Trump Issues Epic Plan to California During Rally for Homeless

One proven fact can always be said about some people in America.  No matter how good you are, no matter what you do for the American people and how much you sacrifice, you cannot please everyone.  We, as conservatives, can sympathize with President Trump on this fact.  The man has put in countless hours and sacrificed so much just to “Make America Great Again.” He continues to sacrifice to “Keep America Great.” On his two day tour of California to raise money for his campaign, he focused on the homelessness in California personally.  Many welcomed the plans for fixing the issues while others, including Governor Gavin Newsom, criticized the president the entire time.

One day the Left will learn to criticize gets nothing accomplished.  Action gets results and solutions.  Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California was not happy about President Trump’s visit to his state.  Both have disagreements on Twitter, and the president considers Governor Newsom, “a clown.”

Newsom dared to tell CNN, “He’s got to find the areas where we’re not performing, and that’s the issue of poverty, affordability, and homelessness, and exploit those as a way of tearing down a new governing philosophy.  Stay out of our way. Let California continue not to just survive, but thrive … despite everything you’re doing to try to put sand in the gears of our success.” So, even he admits they have a problem with homelessness in Los Angeles and San Fransico.  Criticizing is how Democrats work on solving problems.  President Trump is there in California and has multiple people there working together to get the problem solved.  The president’s actions speak louder than his words, but the snowflakes and the Left do not want to admit it.

California is the United States most populous state and the homelessness has “ruined the prestige” of two of the largest cities in the state.  President Trump told the people of California, the federal government will now be stepping up and stepping in to fix the problem.  This is what really is making the Governor angry because President Trump can fix the problem, and he cannot and has not.   Trump told reporters over Air Force One, “We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco, and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what’s happening.”

President Trump told Californians he has Housing Secretary Ben Carson with him along with other federal agencies to assist in resolving the issues.  The problem lies with California being predominantly Democrat and resistant to every form of help the president offers.  Trump told the crowd, “In many cases, they came from other countries, and they moved to Los Angeles, or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents.  Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people living at the entrance to their office building. And they want to leave.”

He continued, “People are living on the best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings where people in those buildings pay tremendous taxes, where they went to those locations because of the prestige.  The people of San Francisco are fed up, and the people of Los Angeles are fed up. We’re looking at it, and we’ll be doing something about it.”

Trump spoke about how police officers are “getting sick” by having to deal with the homeless people living on the streets.  He said, “They’re actually sick. They’re going to the hospital. We can’t let that happen.” At the beginning of the year, the Associated Press reported, “A Los Angeles police detective in a division that polices downtown Los Angeles was diagnosed with typhoid fever. Several others in the same station showed symptoms.”

Another Democrat attacked the president for saying what was already reported and proven to be true.  Diane Yentel, president and chief executive of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, said, “The president’s remarks are abhorrent. He’s apparently more concerned with the doorways and streets than with the people who are homeless and sleeping on them.” This, of course, we all know this is not true of the president because he wants to clean this mess up, but the Democrats want to wallow in their own filth.  He will show them up, and they know it, so the Democrats will continue their attacks.

The truth is, the Democrats are the ones who do not care about the homeless people.  If they did, Trump would not be calling in the federal government.

815 thoughts on “Trump Issues Epic Plan to California During Rally for Homeless

  1. I agree with PRESIDENT TRUMP
    California is a complete, horrible mess
    And NOTHING is being accomplished to make it better!
    No Concern for the cities etc
    People trying to live in the streets; using the streets for their bathroom
    Just awful and is disease spreading?
    Of course!
    Give California back to Mexico
    It seems Mexico doesn’t want these illegal aliens 👽 either!

  2. There has to be an option to eliminate the liberal party of California! It should be considered s crime by the liberal officials who have not stepped up to the plate and perform their damn duties and clean up this once Beautiful state…. it take a conservative, President Trump to straighten out those losers!! Thank God for President Trump for getting the idiot Demoncrats out of the way!

  3. when have the dems ever stand behind what they said the seem to only attack the President and things that actualy work claiming that their ideas are better lets just look at Detroit ! and Chigago or New York they are doing well in those cities ??? or are they??

  4. California is no longer a STATE it’s a COUNTRY,and with Gavin Newsom at the HELM of THE COUNTRY OF CALIFORNIA,let him take care of their own mess,they made it ,now LET THEM SLEEP IN IT,My opinion IS they ought to Impeach him,I have lived in CALIFORNIA for over 78 years and i’m 81 ……born in Albuquerque New Mexico,MOVED TO CALIFORNIA,WHEN IT WAS A GOLDEN STATE,now it’s been tarnished beyond repair,20% of the people have moved out of this POS,,,,,,,,,,there is now 78 different language’s spoken in this ONCE GREAT state and every last one of them take offense,when u joke about it,I’m moving out my self(never ever thought it would come to this)but it has) ………….GOD bless AMERICA & god BLESS DONALD J. TRUMP……

    1. CALIFORNIA is no longer a state,it’s a COUNTRY,AND WITH GAVIN NEWSOM at the helm,let him take care of the mess they have made ,so let them sleep in it,My opinion is to impeach Gov.Newsom,i’m 81 and have seen this ONCE GREAT STATE go to HELL and I have lived in this once GOLDEN state for 77 yrs out of my 81 yrs,this COUNTRY of CALIFORNIA has been tarnished beyond repair ,by all the libs and FAR LEFT,,,,,,,,,,TRUMP has offered his help and they are turning it down ,to help clean up the mess that JERRY BROWN started and GAVIN NEWSOM is taking it down below that,If I were TRUMP i’d just stay the HELL out of this situation and go about ,having ur gigantic RALLY’S,THE DON UNTIL 2024…PERIOD..

  5. Democrats suck! They care ONLY about themselves and power! They lie, cheat, and steal. That dumbass Governor of California is Pelosi’s son-in-law! Pelosi , Waters, and the shit-for-brains Governor belong behind bars!!!

  6. Hate to spoil Newsom’s brain? but who the H—- told him California was HIS. He got elected by a lot of his constituents who are very likely not even legal citizens of the country much less California, but he doe not have to walk down Market Street in San Francisco to see, Or smell, the situation he has largely started primarily by himself and his cadre of spineless and mentally deficient followers , some of whom are in DC.

  7. The demorats of California care not about Americans and care not about the filth they generated in their cities. They live high on the hog while its citizens suffer and taxed to the hilt.

  8. The shit hole state of CA is run by moronic Democrats in Sacramento and includes that imbecile Newsome who spent $985 million dollars on health care for illgeal immigrants while the state has the largest percentage of homeless people in America. Wake up CA Democrats, your appointed legislature is turning CA in to a 3rd world shit hole and you moronic CA Democratic citizens are to blame.

  9. Really sad that the democrats really only care about power and greed. They don’t care about the homeless, the immigrants, Christians or morals. It’s about their agenda to globalize our nation by perversion, immorality and being self-centered. These democrats in leadership want to control everything and everyone by socialism, control and manipulation. They want hardcore criminals, 16 yr. olds and illegal aliens to be able to vote. Anything to steal an election. It’s time for good people to rise up and take back California and the nation for the betterment of all citizens and to stand up against all enemies, foreign & domestic. We can do it.

  10. Thank God fo Donald Trump ; he truly cares for and loves America !!! Sorry we can’t say the same for democrat leaders in Los Angelos and San Francisco !

    BLAME !!!

  12. I guess he’s saying too let California sink to anarchy. President Trump thinks that’s not going to happen on his watch. This guy is just as bad as the last Governor. Need to get the state out of the grip of the Demorats. There all the same. A**holes!!!!!

  13. Newsom what have you progressive liberal democrats do that is so good!!! You ignore your problems & increase taxes on your citizens so you can embrace all the illegals aliens . Your tax laws are ridiculous environmental laws are insane . Sorry but your progressive liberalism is destroying California !!!

  14. If it wasn’t for Waters California wouldn’t have a hobo problem I’m sure the Federal funds she gets for her district those poor people never see a penny of it but I bet her family is living in comfort!

  15. WOW! Newsom tells Trump to “………. Stay out of our way. Let California continue not to just survive, but thrive…….” He calls that “thriving” ??? Maybe for the Democrat politicians making themselves rich and not living in their own districts…………………. off in the luxury homes AWAY from their own people. Despicable.

  16. My family have been in California for ten generations, back to the mission Native Americans. I have never seen such a horrible mess as the streets of some of our favorite cities. I do NOT agree with our governor on making this a sanctuary state. We are overtaxed with the Leftist policies & I’m fed up with it! I want to recall our governor & get someone here who will clean up our cities, and remove people who are not here legally! Thankfully, our President is doing something about this! We deserve safe, clean communities, and governors who” look the other way” should be taken to task for not doing their job!

  17. Newsom IS a CLOWN . . . POTUS Trump is correct. Newsom is doing NOTHING to make CALIFONIA GREAT AGAIN. California is a “CRAPHOLE STATE” in some places (wherever there are Leftist policies in place, which is JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE there) . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. I lived in California for 35 years and watched its descent into the shithole it is now. Go to California and go near the coast and see how the rich hypocritical liberals live. Than start driving inland go to the bankrupt city of San Bernardino these are the places that the rich don’t even know or don’t want to admit excist

  19. Shame on the Democratic leaders of California. They prefer to let LA & SF go to pot just to show their hatred of Trump. The filth problems can be fixed very quickly if they spend time attacking it than than attacking Trump.

  20. a lot of the homeless problem is that most of them don’t want to work . because they know that the demorats will keep giving the their food stamps. the demorats know as long as they keep the poor on welfare they can control them. the demorats are the ones that turn California into a shit hole state. if you notice any state ran by the demorats have a big problem with criminals and homeless people.

  21. This report is 100% true. Being from Boston where the democratic politicians control government we see it on a daily basis. Forget the problem, forget the solutions, forget the causes and jump in front of the camera in your tailored suits with a slew of well dressed, well fed aides surrounding you and blame Trump. Sanctuary cities are the avenue they use to bash Trump here. Literally every single sanctuary city has crime, drug and homeless issues far in excess of the other cities and towns. Then these mayors jump in front of a camera and blame Trump. Gradually the regular, everyday people who live life by earning thier way are seeing with thier heads instead of thier hearts. The heart wants to help, but you can’t help those who refuse to accept it and the mind is realizing it’s not accepted because bashing Trump is more important to these greedy, selfish democrats who’ve destroyed the democratic party my parents and grandparents were so proud to be a part of.

  22. If California is a sanctuary state, then they should be doing something for the homeless. What are they doing. The press hasn’t been letting us know anything about the homeless. The only thing I know is that there are 50.000 GIs that are homeless in LA. How many are homeless in the entire state?

  23. When the Government wants to end an activity, they tax it to death. When they want to encourage an activity, the subsidize it!

    Newsom is subsidizing the drug and homeless crisis. Of course, being a Socialist in the vein of Venezuela, he ran out of Kalifornia’s money; therefore, he wants the Federal Government to redistribute the nation’s wealth to Kalifornia to further subsidize his avarice!

    The Demokratz refuse to blame Socialism; however, they are more than willing to blame POTUS Trump, who has never served a day in Kalifornia’s political machine!

  24. President Trump, take your tour to Seattle Washington and take a look at how Jay Inslee is allowing the same homelessness thing happen there that San Francisco and LA have, it’s on the streets of Seattle on the sides of the freeway under nearly all underpasses in downtown Seattle and it extends clear to Everett Wa. Jay Inslee is as worthless at the Governor of California, Washington State will never have a chance until you flip it Republican, stupid people, Dems run this state and it’s homelessness is out of control the same as California and they’re only solution is as always more taxes that only line the pockets of the politicians here and not fix the problems.

  25. To win this and almost all the other issues against the Leftist socialists, have a PAY PER VIEW PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE SERIES. The fake news and media won’t make a penny from it and their left leaning debate press won’t be slanting all the questions against Trump.
    All monies and promotions will be donated to the Red Cross, Bahama’s Dorian Hurricane victims, and the like.
    PLEASE add gas to this tremendous spark for Trump to have these debates on his terms instead of the media’s terms.
    Avery Cotton
    Avery Cotton

  26. They have had football teams leave as well some new stadiums built leaving some old ones with little or no use so round up these homeless put them in tents in the stadiums with portopotties etc. then treat these lazy bums like military form squads that maintain the poteties, feed the people direct the main group in regular cleaning. Also maybe work crews can be assembled of these people and they can help in the cleaning of the streets and put the weak lilly livered stateand local officials over see and work with the crews!


  28. Gavin Newsom is a prima dona idiot He has no plan for California other than take away our guns reduce our economy to the wealthy and the poor With his idiotic plan he will destroy the middle class He wants to allow illegal aliens into to the state as a welfare recipient or take jobs at a lower scale than our citizens could work Newsom wants to make us slaves of the state If I had my way I would run his ass all the way to Mexico Let him lead down there He calls it progress I call it for what it is destruction The liberals are going to cause good citizens to move away from here Very sad situation California is in It used to be such a great state Now it has been made into a cess pool that thanks to the liberals is getting bigger everyday Thanks Gavin

  29. It truly amazes me how short-cited many can be about the true effectiveness of our beloved President Donald J. Trump. I don’t know of another man alive who could have accomplished what he has in just 2 and 1/2 years. Do the citizens not understand the issues that produced Bubonic Plague in the MIddle Ages?? It may come again! My opinion of the Democratic party has traveled from a courteous respect to a growing disdain. If I were not a Christian, I would have suggested long ago that many prominent citizens be more boldly criticized, sued, and potentially jailed. Never in my entire life of almost 77 years have I witnessed such an abomination of adolescent, puerile, evil, and decadent behavior, not even to mention how the liberal positions on almost everything lack intelligence, perception, truth, reasonableness, and a total absence of a God-fearing position. How on earth did our beloved country reach such a wicked, wicked level of behavior? If it were not for the Americans praying incessantly, I suspect our nation would already have gone into the hands of Godless communistic socialism, with crime, riots, disease, social unrest, and revolution everywhere ! How hard I pray to protect President Trump, his family, and staff and the American nation!! I pray incessantly that we can regain and continue a respected position of leadership and morality in our affairs again. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!..GOD BLESS ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLES !! Russell F. Bloodgood

  30. The demoNcrats aka $atanists are socialists that prefer to tax, demand tribute to $atan & enjoy spending $atan’s script, & the power that govt. has usurped from we the People. These Public Servants (PS) have lost sight that they freely accepted an Oath of Office which means they will uphold, enforce the Constitutions consequently they have willfully, knowingly committed & are guilty of espionage, sedition & treason, which begets the death penalty.
    Rather than using a firing squad consisting of civilians w/ AR 15s, or a hemp rope for poetic justice which guarantees a quick death, as I am a fair fact finder,
    I prefer allowing these disingenuous usurpers the ability to swim for their freedom. These PS aka slaves to We the People live like predators therefore should die by predator. The 1st tank the PS encounters is filled w/ little fish, you know them as piranhas. IFF the PS traverses the 1st pond, successfully the 2nd pond is stocked w/ a few man eating sharks. IFF the PS manages their affairs correctly, which I doubt & makes it past the sharks, they come to river filled w/ crocodiles.
    IFF these DANGEROUS DISINGENUOUS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS get past the piranhas, sharks & crocodile get to the beach & intend to rest, on other side komodo dragons are waiting w/ their split tongues to put the bite on them. These PS have acted as predators & will die by predator. I would like to see a tv series, as there are many predators, EVILDOERS, WRONGDOERS throughout society that should be allowed to swim for it. Many bookies will support betting , the tv advertising sold will allow the PS, et al. that caused irreparable harm to give their lives for the public good & safety, as the funds can, will build the wall, maybe even low cost public housing. I too am a dreamer.

  31. I have tried to have a conversation with a few Democrats it only reveals consistent mental issues. I’m no doctor but self destructive behavior is not a sign of mental stability.

  32. President Trump is doing the right thing exposing the homeless situation on the streets of CA and willing to work with Ben Carson to correct the matter. The democrats have no right to attack the President for telling the truth about the conditions of the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco of homelessness in democrats’ districts they should have dealt with in the past.

  33. I saw first hand how the Dems ruined Detroit. With the help on the UAW, they made Chrysler and Ford get out of making cars there. Now Fiat builds ALL Chrysler cars and Dodge trucks where? Mexico! After 2020 Ford will only build one car in the USA, in Michigan, the Mustang! You can’t run a business when you always have to put the man with the most seniority on the job opening! Strike every few years at the “Most Vulnerable” manufacture. That went on for decades. All it did was drive the price of a Mustang from $3,000 in 1968 to $35,000 now! That is 12 times as much! NUTS! In 1960 population of 4.275 million, today, under 600,000!
    And still the largest city to ever file bankruptcy! Way to go Democrats!

  34. Look at the facts almost every DEMONRAT controlled city is in the same shape as Californicate, I know, I know the DEMONRATS don’t believe in facts, like sleepy joe said they want truth not facts. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  35. There is absolutely NO excuse for the slums that CA has. Pelosi could have done something about them. The democratic governors could have done something. But they sit back and complain about what President Trump is doing instead of concentrating on their own problems. They created them now it’s time for them to do something about it. CLEAN UP YOUR STATE. You festering and breeding rodents and bugs. You are causing all sorts of diseases. There is just no excuse for your behavior.

  36. Yet another crooked Democratic city concerned only how they can fill their pockets at the expense of the taxpayer. Living in walled mansions bought and paid for with public funds and producing nothing!

  37. If Waters and Pelosi hadn’t been lining their pockets with all of the Federal funding California has been receiving for years there wouldn’t be this problem. Instead of importing illegal workers to take jobs at low wages, they could have seen to it that these people had jobs, and affordable housing. Which is what a lot of the Federal Funding was earmarked for, but it’s more important to them to steal our tax money to enrich themselves.

  38. Gavin Newson doesnt have the brains GOD gave him. How he can be so blinded by the property and the rare illnesses in Ca beats the hell out of me and other people. Newson is going to have hue problems on his hands before long. newsroom wants aid from Trump yet he wants to disallow Trump’s name on the ballot>. Doesn’t make sense. If an electon were to be help right now, Newson might not even get a vote. He is more despicable the longer he waits to do absolutely nothing. Ca people are sick and tired of his arrogant ways. It is all about him and not the people of Ca. Wake up, people are just leavong their homes, walking out and locking the doors. It is remarkable how uncaring and thoughtless Newson really is. Think about it the next vote for Gov.

  39. California should become its own country! Cut them off let them fund and fend for themselves THEN we will see a different tune (been there it really sucks in LA)

  40. The truth hurts! Portland Oregon is the same way😥 The business’s downtown have to deal with the same crap! Therefore nobody wants to shop there, let alone we don’t feel safe! Go TRUMP 2020!

  41. Gov Newsome simply cannot acknowledge that under his leadership, and Sanctuary City policies, Los Angeles and San Francisco have become filthy and disease ridden. The homeless problem is bad, and all he can say is ” Oh Gee, well other places have problems too “…as if that negates what he has NOT done in California. He simply won’t accept his own incompetence, he has to say it’s not his fault. Apparently he never heard of the expression ” the buck stops here”….these problems in California, he owns, whether he’s man enough and has enough integrity to accept the reality. I suspect he will continue to place blame everywhere and anywhere other than his malfeasance and incompetence. And of course Pelosi is hiding the problems behind her skirts. The Democrat party is a disgrace.

  42. Diane yentel you not sleeping on street.your millions dollars home and on high rank neighbors stop blame the other.problem is your DEMOCRAB 🐀 infest not care about human been. You got it?

  43. I’m ashamed at those two cities they have the gavel in the house and can’t even fix there own problems, pelosi is a very pathetic individual to let her own state make people sick just to walk through her own city, at some point you have to fix something right? Or make some attempt to make Americans great again, why can’t you people be on board with this why do you want to be a socialist Country haven’t you watched the news every country that has tried has failed there own people why do you want to fail? I really don’t get your unrelenting thugs trying to take down a duly elected official by the people, you really didn’t win the popular one either there were millions of people voting in California that are not even there anymore they cheated and have been for a long time they have it down so no one notices but people do it will come out!!!

  44. he has plans for to cleanup the streets, he says. The worst thing that has happened to Ca is Newsom as governor, He brags about all the money Ca. has but doesnt seem to be using it to clean up Ca. Newsom says things are going along just fine. Diseases of leprosy, TB, possible out break of ebola, measles, childhood diseases (these people have not been given and shots to prevent diseases that America hasnt had in almost 40 years. Between the forest-fires starting up again , mudslides, rivers overflowing, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and more he hasnt done any of these things for the illegals. Ca has become a state much like some of the inner cities of America. Dont see Newsom out there helping to clean his state up. He is almost as bad as deBlasio a do-nothing person.

  45. President Trump is stepping in because California Politicians will not be reasonable
    to repair the problem with the homelessness, drug use problems and whatever else
    seriously brings California down on its knees. Needle exchange programs must be
    abolished. Christian-Based morality needs to be restored. Main News Media supports
    mediocrity with sympathy and provides no on the air worthiness to help California
    nor our nation. Many new California immorality Laws must be overturned to make
    California great again. We are a sickened state needing real attention we do not get
    from our political leaders. We need federal assistance for Federal folk to take over
    our California Legislature and run it properly due to California’s multiple emergency
    crisis, We already have California school systems in major cities who have been put
    in State oversight situations due to Failed Financial Administration of Public Schools.
    There are inept administrators in too many places in this state of California, now add
    to that, we have too many inept politicians who only talk but fail to properly manage
    for too many years now. All of them just happen to be Democrats. Sexual misconduct
    is very grave in California and that creates HIV and sexual diseases galore and nothing
    is effectively done about for decades now. Ever since California does not support
    licit marriage as the ONLY way to live as upright citizens. If California does not return to
    Christian Based Morality, California will NEVER recover from its daily illness as a state.
    Yes, President Trump you have my vote from California for your second term as our
    President. Before you became our President we did not have one for EIGHT YEARS !!!

  46. I hope the president succeeds in this effort to clean up the streets of San Francisco and LA and Seattle and all the big cities of Maryland Illinois everywhere there is tents on the streets people living homeless on the streets it’s insane God bless President Trump he’s the only hope for those people

  47. The Democrat does not care about the homeless and its victims of homelessness. People are being mugged of food, clothing and whatever they have. Even their lives. California is nothing but a dumping ground. Was when I was a truck driver delivering out to the sub base. I would not let my dog live there. President is right. It needs to be cleaned up and taken care of now. These are men, women, and children who needs help, home and a job to help them survive. Get off your rump governor and get busy.

  48. It’s disgraceful that our once-beautiful cities are being decimated because the Democrats are so anxious to make are country a socialist/communist government. NO WAY will that happen. Too bad the Dems are so unwilling to admit their many mistakes. Never saw anything like it in all of my 85 years.

  49. Trump is not one to help anybody, much less the homeless whether or not they are “illegals” or American citizens who may be sick with drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is a disease and it is about time we have the conversation about the best way to help. Prevention is always cheaper than trying to fix it.

    Who wins with this? The drug cartels even if they are miles away from us. Whole nations are hamstrung by these evil and greedy entities. They also run guns and imprison people for prostitution, and falsely promise they can come here and start a new life in America. Life is so bad in South America countries one can hardly blame them for trying. They can these human traffickers “cayotes” who put them in dangerous situations while taking their money and dumping them more than likely in the Mohave Desert. More than a few have died here, but the human flow is endless. The only ones to benefit from this are the cayotes or the big cheese in the cartel who rules with fear and death. This is real life for the people from south of the border, however, our president lives in a warped reality that is shaped by misinformation, hatred and overblown sense of self.

    It is unfortunate that there are not enough shelters, hospitals, doctors, and medics, or money to take care of the least defensible of our citizen. And to think, some are even veterans who have not been able to get back to civilian life after service in the war in Korea, Nam, Desert Storm or any of the other wars or other actions for political or actions benefiting the rich oil barons here and overseas.

    The homeless may be stinky, ugly, disheveled but they are still citizens and deserve the very help they deny they need.
    To be clear, how can they be of sound mind, when they can’t work, take care of themselves, or help themselves in any other way? Some want to jail them because they think homelessness is a choice. There are as many reasons for it as they are homeless people all over the country, not just in California. Some are vets suffering from fatigue and PTSD, some are alcoholics or drug addicts who can’t find the will to quit even if it is ruining their mind and body, some are down on their luck for losing the home/apt because of a layoff, fire, or even another illness like gambling urges.

    Our President will never acknowledge this as we have seen over the course of his presidency, however, we the real people should impress on our Congress that finding humane ways to help those unable to help themselves will ensure America will be greater today than it was yesterday and even greater tomorrow. Let the conversation begin.

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