Supreme Court Stiffs Arms Liberals Again and Reminds Them That People Can Pray in Public Schools

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For decades the Democratic Party has taken the concept of church and state and confused the original intent. The Founding Fathers did not want to have another national religion controlled by the government. Part of why America was established as a nation was to provide a place where people could come and worship as their conscience dictated.

The fight for religious freedom continues because the liberals want people to worship their god of humanism, thereby forcing the country to adopt a national religion based on the notion that humanity is their god. But the Democrats have taken that concept and turned it into a means to help them eradicate any reference to God or religion from every public venue around the country. They fight to keep people from being able to pray in schools or even mentioning the name of God in public.

But once again, the liberals are getting a stiff arm from the Supreme Court that is reminding them that a national religion and eradicating all other religions is not what the Constitution allows. People do have the right to pray and say God’s name without fearing persecution or harm from any other person.

Inside Edition reported that ABC mentioned, “The decision came as the Court said a Washington state school district violated the First Amendment rights of high school football coach Joe Kennedy when he lost his job in 2015 after praying at the 50-yard line after games. In another landmark move, the Supreme Court says that separation of church and state does not prohibit public school employees from praying, they said in a statement.”

A liberal school district tried to keep the school’s football coach Joe Kennedy from bowing the knee and praying after each game his team played. He would be fired from his position, and his long battle would begin to protect religious freedom.

Kennedy would lose his job in 2015, and it would take seven more years for the liberals to be put in their place. The school district was appalled by his private praying. They could not fathom that one of their faculty would pray to God after each game.

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch stated, “The Constitution and the best of our traditions counsel mutual respect and tolerance, not censorship and suppression, for religious and nonreligious views alike.” The coach had the right to privately convey his speech to God without having the school district try and censor his words.

The ignorant liberal Justices would all agree that the coach did not have the right to pray privately. They believed the school district should have condoned the man’s behavior. The problem with their view is that the district did not have to make an issue out of his praying because it was private and done when everyone else had left the field. The coach never forced anyone to join him or try to make a spectacle of what he was doing on the field.

The liberals think that keeping people from exercising religion in public is protecting religious freedom. But they are forcing people to adopt a religion based on humanism that puts humanity in place of God. Forcing someone to adopt their beliefs about a deity violates the First Amendment.

The majority of the Court agreed that Kennedy was not forcing anyone to participate. If anyone wanted to come and pray with him, they could under their own free will. He left them alone to do as they pleased.

The Democratic Party wants to establish rules that govern the free exercise of religion. They want to be able to tell people when and where they can worship. Their desire is a violation of the separation of church and state.

The Constitution was never set up to prohibit religion. It was set up to let people worship freely without interference from the ruling government. The Founding Fathers believed that to oppress one’s worship of God was unethical and that it should never happen in America.