Trump to Begin Campaigning by Thanksgiving?

Evan El-Amin/
Evan El-Amin/

If you are anything like me, you are one of many who is wondering whether or not former President Donald Trump will run for the White House again come the 2024 election season. To be sure, the question has been a lingering one since almost immediately following the 2020 election, and his defeat was announced.

And Trump himself has only egged those questions on. Multiple times throughout the past couple of years, he has hinted at another run. Although, he’s never giving a concise answer or response.

He’s even held rallies that, while boasting of a particular congressional or gubernatorial candidate, bring his own name no small amount of time in the limelight and ensure that he stays relative to the American public.

Now, there is a very good reason for not making any such announcements about giving the Oval Office another go.

If he were to announce a big for such at this moment or any time before the November 8 midterms, it could cost the Republican Party a great deal. You see, at the moment, the political left is focused on their desperate attempt to hang on to their slimmest of slim majorities in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives. At present, their eye is in November, not 2024.

But you can be sure that as soon as a presidential bid is made by Trump, or really any serious contender and threat to the Democrats’ hold on the White House, that will immediately shift. Not only will they go after that candidate with everything they have, but they will also try to smear anyone who might be attached to that person.

Clearly, this means Trump will become even more of a target than he already is, and just about anyone he has endorsed, supported, or even spent time with will be dragged through whatever mud the progressives can create.

Ahead of the upcoming midterms, that could be detrimental to no small number of GOP candidates who have made it their mission to wrest control of Congress from the Democratic Party. And so Trump has graciously, if not patiently, waited to make anything about a run for himself publicly known.

But that doesn’t mean plans aren’t being made behind the scenes.

In fact, according to his former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump is most definitely setting things up to run again. Additionally, she has reason to believe that such an announcement and campaign will begin as early as Thanksgiving.

She recently told CBS News, “I think once those midterms are done, President Trump can assess the timing of his announcement.”

Naturally, once the midterms are complete and a new Congress sits before us, Trump won’t be so busy focusing his efforts on just being a boon for the Republican Party.

As of right now, he’s doing a massive amount of traveling, speaking, and entertaining, all in the effort to promote certain candidates that Trump believes will be good for America and can win, even against some of the Democrats’ toughest hitters.

For instance, he was in Warren, Michigan, last weekend for a rally to support Tudor Dixon as the Great Lakes State’s new governor.

As I mentioned before, these rallies do much for the particular candidate being honored. But they also do a great deal in keeping Trump’s name and reputation at the forefront of headlines and in the political world.

And thanks to those efforts and his importance to the 2022 midterm races, just about everyone knows that should he run in 2024, it will make all the difference. Obviously, he could win, ousting Joe Biden from office. But it will also determine who else, if anyone, from the Republican Party, will seriously run for the highest office in the land.

As Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz noted recently, “The whole world will change depending on what Donald Trump decides.”

For Conway, it seems Trump has decided to run. However, without an actual announcement by the legend himself, it’s basically only speculation.

In any case, you can be sure that, come mid-November, things regarding 2024’s presidential election will already be more than interesting enough. Better get some popcorn ready.