others. And then we have all the races and nationalities, each with their own working habits, living habits, and all other kind of diverse characteristics! And on top of all of that: THE HUMAN NATURE! We are self centered and changeable! Our two main innate qualities are…laziness and greediness! (If we can have everything on a plate without any effort, we would do nothing! Greediness? Innate? Yes! Take to toddlers, put them on the floor, by each other, and give them the same toy! In no time one of them will try to get the other’s toy!)
    Thus, we’ll never be able to agree upon anything entirely, including, or even more so, on politics.
    Everything needs to start with a strong and stable family, then a discipline education system from kindergarten, elementary, junior and high school, college, then the discipline and fair work place.
    Until we solve these issues, I’d say plagues, we’ll always have “Murphy’d”, not only politicians, but I’d venture, people!

  25. Thsi two-bitys “senator” exemplifies what the DEMOCRAP PARTY has been turned into….
    It will mot reconcile with the fact that HILLARY LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and that it was WE THE PEOPLE, not their football watchers and six-pack sippers SCUM who elected Trump president and from his inauguration decided his election was supious and
    went to get rid of him no matter how…
    Even tyat other figure, POCAHONTAS, went as far as to propose eliminating the Electoral College on the grounds that their 1.5 million votes made them victors in this election, forgetting that the reasson for the Fojnding Fathers to create the Electoral
    College was precisely to avoid that half plus one was the winner in an election, as only GOD and DEMOCRAPS know where in
    the HELL these votes came from …..!!!!!

  26. Those congressional Democrats flip-flop more than kids on a seesaw. They hear the word impeachment and all get goggle eyed and lose any sense they ever had. All act as if they have been hypnotized or have been inhaling some wacky-weed. The Democrats have become so obsessed with their vendetta against President Trump they will go to any lengths trying to find something, anything that might be considered out of the ordinary. Thus far, President Trump has made that entire herd of do-nothings look like fools. When the story of the 2020 election is written it will be, “For two years congressional Democrats tried to impeach President Trump. They failed.”

  27. Murphy is crooked just like the rest of the scumbocrats. This is all grandstanding for votes. We don’t believe any of them.

  28. Please! This so called “whistleblower” didn’t even hear the actual conversation? Oh, o.k., fine, well guess what I heard at the bar today? Guess what the guy at gas station told me? Don’t worry honey, I won’t c*** in your mouth, right.

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