Trump Recognizes Heroes and First Responders in Spite of Haters

Every time there is an emergency or dangerous event taking place there are heroes that show up on the scene and do their best to keep people safe and in some cases stop the bad guy. The heroes of the Dayton Police Department and the El Paso First Responder Units put their lives on the line in the past month to stop a shooter that went on a rampage and started killing people for no good reason.

President Trump has taken time out of his day to honor and award these men and women for their bravery in the line of duty to assist people in need while their lives were on the line.

President Trump and William Barr and others were present when the president gave the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor award to the policemen that showed up on August 4th when a killer went on a shooting rampage in Dayton.

Within 30 seconds the shooter was standing face to face with the officers that would stop him from killing more people. President Trump stated that “There are few people who could have done, and would have done, what these police officers did. To each of you, we are in awe of your swift response, sterling professionalism, and rock-solid nerves of steel.”

These are the officers that serve the Dayton area. These are law enforcement professionals that are under attack from the traitorous Democrats and the loony media. Groups of people that would have everyone believe that law enforcement officers are evil and the enemy.

They want people to fear the police and believe that they are corrupt when that is just not the case. The shooter in Dayton had shot 26 people in just under 32 seconds.

These heroic police officers showed up and took down the shooter without any thought for their own lives. These police officers are far from the picture that the liberal left wants people to believe are patrolling the streets of America. They are people that have families and friends and a home to go to each night.

But they have chosen to keep to the rest of normal America safe. They even keep the dumb Democrats safe from those that would seek to do them harm. Even when the Democrats want to harm the law enforcement officers.

When William Barr spoke about these heroes he stated, “These officers were the thin blue line between life and death. We thank God on that horrible night in Dayton we had men with these qualities.” These men gave of themselves with no thought for their own lives.

They knew that they had to stop the shooter at all costs so that more innocent people would not have to die. They saved the lives of people that simply went to the store to pick up things for their own families.

Trump also stated that “In the darkest moments of despair, God called them into action, and they put the love of their neighbor above their life. We are forever inspired by their goodness and the grace of their deeds.” President Trump quoted truth from the Bible which is sure to infuriated Democrats. As they hate the Bible and God because they see only their wickedness when compared to the good teachings within its pages.

Those that responded to the attack in El Paso commendations were given to those heroes as well. These are ordinary people that are called to respond to emergencies, and they do not know what they are getting into until they show up.

The first responders helped people to safety while the police officers took care of the killer running around. All of these heroes working together saved the lives of dozens and dozens of people. All of them are worth more than gold to the communities they serve.

All the Democrats can do is just complain about gun control laws. They have no desire to thank the heroes that put their lives on the line. All they can see is the need to disarm victims so these shootings happen more frequently. The American people have the right to bear arms and defend themselves. Without this right, the people will be at the mercy of the killer and will be attacked more and more.

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