Tlaib Says African Americans Should Be Hired for Specific Jobs

If you thought Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib was just racist towards Israelis, here is proof otherwise. Apparently, she is biased against anyone who isn’t like her.

In Detroit this past week, the congresswoman attended a PR tour of the Detroit police department. There she was spoken to about the department’s use of facial recognition software and how it is used to identify criminal suspects.

But she must have left her filter at home because what she said to Police Chief James Craig can be seen as nothing less than straight out racism. She told the police chief that only African Americans should be hired to use the newly implemented technology.

“Analysts need to be African-Americans, not people that are not,” she said. And explained herself by saying, “I think non-African Americans think African Americans all look the same.”

To add insult to injury, the police chief is black. And clearly, Tlaib is not African American.

Craig, obviously, disagreed with her and gave the perfect explanation for why that should not be the case.

He said, “I trust people who are trained, regardless of race, regardless of gender.” And he reiterated, “It’s all about the training.”

But that wasn’t the last we heard about Tlaib’s callous remarks. After the tour ended, Craig told the press that the congresswoman’s comments were a “slap in the face.”

He said, “It’s insulting. We have a diverse group of crime analysts, and what she said – that non-whites should not work in that capacity because they think all black people look alike – is a slap in the face to all the men and women in the crime center.”

And indeed, it was.

Her comments were offensive, no matter how you look at. Craig also said, “That’s something we train for, and it’s valuable training, but to say people be barred from working somewhere because of their skin color? That’s racist.”

And just about everyone who saw the video agreed. Yes, that’s right; there was even video proof of her insolence. (Her statement and the response from Craig come in at about the 3:50 mark.)

One person said, “That’s a racist statement, literally by definition.” Another remarked, “Here we have James Craig being poised and showing class while dealing with a complete racist.”

“Ignorant, racist, and thinks she knows everything. So, should mostly white communities only hire whites? Me guesses she doesn’t think that. Racist.”

And yet another, “How is this ok? Basically, she’s saying that you must be a certain race to qualify for this job. How is this ok? Imagine if someone went on record saying you have to be white for a job.”

A brief description of the technology being discussed by Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw proves even further just how wrong Tlaib is. He says that unlike the popular misconception, “the software doesn’t work on gender or race, it works on facial measurements.”

Shaw said, “If you have a good photo, the photo array will come back with people with the same facial makeup, whether they’re male, female, black, white, or whatever. It’s all about things like the spacing between the eyes, or where the ears are on the side of your head.”

And he continued, “That’s where the human element comes in. If you know you’re looking for a white male, and the system kicks out a white female, or a black male, or whatever, then a technician will flag that. Nobody uses the software on its own.”

He also let the Detroit News know, who spoke to him about the incident, that his force trains against unconscious bias. He said, “There’s implicit bias in everything we do. You just heard it in (Tlaib’s) comments.” But he explained that his officers are trained to recognize that and become unbiased.

Maybe his department should train a few members of Congress in this art. In fact, it should probably be a prerequisite to being elected into any public office.

It’s evident Tlaib her squad are biased in one direction or another at any given moment. This video proves that. We need people who are willing to look at every side of a situation, not just the ones they are predisposed to agree with. How can we look up to or even trust people who say things like this? And yet, she has the gall to call President Trump and his administration racist.

That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

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