Trump Says Federal Forces Were ‘All Set to Go into Seattle,’ Mayor Had No Choice

The famous rebellious CHOP zone has finally come to an end. Weeks have gone by and lives have been lost because a Democratic Mayor, Jenny Durkan, refused to do the right thing and end the violence in her city.

The president offered her assistance and she refused. Instead of supporting the people of Seattle she sided with the violent protestors and praised them for their wonderful acts of violence. It was not until the death of a child that she finally got the clue and decided that it was time to negotiate with them.

The Black Lives Matter group that set up the zone did not want to talk. They do not want to negotiate. They simply want their hostage demands met and fulfilled. BLM only will listen if they are going to get what they want. They do not care about anyone but themselves.

They have denied help and compassion to people that have reached out to them for support. But their ears have been silent. Durkan also has been silent. She refused to reach out to a family that lost a child in the CHOP zone to murder. It was not until President Trump called the family that defiant Durkan called them as well.

And now it seems that the only reason why Durkan decided to end the CHOP occupation is that the president notified her that federal forces were on their way to Seattle if she did not do it herself. President Trump stated that “We were going in, we were going in very soon.

We let them know that and all of a sudden, they didn’t want that. So they went in before we got there, but we were going in very shortly, very soon, and we would’ve taken the ‘CHOP’ … back very easily, but they went in, and frankly, the people just gave up. They were tired. They had it for a long period of time.”

Durkan acted like a little child that was told to clean her room and put it off until the parent showed up. She quickly cleaned up before President Trump did it for her. The president does not take his service to the country lightly as the childish Democrats do. When he took the oath of office he meant business. He promised to make the country great and to protect American lives. That is exactly what he has done and continues to do every day.

It took Durkan weeks to finally get the clue that the CHOP people are not going to listen to negotiate with her. After failed talks and two fatal shootings, the police were sent in. Lazy Democrats finally had to get out of their chairs and take action. They are an embarrassment to the country. Durkan repeatedly rejected the president’s offer of help to send in the National Guard.

Seattle should never have been occupied by an invasion force. President Trump echoed his offer when he stated “We were all set to go into Seattle. Frankly, I looked forward to it.” This was the chance to show the anarchists once and for all that America will not take their acts of violence lightly.

The family of the 19-year-old that President Trump had to reach out to because Durkan failed to do her job was relieved to finally have someone to talk to about it. Trump invited Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. to the White House for a visit. They just have to wait until things get back to normal. He stated that what Anderson is going through is “so tough and he was treated very badly. They didn’t even tell him what had happened when it had happened. Very sad thing, but I did speak to him and had a great but very sad conversation, and so … when he’s ready, he’ll be coming down to the White House.”

President Trump cares about people. He cares about the country and wants to see people thrive. He helps those in need and stops those that seek to harm others for their own personal greed. American is blessed to have him as their president.

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