The Traitor Omar Trying to Bring Terrorists Into the US

Ilhan Omar has turned her back on the American people with her actions over the past several days. Oppressive Omar has been telling her supporters that the United Nations needs to be brought in to run the processing of migrant people at the southern border. She has just suggested that the United Nations be allowed to control who can enter into the United States. She wants to hand over control of the government to foreign powers and let them dictate how this country is to be run.

She honestly believes her party’s propaganda that the migrant people are being abused at the southern border. When she and her tour group took their little field trip to the border to view the issues they only saw what they were told to see by pushy activist groups. They looked past the truth and reported on the lies. That is one reason why she and wormy Ocasio-Cortez could take and post fake pictures of themselves at the border. They did not even see the real picture because they were too wrapped up with taking selfies of themselves.

Stupid Omar believes that the United States is losing ground morally when it comes to the border issue. She doesn’t even have a moral bone in her body because she and her three sappy friends have voted against providing funds to help make the conditions better at the border. She has done nothing to help the situation and has voted to make things worse. Inviting the United Nations into the problem is her way of destroying America which is what she and her Islamic terrorists want to see happen.

Trashy Omar believes that the nation is treating people like criminals when they have done nothing. The truth is they are criminals because they have tried to come into the country illegally and got caught. Not to mention that many of the people trying to get into the country have committed serious crimes against the country. So many of them are criminals and should be put into prison or at least sent home.

She believes that human rights violations are being committed on American soil. The only violations that are being committed in America are the ones that she is committing by cheating on her family with another married man and using campaign money for her personal use. So Omar is the true criminal and not the border agent heroes that are keeping the country safe form illegals entering into the nation.

Pushy Omar is responsible for many sad and terrible things since she has taken a seat in Congress. She has voted against giving border patrol the money and equipment to make things better at the border. She has illegally done things that should eject her from Congress. And she even lies about her actions like every good Democrat does. She never accepts responsibility for her mistakes and never will as she believes that she is always right and everyone is always wrong.

Omar would seek to abolish the very law enforcement programs that keep America from being overrun by invading forces. She would rather take what true Americans have and give it to the people that are here illegally. She would see that health care be free for illegals, and she would see America run from another part of the world. She is so anti-American that she bleeds Islamic Terror.

Omar was once a migrant that came to America because she was being treated badly in Somalia. She came to America with her hand out and was granted the right to be an American. When America helped her she turned her back on those very people that helped her. She now seeks to destroy and murder those that would keep her safe and the freedoms that she now enjoys. Omar truly does not grasp the full picture of what being an American is all about.

President Trump is right that Omar and her friends need to get out of Congress. They are a problem that is going to make things worse in the future for Americans. They cannot agree on anything and stand against everything right.

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