Trump Begs Donors to Stop Contributing Money to Ron DeSantis

Evan El-Amin/

Ron DeSantis has been paired against Donald Trump in countless polls to see how many people would vote for him. Would the Florida governor be able to beat the former president in a presidential election?

It’s become obvious that Donald Trump sees DeSantis as a threat. Trump has even gone as far as asking political donors to stop boosting the FL governor, according to The Washington Post.

Right now, DeSantis has not said if he plans to run for president in 2024. It’s simply assumed that he will do so, given all of the support that he has. He’s currently focused on keeping his seat as governor – and that election will happen this November.

Trump and DeSantis used to be close. In fact, you might remember that Trump even endorsed DeSantis during the 2018 gubernatorial bid. This endorsement helped DeSantis to experience the political rise that he did.

Now, DeSantis is emerging as a rival to Trump – and he must be stopped.

Business Insider reported, “With the MAGA movement behind DeSantis, he became unstoppable in the GOP primary that year, romping to an easy win over Putnam and narrowly winning the general election over Andrew Gillum, the onetime Democratic star.

The former president has made Florida his new stomping grounds. And that means that he has to share the limelight with DeSantis.

There’s an issue that Trump has discovered – many Republicans don’t want to see a potential third campaign from Donald Trump. Instead, they’d rather throw their support behind DeSantis who has proven himself significantly – especially during the COVID pandemic.

DeSantis no longer needs Trump’s support – and the former president is painfully aware of this.

The Post has said that Trump has been tracking some of DeSantis’s appearances and even monitoring the poll numbers of the governor.

And Trump is going an added step. It’s been reported that he’s been telling many of his donors to stop supporting the governor since he could end up being a 2024 rival.

Is that really the best move for the GOP?

Let’s think about this – if DeSantis loses some of his financial support, he could lose the gubernatorial election in November. That would turn the state of Florida blue. While the liberals would be thrilled, it would be detrimental to the Republican Party.

DeSantis needs all of the help he can get. Then, after he’s elected as governor for a second term, he and Trump can start to have a petty feud.

One of DeSantis’s supporters is Ken Griffin, the billionaire founder of Citadel. Griffin has already said that he will not back a presidential campaign for Donald Trump because of his “pointlessly divisive” tenure in the White House.

While there are clearly lines that have been driven, it’s going to continue to be a problem. The two men are found within many of the same social circles. After all, they are two of the biggest heavy hitters for the Republican Party. They just happen to be in the same state – and that means that they’ll have to figure out how to co-exist.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis has been available to comment about their feud. As for what the voters have to say, the general consensus on social media is that Trump shouldn’t be too quick to tell his supporters to stop supporting DeSantis. The last thing we need right now is for the state of Florida to switch to blue.