Tension Mounts Between Homeland Security and the White House Over the Surge of Illegal Immigrants


As first reported by NBC News, internal documents showcase how tensions between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the White House are mounting over what to do with the consistent surge of illegal immigration in the country. With the number of people being caught crossing the southern border increasing daily, the problem is becoming more pervasive than ever.

As Republican leaders are sending them to leftist-controlled states that have classified some of their cities as sanctuary cities, the frustration is mounting with the White House refusing to set any policies regarding the procedure. DHS has gone so far as to suggest putting them on a plane and sending them into Canada to alleviate the problem. With the White House refusing to do anything, many DHS officials are left to take guidance from state leaders.

The longer President Biden and his group of lackeys take to establish a policy on how to treat the situation the more pervasive the problem will become. We have already seen just how little the White House cares about the people who live here legally near the border. Residents of these towns have been dealing with their homes being broken into, their water stolen, and their valuables snatched. These crimes are often unprosecuted and uninvestigated because there is no good evidence to help them solve the case.

Most recently, DHS has proposed sending many of the illegal immigrants to Los Angeles, where programs and housing are already in place, and the city can better help them in their transition into American life. This would alleviate the strain of places like NYC, DC, and now Martha’s Vineyard who have all talked a big game about being sanctuary cities but lack the resources to provide help. Leadership in these locations are all Democrats and have been caught off guard by the actions of Republican governors from Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

With nearly 8,000 illegal immigrants being captured along the border each day, there is a tremendous push to spread the problem out across the country, instead of fixing the problem where it starts. Ironically enough, as much campaigning as Biden did against making the border wall or changing the processes at the border to make illegal immigration a more serious crime, he’s slowly been coming around to understanding why it’s a problem. Unfortunately, this realization is coming without substantial action behind it.

It’s only a matter of time until either Biden sets a clear direction and helps DHS do their jobs or the entire situation boils over and we are stuck with a massive problem on our hands with no way to fix it. Currently, the Biden administration has set an internal trigger of 9,000 illegal immigrants per day.

When this trigger is tripped, the “internal processing” would begin. In this situation, the illegal immigrants would be flown or bused from border detention sites to designated sites deeper into the center of the US to help relieve the strain on DHS officials. The goal when this happens is to allow for family reunifications so they can be comfortable wait until they receive an immigration hearing.

The ironic part is if DHS was better manned and able to apprehend more of the illegals who are running over the border, they could easily hit this 9,000-a-day number. When many of these border patrol agents are 1.5 to 4 hours away from backup or any sort of help, it’s impossible to stop all or even most of them.

Many of the left have been making an argument that DHS has been using inhumane practices in their apprehension, but just like every bit of rhetoric that they spew, it’s nothing but a distortion of the truth. If they want to see real change, then Biden and all of his lackeys need to take the blinders off and see the situation for what it is, and not what they imagine it is.