Trump Uses His Executive Orders on Mueller Report

Earlier this week the Democratic House motioned to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt because of his failure to answer a subpoena issued by the House.

The Democrats have been trying to get a copy of the entire Mueller report and all the supporting documents since the day it came out that President Trump is innocent of collusion and obstruction of justice.

The Democrats, who once held Attorney General Barr in high esteem, have decided for some reason to go after him in a questionable way.

With all the issues that the House is throwing Barr’s way the President was bound to step in at some time. In a move by the President, Trump has used he is executive authority to protect the Mueller report and all the evidence associated with it from Congress.

This act of the President to use his secrecy powers is the first time since he has taken office that he has done so.

The use of these powers came at an important moment when the House was ready to hold William Barr in contempt.

Barr was to be held in contempt of Congress because he did not appear before them for questioning after a subpoena was issued for him to appear.

Stephen E. Boyd, who is a Department of Justice official, stated, “This is to advise you that the president has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed materials.”

This would affect all the report and the all the evidence that coincides with the report itself.

Attorney General Barr did release a redacted version of the report a few weeks back but apparently that did not sit well with the Democratic House.

In their minds, Barr has stopped them from having the information needed to carry out an investigation on President Trump.

They believe that the President has abused his executive powers.

The President has not abused his powers since he has taken office.

The House is just looking for a way to discredit the President pending the 2020 elections.

When the House decided to vote on holding Barr in contempt, the Justice Department issued a warning that the President will use his executive powers to protect the material that the Democrats are seeking to have.

Of course, the warning was not very well-received by the members of Congress.

Jerrold Nadler, who is a House Representative from the state of New York and the chair of the committee, has stated, “In the coming days, I expect that Congress will have no choice but to confront the behavior of this lawless administration.

The committee will also take a hard look at the officials who are enabling this cover-up.”

In response to Jerrold Nadler’s statement, Sarah Huckabee, who is the White House press secretary has said, “The American people see through Chairman Nadler’s desperate ploy to distract from the President’s historically successful agenda and our booming economy.

Neither the White House nor Attorney General Barr will comply with Chairman Nadler’s unlawful and reckless demands. Faced with Chairman Nadler’s blatant abuse of power, and at the Attorney General’s request, the President has no other option than to make a protective assertion of executive privilege.”

The President is not about to sit by and let the House of Representatives abuse the power that is entrusted to them by the people of the United States.

This is a prime example of why the nations checks and balance system of government was put in place by the founding fathers of this great nation.

The Democratic House is on a hunt to find anything wrong with any person that stands against them or in their way of their agenda.

Attorney General William Barr was highly respected by members of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

The reason that they have focused on destroying him now is that the announcement he gave on the Mueller report concerning the President was not what they wanted to hear.

So they have set out to formulate their own findings and conclusions to meet up with their own personal agenda and pursuit of power.

163 thoughts on “Trump Uses His Executive Orders on Mueller Report

  1. The Democrats in Congress can eat shit and bark at the moon. Not a single one of these corrupt morons has an ounce of integrity. They should all be in Federal Prisons charged with Sedition!

  2. The real reason the Democrats are after Trump because they are on the Indictment list and will eventually be in jail. Many are sexual abusers to children and all are bought out by special interest groups. They all need to go.

  3. The Democrats all have shit for brains, especially Nadler. This little fat prick is going to get his ass kicked good. Why do people vote for these idiots? The Democrats will come crashing down in 2020. Nothing can save them now. No American worth his or her salt will vote for this assholes.

  4. They are so busy trying to get Trump out of office that they are not focusing on everything they are NOT doing!! Don’t you think their constituents will see that they have done absolutely NOTHING for them?

  5. These p.o.s demoncraps will not stop at anything to destroy our GREAT PRESIDENT and our Country.
    It is plain and simple. If Barr’s report was false , Mueller has had plenty of time to jump up to the plate and declare such. Therefore, anyone with an I.Q. of over 2 would know this is just another insane attack to try to smear President Trump. Enough is enough!
    It is time to start investigating Obama, The crooked Clintons, Loretta Lynch and that whole bunch that are guilty of treason. They should be tried and when found guilty they should either executed or sent to Gitmo for life!



    This is not a duplicate post.

  8. The Witch Hunt needs to end, and the Democratic need to get behind our President and support his efforts to make America Great. We the people are there bosses and it time they start producing, orgo back home and get to work, we the people what those who have our best interest In mind to be in Washington. God Bless Donald J Trump and our great Nation. 🤠💖🤠🙏🙏🙏😊

  9. The demonic democrats will be responsible for the demise of the United States of America as we know it. They are so left wing, but their bank accounts are filthy rich because they are good at stealing from the Americans who are hard working people. Why is it that Pelosi has all that money accumulated and now the dingbat still won’t get out of office until she destroys all that President Trump has done to make America great again. She is so cheap that she won’t even pay for her owm booze bill when she takes her flights to and fro California on government planes. Someone ask the amount, especially since her husband owns vineyards of wines.
    Greed is the name of the game for most of these unconscionable people,who and mostly democrats and some republicans. They are all angry, and especially the republican, so called Bishop, who is so insanely jealous of our President that he couldn’t wait to cut his throat. Jut look at the list of idiots. Francis O’Rourke wont even use his correct name because he thinks the Hispanics will love him. AOC thinks she’s so smart when she has the IQ of a door knob. Even a professor from her college said her scores were not that high. She lied about that and the money she stole to put in her bank account from campaign funds. Then you have Omar who married her brother and hates all Christians and speaks vulgarities against Americans. Send her back from whence she came.
    How sad that these people have no respect for our President Trump and stop the progress to help America and Americans. But what the losers can’t grasp is that thre is a GOD, and He can’t be fooled.

  10. Donald Trump is the best president in many years. The Democratic Party has gone to Hell! They need to leave him alone, or they will never have the support they had years ago. They are messing up in so many ways.

  11. GREAT!!!!!! Finally our only descent president we ever had stood up and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! This is a long time coming. Trump is doing a great job especially way beyond his job. We have stupid people who have to be shown they have to go by the rules that they are not going to keep putting the American people and President through the Hell we all have been through with these idiots and self serving PIGGS. They all need to be fired and threw out of the White House. There is no reason for all these jealous idiots to be allowed to continue harassing all of Americans and President the way they keep bring up lies and trying to make up ways to continue this fraud against innocent people. We Americans know there are laws out there to stop this. Just use them. Why do you think the laws were made?

  12. It is obvious that the leaders of the Democratic Party are anti-Trump and want him out of office, or at least ineffective, is because he is not only a Conservative American, he is a Capitalist and of the Free Enterprise Class WHICH ARE CONTRARY TO THE SOCIALIST MOVEMENT OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    They are too weak to admit it even though the Presidential candidates of that Party are out spreading the Socialist Party’s word around the country. 22 candidates doing so, while he is the only candidate running with the Capitalist mind.

  13. Great job Me President !!👍😀
    AG Barr should start tomorrow investigating all the Democrat’s involved in trying to undermine PRESIDENT Trump & Clinton’s & DNC and anyone else in your way👍👍👍

  14. I am glad to see President Trump holding the line that he has set for his agenda. Nadler is just upset cause the DEMS always see there selves as having everything they want in there order. That will not happen for them as they have done some really bad things, like all the Judge Kavanaugh disrespect. It’s time they need to change their ways or it’s going to be a long time for them to ever have all the controls in DC, if ever. DEMS, what goes around come around and your disgusting behavior during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, you will pay a price you never thought possible.

  15. DemonicRats need to stop this BS and get to work on issues that matters to US AMERICAN CITIZENS. Change the immigration laws! Build that God-Forsaken Wall already! Hire more Boder Patrol Agents, we need those ICEAgents,stop drugs& MS13 gangs. If they can’t do their job FIRE THEM ALL. They take far to many days off & never work, this is why Our Country is in dire straights. Nadler & his lynch mob are the joke and obstructionist. Let Our President keep doing his job. Finally a President that stands up for his people. Promise made Promises kept.

  16. I’am so glad that the President Donald Trump did have the FINAL word for the Democratic Party. When the Democratic are on TV to Criticize the President Trump you can see the Hate on there faces. They make me feel Sick. Let us make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. In God we Trust.

  17. -The Democratic Party is becoming TOTALITY DILLUSIONAL! They have abandoned even the appearance of veracity and are desperate for any “Clod” to stick to the wall in an effort to destroy TRUMP! They have become dependent on the medias “Big Lie” technique to give the appearance of validity to the passionate lies the Liberal Left/Democrats are proliferating!
    Care should be considered because the time committed to these feckless ops’ are taking away any basic electioneering efforts! The “Grass Roots Democrats are falling away to the Trump side!

  18. This Witch-hunt is a sad day for this country and now I know why I am an independent Voter. I can choose who I Please for any office within my voting capabilities and work for Justice and Freedom for a positive result that serves our Nation in a Positive direction with our Liberty and Justice within our Nation!
    Ben Johnson
    Retired Mayor
    12 years
    Concerned Citizen

  19. Since my childhood days, I have fondly used the term “the Democratic way” as a means of settling disputes . . . primarily meaning “majority rules” when it came to deciding on something as a group or in a voting situation. However, for most of my life, I never considered myself to be specifically a Republican or Democrat since I never found myself 100% in agreement with all issues on either side of the aisle . . . until NOW. Now, in recent years, I must admit that I’ve become DISGUSTED with the general behavior of the Democratic party and it’s leaders and ASHAMED to refer to our society as being one based on the “Democratic way”. This includes their apparent promotion of public violence and confrontation, the refusal to accept the outcome of a majority rule “vote”, the acceptance of the findings of an investigation performed by a MUTUALLY ACCEPATABLE party (unless the results are not what they “wished for”) and by the overall childish hypocrisy that I’ve witnessed by the party leaders and their more prominent and publicly outspoken followers. Their shameful, disgusting and childish behavior has driven me wish to associate myself with ANYTHING BUT the Democratic party. Sadly, the leaders of this party have not only allowed this feeling to run rampant among the American people by NOT taking a stand or even suggesting a better (more mature and reasonable) approach to achieving support of their goals, but they have truly led by very poor and idiotic example.

  20. The Democratic Party has gone nuts, it’s time to “clean the swamp” check into , insider trading, illegal “spying” and just plain common sense, I’m sure, that Pelosi rants are associated to a drinking issue, she needs to be put in the Betty Ford clinic, Nadler just needs to be put out pasture, along with Schimer, that nut case A.O.C. , needs to be put out of her misery!!and the Omar situation is bound to hurt our relations with Israel!! She needs to get out of the country!!

  21. I, an American Citizen, a registered voter and Patriotic believer in the constitution, of these united states, hold demonrats and rinos, repudiated members of congress in contempt, for what they have been doing and continue to do to OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. Just remember, the Pres told you that investigations can work in both directions, and WE, THE PEOPLE call for everyone abusing their position, against OUR PRESIDENT, and the country’s best interests, and the citizens thereof, to now be thoroughly investigated, not only for the abuse of power, but for their complicit role in the treason and sedition, that has been documented during these first almost three years of President Trumps, 1st term in office. Military Police, Military Tribunals… just remember whining lil jerrie, the next reveal could be about YOU!…. PERIOD!

  22. Whether true or not, it seems to me the Democrats in Congress are becoming more and more like the behavior of a Police State; anyone who gets in their way must pay a price by being called an Obstructionist and therefore being convicted without trial. The Democrats in congress have seemed to have lost all sense, lost all fairness. Mueller gave his Report, there was no findings of Collusion-that was the reason for the Investigation which the Dems kept saying as to the Trump Campaign/Russia but it turned out that all the information gathered showed not collusion. So now game change. The Democrats have become the Obstructionist because they refuse to move on, to do their jobs as Congress for We the People (even though they have not acknowledged that they Represent We the People even though they were voted into Office for that purpose-they have Forgotten their Oath of Office).


  24. There isn’t one person who is opposing President Trump who can hold a candle to him. He is a free non political American. His success’s can not be denied. The voices we hear from those swamp people are ,out of frustration , and the dying gasps of a bunch of losers.

  25. The lefters, the Dems DO NOT stand up for who we are as a nation, the Constitution, other documents or care that our nation is crumbling beneath this insanity they push of taking down freedom, faith and the rights we have. They want a One World Order of socialism and rubbish that is against all our great nation was founded to be. They talk about democracy, freedoms and rights,
    but all in the wrong way, the way that suits them and what they want and NOT what is true about humanity and the American way. This land was founded for faith in God and everywhere in history proves so…the Bible was once taught in our schools even!!
    It is absolutely outrageous, treasonous and continual leftist thinking of anti-Americanism that is trashing our country into a third world mess! I would be so ashamed if I were them as they are totally rubbish thinkers. They think things such as:
    *Standing for the out and out murder of fully formed whole healthy babies is beyond normal thinking or action…horrific!
    *Pushing at President Trump because he is doing RIGHT for the country-yet they did nothing against the miserable lack of any kind of good for America that was or is Obama!
    *Dems do not honor the Flag, the 10 Commandments, Prayer that is Christian which certainly NEVER should be Islamic in THIS country, as they are totally opposite to us in EVERY way and our enemies, no matter what anyone says.
    *They go against everything that anyone else says or tries to do, because they think they should rule and everyone listen to their insanity…NO! We should NEVER have anyone sitting that is a Democrat unless they change and rejoin the United States of America! This is just the ground work we need to remove all current Democrats and if they cannot rejoin the United States, we adopt a new party that DOES! One that unites and pulls with the rest of us, in a patriotic and true way to save this country from communism, uncivil immorality and disgusting deterioration.
    *They insist on indoctrinating our kids in schools with false and so called progressive rubbish that teaches nothing but to be an evil leftist. Our children deserve the quality education that once was taught in all schools….get them back to the states and out of government hands!! Our children deserve true and proper education that means something besides political trash, indoctrination and destruction of the future of this county!
    *To honor the oaths Dems mouth, but do not mean at all and walk all over the Constitution as you think we need to change…we do not! This is America and we were founded for the Godly rights and blessings given to us to make a safe and great nation of His own…we have failed so terribly! The wrath will be swift and exact when it comes.
    * There are so many evil people in the Democratic group that have no morals, lie all the time, trash everyone, but themselves- who are degenerates and those that have turned from our foundation of faith and freedom in the US!
    *Democrats stand against all the people that are working hard to save this country from the grave evils that they want to push on us…gays are sick mental cases, and so are transgenders and always have been! They already have the rights all humans do, but that is not enough and push evil on everyone that does NOR accept they should have anything but medication and a mental ward and are against decent humanity! Some of the Republicans are jsut about as bad too and need a real shake up as well!

    Until this nation pulls back together and is the nation that America was founded to be, no one wins and we will continue to divide until there will be a terrible split into two counties and factions that will fight each other or we will be blown up and neither will be an America anymore!! Then for sure, the rest of the world will crumbling to decay, immorality and no one to bail them all out as America has for a long time……it is time to re-unite and be One Nation under God, as founded to be!!!

  26. President Trump is the best thing that could happen to the USA! I Love President Trump because He Is Not A Politician of which I lived long enough to be able to witness- never thought we would ever have someone to govern this Country for the fair treatment of Americans who pay Taxes. People who cannot see this are people who personalize their feelings rather than look at the wonderful things he has done in fairness to the hard worker in this country. Thank God for President Trump

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  28. I pray every day for the complete demise and destruction of every politician in this country working with the communist and Muslim nations to destroy this once great nation. All of the corrupt politicians pushing every command of God will be destroyed by Him.

  29. I’m sickened tired from all these bullying,crybaby from these democrats liberal. They will not stop at nothing. Please people of vote them out. We need to protect our rights. They are putting America like third world. All they want is power and want to subject us with their will. GOD Will Guide us!

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  32. Nader has hated President Trump for years. So it’s expected he would go after him even the good our President has done for our country. Hate to the point of not caring about the American People.

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