Odessa, Texas Becomes Latest to Ban COVID Mandates


If you haven’t heard, COVID is back. Naturally, that means the political left is trying to reinstitute all the ridiculous mandates of 2020.

But Odessa, Texas, is having none of it.

According to CBS News, three new strands or variants of COVID-19 are making their way across the nation. And just in time for a presidential election.

And so the powers that be, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have begun theorizing about the need for more vaccine jabs and masks.

As of yet, no actual mandates or ordinances have been put in place regarding masks, lockdowns, or vaccines, at least by most state and federal offices. However, some businesses and schools, thinking themselves to be proactive, have done so.

Thankfully, there are some local leaders and municipalities that are determined not to go back to those tyrannical ways.

Odessa, Texas, is one.

Here, the Odessa City Council has introduced and passed a resolution that basically says no one can be punished for not choosing vaccines.

According to the Daily Caller, the resolution states, “A person may not take an adverse action or impose a penalty of any kind against an individual lawfully residing in this City for the individual’s refusal or failure to obtain a medical treatment involving the administration of a vaccine.”

As Odessa City Council member Chris Hanie says, the resolution is needed to “maintain our freedoms that we have not already lost.” Furthermore, he says it reminds us that “our bodies are our own.”

This means that while new strands of COVID may have some cowering in fear, those who don’t shrink under the same kind of pressure shouldn’t be forced to undergo the same medical treatments as those who are. It should be our own personal decision to make.

Besides, more than enough evidence suggests that vaccines, as good-intentioned as they might be, aren’t the answer for everyone. Numerous cases of autoimmune diseases, heart failure in children and young adults, and other adverse reactions have been documented.

Wisely, Odessa is giving their citizens free will and choice.