How American Values Have Changed Over the Last 25 Years

Luke Corradine /
If asked about the times we live in, just about everyone 40 and over will likely tell you that things have changed drastically in the last few decades. Unfortunately, that doesn’t just mean technological advances – it also means our values have changed. And a new poll would indicate that those changes are not for […]

Oops: Macron Takes off His $86K Watch While Telling French Pensioners to Sacrifice More

Victor Joly /
Here’s a pro tip for out-of-touch world leaders: If you’re going to explain to the peasants in your country why they need to sacrifice more, after you’ve wildly mismanaged their tax dollars and wrecked their country, be sure that you don’t wear a luxury watch while you’re lecturing them. That’s what French President Emmanuel Macron […]

DeSantis Donors Tell Him to Ride the Bench in 2024, Try Again Next Time

danielfela /
Insiders behind the 2024 Ron DeSantis for president effort are starting to nervously back away from the Florida governor. While DeSantis definitely has a lot of goodwill with the America First movement, that could all be squandered if he runs against his friend and benefactor Donald Trump. Some DeSantis megadonors are now saying that the […]

Get Ready for Bots Running Boats!

metamorworks /
For centuries now, Hollywood has made their living propagating the idea that robots will one day do everything for us. From cheesy outer space movies in the 1960s that also often propagated the idea that we were not alone, and in fact, there was huge green (nobody ever said why they are green either) aliens […]

900 Percent Surge in Illegal Aliens from China at Biden’s Open Border

Ivan Marc /
The number of illegal aliens from Communist China has skyrocketed by 900% since the same time last year. The question is, why? Many of these illegal aliens are no doubt members of the CCP’s intelligence agencies, and they’re coming to infiltrate American companies and steal intellectual property. Not that anyone in the Biden regime will […]

Civil Rights Victory: Judge Overturns California’s Modern Handgun Ban

Robert Przybysz /
A federal judge has handed down a major civil rights victory in California this week. District Judge Cormac J. Carney, a George W. Bush appointee, overturned California’s ban on modern handguns. It’s hard to believe, but no modern handgun has been sold in California in the past 10 years. One of California’s major civil rights […]

Zuckerberg Tanks Both Morale and Profit for Meta by Being a Beta

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that the company is only facing “a challenging period” according to his memo about the future of Meta in the upcoming months as they cut 10,000 jobs. Pulling out his trust magnifying glass, the still reigning but consistently withering king of social media is zeroing in so he can streamline […]

Federal Judge Delivers a Major Blow to the Biden Admin

Tada Images /
If you know much about the Joe Biden administration, it’s that they are attempting to take more and more control of the public and our lives. And they are using their so-called climate change or environmental crisis as their main excuse. Case in point is a recently announced new rule by Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency […]

Twitter Files: Factually Correct Stories Suppressed to Sucker Americans into Taking COVID Shots

rafapress /
Award-winning author and independent journalist Matt Taibbi has released the latest batch of “Twitter Files” in the ongoing reveal of the largest government censorship operation in human history. The latest files prove that government-linked entities were pushing Twitter – now owned by Elon Musk – to censor truthful and factually correct stories about the experimental […]

Bill to Ban Mountain Dew, Skittles, Hostess Donuts, Nesquik, and More…

beats1 /
We all know that some of our most beloved foods aren’t good for us. But does that mean they should be banned? One California lawmaker certainly thinks so and has even proposed a bill to do just that. Introducing San Fernando Valley and California state Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. Like a growing number of parents and […]