Turns Out More Democrats Want to Delay Election Than GOP

For the past week or so, it has been rumored that the presidential election, set to be held on November 3 of this year, will somehow be delayed or canceled due to the spreading Coronavirus.

Some of the first mentions of this were by Democratic presidential candidate and assumed nominee Joe Biden. He said at a campaign fundraiser event on April 23, “Mark my words, I think he (Trump) is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held.”

Apparently, Biden believes this is the “only way he thinks he can possibly win.” So “He’s going to do all he can do to make it very hard for people to vote.” The former vice president even hammered on about there being another “attempt to interfere” by the Russians.

However, since then, former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has also mentioned this rumored possibility as part of his response to the state of New York canceling their Democratic primaries this week.

His campaign wrote, “Just last week Vice President Biden warned the American people that President Trump could use the current crisis as an excuse to postpone the November election. Well, he now has a precedent thanks to New York state.”

Now before you start getting worried about this actually happening, let me just assure it that it can’t.

First of all, the president does not have that kind of power or authority. The date of the presidential election is part of the constitution, something the president cannot simply override. It would take an act of Congress to change the date of the vote.

And seeing as how divided the houses are, it’s highly unlikely that in just a few short months, both parties would be able to agree on it.

But even if they did, the end of Trump’s term as president ends on January 20 anyway. So the election could only be postponed for no more than two months or risk the nation not having a president or vice president at all.

Then again, that could be part of the plan.

You see, as much as Biden and Sanders both have purported that delaying the election would be a bad thing, it turns out that much of their party actually thinks it would be best.

According to a Zogby poll, the majority of voters who agree in putting the election off until the Coronavirus has finished it’s course are actually Democrats.

“Nearly 60% of likely voters at least somewhat agreed (30% strongly agreed/29% somewhat agreed) the 2020 presidential election should be suspended if the coronavirus pandemic gets worse between now and November, while 41% at least somewhat disagreed (25% strongly disagreed/16% somewhat disagreed). A majority of almost every sub-group surveyed at least somewhat agreed with this notion, including Democrats (53% at least somewhat agreed/47% at least somewhat disagreed).”

Furthermore, the poll noted that the sub-groups that agreed most with delaying the election were those from large cities, Catholics, those with college degrees, and minorities, all of which tend to be Democrats.

Now some from the left might honestly want to delay until a later date because of health concerns. However, there might be more politics at play here than anything else.

As you know, there have been sexual assault allegations recently made against the only remaining Democrat candidate, which obviously shouldn’t sit well with voters. On top of that is the high likelihood that the presumed nominee lacks some very essential mental faculties if he is to efficiently act as President of the United States. Even one of these issues, let alone both, leave many on the left feeling a sense of regret that someone else was not chosen.

However, if they could find a way to delay the election, they just might have time to find a suitable replacement before January. Or as I hinted at above, if January comes and no president is in place, the Speaker of the House assumes temporary control. And we all know how damaging that could be.

Then again, as the case for delaying the election in the first place is nearly impossible, so too is anyone coming in at the last minute and thinking they can beat Trump.

53 thoughts on “Turns Out More Democrats Want to Delay Election Than GOP

  1. Wisconsin tried to delay the Upcoming November election and the U.S. supreme Court declared that they cannot do that.

    1. Wisconsin has been a DEMOCRAP redoubt for decades and it was certainly one hell of a surprise their electing and re-electing
      a Republican for governor who, in spite of bringing back to SOLVENCY the state’s finances, kept in RED by the previous
      DEMOCRAP governors, still STUPIDLY went to elect the present one, another DEMOCRAP…. confirming EINSTEIN’s definition
      of STUPIDITY and INFINITE, stupidity for commiting the same mistake time after time and expecting every time a different
      result and Infinite because there are two infinite things, namely the Universe and HUMAN STUPIDITY…!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree. The same thought I had when they mentioned the President and Vice-President would finish their terms. So would all members of the House of Reps and 1/3 of the senators.

    2. If the election is postponed, here is the scenario:

      It will NOT be a legal election, as is was not held on the Constitutionally mandated day.
      Therefore, precisely at noon on January 3rd, 2021, the House of Representatives will be vacant, as all seats were up for election.
      Only 2/3 of the Senate will be there. The President pro Tempore of the Senate [who would be Sen. Chuck Grassley in this scenario] would then, as the next person in the line of succession, be sworn in as the President at noon on January 20th.

  2. Why can’t we delay this mass Coronavirus “epidemic” instead? From my research, which unsurprisingly clashes with the statistics of “Fluctuating” Fauci and others with much to gain, the dread COVID-19 merely helps the elderly with underlying health conditions into their graves. The great hue & cry of “We must sacrifice all our freedoms and our economy to save lives!” has never served so well in a country so familiar with warfare as America is. I never heard this lament as I and tens of thousands of others were sent to Vietnam, many to come home in a box, in a war that was called a “conflict”, and one that we inevitably lost. Gird up thy loins, Americans! One of the first lessons of Life that I learned as a child was the fact that Life Kills.

  3. When will all the he said, he said bashing stop? Bad choices all around. We will never get to vote for a good person with moralality as the leader of this country. Why the clown hasn’t been kicked out is very dangerous and show high mentality issues all around.

    1. You and the Democrats with the Lame stream media are doing the bashing with your simple minded unconstitutional BULLSCHIFF. Grow up and wake up. Democrats are communist socialist agents out to destroy our country and our Constitution! MAGA 2020!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

      1. And you are right Vincent,the demoncrats want total control,1 world gov.,healthcare & religion & we should be going about our normal lives,open up all of the country,the ill should be quaranteened ,this is Tyranny!

      2. I guess that makes you a Republican’ts who are all traitors to my country are out to destroy everything we fixed after a Republican’t screwed everything up? I guess by your post Trump has not made America great, he made my country a world wide laughing stock!

      3. Amen!! Well said Vincent Scott! Those Leftist are trying their damndest to get President Trump out of the White House..
        Perhaps it would be best if Bill Barr could work out the kinks and declare the Demoncrats a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.”

    2. Linda, mentality does indeed seem to show. It appears to be challenging for you to compose a grammatically correct and comprehensive sentence. Keep working on it, you may get there.

    3. The only time all this crap will stop is when the Colluding,Lying Democrats get voted out of office. Think about all the Lies,the Framing of Flynn,all of the lies on the President. There is no honor in the Democrat party. They are shameful for what they are trying to do to American citizens.to this country. we were Founded on Judeo christian values. where when a man or women gave their word it meant something. we don’t have the same kindness,love,and consideration that we use to have towards one another. Our constitution use to mean something,but the Democrats have walked all over it. they disgrace this country.Thats why I am no longer a democrat.

      1. Dear Lola Thank you for that fantastic comment. You pinned it down. I may add they
        put their career, wealth, and power first. Most had nothing and became multi millionaires in the
        process. We need more people who serve this country and not themselves. Of course this is
        not saying all of them. God Bless American and Trump in 2020

    4. Good observation! Biden’s candidacy does raise serious questions about mentality issues. I suspect there is another candidate just waiting to be unleashed at the convention.

  4. If the Wuhan plague is like as has been said a war then it only makes sense to do as was done in WWII and allow President Trump to continue to hold his office as they did with President Roosevelt. Slightly different reason but not by much and they sure circumvented the constitution to suit the circumstances and allowing a setting President to remain in office past his term seems very plausible to me. Especially since our present speaker of the house is a babbling idiot. And would be a disaster and the end of America as we know it.

    1. Elections have never been cancelled and no President has been allowed to continue in office past his elected term. I know they don’t teach children history any more, but the twenty-second amendment was passed in 1947 and ratified to become law in 1951. Prior to that the only limit on presidential terms was the death of the President, the President losing the election, or the President choosing not to run for reelection.

    2. That is a great idea…. Didn’t remember that… He should stay in office until a new date is chosen. Sure that would
      stop the other side inside in their tracks. Its about hurting Trump and not saving America. They probably would
      say they saved the country at the same time. Good Bless Our Pres and America.

    3. You made a mistake. You wrote “present speaker” The words are wanna be president! Everyone with an education knows that the clown in the White House is a disaster and the end of America as we know it

  5. The Demwitts have a lot to worry about, the biggest worry is that “MANY” of them will LOOSE in the 2020 election and even though the POLLS show BIDEN (what a laugh!) are favored to win. That is why the DEMWITTS are wanting mail in ballots so they can have people destroy many of the REPUBLICAN votes to gurantee the election and fake others to show they voted Demwitt! We should never allow mail in votes only for the conditions that have applied for years previously! Trump and the Republicans “should” win in a landslide taking the Presidency, the Senate, and the House to get rid of Schummer and Pelosi for GOOD!

  6. Yes…President Trump will win and the Republicans will take both the House and the Senate…this is the only way America can survive! President Trump is the best president America has ever had and we must keep him in!!!! Also we definitely need to control both the House and the Senate! We should keep all of this in prayer and trust that the Lord will grant our wishes! After all, God is in control and has a plan for America. Do not forget to vote in November…date cannot be changed! It is so unfortunate that the two idiots, i.e, Fauci and Brix lied to everyone about the virus…they need to be kicked out of any more press sessions…they are both liars and have put the fear in Americans…that is why we are in the mess we are in in closing everything down. We need to get back to work and stop all of this craziness!!! President Trump wants to get everything moving again…let’s support his efforts!!! May God Bless America, President Trump and VP Pence.

  7. The idea of having a mail in election in November must get squashed now! There is absolutely no way would that be a fair and honorable election and the while country knows that. The Democrats would stuff every ballot box with votes from illegals, votes from the dead, and removal of votes from Republicans. Surely this country would never allow such a travesty.

  8. Surprisingly, I get “mail-in” vote information from a female candidate for the House of Representatives. Her name is Kathaleen Wall and she is running in District 22 in Texas. She must have a lot of money behind her as I get constant mailings from her regarding the idea, which I personally abhor.

    All legal voters SHOULD SHOW. ID.
    AND BIRTH Certificates.
    NOV 3rd should not change.
    All of the State’s are opening back up.
    If we have to wear our face mask and 6ft apart.

  10. i want the election to be held on the constitutional day- no delay. I would risk voting in person as will my family and friends No fake collusion or distractions enough already. Four yrs of democrat obstruction andf nonsense is enough. Now the congress has been AWOL and should not get paid. I bet they rush their entitled arses back to do the work or the people

  11. You radical rights are all full of BS. You guys can’t think beyond what Trump is saying. Why do you think the Dems want a vote by mail and Trump wants the Post Office to go bankrupt so the vote by mail ballots cannot be picked up. He’s said it himself. If everyone votes, there will never be a Republican president.

    You guys are just a bunch of bobblehead parrotts!

    Of course you guys can’t see the hypocrisy in everything Trump says. You’re all a bunch of bobblehead parrotts!

  12. One of the reasons Democrats want this election delayed is to put to good use the economic effects of the prevailing virus on the economy. They are also in full damage control after Jo Biden’s past ‘activities’ came to the limelight. They do not have a suitable replacement and that leaves them in a tight position.

  13. how can we get rid of this ugly fat very stupid guy with the fake yellow hair and sun tan lotion on so thick that he looks like an orange orangutan.the sooner he goes ,the sooner we get a president who is really a president and not a fake ignorant lying fool

  14. lets get rid of the fake lying monster that is in the white house now and finally get a president there .o,bama mrs, or mr. colin powell or joe biden all would make fatso liar look so stupid

  15. I “suspect” that the Dummycrats are “hopeful” that suspending the election would mean that Nancy “Baloney” would accede to the Presidency on Jan 1!!! What they “forget” is that “Baloney” is ALSO on the ballot as a “Congresswoman”!!! Thus, this nation not only won’t have a President/VP, but would ALSO lack a House of Representatives, as well as 33% of the Senate!!! I guess they dream that ALL of the vacancies would be Republican!!!
    It’s TIME AND MORE to tell the DNC (and the RNC) to “take your Schtick someplace else”————ANYPLACE ELSE!!!! (That is, if ANY of them can find someplace that WANTS them)!!! We NEED term limits———–because our “political elite” sees their offices as PERMANENT!!!! Not the way the creators of this nation envisioned our governmental systems AT ALL!!! Their vision was that of CITIZENS voluntarily rising to the challenge of leading this country FOR A DEFINED period, then returning to their OWN businesses/jobs/lives, to allow others to rise to serve. Was that realistic?? Is that possible?? Can we at least try??

  16. The anti-American democrats want more time to cheat by fraudulent means! Americans stay vigilant at all election at all polls for any and all fraudulent by the the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and Fraudulent means of election and We The people must Stop this NOW and far into the future!

    1. Not the sharpest plastic knife in the drawer? Go back to work asap! The McDonald’s bath rooms need a good cleaning! White Trash!

  17. With 67% of Hispanic americans (not illegal aiens), 66% of caucasians, 32% of african americans, and 72 % of asian Americans saying they will vote for trump. I suspect the democrats are willing to do just about anything to change the outcome including postpone the election..

    If we held the election today the democrats would lose overwhelmingly.

    1. Just making it up as you go? Pretend you graduated Jr. High. A GED is in your near future! Oh, and stop throwing my Newspaper on the lawn!

  18. There is a very good reason that Democrats want to delay the Nov. General Election vote, and it doesn’t have so much to do with Joe Biden as it does with total votes.
    With the virus being particularly hard on school shutdowns, it has given colleges and universities time to enact online schooling to a point of actually working. If the virus continues its course, many college campuses will continue to have to worry about social distancing which would make classroom instruction virtually impossible. And herein lies the problem for academia and the radical left.
    More than 4 out of 5 votes cast by students go to the democrat candidate and left-wing democrat causes – increased property/sales taxes, school bond measures, social engineering ordinances, etc. And, students are motivated by on campus activities, rallies, school newspaper propoganda, and academia pressures to vote the “correct” way. And in larger metropolitan areas we are talking tens of thousands of student votes flooding ballot boxes, which generally always throw these elections to the “politically correct| candidates and issues. For whereas a common populous has a tendency to turnout at somewhere within a 60% to 40% margin for or against candidates and issues – within the range of 6 to 4 out of ten votes, the student vote comes in at over 4 to 1 or 8 to 9 to one for specific candidates and issues. This is a huge one sided slant in otherwise fair elections by life-invested citizens within these communities. In other words, this communities are “couped” and taken over by academia instead of those life-invested citizens, whose right to choose the needs and direction their community goes into the future is stolen.
    Therefore, the only way to maximize the student vote is to have them on campus, where peer-pressure, professors and lecturers of correct political thinking, propogandists, student newspaper, and planted campus activists can exert enough of a like-minded aura to secure every last vote!
    But wait! If there is no on-campus schooling, there will be no on-campus voting. The aura will be lost! And the operatives within each campus system will have to rely on students voting by absentee ballot to have their votes count. That’s not good! For a student to have to personally request an absentee ballot, fill it out, and even make a huge trip to the post office to buy a stamp and mail it back (like old people do) just takes up way too much time for many who have better things to do. In essence, the students’ votes suffer a huge loss of voter turnout, and would make some campaigns unpredictable instead of sure things. Don’t kid yourself. Student votes decide most elections in university and college communities. This is why these communities are run by democrats; and this is why local invested citizens have so little say in the politics of their own communities.
    So, in closing, the longer democrats have to plan a strategy for maximizing the vote count in their favor, the longer they will try to stall to make it happen.

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