Socialism and Communism are Synonymous…Cubans are Fully Aware of This…and They’re Starving

Socialism has been on the American agenda ever since Bernie Sanders spoon-fed his followers with illusions of Utopia where everybody receives everything with no out of pocket expenses. If this seems unrealistic, it’s only because it is.

Let’s make no mistake about it, Socialism and Communism are synonymous terms. Anyone would be hard-pressed to discern a difference. Why? Because there is no difference. Socialism merely appears to be a more acceptable term.

In truth, both socialism and communism lead to poverty, unyielding misery, and even death. This is not an undocumented fact. All one needs to do is to have a look at countries like Venezuela, whose residents wonder daily, where their next meal will come from if it comes at all. Poverty and suffering have overtaken their lives.

But perhaps the most devastating example of socialism having gone awry lies several hundred miles off the tip of Southern Florida in Cuba. While their not so humble cigar-puffing leaders are living in luxury, the citizens they are responsible for are living in squalor, with no hopes for a better future. Their dreams died years ago.

Because of extreme food shortages, the Cuban government continues urging its citizens to plant gardens. They should grow their own food supply since it isn’t the government’s responsibility to assure everyone eats. That’s on them.

But this is not always possible, especially for the bulk of Cuba’s population residing in tiny apartments with no land on which to grow anything. Even if living in a house with land, the soil is sandy and not worthy of producing a bountiful harvest.

Their government’s only response to the critical food shortage is not to import more of their food from elsewhere, but rather, to ration their already limited supply. This includes everyday staples such as rice, beans, chicken, and eggs. A nice tall glass of cold milk? Forget about it.

Although the Cuban government is placing all of the blame on Donald Trump due to his trade embargo, any Cuban citizen will tell you this is not the case. Nothing has changed since Trump took office.

Business owners and half-starved citizens all agree. Their fractured way of life is strictly the result of Cuba’s Socialist/Communist regime. No other factor has ever entered the equation.

Especially because of Covid-19 placing additional restrictions on what food the government does manage to import, their situation has gone from bad, to awful.

Cuba opened its door to tourism in efforts to restock the government’s financial cushion which requires at least 2-billion dollars annually to feed the general public. But now with tourism coming to an instant halt thanks to COVID-19, their coffers are running dry.

Even the food produced in Cuba, which is limited to pork and tomatoes, is down by 18%, which means the average Cuban and their family, are literally starving to death, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said during a government policy meeting, “We have to establish the incentives for people working, so they can make a living off what they produce, so they want to produce, so they want to develop new products.”

Yet the government still maintains price controls and it is forbidden for any citizen to have any type of ownership rights. Even if living in large cities where residents are stacked on top of one another, Diaz-Canel is idiotically encouraging those residents to transform their small balconies into thriving gardens of fruits and vegetables.

But the Cuban government has offered no assistance whatsoever outside of telling people what they should do.

The deputy leader of the Cuban Communist Party, José Ramón Machado Ventura, said they must become self-sustainable as quickly as is humanly possible.

He told Cuba’s state-run media, “Cuba can and must develop its program of municipal self-sustainability definitively and with urgency, in the face of the obsessive and tightened U.S. blockade and the food crisis COVID-19 will leave.” Sure it will, buddy.

So the next time one of your liberal egg-headed friends suggests that socialism is the only way to go, set them straight by letting them know how things are working out for the Cuban public. If it doesn’t change their mind, suggest they seek immediate help.

18 thoughts on “Socialism and Communism are Synonymous…Cubans are Fully Aware of This…and They’re Starving

  1. Cuba was spreading commie BS all through the world as in South America, Africa and I’m sure some other places. So where do you stop it? In their yard are wait until they get to your door step? It’s always the people who suffer, but freedom in NOT free. Everybody wants to set back and collect the wheat, but didn’t want to plant it. It’s always somebodies else’s job to work as long as they get their freebies. NEVER HAPPENED down through history. The elites will take every thing you got for the “Masses”, but they don’t give up theirs. Your become a “Slave” in every sense of the word because you thought you were going to easy street. It doesn’t exist and you wind up in a gulag working until you die then it’s a mass grave. BLM and all the others are BS to give fools a cause to tear down this country. When or if they do it they will wake up to find they have been sucker punched and lost everything. Pray for America as this is all keeping it together. Your “Rights” and your skin color mean nothing at the point of a gun. Keep drinking the KOOL AID to lose everything and you will not get it back. Be Safe, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  2. I’ve been to Cuba numerous times on humanitarian missions. The Communist dictatorship there keeps the city of Havana near the airport and on the way to the National Hotel clean and somewhat repaired. The same is true for some of the “resort” areas. That is done to attract visitors from Europe, Central and South America, etc. The farther away from Havana you travel, particularly to/in the Oriental Provinces and Guantanamo (outside the U.S. area) the poverty is among the worst in the world. Most homes that are standing do not have roofs or even all four walls. People live anywhere they can.

    On one occasion, I purchased a fresh loaf of bread. It was about 2 feet long and wrapped in a newspaper with the ends sticking out. As I walked back to the neighborhood where we were staying with a physician and his family, everyone was looking at me. I asked the doctor. He said, they were looking at the loaf of bread which cost one CUC because for most they haven’t had a loaf of bread in years. I divided the loaf up and gave it to three families.

    I hope my family and I can return this upcoming winter.

  3. Unfortunately THIS IS REALITY and USA those not want to recuperate what they lost in the island, at least they gave us the ability to come to this country and make a leaving for us and the new family. Been here since 1961 as an american but would like before I died to take my daugthers and their children to visit but on a free country

  4. I’ve been to several countries with oppressive governments & this is always the case. The U.S.A is the bread basket of the world. The Leftist who want a “Socialist” Government should be gathered up & dropped off in one of these countries & learn about real poverty & no Rights, not to return for six months. Their attitudes will do an about face when reality is all around them. We have it better here than any country on Earth. Food, toiletries, education, housing, comforts & opportunities, not to mention Rights.

  5. Scandinavian countries are the happiest places on earth with their Democratic Socialism. Why do right wingnuts equate free school lunches with Valenzuela or Communism? Cuba’s condition is partly caused by our half century embargo that accomplished nothing, except misery for the Cuban people.

    1. John, Have you been to the Scandinavian countries? 1) They do not have the standard of living possibilities that there are in the US in terms of housing and incomes. 2) If you were truly informed, you would know that these countries have backed off on a lot of their ‘socialist’ policies over the past 30 years because they found they are unsustainable financially. If you speak to leaders of these countries they do not consider themselves socialist although granted they do still hold some socialist, government controlled policies. The US Cuban embargo (which is a democrat talking point ) has Nothing to Do with the oppressive Cuban government that keeps their population oppressed, through taking all of the wealth for the ruling elite and imprisoning and even killing those who do not stay in line with the government. I suggest you talk with some Cubans who have left Cuba to learn a little about the mistakes in your statements.

    2. They are not happy in Scandinavia. Sweden ignites Volvo’s in discontent. They are over run with very hostile refugees from the middle east. I as told they have the best health care there, if you live to see your doctor. Norway, Denmark, and even Finland are much the same. Finland is not part of Scandinavia and is more independent. America is still their dream, to one day be more like America, or to move here. Those affected the most by the soviets cherish their new found freedom, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

    3. Nothing is free! Have you actually lived there? Socialized Medicine is not free! Waiting for months or longer for some surgeries. I am a nurse and have experienced people coming to US for surgery because of long waits in some of the socialized medicine countries. Check how much taxes they pay? Australia even regulates the color of garbage cans, what days you have what color and fines for wrong color. Cuba’s problem is not the US if you have Cuban friends they will tell you, but a dictator who keeps their people from any freedom. They aren’t even allowed to enter a hotel or restaurant unless they work there. My family in Central America have visited there and spoken to the people that are willing to share the truth. Just curious if so great in Scandinavia, what are you doing in US?

  6. Hey just wɑnted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your рost ѕeem to be runhing off
    the screen in Ⲥhrome. I’m not sure if this iіs a formattіng issue or
    something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The layout look gгeat though! Hope you get tthe issue resolved
    soon. Cheers

  7. I love looking through a post that can make people think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

    1. When was the picture taken? The woman with all the clothes hanging on the line, it seems like a classic picture taken in 1950. Just asking nothing personal. Either way socialist doesn’t work anywhere in the world.

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