Trump Calls for Chuck Todd’s Termination For Editing Barr

It’s time these filthy reporters and media outlets get fired. President Trump is saying Chuck Todd should be fired for his edits on Attorney General William Barr’s words. He completely turned the story around. The NBC host of “Meet the Press” took a clip of a statement made by Barr concerning former national security adviser and three-star General Michael Flynn, and “inadvertently and inaccurately” used it to the fake news’ advantage.

President Trump slammed Todd in his post on Twitter, saying, “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd should be FIRED by “Concast” (NBC) for this fraud. He knew exactly what he was doing. Public Airwaves = Fake News!” Trump also tagged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the chairman Ajit Pai.

Kerri Kupec, who is the director of communications and public affairs for the Department of Justice, also blasted Todd and “Meet the Press” for slaughtering Barr’s statement he made when the DOJ dropped Flynn’s case. She wrote, “Very disappointed by the deceptive editing/commentary by @ChuckTodd on @MeetThePress on AG Barr’s CBS interview. Compare the two transcripts below. Not only did the AG make the case in the VERY answer, Chuck says he didn’t; he also did so multiple times throughout the interview.”

Kupec also added the link to the interview. The mainstream media is the arm of the Democratic party, and they are deathly afraid of the truth which is coming out. Not only do they lie and promote false propaganda, but they are now cutting out statements from those who are pushing for the truth and justice. Kupec states how this edit was shoved down the viewers’ throats as it happened continuously throughout the entire interview.

So, check out how this played out. Here is the edited version of Todd’s interview with Peggy Noonan. Todd started it off with, “You brought up Bill Barr. Peggy Noonan, I want you to listen to this Bill Barr answer to a question about what history will say about this. Wait until you hear this answer. Take a listen.”

The slaughtered video was Barr giving his statement, which showed the interviewer asking Barr, “When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written?”  Barr replied, “Well, history is written by the winners. So, it largely depends on who’s writing the history.” The clip stopped before Barr was finished. It made it seem like he was boasting.

The clip abruptly ended when Todd rushed in and stated, “I was struck, Peggy, by the cynicism of the answer. It’s a correct answer. But he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this is a political job.”

This is what Trump and his team are up against every day. The filth and lies of a corrupt media who stop at nothing to make Trump, his team, and the DOJ look bad. It is an ongoing attack and pushed across the mainstream media.

Here is what the full transcript has on the CBS original interview.  The person giving the interview asks Barr, “In closing, this was a big decision in the Flynn case, to – to say the least. When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written? What will it say about your decision making?”

This was Barr’s full answer to the question, “Well, history is written by the winner. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history. But I think a fair history would say that it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law. It helped; it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”

Kupec was “disappointed” and called the interview a “deceptive editing/commentary” by “Meet the Press” and by the show’s host Chuck Todd. She added, “Not only did the AG make the case in the VERY answer Chuck says he didn’t, he also did so multiple times throughout the interview.”

“Meet the Press” gave a response to Kupec, stating, “You’re correct. Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.”

The truth is, they are not sorry because the mainstream media continues to deceive the American people. They are only sorry because they got called out on it.

107 thoughts on “Trump Calls for Chuck Todd’s Termination For Editing Barr

    1. We all know that Chicky Toddumbass is a stupid cocksucker with shit for brains. Motherfucker is ugly too. What a dipshit this asshole is.

        1. I don’t care if you clean your act.. instead, pack up your act and get the hell out of the trusting publics view!


        2. How many times have you been a Billionaire Rick. Trump has done it TWICE. Who’s the real Dummy? Oh, by the way , Trump also became President of the United States. Something you will never achieve.

        3. While your at it. Get Obama’s same grades too! Unseal them and how he financed his education as a foreign student. Make it so! 👍🏻
          Oh wait, you and your MSM don’t want to do that.
          Never mind.

        4. Thanks! If some people were as smart as they think but can’t/won’t show the paperwork. Well hell one edit by mistake . They want to crucify Chuck! Trump has been straight out lying for as long as he has been in the position of a president. Not a president just someone who is in the office. Has Mexico paid for his wall yet?, Has he released his tax returns yet? lotta people wanting to hang Chuck Todd for a mistake that they apologized for. Has anyone heard DRUMP say sorry for anything at all? I’ll answer that NO HE HASN’T!! BECAUSE HE THINKS THAT HE’S RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING! LET’S ALL MAINLINE SOME LYSOL AND GET RID OF THIS COVID 19 PROBLEM! he didn’t even say sorry for that! Just turned it around and said that he was being sarcastic! Watch the clip and then look into the mirror and try to believe that’s the truth. Can anybody do it? I challenge all to try!

          1. The President has not lied. He has had his statements misquoted (deliberately?), and he has received and passed on incompleted information at times but that is not a lie and is a very common occurrence around the world. I would trust him a lot more (a lot more) than I would the national news media!

      1. Hey blowme how old were you when you found out you were GAY I don’t think you can comment with out using the words cock and dick

      1. very worrisome, C. LeSaint…. because that is exactly what the communist oligarchs expect of their police force.

  1. I am so sick & tired of the so-called “main stream media” that I NEVER watch any Democrat fake news stations anymore. I can’t bear to look at ANY other channel than Fox News. It is beyond SAD that the American Citizens are being lied to every day by these idiots! What ever happened to REAL Journalism? We are smart people who deserve the truth!


    2. AAGREED .

    3. I absolutely second your opinion about the “main stream media.” Why is this allowed to go on? Unfortunately, the majority of the American only watches and reads a small part of the, so they don’t get the whole picture and believe the vicious democratic propaganda. Can these “journalists” be brought to court for their blatant lies? At least that would finally raise the public’s attention.

      1. This I agree on 100%. Why should they be allowed to lie to the public all the time and get away with it??? If we, the working tax payer, were to lie all the time as Chuck Todd has all his time, we would be put in the can for it. He is one of the biggest liars of the reporters of all time. It wouldn’t bother me if some of his words were to get stuck in his throat and he chocked for it.

          1. Like every President we’ve ever had, Trump reports what he’s told by the advisors. If he is wrongfully informed that’s not his fault but if you pay attention you’ll notice Trump has fired many of those he trusted for informing him wrongfully and in some instances they did it to purposely make him look bad because they were paid to do so. If Trump said “the sky is blue” the MSM would spell it “Blew” to make him look stupid. They tried this with Bush Jr. but he was willing to play ball on the Dem’s agenda and it immediately stopped. Obama was a Con Man that got away with hundreds of Millions without Question one being asked, but if it was asked, they were marked as a RACIST and Destroyed by the MSM.

          2. He
            👍👍👍 Until the Media is held accountable for the truth the U S is doomed to fail. We can not have a democracy built on lies. I guess you listen t I the fake news too that twist the news you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit j
            You on the ass if all you listen to is the fake news media. And believe the likes of Shift and Nancy.

      2. Good idea. If they are to be reporting the news, it should be reported fairly and honestly. If they purposefully lie or distort the truth on purpose, they should be held accountable. How many CNN anchors would lose their job?

      3. He
        👍👍👍 Until the Media is held accountable for the truth the U S is doomed to fail. We can not have a democracy built on lies.

    4. You are “smart people” …… not very smart if all you watch is Fox News! Fox News is all propaganda, they never tell the truth. You Never watch any Democratic stations because you are a Repugnant, oops! Republican, that’s the only reason.
      CNN, MSNBC always report the Truth, the problem is you listen to Fox News and think they report the truth, when they DON’T! So you call CNN or other stations “Fake News!” Remember who came out calling ALL media “fake news” Trump, of course! Why? He does not like to hear the truth, so he calls it fake! Like the Fake President that he is!

      1. Wow! Either you are a communist troll or else very gullible if you only believe the media stations you listed. None of them put out articles or op ed’s that are not rife with half truths, mischaracterizations, or out and out statistics.

  2. Chuck Todd knew exactly what he was leaving out of Barr’s statements!!!! Todd is an outright leftist liar and Trump Hater and This is not the first time Todd has done this, he does it all the time, Todd should definitely be fired!!!!! He is no way a honest reporter and should be removed from ever doing this again!!!!!!!!

          1. Sorry Rick but all the Morons were used up on the Obama re-election! did you vote for Obama?

        1. He’s writing about Chuck Todd!!!! What else is he supposed to write? It’s a wonder this Light-in-the-loafers idiot isn’t doing this very thing on the air. We know he does it during commercial breaks. Film at 11…

        2. Barney…. S-me is finding it hard to hear anyone but himself…. but then, the mouth speaks of what the heart is full of….

          As to George, no need to disclose here, but what blue state (?), because most of them have become the financial engines for the country… speaking of California and NY,whose GDP has floated the nation.

          Thinking all of the disparaging rhetoric is clouding repartee…. too much plot getting in the way of the story. Cannot think of anyone who is completely without bias, but then, why can’t you hear…. HEAR IS AN ACTIVE VERB… hear what people have to say without lining up your ill-willed rant. Find the fact checks I use on MSN do not have to labor as hard as on Fox and OAN where the opinion is offered first, with the tiny sliver of fact wedged in so that your emotional meter is already clanging.

          Most of you are being manipulated…. and this… today, while we still do not have a national plan for corona virus……. have seen suggestions for bleach… a malaria drug, and the nations PPE sent to China on 2/7/2020…. as noted in the bragging twitter feed of Mike Pompeo… with Pres. Trump concurring. I do not know why you are not angry.
          I am a covid provider,and I do not examine your affiliation with any network, religious affiliation, or party, to serve you and your health to the best of my ability. The same is true for my fellow providers. And aren’t you glad, because many of you worry me that I would not get a fair shake from you if my life depended on it. D id I need to say…. our life depends on getting c19 right?

  3. Long ago should have been summarily dismissed . Oozes of bias .Chuckie pushes the Democratic propaganda …

  4. Barr should be fired for being Trumps lap dog. Barr’s job is not to be one of Trumps attorneys to see that rule of law means nothing. I’m not Chuck Todd fan but he more integrity in little toe than Barr and Trump have in their whole body. If you get all your news from Trumps state run TV where they are afraid to do anything but a MAGA then no wonder you are dumb as hell. Don’t forget to buy your China made MAGA hat and coin you butt hurt sheep.

    1. You should stop sucking so many cocks, Dusty boy. All of that cum you are swallowing is destroying your brain. You should move to San Francisco where they love cocksuckers.

      1. dear suckme
        spoken to Dusty like someone who would know….. re: your May 14 6:49 comment.

        How about growing up, and offering information and sources. Civil discourse starts with civility.

        Did you notice that while you are using specious information sources and insulting other Americans… who by the way… are a part of our fabric of life and offer something for this country to stand together on…. did you notice you were successfully distracted from what should be an urgent directive…. a solid US policy toward the pandemic. Yet another distraction…. that should be on everyone’s radar. As a bit of corrective perspective, understand that President Trump and Mike Pompeo sent 18million tons of the nation’s PPE to China, just as the WHO alerted the administration that the pandemic was coming. … Feb 7, 2020….. They bragged on it in twitterfeed. To an American citizen who wishes to survive, why was this? Inept? In bed with China? Can’t have it both ways.
        Fox news is the Trump propaganda news station, but would recommend watching other news sources as well. When you listen carefully, you can usually get at the truth, but it takes some work.

          1. Yea Nellie, vote Blue, so you can be like the other states that are blue, BANK RUPT! i moved from a Blue state was born and raised in a blue state, After i went to College i Got smart, and now i live in a red state and i love it! maybe you should try it KEN, Both… getting an education, and moving to a red state

        1. Nellie,

          All bad language and images aside from a few posters, no FOX news is the Anti-MSM network. Even at that, the Murdoch Sons and their idiot Liberal wives are doing their best to kill the Golden Goose. Rupert has to step up and put an end to this ridiculous Social Experiment.

          Facebook, Google, all MSM, virtually all search engines are so Lefty Looney tunes, they assist the growing power of FOX, which isn’t the Trump Network anymore than it was the “W” network when he was in office. It is a simple attempt to provide info, data and facts that are not found on all of those other outlets either through outright censorship or malicious practices such as the egregious one in this article. Of course FOX then seems to be the Trump Network since it is the only one on the airwaves that differs from the MSM. The surest sign it is doing God’s work is the fact that it is hated by all the rest. Persecution is a hallmark of Righteousness. Didn’t you know?

          1. dear PDC,
            finally a cogent reply. Fox is, however, rated by PEW as a right wing news agency, and they all have their biases. Just good to be aware of the bias.
            I found that, in Bush’s day,that I knew from a variety of news agencies, that there were no WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, something later admitted by Colin Powell and many or most who got sucked in and voted for the Iraqi war. It should have given pause then, instead of listening to the drumbeat of literally all the news agencies, all wishing war in Iraq, we should have paused and asked more of the UN team, who did not have that particular bias and kept looking for the truth. It would have been found. And we Americans are led to think that war is not causing a drastic downturn in our group well being.
            Fast forward today…. I would say that today we are continually distracted by a name=calling and uninformed electorate…. while our federal government is keeping us angry against each other for a healthcare crisis that is leaving us behind.
            Ask yourself whether the appearance of all of these soft tales of political wrongdoing… and no, unless you wish to live in that commie world you are yelling about, you cannot be calling for the death penalty in this nation without a juried trial and information. Innocent until proven…. etc…
            So, pull back, realize we are all Americans from the smallest to the tallest and we deserve better, and now that Trump is lying to us again about his responsibility… then why is he deliberately inciting riot after putting forth “guidelines” for rentry into the economy. 1984…… only it’s 2020.
            Respectfully…. And PDC… don’t know how much we actually agree upon, except that we are pushing for scrutiny of news sources….. but chances are good we have a lot in common and it would generate a grassroots response.

        2. China and WHO deliberately delayed informing the US of the dangers of the coronavirus. National news sources only report things when they agree with their agenda or they twist them to fit their agenda. I remember watching a live interview with the President and then seeing it on national TV. It was deliberately edited so that the President’s response was not complete. So much for truth on national news.

    2. Hey, Dusty, I heard that you a fantastic faggot. That you are a great cocksucker who also likes to take it in the ass. Please move to San Francisco so you can give us all blowjobs.

      1. DEAR D-head
        just where would you have heard this? You must roll in a group that engages.

        Just leave this sad, coarse and demeaning expression… name calling.. where it belongs, although when I was 7 years old, my mouth would have been washed out with soap.

  5. Chuck Todd needs to be fired and never be allowed to report his style of news again. The mainstream media reports are total lies and biased as hell. If he were a republican he would have been gone the day this all came out. Just like Fienstien is getting a pass on insider trading and Burr is under investigation.

  6. Chuck Todd is scrambling to find fame. Getting a nod from “media” is his reward. He has no credibility..

  7. Where is the FCC isn’t it their job to monitor what is broadcast why don’t they reign in these fake news networks. If they want to tell a story that’s not based on facts then they should be labeled as propaganda stations and should have to announce that in every headline and story they do. If not they should not be allowed to air anything.

  8. Schiff can do it – Schumer can do it – Pelosi can do it, all liars, half truth dictators and Todd thinks he’s part of the club….

  9. Chuck Todd is not the only one at NBC who should be fired. The “fake news” goes all the way to the top. This is not the only network that misrepresents the truth, but to take an interview that aired on CBS and deliberately edit it to meet your substandard style of slanting the facts you call reporting, is reprehensible and a disgrace to the once honorable field of journalism. If you want to color the Trump presidency, then do it honestly and call yourselves the DNC video network, not NBC the National Broadcasting Company. I feel the old timers like Chet Huntley and David Brinkley would be appalled at the actions of the news division of the network they worked so hard to build up to a first class operation. The peacock channel used to be one of great stature, today it ranks below the lowest of the lows. Oh how the mighty have fallen! And a big tip of the hat goes to the management. Way to go guys!

  10. Just by the majority of the comments above real Americans take what they hear and read with a great big grain of salt and try to access if it is true or believable! In this case it was a made up Hoax! Chuck Todd should be tagged as not a believable source of journalism. He isn’t given the industry a very good name…

  11. I probably wouldn’t post the exact same comments about Chukie Todd but I do agree with most of them except those by Dusty who is an obvious idiot. Todd needs to be fired but we know the fake media will never clean their own house. He is a definite piece of crap fake news relayer and probably a bi-sexual at best.

  12. The radical left make me sick. They’ve got Facebook, Google, Twitter, et al; Hollywood. professional athletes, and all kinds of celebrities; super-rich evil “people” like George Soros; and the Left-stream “news media” all pushing lies, distortions, and idiocy. I don’t understand why the F.C.C. doesn’t go after the news media for stuff like Todd’s diliberat fake “reporting”. I think a TV station that lies like Todd did should get PUNISHED.
    1st offense: A $500,000 fine and one week suspension of their privilege of reporting news.
    2nd offense: A $50,000,000 fine and a 3-month suspension of their news reporting privileges, and programs like Jimmy Kimmel’s trash.
    3rd offense: A $5,000,000,000 fine and a 1-year suspension of their broadcast license. NO BROADCASTING OF ANYTHING.

  13. If you look at all communist countries they have there party propaganda tv and radio that just pushes there crap. Our communist party has the same but the American commies have more money so they have more stations.

  14. Meet the Press is JUST MORE FAKE NEWS. I don’t watch it anymore because it’s NOT FACTUAL, it to, is JUST OPINIONS, not credible, factual news. This verbal correction that was given to what Barr said, won’t be reported next edition of Meet the Press. They DO NOT CARE TO REPORT THE NEWS, just lies!

    I don’t know anyone who listens to this PROPAGANDA!

  15. If a high school student can file a case against FAKE NEWS, President Trump should have the same privaledge and then contribute all the money to charity, because we have to listen to this fake GARBAGE!

  16. Chuck Todd and all the other talking heads on the network channels, CNN, MSNBC, are all just propagandists for the Democrat party. They lie and spin everything to make it look bad for Trump or anyone in his Administration. So far their nasty rhetoric has failed but they won’t give up. For NBC to put out a statement that the omission of part of Barr’s interviews was inadvertently cut is so transparently a lie that it is laughable. Of course not everyone who saw the original interview has seen the retraction so a lot of people probably still believe what he showed. Will this teach them a lesson?? Ha!!

  17. I have given up on so called ‘mainstream media’ & Hollyweird! They are ALL professional LIARS at heart. It’s all nepotism at it’s worst! Every bit of it can be laid entirely at the feet of the Democratic Party! You know, the people who fought for SLAVERY in the 19th century!! Come on AMERICA wake the hell up! It’s long past time we rid ourselves of these parasites! Soros, Gates & their ilk are the reason we are IN THIS MESS! The aforementioned cretins have been funding the Wuhan lab! They want to tag us with their ‘vaccines’ and control us! These people (including Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Shummer, the ‘Squad’ etc.) will destroy the United States of America! Okay, Trump says some stupid stuff & is less than protective of the environment. BUT at least he’s honest about it. Fauci & Brix are also part of this collusion as well because they are in Gates’ & Soros’ pockets & Fauci funneled money to the Wuhan lab! The ONLY way to solve this problem is to get rid of the above mentioned Democrats! Or as I call them DEMONRATS! They belong in Hell not in our government!

  18. The best, smartest, and grownup thing to do is: DO NOT WATCH AND BOYCOTT THE SPONSORS!!! Do this for as long as it takes. If that is forever, so be it!!!

  19. This shit has to stop. Don’t just fire them sue them for slander and throw them in jail. When is the right going to get a back bone?

  20. The person that should be ‘fired’ is Donald Trump. I am a registered Republican all my life but I did not vote for DJT in 2016 and I will not vote for him in 2020. I am sick of his lying, name calling, bragging etc. WAKE UP AMERICA; HE NEEDS TO GO. I come from
    a newspaper family and I know the difference between fake news and the real news. That’s why I stopped listening to Fox News.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it !

    1. Barbara,
      You come from a newspaper family and know the difference, Huh? Then it has to be said there is no fix for your kind of stupid. It’s one thing to simply be born stupid and challenged like anyone who votes Democrat, but when you have had advantages that others never had and this is what you choose to post, your Life is simply devolving instead of evolving. People such as yourself will never face the truth about the Democrat corruption and sedition against a duly elected President (whether you accept his election or not). This entire reverse umbroglio is just getting started and you are already complaining. You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in the face, which it is.

      But if you just keep emulating the three Brass Monkeys and consulting the Magic Eight Ball for answers, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Badly disappointed in the end… but fine.


  21. It would be a prudent thing to refrain from going on the show of subverted people like Chuck Todd. These people are way beneath the calibre of men like Bill Barr. Do not give them the time day.


  23. These reporters are getting the exact reaction they were hoping for. They have the American people pulled apart and fussing with each other. Right against Left etc. If we just ignored them, they would not be receiving the satisfaction they are and they would stop. The networks would get rid of the bad apples and things would get better. Let’s try it, what do you say?

  24. Why aren’t these articles shareable on Facebook , who censors what people read and are the SAME people who need articles like this??

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