Trump is Called Out By De Blasio – Facing Huge Fines

It seems like a lot of people are out to find something wrong with President Trump.

Many have accused him of being in an illegal adventure with the Russians, abusing his Presidential authority, and even destroying the environment.

Recently President Trump has come under fire regarding the way his Trump Tower is affecting the climate. The city of New York is seeking to fine the President because the building emits too much pollution.

Right now it is reported that eight of the Presidents buildings no longer are in compliance with new regulations set up by the city.

The city has the goal of reducing the amount of harmful gases that are coming from New York. The Trump Organization must comply with these new laws in order to avoid $2.1 million in fines every year. The company has until 2030 to make the changes necessary to be in compliance.

Reports are showing that the eight buildings that are being evaluated are producing 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases each year.

This means that it is like having 5,800 cars running around the city. Reports show that the worst property under scrutiny is the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

This one building will be fined $850, 871 each year if no upgrades are done to reduce the amount of pollution coming from the property.

This past month, the city leaders passed laws that seek to cut the harmful gases within the city’s largest complexes. There were 50,000 buildings that were targeted by lawmakers.

Each property is to cut greenhouse gases by 40 percent or face fines against them each year until they are in compliance.

Bill de Blasio, who is the current mayor of New York, has stated, “President Trump, you’re on notice. You’re polluting buildings are part of the problem. Cut your emission or pay the price.” He plans to hold a rally outside the tower to help draw attention to the issue.

Of course, one can only wonder why is President Trump being targeted and not any of the other buildings. These new regulations are set to take effect in 2030 and each property must be ready by then or start paying the fines. New York has become the toughest city around that has chosen to deal with an ever growing problem. Experts have shown that two-thirds of the emissions are coming from these large buildings.

Some things that President Trump would have to do to his buildings include installing better insulation, replacing old windows with new and more modern ones, replace boilers that are power consumers, and regulate the use of the electricity that each property is using.

Mark Chambers, who is the director of the mayor’s office of sustainability, has stated, “The good performers won’t have to pay any penalties but anything above the threshold has a lot of work to do now. It’s clear the president needs to pay attention to this, it’s a lot of money. We will do what’s necessary to combat the climate crisis. It’s important we are all held responsible and President Trump is the NO 1 roadblock globally to us responding to climate change.”

It is no mystery that the President has rolled back regulations that have harmed the economy of the United States. But he has also provided extra protection to lands that needed to be declared national parks given the significance behind them.

Part of the new Green Deal that is backed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex is coming to play in the new regulations.

She has the idea of taking these new ideas to a national level. The plan has its problems because it fails to show how it will be paid for. Some have speculated that there would be a dramatic increase in the current tax rates and even a national move towards becoming a socialist nation.

The President has the best intentions in mind when it comes to the United States.

Everything that he has done so far while in office has only provided growth and protection for the people.

The Congress and the Senate must come together and support the President if the country is going to continue to get better for every person.

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