US Capitol Hosts Last WWII MOH Recipient as He Lies in Honor

Unlike any other topic that has become political, the death of a servicemember can bring together people from both sides of the aisle. When this death is the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient Hershel W. “Woody” Williams, it garners the attention of every politician in Washington.

With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer announcing his laying in honor at the Capitol building, they paused to say that this gesture is not just about Williams, but about all those who served in WWII. Announced on July 3rd, it’s fitting to have such an honor announced the day before Independence Day.

In her remarks, Pelosi stated “Woody Williams embodied the best of America: living a life of duty, honor, and courage. When Woody lies in honor under the Capitol Dome, it will be with immense gratitude for his service that the Congress will pay tribute to this legendary hero, and all of the patriots who fought for our nation in World War II.”

While her words towards our current military and many who have served are usually given with a degree of disgust and looking down her nose at them, these remarks came off as truly sincere. It’s almost as if she figured out that not all the patriots are bad people, even in her book.

Schumer’s remarks much like Pelosi’s are not in keeping with the same tone that his past comments have been delivered with, but they certainly carried his distinctive NY sense of American pride that has largely been missing from anyone associated with the left.

“This is only a small tribute to someone who has made as impactful contributions to America as Woody and all our brave soldiers who fought against tyranny and defended our country in World War II. Whether it was for his acts of bravery in combat or his tireless advocacy for all veterans and their families, Woody made our entire country, especially his fellow West Virginians, proud.”

Given the immense dedication to the mission and his men, Williams’ award of the MOH is incredibly well deserved.

With four riflemen providing cover fire for him, Williams fought alone for four hours going alone from Japanese trenches and pillboxes. Placing charges and retreating only to rearm himself and to get explosives, he singlehandedly cleared an immense pathway for his fellow Marines and brought great credit upon the Corps.

Seeing people from both sides of the aisle come together to honor this great man is something we need to see more of from the left. Even if it’s only window dressing to make their other positions seem more palatable to other Americans, coming together to honor a great man like this Marine is a great way to set the foundation for future bipartisan cooperation.

While he takes his rightful place in the Capitol to lay in honor, this is a time to honor his legacy. We don’t do that by continuing the infighting, but by finding common ground.

When his unit was under attack, Williams was willing to risk everything to save his Marines. He sought to find the hard answers to end the evil actions of the Japanese and take Iwo Jima. With four others to watch his back, there was only so much they could do with their rifles, and the rest of this mission was on Williams to a complete.

Much the same, we are now in a similar battle with the left. As so many Americans are finding themselves helpless to take on this mode of activism and wokeness, we must remain strong, determined, and ready to face our attackers and to stand up for what is right for all Americans.

We all have four men to watch our backs as we march towards victory, we just need to use them.