Trump Gets the House to Agree to a Spending Deal

The sad Democrats have been embarrassed again as President Trump got them to accept a two-year budget deal that he will approve of. This is a major victory for President Trump. He has secretly played the gullible Democrats into believing they have come up with a deal all on their own when they actually played right into his hands. The new deal will increase federal spending on defense and other needed programs.

The vote was 67 to 28 in favor of the spending bill. At a time when the Democrats do not want to work the president, they certainly were led into accepting a bill that the president is willing to sign. Some members of the Senate wanted to increase the spending levels but those requests fell on deaf ears as the majority of the Republicans moved forward with the vote. This bill stems from a major government shutdown. The idiotic Democrats have been played once again by a brilliant president named Donald Trump.

The pointless Democrats in the House went ahead and passed the bill with really no effort since it was something that the honorable Republicans were trying to get the baby Democrats to do months ago. The new spending bill will provide $2.75 trillion in new defense and non-defense through September 2021. The spending limit on the treasury will be held until 2021 until after the election. This keeps them from going into default on the national debt.

Mitch McConnell stated that this bill “ensures our federal government will not approach any kind of debt crisis in the coming weeks or months.” What a victory for President Trump as the Republican-backed Senate loves this bill and the president is expected to sign it soon. The budget allows for an increase in deficit spending which for some has been a point of concern. But with the nation growing as it is some are sure that things will be fine in the long term.

There is a direct link between spending money and making money. Some people believe that the United States cannot handle so much debt. President Trump has promised to reduce the national debt in his campaign promises. He knows that in order to make money one must spend it first. The economy is on pace to grow into a brand-new territory and at some point, the amount of taxes collected each year is going to start paying off the debt that has been accumulating for decades.

President Trump has called the new deal “phenomenal” and the amount of debt that is being accumulated is not being forgotten as he also stated “Go for it Republicans, there is always plenty of time to CUT” the amount of spending that has been taking place. The reason there has had to be so much spending is because of the Democrats. Before President Trump took office mismanaged the money of the nation. They cut where they should not have made cuts, so they could spend where they should not have spent.

The president has had to fix this problem and in so doing debt has occurred because the Democrats were trying to hide their stupid spending habits. The President has gotten the dumb Democrats of the House to increase the defense spending amount by billions of dollars. This alone is going to create new jobs and provide a lot of people with a decent living for years to come. Other areas such as border patrol and cancer research will see a significant increase in their funding as well.

The House will still have some work to do as they have to decide later where certain funds are going to be spent. President Trump has allowed them the privilege to decide where these funds should go, so they feel like they have something to do. The Democrats act like children so now they are being treated like little kids.

This major victory for the president allows him to get on with making America great again. It puts the Democrats in a corner and gives them something to do. And America will continue to grow and prosper once again.

13 thoughts on “Trump Gets the House to Agree to a Spending Deal

  1. So much for the notion that the republicans are fiscally responsible. Once again the proof is in the pudding. It’s not about how much money the government spends but where they spend the money. If the rich profit from it, it’s a great idea but god forbid we give a little back to the poor and middle class. Corporate America runs the republican party and has for over 170 years.

  2. “The new spending bill will provide $2.75 trillion in new defense and non-defense”…2.75 TRILLION DOLLARS!!!…In what dimension can this even be considered a good thing??? The government is already $17 TRILLION in debt from out of control spending by BOTH political parties with no hope of EVER paying it off!! Sticking it to the Democrats? Hard NO and calling BS – the idiots are sticking it to US the citizens.

  3. However, we need to get Federal spending and the national debt under control. It looks like we need to remove the “Loony Left” and put in fiscally responsible “adults in the room” and get the U.S. Federal Government to live within it’s means. Then, watch REAL Prosperity happen. We are the envy of the world already and there is no end in sight as to what can happen by bringing this debt and spending under control. Oh, and DON’T forget to root out fraud and wasteful spending . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. I respect President Trump and believe he can make America great again. Not sure who wrote this article. It could have been written with more sophistication. The name calling should have been omitted. To make America great again, we need to learn to work together as mature citizens. Name calling is something a “child” does. Do not lower yourself to that standard.

  5. I seen on here, a message saying socialists are trying to bankrupt, America! This is with the story of gullible Democrats agreeing with the president on a 2 year budget deal, THAT WILL FURTHER BANKRUPT AMERICA! in 30 years our national debt has gone from 2.8 trillion to over 22 trillion, with them adding another 2 trillion before another DISASTER of a debt deal is reached. 2 ways to enslave the people. 1 is by force (that’s why they want gun control. 2 is by debt

  6. Talking is cheap. Time for the left to get their heads on straight. I was a Democrat until Obama came along with his big talk and no action. He knew how to spend money in all the wrong places. Then the business man came along, since I have always been small business I knew TRUMP was the answer. I am now a Republican and sleep well at night.


  8. You did it again President Trump. You are teaching the democraps how to make money and spend it wisely. I doubt they will ever learn though. Thank You Sir.

  9. Praise God for insightful leadership in the White House (something that has been TOTALLY absent since Regan). President Trump leadership reveals what imbeciles and criminals the Bushes, Clinton’s and Obama’s ARE.

  10. Who went along with who?? The dumb Republican went against us again again and continued to kick the can down the road. Almost 3 Trillion in new spending? Raise the deficit yet again? Sounds like the Republicans are left trying to put lipstick on a pig while the Democrats are laughing their way to the bank with the key to the vault. The Republicans caved on spending once again. This is not what I voted for! Is there money for the we wall?

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