The Latest on Trump’s Ongoing Cases

Frederic Legrand - COMEO/

I’m sure you are very aware that former President Donald Trump has had his fair share of legal problems in his life, both in the past and some still ongoing. But how many is he actually dealing with at present? You know of a few, I’m sure.

To help you keep track, here’s a brief guide to his key cases and investigations.


The Trump Organization Payroll Case

The Manhattan DA is accusing Trump’s real estate and golf resort business of paying his executives with benefits and perks that were not reported as income on taxes. Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has pled guilty to what is alleged to be a 15-year scheme.

The Trump Organization could face serious fines should an October 24 trial convicts it.

Criminal Investigations:

Fulton County, Georgia Election Interference Probe

Georgia’s Fulton County DA Fani Willis is looking into whether or not Trump and his associates interfered with the 2020 presidential election in the state. He is accused of sending a fake slate of electors to the state Capitol.

The probe has targeted former Trump attorney Rudi Giuliani and Republican Senator Lindsay Graham.

DOJ Investigate Trump Efforts to Overturn 2020 Election

The Justice Department is looking to prosecute Trump and his allies after the kangaroo court, looking into the events of January 6, 2021, held a series of congressional hearings. It is alleged that Trump and his allies encouraged the violence that took place that day to overturn the 2020 presidential election and keep a hold on his power.

So far, there has been no word about how or even whether or not Trump would be charged based on the hearings so far.

DOJ Investigates Trump’s Handling of Classified Documents

As you’ve heard, the FBI just raided Trump’s Florida home, supposedly discovering about a dozen boxes of White House records, including some that were marked as classified and “top secret.”

It is assumed that since these were in his home, Trump has mishandled government records and could face charges. But there are questions about the rationale for such a search and seizure of the former president’s home.

Civil Investigations

NY AG Looks into Trump Organization

This case has been going on for three years now, with NY AG Letitia James investigating the financial patterns of the Trump Organization and possible wrongdoing within it. She alleges that Trump and his executives have not been honest on annual financial statements to accrue millions in tax breaks and bank loans.

Trump has pled the Fifth more than 440 times for this case, which appears close to actually filing a lawsuit.

Lawsuits Against Trump

Alleging “Incitement” of Violence

House Democrats and two Capitol police officers have accused Trump of inciting violence on January 6, 2021. They allege that his phrasing of “fight like hell” was urging supporters to attack.

A federal judge rejected Trump’s motion to dismiss the case, but Trump appealed it in July, sending the case to the US Court of Appeals.

Galicia v. Trump

Efrain Galicia and four others of Mexican heritage claim that Trump “sicced” his security guards on them during a peaceful protest outside of the Trump Tower in 2015. Trump has said that he didn’t even know the protest was going on until a day later, while former Trump fixer, now a serious critic of him, says that he ordered security to “get rid of” the protestors.

A trial is set for September 6.

E Jean Carroll v. Trump

Carroll, an advice columnist, alleges that Trump defamed her after she publicly accused him of raping her in the mid-90s. Trump has said that nothing she’s accused him of is true and that he had never met her. He also said she was “not my type.”

There is a tentative trial date set for February 2023.

The Pyramid Scheme

Catherine McKoy and three others are suing Trump, his business, and his three oldest children for supposedly promoting a multi-level marketing scheme on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Allegedly, Trump pocketed some $8.8 million from it and cost the plaintiffs thousands.

Depositions are still in the process of being completed.

Michael Cohen v. Trump

Cohen is suing Trump for supposed damages for being imprisoned for 16 in solitary confinement after he supposedly started talking to the press and writing a tell-all book about Trump.

Oral arguments were set for the beginning of August on a motion to dismiss.

Eddy Grant v. Trump

Composer/ performer Eddie Grant, famous for his “Electric Avenue, is suing Trump for including 40 seconds of his 1983 song in the background of a 2020 campaign ad.

Pretrial motions are to be filed in October.

Mary Trump v. Donald Trump

Trump’s niece is suing him for allegedly cutting her out about $10 million during a 2001 court settlement of her late father’s estate, Fred Trump, Sr.

Trump has countered this suit with one of his own against Mary, saying she “maliciously conspired” against him.

There is a motion to dismiss pending for both cases.

Trump v. Hillary Clinton

This case is one brought by Trump against Hillary, alleging that she concocted the Russia hoax of 2016 to harm his presidential run.

The tentative trial date was just asked to be pushed to November 2023.