The Deadly Snowball

Snowball fight

Kids will do a lot of things that just seem to irritate adults. During the winter months, it is not uncommon to see kids outside throwing snowballs at just about anything. When an adult is angry they will do just about anything towards the other party. Mix up their anger with the Democrat’s philosophy of survival of the fittest, which is ingrained in people through evolution, and there is the mixing of murder waiting to happen. When this driver from Milwaukee had his car attack by a snowball his animal-like nature roared into action and shot two kids with a gun. It was survival of the fittest for him.

The police are actively searching for the creep that shot a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy who was simply playing outdoors. The would-be killer was driving a white Toyota when the shots were fired. The kids should not have been throwing snowballs at cars but after all, kids do not always think through their actions. A snowball hitting a car is not likely to cause any damage. But for this driver, it was enough to push him over the edge. The two that were shot were part of a larger group of kids throwing the snowballs.

When the police showed up on the scene they provided aid until the little kids could be taken to the hospital. The police stated that “Preliminary investigation indicates both victims were with a group of juveniles throwing snowballs at cars passing by. One of the snowballs struck the suspect’s vehicle and the driver of the auto fired shots into the group of kids striking the two victims. Milwaukee Police continue to investigate this incident and seek the unknown suspects.”

The snowball impact would have no doubted startled the driver. But there was no reason to reach for a gun and start shooting at the little kids. The police are relying on videos from home cameras and other footage to identify the would-be killers. The adult that fired the shots is still on the run like a wild animal attempting to evade its hunter. The Democrats want to push evolutionary thought and beliefs on people, and this is what they are getting. Adults trying to murder children because they are not as fit as the larger adult.

The shooting has raised a lot of eyebrows. One resident stated that “Me and my wife, we got six kids, we in the kitchen, all of the sudden you hear all these loud booms, so I actually told everybody to get down. It’s getting bad. You know, it’s ridiculous when you look outside and the front and side of your house is taped off. It’s getting real crazy now.” The shots were fired in the direction of homes. There would have been no telling as the shots were fired as to who was hit. The driver randomly discharged his gun at the kids and sped off. The police would love to find the maggot that tried to murder little kids. But they are having trouble identifying the shooter and are looking for the publics’ help.

The Democrats are creating neighborhoods of their making. They promote educational material that promotes the survival of the fittest. This same material also teaches kids that they have evolved from lower life-forms, and they are not the finished product. This takes hope and purpose from the life of the child. Children are not animals that need to be put down. They are rather what the Pope stated to parents in Italy as he would say “Dear parents, children are the most precious gift that you have ever received.

Know how to protect them with commitment and generosity, leaving them with the freedom necessary to grow and mature, in a way that eventually they themselves too may be open to life. The attention with which, as an association, you safeguard from the dangers that enter into the lives of the youngest, may it not impede you from looking forward with trust toward the world, knowing how to choose and indicate to your children the best occasions for human, civil and Christian growth.” The shooter certainly did not see the children as precious gifts.

23 thoughts on “The Deadly Snowball

  1. I wish the Milwaukee Police good luck in finding this idiot. Yes, sometimes kids do things that they shouldn’t but to fire at them with a gun for snowballs??? The perp needs to go to jail. Any bets that it’s a gang member???

    1. Obviously you are a corrupt “liberal” DEMOCOMMUNIST and a moron besides.
      Being Milwaukee, I would agree with Michael’s post above, that it was more than likely one of the many GANG members that run around causing trouble (AND THEY YES, are RABID DEMOCOMMUNIST “voters” that would love everyone disarmed, because it would make they CRIMES they commit “safer”)

    2. Bill the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans are All law abiding family oriented where as Democrats are mostly compromised of ex-cons, druggies and rioters. But who knows? All we truly know is that the person who did this Is a Monster.

  2. That moron doesn’t deserve to own a gun, nor do others like him. Shooting kids is totally unforgivable. The less guns in America, the better.

  3. Wtf Democrats has to do with this?!?! If you listen to Republicans, Democrats are afraid of guns but not this punk as (Republican) idiot who fired on helpless kids!! Smh. I’m a proud gun owner and Democrat. And I luv my guns and my country. So stop with all the party line BS. We ALL know that this idiot should be locked up for life for this!!

  4. There’s no EXCUSE for this! . . . At MOST that should have been done is notify the parents. Kids will be kids. No real excuse, but that’s just what happens – kids just don’t think things through. They are, well, being kids and having FUN! May the perpetrator of this crime be found. I’m praying for it and MY prayers are answered. May the children pull through and do well. Their lives are too precious to be snuffed out. Team Trump and their allies 2020.

  5. I have to answer Mr Ehrhorn, the vast, vast majority of LEGAL GUN OWNERS are conservative and yes probably vote Republican, but some Democrats are also LEGAL GUN OWNERS. What they have in common on this issue is that they are responsible. Gun owners, especially those of us that have Concealed Carry Permits are in the lowest possible percentage of law breakers and that of course includes violent crime such as…oh, indiscriminately firing into a crowd of children I understand where you are coming from Mr Ehrhorn. Nothing but pure hate for Donald Trump, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, anything important to a people that are free and don’t believe in government control from “THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE”!!!

  6. For one “in Milwaukee” I think it would be hard to find a Republican. Notice, No area or neighborhood was given.
    The inner core of Milwaukee tough area. I remember being in college heading to a bar in MIlwaukee, when We thought we were in a movie set scene with a police car chase and auto goes up a curb and hits a building and gunshots. All of that during a Red Light.
    And that was around “72!

  7. A snowball fight is one thing. A snowball thrown at a car is usually harmless. However, what if a car window is open?
    What if there are small children in the car? What if the snowball thrown at the windshield impedes the driver’s vision?
    Throwing snowballs at passing cars is fun. And some motorists do not mind. But yes……there are exceptions. I think
    some of us have seen angry drivers get out of the car and challenge the “hurlers.”

  8. Not so sure all children are “precious gifts”, considering hundreds of thousands of them grow up to be murderers, rapists, thieves, robbers, identity stealers and scam artists of all kinds, thousands committing crimes well before they reach adulthood. Check every big city for the crime stats of under-age gang-bangers and their carnage.

    When the response to childhood misbehavior is “Hey, they’re just kids…just having fun” instead of being severely reprimanded, they mature with no consideration of other people’s rights, property or feelings. They believe they can commit any act, no matter how rash or heinous, with impunity. And they do!

    Shooting kids not threatening deadly force is–pardon the pun–overkill, definitely. Yet, throwing snowballs… where’s the harm? Distracting drivers keeping tons of metal and bodies safe at 60 MPH IS criminal activity with potentially catastrophic results, and should not be laughed off. Next fun step, dropping rocks on cars from overpasses. That’s already killed people and damaged lots of property in this country. Assaulting people, whether with snowballs, rocks or bullets, is hazardous activity, and there is no telling what the response might be.

    For God’s sake, parents: teach your children to respect other people’s rights, property and feelings!

  9. I would not shoot at a child but again but my windshield was cracked by an older childs snoball. I can totally sympathize with this shooting motorist

  10. This guy was obviously way out of line int he actions he took with kids throwing snowballs; however, I really resent you making light of the situation and saying that snowballs rarely cause damage. Whether or not the snowballs damage the car is not the point. Throwing any object at a moving vehicle is dangerous for a plethora of reasons, a major one being the driver’s instinctive reaction.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever had your vehicle hit by a any type of projectile, but I have. I’ve had a glass bottle thrown from the vehicle in front of me and it busted on my windshield. I was on a two lane road and had there been another car coming in the opposite direction, the chances are very good I would have hit them head-on because of that bottle. I’ve had a snowball/ice ball hit my windshield too and it’s a pretty jolting experience. I don’t care how good a driver you are, you will duck, jerk the wheel, or slam on the brakes, any combination of, or all of the aforementioned. I’ve also had a chunk of wood that was run over by a car in front of me and off to my left, slam into my drivers door just behind my head. You have idea how lucky I felt that day because if I’d been going a little slower, that chunk of wood would have come through my driver’s window, which was down, and hit me in the face/head. I probably would have been killed or horrifically injured.

    Don’t make light of kids doing dangerous things. Throwing snowballs at cars is not just “kids will be kids in the winter.” It’s reckless behavior that could have serious consequences, in many way; and obviously in ways the kids did not see coming. Again, what this driver did was way out of line and I hope they catch him and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. He knew these were kids being stupid and to shoot them is unconscionable. This is a volatile individual and he should not have a gun in his possession. I’m guessing he’s some two-bit thug. I’ll be surprised if he isn’t.

  11. I am a Republican and a devoted Trump backer. In reading this story I was appalled at the jump to conclusion made by the author. The shooter was a bad person-that we can all agree on. The jump to the shooter being a Democrat is astounding. Believe me when I say I have no love for Democrats, but neither did I see any evidence that the individual might have been a Democrat-unless there is some evidence that all people who drive white Toyotas are Democrats. I read the news every day and am angered by the idea that conservatives are blamed for all the ills of the world-fake news, it’s called. We should not get into the same pattern of placing blame on people we don’t care for. For now, the individual is a rotten jerk of unknown party affiliation, period.

  12. So why does it have to be a political thing.
    The kids were playing,sure some adult should have stopped them from throwing at cars.
    This was a bad decision on the part or the man with the gun. I t could have caused an accident ,even stirring into the kids . He had no right to fire into the crowd of kids & at homes.Why does it have to be demo or repu?
    Why can’t it just be what it is ,a horrible action that has caused much sorrow?

  13. “How did it come to this?” That should be the question on everyone’s mind Today. I was a child over 50 years ago, and I can say that the children of my era knew better than to throw snowballs at cars. There were ingrained traits that we were taught called “respect” and “self-discipline”. In Today’s “Progressive” society, most children have neither. In the world that I grew up in, a world that was still worth living in, adults did not fire guns at children, for they knew that do do such a thing was wrong, on every level; there were no excuses. We had something called Morals, and we knew that there were only 2 genders, and neither gender fired guns at children. Now, with no morals and a dozen gender possibilities, nobody can know right from wrong if they are told that they don’t even know if they are a Man or a Woman. Was the shooter a Democrat? Does it even matter anymore? People, you created this Hell of a world that we live in now by allowing it to happen. If Today’s world is the best that you advanced Human beings can achieve, I suggest that rather than shooting at frolicking children, you place your gun into your own mouth, hope that there is still a God, and pull the trigger.

  14. What I see here is a bunch of you idiots trying to justify the assholes’ firing a gun into a crowd of kids. THIS BULLSHIT IS THE REASON THAT GUN CONTROL PROPONENTS HAVE A PLATFORM!!! THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR SHOOTING INTO A CROWD!!! A legally carried firearm can be used for self defense in a critical situation when YOUR LIFE IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER OF DEATH. That doesn’t include retaliating for a thrown snowball.

  15. I certainly hope they get him or her (but most likely a him). Parents need to pay a little closer attention to what their children are doing. This would not have happened if an adult was supervising and told them not to throw at vehicles.

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