Trump Claps Back At Corrupt Puerto Rican Leaders

President Donald Trump has given Washington Democrats and the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz, a piece of his mind this week. Trump tweeted;

“The Democrats killed a Bill that would have provided great relief to Farmers and yet more money to Puerto Rico despite the fact that Puerto Rico has already been scheduled to receive more hurricane relief funding than any “place” in history. The people of Puerto Rico…

“….are GREAT, but the politicians are incompetent or corrupt. Puerto Rico got far more money than Texas & Florida combined, yet their government can’t do anything right, the place is a mess – nothing works. FEMA & the Military worked emergency miracles, but politicians like…..”

….the crazed and incompetent Mayor of San Juan have done such a poor job of bringing the Island back to health. 91 Billion Dollars to Puerto Rico, and now the Dems want to give them more, taking dollars away from our Farmers and so many others. Disgraceful!”

Back in 2017, the island of Puerto Rico suffered a series of devastating hurricanes. The South Atlantic U.S. territory is still recovering from those hurricanes today. The bill that President Trump was referring to would have provided a massive amount of disaster relief to the region. But it was overwhelmingly blocked by Democrats when the bill came up for the vote.

The proposal would have delivered $600 million worth of food aid to the people of Puerto Rico. It was defeated in a 44-for to 49-against vote. The House passed a bill earlier this year, which included funding to help rebuild Puerto Rico’s damaged water systems. But the $600 million dollar bill was more closely related to the President. He had worked closely with the people who drafted the early versions in order to help bring it to the table.

In other words, if the bill had passed, it would be a political victory for Donald Trump. Naturally, the Democrats can’t have that- so they blocked it.

If you remember the hurricanes that were sweeping the south-east-Atlantic region of the United States in 2017, you’ll recall that the Democrats and their useful idiots were actually blaming Trump for the natural disaster. They actually claimed that because Trump pulled out of the Paris accord, and because he does not accept their fallacious “scientific consensus,” that he actually caused the hurricanes.

If you were paying close enough attention you would have even heard them suggest that he had powered the hurricanes with his own hate. No kidding.

But it’s far from Trump’s nature to simply lay down and take their abuse. In March of this year, he said that no one has taken better care of Puerto Ricans than him.

Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rican leaders have complained that the promised relief to their island territory has been far too slow. They have been convinced by ranking Democrats and the liberal media that the delays are Trump’s fault. But we know all too well that it is the Democrats who are manipulating the fate of the island and its people in order to make Donald Trump look like a racist tyrant.

In an appearance on MSNBC, Mayor Cruz received the mother of all softball questions from her interviewer. “Does anything from this president shock you at this point?” the generic pundit asked. Cruz responded by calling Trump names. Big surprise right?

She said, “It still continues to shock me,” Cruz replied. The hostess laughed, saying “Me too.”

Cruz went on, “It still continues to shock the people of Puerto Rico too. Just when you think that he has gone the lowest that he can go, he still goes lower than that. Now, let’s fact check the president because he has become a fake news cartoon.”

What’s strange is that we have to hear it from an obviously ideologically subverted mayor. Why don’t we hear from a higher authority in Puerto Rico? The answer is that the true leaders of that territory know what is going on. They know that Trump’s aid efforts are being blockaded by partisan Democrats.

You can be sure, if a tsunami hit California, we would not be hearing from the mayor of San Diego. We would be hearing from the governor.

Trump responded saying that the relief money that Puerto Rico has received has not been well spent and that the Mayor of San Juan “doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

But we think she does know what she’s doing, and it’s pure political tribalism.

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