Time to Void the Subpoena for Trump

The Democrats think that they are so smart. They think that they can get whatever they want out of President Trump. For over three years they have been trying to get his tax records. For those years they have gone to the courts to try to force him to give them up. They have tried in two different states to try to force the president’s hand to turn over the records. And they have tried to subpoena the records. Every time the president has tied the matter up in the courts only to come out victorious every time.

When the Democrats tried to get the records in New York they claimed that he must turn them over because they were investigating his businesses. The  Democrats failed miserably at that attempt. They then moved on to California and tried to get him to turn over the records or face not being on the ballot in the election race. But the states own liberal fun Supreme Court ruled that they could not do that action either. The Democrats will try anything legal or not get what they want.

The issue has become so inflated that the Supreme Court of the United States has been asked to get involved. In the first move, the Supreme Court blocked the Democrat’s attempt to force the president to give up the paperwork. Now it seems that they are going to have to intervene once more to keep the president from falling into the wicked hands of the Democrats. The Democrats have subpoenaed the records hoping to get them again. But this time the president is asking the Supreme Court to void the request.

There is no legislative reason why the Democrats should have the records. Other than they are just trying to incriminate him for some kind of financial fraud. All of this is feeding into the 2020 election. The Democrats are rushing to find anything that they can use against the president before the election gets here. They know that they do not stand a chance at the ballot box because President Trump is too popular. All the polls around the nation indicate that the people want the impeachment to stop and the polls show that the people love their president.

He has delivered on his promises, and he continues to go above and beyond to fix the mess that the Democratic Obama left him as he left the office. This popular president is loved by the people and there is nothing that the Democrats can do to change that feeling with the nation. Every time that they try something new, they end up making fools of themselves to the world. Once again they will lose and President Trump will win another victory over them.

The Supreme Court Justices are already in favor of the president. They have already kept the documents from falling into the enemy’s hands. There are so many requests for the documents from the same people that it is evident to everyone that they are just playing games trying to smear his good name in the mud. The Supreme Court has some time to consider the request. They must decide by the end of June to hear the case or simply dismiss it. One thing is for certain that the Democrats are up to illegal activity with how they are doing politics.

Every request is going to the Supreme Court once it clears the lower courts. They will be the ones that will set the law straight as it comes to a sitting president being forced by evil men and women to turn over things that do not belong to them. The crazy Democrats will stop for nothing to destroy President Trump. However, too many people are seeing through their craziness and fighting back for the president. 2020 will be a pivotal victory for the people of the nation as the president wins and the Republicans regain control of Congress. Then things will finally start getting done the way they should be done.

51 thoughts on “Time to Void the Subpoena for Trump

  1. I think the democrats are bunch of sore losers. They are whinny babies. Need put in their place. Diaper change and a bottle of milk but to bed. Lol

      1. Shame on everyone who is not STANDING with OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!
        Get them out of office ASAP!!!
        PRESIDENT TRUMP has done ✅ more for AMERICANS and America than any President for the last 30 years
        Our JOBS are plentiful; our ECONOMY is IMPROVING DAILY; our HEALTH CARE is much BETTER; nothing being shoved down our throats like Obama did to us and then a fine imposed like hitler etc; our VETERANS are being taken care of FINALLY; our FOREIGN RELATIONS has IMPROVED 99% ; AMERICANS aren’t being threatened anymore; our MILITARY is FIRST CLASS AGAIN; AMERICANS are PROUD to finally experience a 👨 man who is a LEADER and who watches out for AMERICANS. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP

        1. being a lifelong republican, working on 4 GOP campaigns, my sister working for Reagan for all 8 years at the WH, i will NOT supportANY POTUS who defies the laws of this country and our COTUS. It is a shame that our party would rather stand for power and enable a POTUS who lies and cheats constantly, than doing what is right . A sad state, a sad time for our country! If you think he cares about us, you are wrong. He is cutting senior’s benefits, cutting medicare and social security, programs we paid in to our who working lives. What has he truly done to help thelower and middle class? My 83 year old mom paid more taxes than many millionaires,on her 13,000 a year social security….. Y’all need to wake up! He isout for himself and the rich NOT we the people!

          1. Your a sore loser Democrap. Get over it. You and your communists democraps are the liars. Talk about stealing our money. What was 3 years. Of crap investigation? 30 million. Stop bitching. Shut up

    1. I agree Martha and others…my question is …why can’t Trump do what has to be done to get a cease and desist order that will put a stop to the drulling wolves after the POTUS…if only the democrats would REQUIRE their own POTUS’ to behave they demand of Trump…the last dozen Democratic presidents have been pure – TOTAL criminals that only took advantage of the PEOPLE…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…EVERYONE NEEDS TO TELL THEIR CONGRESS “PERSON” TO STOP THIS LYNCHING MOB~~~~NOW

      1. There is a plan in place … and we must FOLLOW THE PLAN.
        The “report” filed by IG Horowitz, was just that, a “report”.
        It’s primary purpose was to start the AWAKENING of more Patriots,
        and open people’s eyes to what has been going on in our Country.
        It’s secondary purpose was to flush out the rats and get them to scatter.
        Rats have been testifying under oath, with no criminal pressure applied.
        NEXT will be the criminal charges being brought to light by John Durham.
        Indictments are coming … BE PATIENT … THE PLAN IS WORKING.
        TRUMP/PENCE ~ 2020 ~ KAG ~ WWG1WGA

    2. It all boils down to President Trump taking out the deep state. He has put a hugh dent in their system, he has not finished but the Deep State has lost a lot of power and clout. They are fighting for their lives. The deep state was sucking America at every turn and now they feel the pinch. Go Donald!

  2. The Democrats are dumber than a “BOX OF ROCKS”. At LEAST the BOX OF ROCKS is honest. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. Newt Gingrich made it a personal crusade to get President Clinton impeached over something Clinton did before he was president. That effort failed miserably when the impeachment went to the Senate. What Trump is accused of is infinitely worse than anything Clinton did and should face impeachment. Also, it Hillary had won, which she should have since she got 3 million more votes than Trump, she’d be facing impeachment over Benghazi. In fact, there were those GOPers who vowed before the election to impeach Hillary, although that probably would not have worked out too well since Ms. Clinton appeared before every GOP-led House committee investigating Benghazi and came away with zero indictments. Trump, would probably collapse like a tower of Jello.

      1. Sloan is nothing but a brain washed libnut clown. He wouldn’t know honesty
        if it hit him in the head. Trump has done more to make America great again
        than that looser oboze did in his 8 years of screwing America. Muslims have
        only 1 creed, that is to ruin America any way possible and obozo tried his best to
        do so.

    1. Poor poor Kenneth Sloan…you truly believe that and that is what is sad. If you truly believe what you commented on then here’s a few more things. “The moon is made out of cheese, the earth is flat and I have a bridge in the desert to sell you”. Run with it…must be true because I said so. Geesh grow up you sound like a whiny baby with a temper tantrum because you aren’t getting what you want to justify your unwarranted hate.

    2. It was the democrap party and the Hillary campaign that had Russia interfere with the election while selling one third of the U.S uranium stock to the big bad Russians while getting a million dollar donation to the Clinton hush fund foundation. It was Joe Biden who threatened to hold funds if the prosecutor investagating the company giving his cocaine addicted son a Job at 50,000 a month. Yes it is Trump we should worry about. Just keep watching CNN to see what you should be upset about next

    3. Did you read the transcript of the phone calls?? If so plz tell me where in the phone calls did president Trunp say or do anything wrong ??You are like all the other sore losers get over it the lying bitch lost stop whining and grow up

    4. Our duly elected President Trump is in charge of setting foreign policy. If there has been a criminal act done by one of our citizens President Trump is OBLIGATED to get it investigated and have them brought to justice! Obviously our elected officials in the House and Senate – Congress are all corrupt! Term Limits on them all would be the answer to most of our problems along with a class on ethics and morals.

    5. Well, Mr. Sloan,
      Having read ALL of the replies to your bone-headed letter – all the way to the bottom of the page – it would seem that absolutely NO ONE is in agreement with you. Not surprising, like most all Demodorks, you were wrong on every point you made. It’s a pity how people like you go through life never using your brain for anything other than to keep your skull from collapsing.

    6. It is totally amazing that anyone as brain dead as you are could actually put words to paper. Did someone write the silliness you posted. Did Adam Shiffless wrote those words, maybe Nadler wrote your silly comment. You are dumb and follow those that are also dumb.

    7. Kenneth you are full of lies! Tell us what did Bill Clinton do before he became PRESIDENT? You accused Newt of trying to impeach him before he became PRESIDENT! So tell us on what charge? Or you are like these Democrat in the House so full of lies?

    8. Yes, it failed in the senate because the democrats were in the majority and their vote was purely political in the face of overwhelming evidence showing Bubba was a guilty son of a bitch. Why did the democrat majority vote for purely political reasons and not on sound moral principles and truth and honesty? Because they are an immoral dishonest no regard for the truth bunch of socialist scum. They are fond of using the phrase “no one is above the law” except when it applies to them. For an example of moral principles and truth and honesty you should review the Watergate hearings. The republicans in congress put truth and honesty above political party and supported Nixon’s ouster once the evidence was presented. You might also be aware that the Watergate hearing were conduced in public on TV with nothing hidden. Compare that to faggot Schiff’s secret star chamber proceedings in closed rooms with everyone not on the committee being excluded and no rules followed.

    9. Kenneth stop sucking on your bong and try to get your story straight. Let your head clear and try to get focused. Clinton was impeached for lying to congress about getting a blow job in the Oval office among other things. Now see if you can explain how he had an intern and was getting a blow job in the Oval office if it happened before he became president. Now what was Newt trying to get him impeached for that happened before he became president? It’s interesting that you feel it is unfair to try and impeach someone for something they did before taking public office. To be consistent in your view, you must have been totally distraught when the dishonest dims tried to block Cavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court for something he did not do 20+ years ago.

    10. Ms. Clinton, as you call her, IS NOT IN THE CLEAR.
      She has been judged by her deep state clan, wearing rose colored glasses.
      She has been protected and forgiven by the FAKE deep state news.
      She has not paid for her treasonous actions against our Republic.
      THERE IS A PLAN in place, and the plan is being followed.
      For a couple of years, Gitmo has been going through some extensive remodeling.
      100 National Guardsmen from Tennessee have just been deployed to Gitmo.
      As this PLAN to return the control of our country back to it’s citizens continues,
      the corrupt people, both Democrats and Republicans in our Government,
      that have been pulling the strings for decades… are running for cover.
      An AWAKENING has started … keep your eyes open and keep an open mind.
      More evidence will be released in John Durham’s CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.
      TRUMP/PENCE ~ 2020 ~ KAG ~ WWG1WGA

    11. Mr. Sloan, you need to stop drinking the koolaide. You say that what President Trump has done is infinitely worse that anything Clinton did and yet, the Demoncrats have spent three years and millions of dollars trying desperately to find anything substantive with which to impeach him and have come up with zip, nada, nothing. All I see is evidence that President Trump is and has been doing his job. The Democrats, on the other hand, have much to answer for and I expect that they will be called to account for their lies, their falsification of documentation, for misleading the FISA court, and for malfeasance. I truly hope that the Senate does take the time to hold hearings and bring truth to this process. IMHO, the Democratic party is making fools of themselves and you, by your comment, have joined their ship of fools.

    12. Well, junior, let me tell you one treasonous act Clinton DID do. He gave our top secret sub prop technology to China and if you think it was for free you really are as stupid as you sound.

  4. There’s not a one of us out here that hasn’t been a victim of some kind of wrongful accusation that we’ve had to, hopefully, overcome. So, in my way of thinking, I’m taking on the fight for President Trump by being supportive and understanding of his agenda.
    P.S. Never in my life have I been this engrossed in politics!!!

  5. He is doing a good job for the American people. Let’s keep him in office for another 8 years. Let the Dems screams and kicks like cry babies.

  6. I am sick, sick,sick of this whole mess. What a waste of time and money and maybe some brains. I think the dems have made fools of most of themselves. Thanks for Trump being Trump with strength and intelligence.

    1. Wasting TAXPAYERS MONEY
      Shame on everyone who is not STANDING with OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!
      Get them out of office ASAP!!!
      PRESIDENT TRUMP has done ✅ more for AMERICANS and America than any President for the last 30 years
      Our JOBS are plentiful; our ECONOMY is IMPROVING DAILY; our HEALTH CARE is much BETTER; nothing being shoved down our throats like Obama did to us and then a fine imposed like hitler etc; our VETERANS are being taken care of FINALLY; our FOREIGN RELATIONS has IMPROVED 99% ; AMERICANS aren’t being threatened anymore; our MILITARY is FIRST CLASS AGAIN; AMERICANS are PROUD to finally experience a 👨 man who is a LEADER and who watches out for AMERICANS. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP

  7. The Dems have dug themselves into a hole so deep that they can’t get out. There are several of them that will be facing charges in the near future, if the President can ever get the corrupt FBI to do their job and actually investigate the corruption within the Dems Party. Trump is no fool and he ALWAYS has an ace up his sleeve.

  8. In an odd way, my prayers are being answered. I’ve prayed for our President Trump and for our country – ever since the Democrats decided to boot him from the job we elected him for. Thank God he isn’t easily intimidated, and that his pure purpose is for the elevation of America! The antics of the Democrats over the past three plus years rather reminds me of how God has let Satan prove to the world what an unjust and manipulative being he is – just letting him spin the world out of control through sin. In the end God has made His point and will take His followers to heaven to live with Him. I know – the result of the Democrats vs Trump won’t be quite that glorious, but over time many Americans (and folks from other countries) are learning what an unjust and manipulative batch the Democrats in Congress really are. As with the human matter of choice where they can change their ways and become children of God, so to can the sinful members of Congress choose to distance themselves from the manipulation and deception presently evident. Even Nancy Pelosi is capable of mending her ways. She’s an intelligent woman who has gotten caught up in the ‘left’ agenda. I’ve wondered what she says to herself in the mirror when her audience is gone and it’s just her and her conscience. She says she prays daily. Sometimes it’s important during prayer to stop and to listen to the other side of the conversation with God.

  9. PRESIDENT TRUMP has the most STAMINA and HONESTY than ANY President
    Shame on everyone who is not STANDING with OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!
    Get them out of office ASAP!!!
    PRESIDENT TRUMP has done ✅ more for AMERICANS and America than any President for the last 30 years
    Our JOBS are plentiful; our ECONOMY is IMPROVING DAILY; our HEALTH CARE is much BETTER; nothing being shoved down our throats like Obama did to us and then a fine imposed like hitler etc; our VETERANS are being taken care of FINALLY; our FOREIGN RELATIONS has IMPROVED 99% ; AMERICANS aren’t being threatened anymore; our MILITARY is FIRST CLASS AGAIN; AMERICANS are PROUD to finally experience a 👨 man who is a LEADER and who watches out for AMERICANS. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP

  10. I’m curious! I am having difficulty trying to figure why President Trump is not allowed to, in a brief phone call, have a foreign country look into a U.S. citizen’s background regarding “alleged violations of impropriety involving United States of America’s financial support to that country. Yet, the democrats in Congress are allowed to “waste taxpayers funds for almost three years” on their own devious efforts to not only destroy a “duly” elected President of the United States but take our taxpayer hard earned money, no gimmes for free, dollars. Since before day one of President Trump taking office the democratic congress (they don’t deserve a “capital letter”) has been attempting to destroy the very person that is “Making America Strong Again”. As far as I can see, now that he ( Old Joe) has stated that he only want’s one term. Is it just so the “d” can turn our country into a socialist country and then he can go crawl in a hole and hide. Guess what, Old Joe, Obuma is in charge of the hole and he ain’t going to let you in. Wake up true citizens, put a stop to these crooks and warped minded individuals in Congress and Support Our President, give him his chance to continue succeeding in his positive goals for the interest of the “Best and Free’st Country in the World”. We need to act “Now” to replace the proven liars that are so dumb they can’t even see their own lies. As for the “P” lady that prays for our President, every night, and everyone else, she should focus on praying for the strength to use her power and put a stop to the idiots running her instead of her running Congress in a manner that is conducive to the goals of the people of the United States and their President.

  11. This whole situation is a very sad indictment of our political system. Whether we want to accept it or not, the Reps and Dems are ALL POLITICIANS and have self serving interests. We have so much work to do to take care of our fellow Americans that it is deplorable to be spending so much of taxpayers money and time on this. As a prior post stated, term limits are needed. Serving in congress was NEVER intended to be a life long career. You serve, then go home and get your butt back to work. Eliminate the perqs of being an elected congressmen or women and force them to participate in the standard government employee benefit programs. No special treatment. If elected officials want to run for another position then either force them to resign or suspend their current pay during the campaign and election process. At BEST, and I’m being very generous, we get two years of work from a four year term.
    Let’s also be honest……Trump is NOT a saint….he has done and said some very “unpresidential” things. He has done a lot of good things in spite of an unprecedented number of roadblocks thrown in his way.
    Right or Wrong, Agree or Disagree…..he is our elected POTUS and as such deserves our support.
    Our fore fathers established a democratic process that we as Americans are BOUND to and works pretty damn good!!!!!
    If we all pitched in instead of bitchin’ in we could accomplish a tremendous amount of good for all Americans.
    America is a country built and flourished by DOERS so let’s stop the bitchin’, stop the self serving agendas (both Rep and Dem) and focus on accomplishing things we will be proud of for future generations.
    If we don’t like what’s happening, get involved for change in our next election……..or leave.

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. If these people see that the policy of President Trump is really for the good of the country, they should give him a hand instead of obstructing. Do they really think open border, free health care for illegals, removing police, ICE, border patrol, and electoral delegates will be good for the country? No thanks, because by then, we will have 2 hundred million people to feed from countries world over and the president will always be from New York and California. The smaller states will have no say with regards to policies, etc. I say KUDOS to the Founding Fathers of that “this Nation might live under a new birth of FREEDOM that the government of the people, for the people and by the people shall not perished “
    Thank God now we have a praying President and a lot of us praying for him. If he makes mistakes God will direct him to make the necessary corrections.
    TGBTGF and God Bless Mr President


  14. Democrat has made it their idea to help Hillary Clinton in the seat that she didn’t deserve! With all the crime she has done since her day in Arkansas. Even during her lying in the WHITEWATER case. And Bill CLINTON forcing himself on women as governor of Arkansas and as president of AMERICA! Then stealing the federal funds that was for Haitai. Was put into the Clinton foundation! Even every Democrat in the HOUSE ARE CRIMINAL! Who would pass a bill given a country that Hate AMERICA? A billion dollars for Obama. And Obama use his execute power to bypass the Senate!

  15. Ok. NOW, WE want to see the tax records of every singly member of Congress to find out how broke people became so rich while in Congress! WE DEMAND IT!

  16. The real finishing touch for the criminal Democrat Party Mob to lose the 2020 election is AG Barr and his “mass indictments for past leaders fof the criminal Democrat Party that should include President Obama and Hillary Clinton for their crooked FISA Warrant scandal and with their FBI supporters!! Even if they do not go to trial during the 2020 election for it , the fact they were indicted will be enough for the American voters to give President Trump a landslide victory and a solid Republican Congress in the 2020 election !!!! That is why the criminal Democrat Party Mob is trying so hard to impeach push before the 2020 election!! Not going to happen,period!!!!~!

  17. The best way is to tell to your families, friends, neighbors especially at church to vote and support The President Donald J. Trump and All Republicans Congress and Senators now and 2020 ELECTION. And includes them to your prayers. I Pray to God that All Democrat’s Congress that at this time they will withdraw and cancel their accusations impeachment against President Donald. Trump. I pray to God that these lies, corruption and jealousy
    will be end and that All Democrat’s will examine their self each one of them. If Democrat’s really love God or they have God in their heart then they will not cover up stories. All of us is S-I-N positive. Democrat’s stop covering and making up stories. The people of America either Republicans or Democrats should support President Donald J Trumps that this impeachment should be S-T-O-P-P-E-D immediately now. This is very very embarrassing to the whole world since there is no evidence of wrong doing about President Donald J. Trump.
    Now the people of other countries will have no respect for Americans people because of dirty political, liars, and corruption. Look what OBAMA did to our country is an awful corruption that we all should know and learn long time ago especially Democrat’s. Wake up and let’s pray my fellow Americans citizens. God Bless America.

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