The Left Mutes the Silent Majority, but Watch for This in November

Over 700 police officers have been injured by the falsely labeled peaceful protesters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. All TV shows depicting cops as good and decent people have been abruptly canceled by networks. Even Nick Jr’s cartoon, “Paw Prints.”

Intricately carved statues and monuments constructed as reminders of a history we cannot escape, nor have any wish to repeat, have been battered, bashed, and defaced. Family-owned businesses, many of which are minority-owned, are still being torched, defeating every purpose for the protests.

Minneapolis is kicking out the cops while the LSD brain-damaged Mayor of Seattle, defining the cities anarchist takeover as a “summer of love,” is encouraging the ANTIFA led uprising to continue.

These protests show no sign of diminishing any time soon. In fact, their tank was just refueled by the still under investigation shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, a black man in Atlanta, killed by two cops.

It seems to matter very little how the man wrestled the cops to the ground before grabbing one of their high-voltage Tazer-guns and firing it at them. The cops should have been a little nicer about it and let the guy slide just this once. Not.

Major media continues twisting and turning the violence and bloodshed with propaganda for the benefit of their easily convinced lefty viewers, and just as Seattle’s ill-thinking Mayor is doing, they’re purposely pouring gas on the flames.

But the saddest part of this reckless turmoil is not being discussed. It doesn’t stir enough blood, It’s too boring. Viewers might change the channel or find a new favorite news site.

The saddest part is us. Yes, us. The everyday law-abiding citizens of this great nation who are watching and not saying a thing, not wishing to be involved in what they’re having a difficult time understanding in the first place.

The silent majority. There are 10s of millions of true American patriots who can do nothing more than watch the destruction of their beloved country from the safety of their faux leather recliners.

The easiest way to earn a label as a diehard racist incapable of change would be to publically oppose the madness on any social media site. But to the majority of conservatives who are not the excessively vocal exceptions to the rule, silence is golden.

But. This does not mean these millions of Americans aren’t being observant. They’re closely watching. They’re called the “silent majority.”

When Richard Nixon deployed the silent majority to push back against protestors of the war in Vietnam in 1969, they responded in record numbers. President Trump recently suggested how this same silent majority still exists by the millions, and should he call on them to respond, they would. But he won’t.

The violence level of the radical left-wing is incomparable to 1969, so in the interest of safety, our president would prefer we stay away and let him handle it when the timing is right. And we are all fully aware, he will not hesitate to do so.

While we must admit, if polls are to be trusted, Trump does not currently share the same approval rating as Nixon once had, there have been times when Americans on the left and right have fully aligned themselves with our president. For the most part, this is one such time.

Chris Cuomo from CNN made the ludicrous suggestion that violence at this point in time was perhaps needed. He said the protestors don’t need to be peaceful. However. America disagrees with the moronic ill-spoken journalist who should be immediately fired but won’t be.

In a recent survey, only 22% agreed with violence being the answer. A resounding 72% answered no, with 58% of those emphatically responding with “hell no.” And the only reason none of these people are publically speaking up, once again, comes down to their own safety, and being falsely labeled as a racist.

America cannot allow tyrants and anarchists to demolish the country we and our forefathers shed blood to build. Republicans. Democrats. Any of us.

If there is any comfort in knowing the protestors are only representing a tiny fragment of our population, though the media would have us think differently, this is where we should find our solace.

So while ANTIFA, Boogaloo, and other radical left-wing factions with no other purpose than to loot, maim, kill and destroy, are paralyzing our cities, keep kicking back with a cold one. Trump is not Nixon. He would never ask us to do a dangerous job he’s more than willing to do himself. Let’s just let the man do the job he does so well. Trump 2020.

60 thoughts on “The Left Mutes the Silent Majority, but Watch for This in November

  1. police lives matter!!!
    without the police sheriffs front-liners, doctors, highway patrol, our great soldiers, and definitely ice we would all live in a lawless country. support all of them and their families because without them we would not have our freedom to be a republican !!!!!
    shoot low sheriff, i am riding a shetland pony

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  3. I am one of the majority who is not silent about the stupid Seattle, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta Mayors amongst others who are destroying their cities. I am not silent about the Commie/Marxist Terrorist thugs that comprise Antifa, Black Lives Matter or any other rioter and looter who thinks that criminal behavior will defeat President Trumpon November 3, 2020.
    The police and, when necessary, the National Guard should arrest all of these street scoundrels and put them in jail without bail.

  4. The so-called “silent majority” is not only not being silent but is speaking up via posts such as the ones on this web site/blog. As in 2016, the polls are no more to be trusted than is the irresponsible Lamestream Media, which often disregards entirely the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists (Look it up on the Internet). There are in fact numerous spokespeople for the “Silent” Majority whose stories appear on web sites/blogs such as this one. In fact, the Democratic Party is in denial. They are losing Democrats, women, minorities (including Black people and Hispanics and Asians) to the Republicans. Look for the Republican Party – led by President Trump – to utterly defeat the Democrats – and their Antifa, BLM, and anarchist allies – in November so thoroughly that the Democratic Party will collapse – and be replaced by a different Party – the rising Libertarian Party – whose Platform is very close to that of the Republican Party in 2016.

  5. Congratulations the silent majority is growing up so fast and can’t wait for November 3rd let the MSM report what ever lie they want to tell to make them selves better at night. If they want to believe there own fake polls like Hillary’s great majority over Trump let them. Can’t wait to see how TDS kicks in in December when Trump wins by a landslide and the Dumocrats lose Congress because they weren’t black enough ether

  6. Antifa & Boogaloo’s goal is more than loot and disrupt. They are preparing others in taking over our Country. One of CHOP’S Leaders told the group that when this occupation was over that everyone should give the people of color $10.00 and if they could not do that that they probably should not be with this protest. If you cannot give $10.00 now what will you do when you have power, land and money will you be giving that up for this cause? Their goal is a Socialist Government where everything is given up for the Government to have control over.

  7. How will the people demanding reparation handle the fact that the first legally recorded slave owner in the colonies was a black man? He had slaves. Four white and one black. Yup. A black slave owner! Oh dear! Look it up. I did… his name was Anthony Johnson. Originally from Angola. A former slave himself.

  8. From childhood (born in last 6 months of Truman) I was taught that 1)Communism is a disaster and 2) My vote is mine to keep to myself. We should be concerned that the Reds have brainwashed 40 years of our youth to believe they can do nothing, be entitled, and government will care for them. As big a lie as Democrats conning our Black community into believing they’ll help them. The internet and mass media have made all of us keep our preferences to ourselves. The million requests for seats in Tulsa tells me we are not alone. I believe a real poll would raise the President by 15-20 points. Let them stay cocky.

  9. How will the people demanding reparation handle the fact that the first legally recorded slave owner in the colonies was a black man? He had three slaves. Two white and one black. Yup. A black slave owner! Oh dear! Look it up. I did…

  10. So refreshing to see and hear so many comments from those who truly are awake!!! President Trump is here to take back America that has been fading for decades due to the tyrannical communistic liars who have had a plan and a narrative for decades!! President Trump is strong and a smart man and God has him here for us as no one else would have been able to take the brutal punches the Democrats have thrown his way from Day One!!! He crossed their agenda and they are like childish brats showing their immature and devious rants of rage over that. All TRUE Americans of all races do not want this divide and can truly live and work together in this country if you are loyal to the Flag and believe in the Constitution and the Amendments that ALL people in this country are protected by. And not influenced by the hate and divide rhetoric of the Democrats!! They are the ones promoting and applauding these violent racial riots! Weak and obstinate Democratic governors who feel power when they have their signature at the bottom of an EXECUTIVE ORDER!!! If you do not wish to become a socialistic communistic country then all hands on deck to let PRESIDENT TRUMP continue another term of showing how the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can stand strong and free!!!!!

  11. Very True, and that is a shame. There are too many children having children and they cannot hand down parenting skills, cuz they don’t teach what they don’t know or havn’t been taught, and the untaught cannot teach more than they know.
    We could have a FANTASTIC country if some people would be more interested in teaching and learning the “RIGHT” things.

  12. My belief is that the constant display of Black Lives Matter will only add to what history has attempted to correct. The hatred of the past will come back with a vengence only to hurt the decent blacks that believe all lives matter. These Anarchists have taken advantage of the black cause once again for their own selfish agenda. Who will pay? You may ask and the answer once more is the Blacks. Blacks must not allow the Anarchists to destroy their original peaceful message. That message has been destroyed by these Traitors who have injected their hate into the black cause and destroyed the lives of both black and white. It is not to late to see what has happened and take charge of your own destiny. Look at the facts, look at the numbers. I must add that life is precious and we need to respect all lives since we are all brothers in the eyes of God. We need to look back at mankind with kindness, love, forgiveness, respect, and EQUALITY. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    1. A Marxist group has infiltrated BLM and is trying to turn the United States into a Socialist Country. George Soros’s is funding it. A lot of the signs and mask have professional writings on them. These things were not made up on the spur of the moment.

  13. Umm, Quick question, is it possible to mute somebody that is silent already? Almost thought it was something about Helen Keller or Biden was blogging. But the article made to much sense, so Here’s another question if Biden and Pelosi had a chi… (Hang on I just had a mental picture of that and threw up in my mouth) ok a” love child” what would it sound like when it talked? I bet it would be like some weird mumbled no sence space jibberish…But funny to watch, P.S great article

  14. Wayne , i think you have called it correct , everyone is tired of the democratic rhetoric left wing trash, president Trump is the only chance to save this country, so all good caring people black ,white brown we need president trump 2020, or we are in serious trouble , but heres how i see it most of us are quiet ,raising are families and taking care of lifes business / we are the silent majority and the real people in this country and we will win ! ! we still have values morals and traditions , do not let this democratic fanatics take this away..the 2nd ammendant is your right and you can see now how important it is / read something besides the fake news , they are not journalists they are left win activists ! !

    1. View the videos of CHOP and articles, listen to what they say. A Leader has asked them to give $10.00 to the people of color (especially a black)when this protest ends and if they could not do that they probably do not belong in their protest. If you cannot do it now, what will you do when you have money, land and power to give up to the Government. They are Marxist and believe the Government should own and run everything. George Soros is funding them!

  15. If ‘the mob’ gets going at the rally I hope they get what they deserve, a sound thrashing to remind them that not all of American is with them. Many, many Americans want to carry on living a peaceful existence. The past cannot be recalled. Time to move on. Sometimes they forget their calling card.

  16. We are all mixed race and the color of our skin makes no difference, character makes the difference and all of us need to take personal responsibility for our actions, I may be a member of the silent majority and do not go along with the liberals that demonstrate violence. Let me give you an example: I saw a black lady on TV she stated all black lives matter and they do. All lives matter, the store owners that were robbed and beaten to death, the cop that was shot in the head and anyone yes anyone that lost their life because all life is precious. I do not consider myself racist and although I may be labeled a racist since I believe all lives matter. I have witnessed racism on both sides and the fact is the majority of us are not racist and labeling us as racist does not make us racist. I also look at the play card from the Democrats and orchestrated violence which is never justified. I saw a video of Nancy P. where she was talking about her strategy on newly elected Democratic representatives, she stated they leak slander at conservatives and the liberal press picks it up and prints it. They assume most people believe what they hear on TV and there is a strong connection to the liberal channels. I seriously doubt they care about this country only care to be re-elected. Todays news is simply not objective, more lies are propagated and retractions are buried. I want to hear news reporters research facts and not opinions. When you look at the Liberal press you cannot believe what you read any more. Everything is biased or taken out of context, but clearly does not represent all the people or even common sense. Let’s watch what happens in Nov. I predict a win for Trump, for what he has accomplished, the poles were dead wrong last election so be skeptical and do not believe them. If you want to stop the crap, vote all the Democrats out of power in November. They accomplished nothing of significance when they were elected?? Mail in vote is another strategy to skew the vote and I do not do along with it. I have already read up on abuses not every where just certain places. Obama made a speech in Europe, he once stated that people were not intelligent enough to vote for leadership as he was addressing the European Union. He was dead wrong and we the people determine who we want in power. Do not vote Democratic if you want your life to improve.
    Best regards,

  17. I believe we all need to accept the fact that there will eventually be a revolution, not that I agree. The talk in the whole country is people are fed up with LEFTIST Democrats with their socialist/communist agenda, their hate, anger & dishonesty. Now the country is trying to deal with Antifa & their destructive agenda, & the mayors & governors that are spineless & refuse to do anything about the evil among us. Most likely it will become much worse on Election Day. Whoever comes out the winner, we will all have to face the anger & rioting that will come from the opposing side. What it comes down to is that we ALL should be ashamed for allowing EVIL to sneak into our country, government, entertainment, & our life. What we are seeing now is the result! There has always been evil, but most of America has denied God Almighty, and has gotten too comfortable with our lives [me included] & have accepted lawlessness as normal. God loves EVERYONE, is slow to anger, is waiting for each of us to come to Him, & has been patient with mankind since the beginning of time. BUT, He is also a JUST God & we will have to face HIS judgement for all our actions, good & bad! All this hate & destruction should not be happening in America! We have a great country with many opportunities, & we should all be helping each other instead of killing each other. One of the smartest actions we can take to get back control of our country & have peace is to go the polls on Election Day and vote all these hate-mongers out of office. It is every American’s privilege ! AND we need to make politicians realize they are NOTHING MORE than a public servant. THEY work for us, we are not working for them! There needs to be more strict term limits, AND for the sake of us all, their salaries should have a reasonable limit, with the stipulation that they CANNOT ever give themselves a raise. President Trump has very sane and common sense ideas. IF we can get him reelected, he will bring about a much better government for everyone. This is what he has wanted from the beginning. He is a very hard working President [ which we haven’t had for decades!] and has taken abuse from the Leftist & Hollywood scum from the very start of his election. I helped vote him in & will vote for him again & hopefully my vote will help him get re-elected. May God Bless America Again! TRUMP 2020

  18. We all have our own opinions on how we see life. Some see the different colors and most are colorblind. All lives matter no matter how you see life. I bleed red just like everyone else. We Americans should not continue paying for all those Democrat politicians. They have done nothing over the years but they are still in office! We the people need to make changes in order to get results. The incident with George Floyd we were once again shown that there are some bad cops but not all police are bad. Most police stand with us and protect the people like they were sworn to do. For what those police officers did to George Floyd they should be prosecuted. I as a human feel absolutely terrible for what happen to him. But there is no reason to loot and destroy people’s property or businesses, kill, or hurt police officers. The cops are only doing there job. The Democratic States held us hostage and would not reopen some states. We can give George Floyd four burials but the people who died from the COVID Virus we could not even visit them or bury them. As we tear down our nations statues we must remember if u hav no history there is no future and we as a nation will never learn from our past mistakes. People in this country are now scared to voice there opinions. As our voices are being slowly silenced and our 1st amendment rights are being stripped away. Wake up America! Are you ready to have a country with no Freedoms or rights for all?

  19. Well said Richard Turner.
    Too bad teachers don’t teach this anymore.
    People just don’t want to hear the truth of a situation.
    Young Americans are letting Hollywood teach them and are more interested in modern tech than history.

  20. Be very careful in November. The fix is in with this mail-in ballot scam that these socialists/ communists are pushing. We have to stop this banana republic proposal. Everyone must go to the polls on November 3rd and cast their vote.
    This whole pattern is symptomatic of Nazi and Communist playbooks and unfortunately the stupid millennials who listen to the likes of Cuomo and other left wing loons think that the Venezuelan lifestyle is what we need. Equality where some people are more equal than others !!!

  21. If the vote is by mail, we are doomed. The voting at polling places has always been suspect, but by mail??? I just KNOW there are some good, honest Democrats that will come thru for our country. We all are aware of the horrendous
    things that will happen to this country and it’s people should one or two (President/VP)of the liberals sit in the White House. I do not believe anyone but TRUMP could still be standing upright with all he has taken from these rabid, downright evil people. The silent majority must come through in November if we are to remain free.

  22. These idiots do not represent America and we can only hope that the silent majority does not raise up to strike down this minority. If it happens it will not be nice.

  23. Thank you for this article. Yes I perceive. That the conservative voice or any voice not echoing the socialist Democrat demands to control the media. I don’t go along with any of the looting, disregard for the law, disrespect for the police, parents refusing to teach their kids right from wrong. This generation of vile dark corruption badly needs Jesus. Because I don’t believe all this lets get along won’t work people don’t realize it’s a spiritual condition of man rejecting God and doing it out way is really what set this country into self destruct mode. Just saying you may/or may not agree.

  24. Thank you for your blog. We are struck dumb with the anti American, anti American flag attitude today. The people in Seattle have decided to NOT be American citizens, so they should be treated as terrorists. How can our government accept this in our country. For Goodness sake the terrorists have taken over a city!!!

    1. Its happening because President Trump has given the governors of those states a chance to take charge of the violence and enforce the laws first. If it doesn’t happen he said he’d send in help. Violence and destruction can’t be allowed to continue .

  25. Don’t believe the polls. When folks are asked who are you going to vote for most say Biden even though many of those folks will vote for Trump in the voting booth. Say Trump during the poll and risk getting beat up or glared at with disdain. Say Biden and the polster just smiles along with onlookers.

    1. It’s amazing how these polls don’t seem to come to Texas where I live. It’s like these ” people ” are afraid of coming to poll someone who might leave them black and blue.

    2. Don’t be so sure; Obama said before he left office that that need to concentrate turning Texas blue and there are plenty of people working to make that happen. We must stay alert and fight tooth and nail to do as much as possible to stop it.

  26. It’s all Americans, black and white, that have had enough of the violence. Protest peacefully. The numbers are there to be heard. But believe that it’s not every cop’a fault. It’s also the fault of the culture of some few factions of our society. They both need to change.

    1. I agree. Those factions of our society are being brainwashed by the media which is influenced and/or paid off by governments such as China, while censoring the silent majority at every turn. The Epoch Times says that the Chinese government started paying our mainstream media to print and report their agenda in 2016.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing this particular article. I suppose I am a part of the silent majority; however, I surely do want to let you know that I am. Republican and plan to vote for our President and the Congress folks who are running for re-election.

  28. You are 100% Right-On!
    As much as these anti-American, scum-bags continue to reek havoc, we the patriots are quite aware of what is happening to our country. We are the law abiding, family oriented, believers in G-D!! We know our President Trump is our savior.
    In TRUMP I TRUST!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻

    1. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is a leader in forcing the clean up of voting polls. Several states have been caught fraudulently having thousands on their polls. Such things as votes submitted by dead people or voting in more than one state. Such things happen especially when no ID is required.

  29. Thanks for writing the article, maybe more people will pay attention and see what is going on in American cities. Should this continue and nothing done to protect our rights and Constitution we will not have a home as we know it. FREE.
    Rene’ Arnold

    1. Gov. Cuomo has been misrepresented. Here is his actual quote:
      Cuomo: “It is this nation’s history of discrimination and racism dating back hundreds of years. That is the honest truth and that’s what is behind this anger and frustration and I share the outrage at this fundamental injustice. I do. And that’s why I say I figuratively stand with the protestors, but violence is not the answer. It never is the answer. As a matter of fact, it is counterproductive because the violence then obscures the righteousness of the message and the mission. And you lose the point by the violence in response… Yes, outrage. Yes, anger. Yes, frustration. But not violence.”

    2. “the outrage at this fundamental injustice” What planet are you living on? Yes there have been inequities and the first payment for these was the Civil War which ended up costing the nation 760,000 lives. To start with America did not invent slavery, the Romans, the Muslims (over 1400 years killed and enslaved over 260,000,000 people of all colors) and then the Africans enslaved over 10,000,000 of their fellow Africans who were sent to the West. My white ancestors were enslaved in Europe and Americans (both black and white) were enslaved by the Tripoli pirates before and after the war independence. An American war fleet was built and these pirates were destroyed (Marine Corp hymn -“from the shores of Tripoli”. If reparations are going to be paid then I want them to include me.

    3. Well said Richard Turner.
      Too bad teachers don’t teach this anymore.
      People just don’t want to hear the truth of a situation.
      Young Americans are letting Hollywood teach them and are more interested in modern tech than history.

    4. I disagree that it is the youth who are to blame for their ignorance. I know beyond doubt communist leaning educators were purposely planted into our universities after WWII and even before then there were tons of these so-called progressives leading discussions about the philosophy of Marxism the same as they did in France, Germany etc prior to instigating the revolution in Russia. And, these Marxists infected the minds of every generation of teachers who have been imparting their subversive views, negating our history and purposely dumbing down every generation of American students held captive in the public school system and going to universities ever since. These kids only know what they have been taught…that America was created by evil old, racist White guys to make them richer and take advantage of the poor etc. In effect we let this happen by not being more involved and letting our kids be brainwashed. The kids were let down by both their teachers and their parents!

    5. Your correct in the statement that teachers do not teach this anymore, let me tell you why: The Liberal democRATS have become so ingrained into our school system that all the GOOD teachers spend all of their time dealing with behavior problems with NO HELP FROM THE ADMINISTRATORS! The GOOD teachers have to contend with SINGLE parents who think their child does NOTHING wrong, and that it is all the TEACHER’S fault when their child fails, gets in trouble, or misbehaves at school. The parents are NEVER there to support the teachers, see to it that their child does their homework or insists that their child behave themselves while at school. These type of parents are on the increase, they don’t have time for their own children, they spend their money (often gotten from the government welfare coffers) on alcohol, drugs, sex, and supporting BLM and the Black Panthers.

      As a husband of a NOW retired elementary school teacher and a father of two daughters who teach school, I can attests to the fact that to MANY parents now use the school system as babysitters for their delinquent children. LONG gone are the days when respect for teachers was taught in the home where it should be! Long gone are the days when parents took responsibility for their children’s education! Long gone are the days when a teacher could call a parent and actually resolve a problem with the teaching of THEIR students!

      The last ten years that my wife taught school she earned the teacher of the year award multiple times, her administrator gave her all the slow, non-english speaking and behind students. She brought each class she taught up at least two grade levels and mostly concentrated on teaching them how to read as well as teaching the english language. The only students and parents who ever thanked her were the Koreans, and the Russians whom she had in her class. One Korean student (who when she started couldn’t speak any english) has now graduated from medical school and sends my wife a Christmas card and gift EVERY YEAR to show her appreciation.

      The POOR education in our country today is a result of Liberal democRATS policies that have been shoved down our throats for over 40 years. Couple that with couples having sex without being married and consequently NOT taking responibility for their offspring, coupled with the reward system for having more illegitimate children and the high divorce rate, lack of religious principles and there you have it (all policies enacted by Liberal democRATS) !

      Don’t blame the teachers, YES there are POOR teachers out there just like there are POOR police officers out there that are in the job just to have a job! However, there are a lot of GOOD teachers and GOOD police officers who dedicate their lives to helping the American public and the American students. They have a very tough job and it is NOT getting easier but more difficult as society as a whole is spirally down hill!

      My wife retired in the middle of last year’s school year just prior to the COVID-19 HOAX EXACTLY for the reason that she got NO support from her Principal in her grade school here in Henderson Nevada. The very first day of school she was given 36 students who were all below the grade curve. The first day one black 4th grader sexually assaulted a fellow female student on the way to school while on the school bus. The principal REFUSED to discipline or even call the kids parents in for a parent conference. Consequently the father of the victim filed charges against the black kid with Henderson Police and THEY forced the principal to remove that hoodlum from my wife’s class on the insistence of that parent. A Few week later and after several other problems with another trouble maker, this time an illegal HISPANIC student, the principal informed my wife that SHE had to come up with a discipline plan for the students because the administrator could no longer give her any help. My wife just retired. She has been asked to come back several times since by the NEW principal who was the assistant principal at the time.

      Another problem with school districts around the country is the Teacher’s union. They do NOTHING to help teachers, they almost always throw their support to democRAT politicians and shovel money to the bureaucracy and their own pockets. They intimidate teachers who join their union into voting the way they are told to vote and make promises that they have NO intention of keeping.

      Note: neither my wife or my daughters were ever members of the teacher’s union exactly for the reasons I mentioned above.

      I am a Vietnam era veteran who proudly served my country for six years active duty from 1973-1979. My wife and I successfully raised five children all of which graduated on the honor rolls of the schools they attended and they all have at least a bachelor’s degree from college. None of my children or their parents have been arrested or ever had trouble with the law. I have held a Top Secret security clearance for over 35 years and a secret clearance while serving in the military.

      The lack of patriotism and respect for our constitution is rapidly decreasing in our society on a daily basis. Case in point; last week while shopping in Costco here in Henderson, I was asked to leave because I OPEN CARRY my fire arm everywhere I go. The state of Nevada is an OPEN CARRY state, I took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic as did EVERY other veteran and elected official and police officer!

      After explaining the situation to the store manager and forcing her (Synthia) to invoke the trespass law before I would leave, she finally told me I was trespassing and then I left. While discussing this with her I also explained that IF she invoked the trespass law THEN I would have the right to file charges against her and the store for violating my 1st and 2nd amendment rights as contained in the constitution. Law suit is now pending.

      More Americans need to stand up for their rights and for the constitution or ALL of OUR FREEDOMS will soon be GONE!

      A Vietnam era veteran.

    6. as a retired teacher of 18 years i saw the curriculum change many times and always for the worst. no more civics class but they have a civil rights team

    7. Its an excuse for bad behavior,they need to learn the 7 P’S. Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance… Im sick of it already,im not bending over for NO BODY. I don’t care what color they are,i have mixed grandkids. And if they would of been that stupid to of done that crap,i would slaped their ass on the floor till they seen stars. No Doubt…

    8. Have you ever heard of “Suicide by Cop”? I don’t think so. It’s been going on for way too many years. I went to a cop training about 12 years ago, preparing the police for this very thing. This is so the family members can sue the police departments and collect money because their Loved One was murdered. This is not anything new — it’s been going on.

    9. I believe the governor also said he didn’t think that it says anywhere, that we had to protest peaceably. Actually the First Amendment says we have the right to peaceably demonstrate (No rights to violence and destruction and even murder of innocents; these are simply crimes that should be prosecuted). If Dr. Martin Luther King could push for peaceful protests (which got some of the desired results), then we could do the same when we’re outraged by the horrible treatment of SOME policemen of SOME of our citizens. No mainstream media source has made it known that as many white people as blacks have been treated brutally by too much police force . Its not just a race issue, its a lack of training or individual police character and negligence in firing police who have displayed force in past cases. George Floyd would still be alive if the policemen guilty of murdering him had been fired for previous violations.

    10. You miss the point, Nellie! Gov Cuomo is an elevated member as a governor in your society. Did he even need to have said” I …..stand with the protestors”, who had done it violently with emphasis” I do”? By virtue of his age, position, experience and timing, such words must needlessly comeforth from his mouth, growing sighs against the same nation he presides over as a leader.

      Out of the same mouth comes out blessings and curses? A fountain does NOT cause the sweet and bitter to bubble out at the same opening, doest it, Nellie?

    1. Yes. We are quiet over the violence taking place. We fear reprisals, however, the silent majority will be loud and clear in the voting booth.

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