Why Your Weight Isn’t All That Matters

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Few things in life feel as good as being healthy. When you are in good health, your moods improve, you tend to be more positive, you can do more, you hurt less, and life is all around just more enjoyable. And who doesn’t want that? Unfortunately, few of us can find ourselves in those “good […]

Disney+ Green Lights New Demonic Show with Sickening Plot

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It’s become rather apparent recently that Disney and their streaming platform Disney+ are no longer interested in promoting healthy family and childhood ideals. But now, they are taking things to a whole new level by agreeing to a show that romanticizes the Devil and the thought of falling in love with him. According to Deadline, […]

Even Democrats Think Biden is Too Old to Run Again 

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A recent poll revealed what conservatives have known since before the 2020 election. President Joe Biden is cognitively impaired and, while serving out the rest of his current term is questionable, running for a second is a bad idea.  A very bad idea, as the polls reported.  A sweeping 63% of those polled expressed concerns […]

Target Realizes It Went Too Far Following Boycott

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Target has always been known to cater to the leftist agenda. They’re the first ones with Pride Week apparel. And when some Democrats demanded a gender-neutral section in department stores, Target was happy to comply. Recently, they took things too far. They launched not only LGBTQ pride products but also several queer and transgender designers. […]

Psycho Drug-Fueled Zombie Seagulls Terrorize Britain: Is the US Next? 

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For residents in the seaside towns of Britain, movies have become a reality as stoned seagulls attack people for their drugs. In a scene straight out of Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” seagulls are aggressively stealing “spice” (a synthetic derivative of marijuana), getting high, and rampaging through quiet towns along the shores of Great Britain.  The seagulls […]

Latest CNN Poll Gives Biden Terrible News

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As you know, the whole country is talking about the US debt ceiling – namely, whether to raise it or not. Of course, Democratic President Joe Biden and his cronies want the ceiling raised. Most Republicans, on the other hand, are on the complete opposite side of the argument, at least if there aren’t going […]

Vaccine-Injured Americans Sue the Biden White House for Censoring Them

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A group of people who were severely harmed by the COVID vaccines has launched a lawsuit against the Biden regime for censoring them on the internet. The plaintiffs are arguing that the White House violated their right to Freedom of Speech by viciously censoring them from telling their stories on various Big Tech and social […]

The EU is Quietly Panicking Because They Think Joe Biden Will Lose in 2024

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It’s almost 18 months until the next election here in the US, but the European Union is already scrambling to try to sucker as much money as possible out of the American taxpayers before Joe Biden runs into a big orange brick wall. The 27-member EU is seriously worried that the unprecedented gravy train of […]

Tim Scott May Be the One to Watch in 2024 

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With high-profile names like DeSantis and Trump stealing headlines every day in their bids for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, it’s easy to overlook other, lesser know candidates. But one name, in particular, may be a contender as the 2024 campaign cycle unfolds.  South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott announced his run for the presidency […]

Adam Schiff to Be Fined $16 Million

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We’ve known since 2017, at the very latest, that California Representative Adam Schiff is about as slimy as they come. And now, he is finally about to face the music if Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna has anything to say about it. I mean, this is the man who led the charge against first-candidate, and […]

Debt Crisis? The Buck Stops Here Unless Biden is to Blame 

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In the 2020 election cycle, President Joe Biden came out of the basement long enough to make promises that have come back to haunt him during his presidency. The latest pithy election slogan to crash and burn was his famous “The buck stops here” ad. The ad went on to state, “Harry Truman said it. […]

Obama Shares What Keeps Him Up at Night

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With Barack Obama essentially being a has-been, having already served the maximum number of terms in the highest office in the land, it’s pretty well known that he doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention he used to. And apparently, that’s weighing on him. In fact, he basically admitted as much during a recent interview. […]

Caitlyn Jenner Sounds the Alarm on the Rising Rates of Transgenderism 

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Caitlyn Jenner is weighing in on what she views as an alarming increase in transgenderism, accusing Democrats of “destroying the family unit” and causing a “drastic” uprise in the number of children being transitioned.  Jenner is no stranger to the LGBTQ scene. In 2015, she publicly announced her identity as a transgender woman and changed […]

Portland, OR Overdose Deaths Up by 50% From 2022 Record

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Portland Police Bureau (PPB)’s release of the drug statistics for the city shows a tremendous spike in drug overdoses in the city. In 2022, they set a record with 158 reported overdose deaths, already they have 85 of them. This represents a 46% spike from 2022 as of this point. Over the weekend prior, the […]

Secret Service Refuses to Release Visitor Logs for Potentially Compromised Biden Residences 

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Whether they are records related to Biden’s massive document hoarding scandal or more evidence to in the Biden crime family investigation, one thing is plain: Biden doesn’t want any logs of visitors to his Delaware homes to be made public.  Freedom of Information and Secret Service agencies cite a decision made in former president Donald […]

Only Those in CULTS Starve in Kenya, Now?

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Decades of Sally Struthers pushing people to donate just pennies a day filled American TV sets with despair and guilt over starving children in Africa. As images of malnourished children, some with starvation bloat flooded your TV screen, many couldn’t help but feel sorry for these children and open their wallets to pledge their hard-earned […]

Dr. / President Joe Biden Receives an Honorary Howard University Doctorate

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On Saturday, May 13, 2023, Howard University welcomed President Joe Biden to deliver a commencement address to the 2023 graduates. The speech contained divisive racial speech, anti-MAGA sentiment, wildly exaggerated claims, campaign promises, and the usual anti-voter-fraud sewage spouted by every Democrat when they get more than five minutes in the spotlight. It would have […]

CNN Town Hall Completely Backfires – Trump Comes Out More on Top Than Before

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As 2024 draws closer, we’ve officially entered the phase of ongoing town halls and candidate interviews. But one just held by CNN undoubtedly didn’t go as planned. In fact, it completely backfired on the liberal news outlet. If you haven’t heard, CNN held a town hall featuring former president and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump […]

Learning to Smile Again: Japan Turning to Smile Experts After Mask Mandate Lifted

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For Americans, smiles are a natural part of nearly every interaction. They are given without a thought in most situations. For the Japanese, however, smiles play an important role in communication, and after three years of mask mandates, many are seeking professional smile coaches to help them relearn a lost social skill. In Japan, there […]

Former FTX CEO Bankman Wants Criminal Charges Dismissed

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Sam Bankman-Fried is the disgraced CEO of FTX. His mismanagement cost many their entire life savings. And those who took over the company have been trying to clean up the mess – not an easy task considering the amount of negligence within the record keeping. The FTX founder (who is also a super donor to […]

Fear Not, Your Taxes Are Being Well Spent to Keep Robot Overlords at Bay

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Because climate change has been failing to rile the masses, President Joe Biden has decided to drop $140 million in taxpayer money to protect the United States against killer robots instead. The money is intended to be used to create seven new National AI Research Institutes to encourage AI advances that are ethical, responsible, and […]

Biden’s Latest Sanctions for Airlines Would Likely Send Ticket Costs Soaring to Unprecedented Prices

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President Joe Biden has shown the American people a lot about the policies he holds closest to his heart and how little he truly cares about the average citizen. One of his favorite past times has been to generate ideas that make things more expensive for the average American—this time he has set his sights […]

White Business Owner in Colorado City? That’ll Cost Ya!!!

Arina P Habich / shutterstock.com
If a democratic socialist elected as councilwoman has her way, you’ll be paying a race-based tax as levied by the business improvement districts. Candi CdeBaca is in the midst of her reelection campaign is now pushing to have whites pay this tax simply for owning a business. Per the U.S. Department of Transportation, these business […]

CDC Conference Hits a Snag When the Vaccinated Attendees Start Catching COVID

Mongkolchon Akesin / shutterstock.com
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held its annual conference in Atlanta last week. Roughly 2,000 fully vaccinated and boosted people attended. Unfortunately for the attendees, the COVID vaccines that they tried to force on everyone in America don’t actually work, and the conference turned into a massive superspreader event. How irresponsible! Then […]

Ready to Pay for Other People’s Bad Decisions? Mortgage Redistribution is Real, and It’s Here

Tinnakorn jorruang / shutterstock.com
In a repeat of the horrific economic policies that led to the 2008 housing market crash, Biden’s administration is once again enabling people who cannot afford loans to borrow money and buy houses that would ordinarily be beyond their financial reach. But this time, he’s using the money of those who have worked hard to […]

Hannity Losing to Rachel Maddow After Fox News Commits Suicide by Firing Tucker

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Fox News is on life support at this point, following its reckless and quite dumb decision to fire the #1 cable news host in American history. Fox has been bleeding viewers like crazy since Carlson’s departure, and it’s not stopping. Even Sean Hannity, who had remained a close second behind Carlson for the past several […]

Chelsea Clinton Tries Normalizing Porn Targeted to Kids as a Part of the LGBTQ Agenda

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Chelsea Clinton is a lot like both of her parents, mostly when she chooses to speak up on issues the whole nation is already well aware of, and being on the wrong side of the issue when the time comes. This time, she wants to tackle the issue of books that depict children in pornographic […]

Michigan Town to Recall Entire Township Board for Partnering with China

Over the past decade or so, China has become an increasing problem for the United States. So it should be no surprise that when a small Michigan community learned of a Chinese company moving in, they weren’t pleased. In fact, they are so angry that they’ve filed to oust the entire township’s board. According to […]

GDP Report Has America Down for the Count With Biden Trying To Disguise It As Successful

Tinnaporn Sathapornnanont / shutterstock.com
President Biden’s way of starting his 2024 reelection bid was to open it with a statement that was only one of three things. Either it was another outright lie, a sign of how poorly his mental competency has fallen, or it’s yet another sign of how tone-deaf to the economy he has become. “I’ve never […]

Conservative “The View” Host Says She Won’t Be Voting for Trump Again

Christopher Sciacca / shutterstock.com
As with most TV shows, ABC’s “The View” has at least one host who is supposed to represent the more conservative side of America. But how conservative and in touch with the nation are you if you won’t even consider voting for Trump again, even if pitted against Biden? Enter “The View” host Alyssa Farah […]