Shocker! Poll Shows Americans are Unhappy

We’re tired of the pandemic. We’re tired of the political unrest. And we’re really tired of the riots. But, back up, let’s get rid of the riots. Are we still unhappy? Yes.

NBC News really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this news story…as if people didn’t already know that a poll would show we’re unhappy.

Why wouldn’t we be?

We’ve got Joe Biden as a presidential candidate and a pandemic keeping us socially distanced from everyone and everything that we love.

But, hey, let’s play along. The survey, conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago, says that only 14% of American adults classify themselves as “very happy” – and that’s down from3 1 percent in 2018.

In 2018, the same survey showed that 23% of American adults felt sometimes isolated. That percentage is now 50%. Not exactly news, right? Actually, it’s surprising that the percentage isn’t higher considering that most Americans have literally been isolated at some point during the pandemic. For most of the month of April, we were told to stay inside unless we were a frontline employee.

What is interesting about the survey, which was conducted in late May before the death of George Floyd (and, as a result, before the rioting), is that it is based on nearly 50 years of data research from the General Social Survey. Every other year since 1972, they look at American attitudes and behaviors. Since 1972, no less than 29% of Americans have identified themselves as “very happy.” So, when the number dropped to 14%, it became newsworthy.

But, is it? Since 1972, there hasn’t been a pandemic that has swept across the globe, infecting millions, and killing hundreds of thousands. And, even though some of the world is opening back up and going back to the way things were, that’s not the way that it is in the U.S. Even the places that are opening aren’t normal. Restaurants were only at 25 to 50% capacity at the end of May. Masks are still being strongly encouraged. Social distancing stickers are still in every store. It’s hard to be happy.

And it’s not just the pandemic, either. People have lost their jobs. Schooling children has had to be done at home. Socializing is done on Zoom instead of at a bar.

The poll actually helped to shed some light on the mess that is 2020. People are less optimistic about the standard of living improving.

Surveys conducted following the assassination of JFK and the attacks of 9/11 show many people having emotional and psychological stress reactions. There were reports of crying, smoking, and feeling dazed. There are fewer of those reports. Now, there are more people saying that they’ve lost their temper or wanting to get drunk. That is likely back to feeling as though they are isolated.

The survey has highlighted what we’ve all known: 2020 is not a good year. It’s affected our mental health because it’s not just one event. It’s a constant struggle because the pandemic still lingers. It brings with it a significant amount of unrest because of fear of going out into the public and fear of what’s to come next.

More people are feeling lonely now than the surveys in 2018 – and that, again, comes back to the isolation.

There is a silver lining in the poll. Most Americans are assessing their families’ finances the same as they were in 2018. Their ability to get along financially is as high as its been since 1972, so there’s that.

If the study had been conducted a month later, it could have painted a hugely different picture – perhaps with more loneliness, more isolation, and even more pain. With the political unrest added to the equation and the rioting in the streets, it leaves people with more stress and more questions. What will the General Election in November bring to the country if the polls are already showing a general consensus of unhappiness?

76 thoughts on “Shocker! Poll Shows Americans are Unhappy

  1. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something which not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I stumbled across this during my hunt for something regarding this.|

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  3. If BLM, then why are all these unhappy people still in the USA and not back in the land of their ancestors taking care of their “cousins, great aunts and uncles” who have nothing except caring WHITE volunteers and missionaries trying to save lives by providing food, water, and medical attention. That’s true BLM!! I’m sure the airlines would be happy to provide free air to return them and when they get back to their homelands, let’s see how happy they are to have left the USA, the land of opportunity. Gimme, gimme, gimme, is all they want but, work for it, HELL NO!!! Citizens of the USA work for what they got or will get in the future. Give me one good reason why this BLM bunch should get what I have worked for all my life. I retired and left them a job to do just as I did. What a bunch of lazy pawns of Treasonous Pelosi and the pothead non-citizen who occupied the White House before our gutsy, GREAT, Proud to be an American Donald!!! Who the hell is Pelosi to remove federal property (portraits) from the halls of a federal building. Put a mustache on her and say “HEIL PELOSI!!!”

  4. All of the destruction by these so called ” peace full protests”, remind me of a bunch of “kids” throwing a temper tantrum, and destroying their room, which should require a 10 minute time out, but this should really be a 10 year time out. I’m basically a happy person, but appalled at the stupidity.

  5. When they finally learn their freedom does not come in the form of gov’t handouts, MAY BE they’ll open their eyes and quit killing each other, and get a job, and care for their children instead of have the taxpayer do their job for them, heaven forbid they earn their living in America.

  6. I am a Native American and I thought that this was a country that was better than this. The “black Leaders” was just waiting for something to happen with the white on black. They got it, riots and distruction, You don’t hear much said about yellow on yellow, red on red, black on black and white on white, let there be white on black the blacks show there butts. Why? My God they want to be equal. What about the rest of the population. I believe if you want to be equal get education not all of this setting back and wait tell something to happen so you can cause riots and distruction. I am glad my grand parents are no longer in a teepee.

    1. jo i am glad you are a native indian. if the nation would be more like the natives we would not have all this destruction i have stayed in 47 states for at least 2 or more days and my favorite site seeing was indian entertainment, i do not think that i am wrong, but i have never seen or heard od an indian robbing a bank. have a fabulous forever !!!!!

  7. Yes Americans are unhappy. Maybe we’re all unhappy with the democratic politicians who will do anything to upset the country. They should all be censored. Their bull s___t is so old it’s pathetic. If they weren’t so worried about the election none of this would be happening to the extent that it is . Surge in corona ,maybe the democrats are behind that as well. I wouldn’t doubt it for one minute. Anything to scare the citizens , yes, citizens of this country.

  8. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m happy the only thing that would put a bigger smile on my face and make me feel any better is if I was allowed to eliminate all the pos that think they can distroy public and private property without any consequences

  9. I think all the Democratic congress should be sent home with out getting paid, that is all they are there for, they do nothing else

    1. They gotta show up to be sent home ,they’ve been phoning it in since before hayfever season

  10. Talk about fake news did you know comcast owns NBC & MSNBC, I found out about a week ago and to day I have a new internet and when I called to cancel I told the guy why I was canceling.To stand for Trump is to stand for what Got wants and this great America. wander why the left thinks that thousands of Americans are going out and buying guns and getting their permits set new record in April higher than when Obama got in and they said that he was the best gun salesman that ever hit the U.A.S what are the liberals going to do when Trump wins this time another fake Impeach.

  11. Although I’m HAPPY, I’ll be even HAPPIER when ALL the DEEP STATE is in FEDERAL Prison serving STIFF SENTENCES starting with OBAMA and working your way DOWN to the REST of TREASONISTIC TRAITORS. One Happy and Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. I’m duck yo death of the unrest in this country. Who are they funded by because someone is behind them. It’s terrible that they think so little of the country we love. I wish they would all leave. Where are their parents. They are a disgrace. This is not a protest this is pure anarchy.
    President Trump has been harassed For the past few years. Why couldn’t you just let him be President. It would have been better for all of us but no you couldn’t. You blame him for the unrest look in the mirror the answer is there.
    Horrible people is what you all are.

    1. This is common knowledge; Soros, Obama, the Democratic party and their millionaire supporters, China. Russia and nearly all news media and many more.

    2. Obama was a community organizer. Well, he is still at it with the help of his four to five antiAmerican women in Congress. (Make that five counting Pelosi.) Then throw in the probable financial aid from China. Republicans, we had better grow a backbone and stand up for our country. Our history and country as we know it is being erased

  13. It seems to me that if Black Lives Matter is really serious about it, why haven’t they been burning down all the planned parenthood offices? They are responsible for more black deaths than anything!!

    1. Dear Tom Young: Wait till Black Lives Mater figure out they have been voting for the Political Party, (Democrats) that started the KKK. It was the Southern Democrats! Also, most African-Americans never knew LBJ told the Democrats to vote for Welfare. Many Democrats were not interested if African-Americans received more Welfare or not until LBJ told them: “If we vote for this bill, we will have these N word in our back pocket for the next fifty years keeping us in Office!” History had proved this as African-American were kept on the lowest ladder step of Economic prosperity! This is the truth, whole truth, so help me God. Ask Dad!

    2. When they finally learn they freedom does not come in the form of gov’t handouts, MAY BE they’ll open theIr eyes and quit killing others and get a job, heaven forbid they earn their living in America.

  14. Just an observation: if this reaction to COVID-19 had been implemented when the Ebola issue arose under President Obama, then we would now be a socialist country governed by Federal Decrees and martial law. This appears to be nothing more, or less, than an attempt to see how far the envelope can be pushed in order to contain a health issue made exponentially more frightening by the passing of disinformation. Right now the First Amendment has been circumvented except for protesting. States are usurping Federal rights granted by the Constitution only to the Federal Government. And while churches are not permitted to assemble, mass protests go unchallenged. I am unaware as to the status of other Faiths and their freedoms regarding worshiping God in their fashion, but whatever that may be, no State has the right to pass laws concerning a right already established as belonging to the Federal Government. By Amendment X, the States have rights that are not assigned already to the Federal Government. No state can criminalize the First Amendment right to freedom of worship, and in doing so any state is, by deducting reasoning, establishing a criterion (i.e. doctrine/ideology/philosophy/religion/belief-system) that can only be equated with the establishment of a ‘religion’.

    By definition of the Latin, a religion is anything that binds together, whether it be God, superstitions, ideologies, philosophies or science. By this Latin term there is support for the fact that COVID-19 is being used to establish a religion based on medical science, and in this case the science part is sorely lacking – at best ambiguous and at worse deliberately manipulated for other purposes.

    Right now we are guinea pigs being subjected to experiments with political agendas in mind, or rats being purposely led through a maze to see how we will ultimately respond at a future, crucial time. I, for one, refuse to be either a rat or guinea pig.

    1. Dear Mike Malone: “Out of the mouth of normality comes wisdom!” Well written, focused, chronology laid out to spark intellectual thought for all.

  15. where’s the parents to all this young generation kids running around and doing all this mischief? People straighten up your relatives they are destroying our America I am just a low class citizen struggled all my life but when I joined the US Army Engineers, I went to many countries and saw how they suffer much more than any one in the US so stop fighting our country. You want to make it better than put it down on paper and vote it in…. That’s how this country has always worked. Do it!!!

    1. Dear Jerico Das: You are NOT a low class citizen. You served America well and are very intelligent how to fix the current problems ALL of us are facing. To quote you: “Vote it in!” Never let any race, gender, nationality or Political Party brow beat you again that; “I am just a low class citizen!” You are smarter and classy than you know!

    2. exactly…one of my sons is a Marine and has been in two wars already…the problem with most Americans is that they never leave the USA…where as Europeans have many different countries and cultures to interact with…yes we have many different cultures here…but it is not the same as traveling to many of these places


  17. Well said, All this BS about BLM and corona is getting extremely old. If Trump said wear mask and stay home, better believe the Democrats would be saying it’s save to go outside and back to work. Ridiculous!!! I can’t wait until November to see the F-ing demoncrat House collapse on they sorry ass and Republicans taken back control..

  18. Yes I am unhappy, I blame the main stream media, CNN, & MSNBC for their lies which have contributed to these riots & the destruction of our statues & monuments. I also blame BLM for blowing everything out proportion,
    “EVERY LIFE MATTERS”! This hatefulness has to STOP. The World is watching us, as RODNEY KING once said something like this, WHY CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG? I say the same thing.

  19. Of course we are unhappy! We finally get a President with balls (not exactly perfect) but doing things to help recover the disaster this country has been in over the last many years. Former presidents, wanting to look great, didn’t mind sending all our companies elsewhere. Didn’t mind seeing cities fall into disaster areas! Didn’t mind watching rioting and the BLM burn down stores in there own cities. I could go on but why bother! The Democrats have done nothing but fight every change to bring back America. They just couldn’t sit back and see how good it could be. Pelosi is a sick witch and she needs to go along with all the other freeloaders that are just warming seats. Yes we are unhappy! We are sick of this whole mess, and that includes the rioters that want to remove our history because it hurts THEM! BS

    1. I was a Democrat for 50 years and am now an Independent….I like Trump..he is a Nationalist and not a Globalist…and doesn’t support the NWO…The BLM was a good concept…but it is being backed & funded by very left winged groups…the the initial issue has been lost…they are funded by Antifa..ActBlue….and the Tide foundation..just to name a few..ActBlue is run by two white computer keeks…also many of the protesters are getting paid… and the worst thing about all of it is that the real issue is getting lost… as I understand it, BLM is about getting respect and action under the law…and that is being lost behind all of the other interested groups with different agendas … I subscribe to the MLK approach… and in the end..don’t all life’s matter…?????

  20. Unhappy …what an understatement …tell the idiot career politicians to get to work …. no wonder Trump was elected …. more like him. Out with Cuomo, Schumer,…

    1. exactly I live in Los Angeles, California don’t get me we have Newsome and Garcetti and they are giving away Los Angeles and the state….

    1. B— your not only a Troll, its people like you that have ruined this Great Country. As a Democrat you suck! We know there
      will always be people like you who hate to go to work, hate a job, your a useless piece of humanity. I bet your folks are really proud of
      you. You tell us how he is ruining this Great Nation. We can’t wait to hear your Fake News. We have jobs, Schools will be going in the Fall.
      As soon as the Election is over with then this Virus will disappear. Got that! This is the Democrat’s doing to have this Virus hit the Country
      before an Election. Well it won’t work. We will still be voting for a Christian an we will be voting for a Man that allows us to Fly the Flag of this Country.
      Ok. That’s right the 4th of July is coming up and we will be flying our flags high and wide. So you keep on acting dumber than a stick and we can all just tell you to stick your opinion up the nearest toilet.

    2. you are certainly entitled to your opinion. TRUMP has been good for me. i have never been better. i cringe at the thought of a dumbocrat in the white house

    3. To B: SEND YOUR TRUMP CHECK BACK. YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. After all, it was a lie, right?

    4. B- Your an a*shole! Trump has done more positive for this Country than any other President. If you would get your head out of your liberal a*s, you might be able to see that. It is stupid liberals and Democrats like you who are ruining this Country. Trump is not an Ahole, he is a strong President. Unlike that whimp butt Obama.

    5. Dear B: “The greatness of this Nation” is: E Pluribus Unum, Latin for “Out of many One'”

    6. Please OPEN your eyes, Trump had everyone working until this PLANDEMIC raged across America, with the help of the democrats Impeachment trials, so China could continue trying to control the universe with help from our democratic leaders helping move American Manufacturing to China, where we can’t even get the products back to the states because China needed them more than we do???

  21. There should be a stop to these protesters, which are really planned riots to push a communist government on us!

    1. that is part and parcel of it and let’s not forget the Deep State and the NWO …

    2. The protecting is need so all people can have equal justice and a racist world. The United States government is the biggest hypocrite in the world. In the American people must live under a mountain became they believe what they racist eyes and ears want to see and hear. When it comes kicking down there doors, it’s call a Epidemic.

    3. You need to reread your post and spell check it. It makes no sense as written, but then you don’t really care, do you?
      You sound as though you Hate America !!!!!!

    4. What,… really, .! Violent protests, destruction of property, looting and burning actually shows the opposite of what you are protest against.

    5. TRUE These are all done by the Democrats because they lost with the fake Dossier, Fake evidence that they created behind closed doors without the Republican house speakers present per Shift(D) California and Pelosi(D)California’s request, the fake Impeachment on the President of the United states before even taking a vote, by knowing the Covid virus was in Garrittrellies(D)California District was quarantined in November of 2019 while Pelosi advertised people to come to celebrate Chinese New Year in her District (D) San Francisco during Governor Newsoms’ watch of 8,400 people with the same symptomologies’ as those in quarantine in (D) Garrittrelllies’s District , the continuous lies about Covid 19 which is just SARS-ov2, the same SARS CHINA HAD FROM THEIR LIVE WET MARKETS OF CHICKEN $ YEARS AGO! The constant lies and misinformation of how many contracted the disease, how many have died, but no numbers showing recovery’s which makes this a false study and failed researchers leaving out that the recovery was greater than the deaths! The planned riots to cause chaos as a diversionary tactic to try to pass a new bill for virus relief for Illegals and a 30% increase in gun tax and 50% increase in Amo, this is the Dems fault for their agenda of making the USA a Socialized country as Obama and SOROS had devised since Obama took office in 2008!

    6. I think you got all the democrat negatives right. They lost so America suffered for three years and now it’s all the Presidents fault because a drunk broad, Pelosi, thinks she should be in charge of everything !!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am very unhappy about ALL the rioting, looting, burning and destruction of statues!! It’s past time to go full Kent State on BLM and Antifa which are communist Marxist organizations!! Call out the National Guard and shoot to kill!!The millennial mind must be reprogrammed to love America, our freedoms and liberty!!

    2. You’re right on! Those of us who lived through the VietNam era, after the President JFK assasination
      May be known today from the view of the Jane Fonda’s and/or Hillary Clinton supporters as
      Deplorables! We the zpeople have managed to retain our stamina through thick & thin. We’ve help keep our country together & are Christians, also many interfaith. We are law abiding citizens, except
      For the traitors or turncoats? Yes, that n black, yellow skin colors all for our freedoms! Some fires,
      Some MUndereducated citizens Left behind to raise their families! We supported Martin Luther king,
      We The People supported affirmative action. The underground (read your history books) made up
      Of criminals, who are now teaching in our universities tried to undermine& destroy our country!
      We can’t give up, we.Must take up our cross(es) & cross the finishing line in this battle for freedom & Gods’ Peace & Love! We must live a life of color blindness, like Jesus, God & Be in Love with one another on this earth. We should all strive for eaqual opportunity. God loves each one of his unique
      Children. He is our Creator! Even if you think you came from a Big Bang or. Monkey! God is your 1st Father! Get use to it before you die❤️God is Love!!!!!!!!💔James is neals the broken hearted too
      HOPE! Amen/Hallejuia,

    3. Pardon the errors, as an elder senior with a Communication Degree, I’ve yet to slow
      down enough to proof read. I’m “happy” today because being Sunday, it’s time to rest.
      Worship God today and all the days of your life, then do as I say & try to do. Correct all errors of omission in life. I prayed for you today even not knowing who you are or where you live. We
      are all together in this earthly life! Bury the hatchets, fire arms, hatred and get along! we must
      Shield ourselves from the hatred, evil in this world! Over & Out❤️

    4. Jacquline :

      What you said speaks for me too.

      You are right on !!

      God Bless all his children and let’s learn to love ❤️ each other as Jesus taught us “love thy neigbkr as thyself for the love of thee”

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