Senator Murphy Now has Three Versions of This Story… and Counting

The Democrats depending on where the song began, have danced from one skillet into another like a moth dancing with fire. Senator Chris Murphy has now given us three song and dances about the Ukrainian Call Transcript, but it is only a matter of time before those who play with fire get burned. Most politicians slant views, walk the fence on treacherous topics and we all are guilty of downplaying or highlighting aspects of an event. These are the type of comments, that even if recorded in today’s capture-everything world of technology, there is still an allowance for perception. Murphy did none of the above.

Let’s start from the beginning, so to speak when one story covering Murphy’s statement reported, “Murphy met with Zelensky in early September… aid was withheld… in the hopes of trying to get other nations to contribute more first, which isn’t out of character for this administration. They got European nations to contribute more to NATO, which has strengthened the alliance.” This was the perception that Senator Murphy stood behind – the first time.

Then came this news, these incredulous rumors about President Trump essentially threatened Ukraine’s leader by demanding they investigate Biden or else the U.S. would withhold help. Then for about the 900th time, someone else whispered the “I” word. Murphy’s response to these rumors and whispers? Our story answered “…the Democratic senator now says that Zelensky felt pressured by this White House to open a corruption probe against Hunter Biden. Well, The Washington Free Beacon got audio copy about that meeting and Murphy didn’t make any mention of the allegation… .”

When the so-called CIA whistleblower information was released, the Senator went so far as to say that Zelensky spoke with him “directly” about feeling pressure from President Trump.

So to be clear, Murphy agrees with how things were handled. That the U.S. didn’t withhold anything but merely encouraged, promoted and allowed other countries to get involved. In essence, making NATO about the world, not the United States, and thereby making these alliances stronger. Awesome.

Again, just for clarity’s sake, the United States according to Senator Murphy threatened to withhold help and support if they didn’t comply with Trump’s demands for a Biden investigation. Really?

Now, just to be crystal clear – wait, what? Yes, this is the age-old moment when someone is caught doing what we call, the “flip-flop.” Hold on though, because the Senator wasn’t done, there is also a third version of his story! That’s right, just to help us clarify what the Senator does and doesn’t know, he has given us three choices to choose from.

Shortly following that meeting with Zelensky, Senator Murphy had a briefing wherein another version of his communications were recorded. According to the story, “Murphy initially told news reporters in a Sept. 11 briefing that… neither Zelensky nor any other official he spoke with brought up political requests from the Trump administration… .” He was quoted saying, regarding the topic that they “didn’t talk in-depth.”

This is the political equivalent of “Uhm – I don’t know.”

Come to think of it, this may be an entirely new political play. This is a creative new spin on the flip-flop technique. Think of the benefits this would give to those discussing gun control or immigration issues for example. You wouldn’t need to stand on one side of the fence or the other, hell – you don’t even need to stand on the fence with Murphy technique. It looks like this:

No, the President didn’t pressure anyone and yes, there is a healthy and open relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine.

Yes, Zelensky did feel pressured and confided in me directly about these issues.

And… I don’t know.

What a brilliant concept, just offer several answers and then let the public choose whichever answer they like. No politician would ever have to commit to a stance on anything and voters can hear whatever they want to hear. If you hear the term they “Murphy’d it later, remember you heard it here first. No longer will politicians be flip-flopping on issues, not when they can be Murphy’d!

2 thoughts on “Senator Murphy Now has Three Versions of This Story… and Counting

  1. Senators ranking below used car salesmen in trust? Do some still have a mind of their own or are they all in lockstep with jumping on the latest rumor without thinking, let alone investigating?

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