US Military Ramps Up After China Threats

As China seems to be in the hot seat with the start of the coronavirus in Wuhan, they have made some pretty serious threats.  President Trump calls it down the middle and exactly how it is when he calls it the “Chinese virus.”  China made threats to stop sending over medicines to America if we continue to blame them.  The US military is not a force to be messed with either, and they are ramping up for any threats China poses to America.

The Marine Corps is no longer focused and tied up with the Middle Eastern turmoils as it once was.  Though many still remain over there, the focus is now on China.  Their goal is to move from island to island on the western Pacific with ease and contain the Chinese fleet.

China has surpassed American military actions in the region, and this week the US military will be back on top.  China’s naval forces and missiles had the upper hand advantage until now.

General David Berger, the Marine Corps commandant, stated, “China, in terms of military capability, is the pacing threat.  If we did nothing, we would be passed.  I have come to the conclusion that we need to contract the size of the Marine Corps to get quality.”

General Berger feels the plans need to go toward the Naval force instead of the Marines when it comes to China.  They are pulling back almost 20,000 aircraft and tanks to furnish the budget for the Navy, since the Navy could contain the region better and surveillance.

The Pentagon is calling this a broad shift throughout the United States Military to keep up with Russia and China.  America must always remain on top.  As of now, it is simply competition, but with China sending the smallest threats to the US, we must always be prepared.

It is starting out as a threat to cut ties in medicine between China and America.  President Trump and his administration are working out the kinks to put everything back in America.  We cannot rely on other countries when we have what it takes to be number one in the world.  We also cannot accept threats from any other nation.

Catastrophic fear would spread across the world if a country like China or Russia had more robust military equipment than the US.  The US Air Force is now putting out a hypersonic missile that travels five times over the speed of sound.  Some of the aircraft now will be flown by unmanned aircraft, which carries bombs and flies strategically in formation with planes that are piloted.

The Navy will also put out unmanned ships and submarines.  Both the Army and the Navy are pulling out different tactics, which will make the United States Military unbeatable.  All of this comes from the money which our great President Donald Trump put out to the military.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he intends to move forward with “full, irreversible implementation” on the shift.  There was $705 billion put into the Pentagon’s lap to get all of these new military equipment tops of the line.  This was the largest budget outlined in 70 years for research and development.  Approximately $107 billion is what we are looking at just with equipment alone.

Believe it or not, it was the war in Afghanistan which changed the course on all of these decisions.  With the roadside bombs and all the suicide bombers in cars, the idea of moving toward electronic warfare gives us the upper hand.  We lost too many soldiers in these wars, and now the military has a Commander in Chief who is more than willing to furnish all that is necessary to keep America’s finest safe.

The truth is coming out now, that while America was busy in Afghanistan all those years, China and Russia ramped up their equipment.  Thankfully, they never used their weapons against us.  US officials confirmed and stated, they had the upper hand over us until Trump signed off on the billions of dollars for military funds.

So besides what China had to say, what opened the subject?  Iran was the factor that changed everything.  Iran is allied with China and Russia.  As the tensions sparked over the last year into the beginning of this year, China and Russia could have stepped in at any given moment.  This would have been catastrophic.  As of now, with the upgrades, we no longer have to worry.

126 thoughts on “US Military Ramps Up After China Threats

  1. It is China’s fault. Covid 19 originated in China ,with their meat markets. They looked at the Bible, extensively, modifying it to the way, they think. Bats are called unclean. Bats have immune systems, that are way better than ours. That means they are dangerous to ingest, and yet The Leaders in China ignored that. Here we are.

    1. China has for centuries stepped forward and dominated. The Communist regime cares nothing for their people and will KILL them without regard. Stalin’s USSR killed many millions of his people to allow him to dictate what he wanted. China, present day Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, ALL Muslim controlled countries are Communist left leaning dictatorships. All have one goal ” world domination”. This goal can only be defeated by POWER, MILITARY superiority is the only deter ant. The USA is under attack since 1958 by the democRATS and their communist agenda. every time they demoRAT party was put in charge they pushed the agenda of dictatorship, GOVERNMENT CONTROL is their only GOAL. The USA is trying to go back to being self sufficient, it must make the products needed by their citizens here not in other countries exclusively. China has slowly taken over all the important products the USA could need to avoid disasters. They lied about every disaster they had over the years, SARS, MERs Covid 19 and this last one is the worst because the demoRATS leftist progressive MOB is now fighting the elected government that is working for the citizens to overcome this medical disaster.

        1. By the way of God we are and can be the best fighting force we just have to keep our eyes and ears open. Plus lots and lots of prayers because through god and the right on our side we can prevail

          1. This germ warfare ! Anyone who does not realize this is a moron first they experimented on their people that’s what China does then our allies their goal Rule the World we need to BLOW THEM OFF THE MAP PERIOD


      1. Most of our people are still unaware of the small cabal of elitists who have both funded and propagated totalitarian ideology and states for THEIR purposes at ruling the world..This group of control freaks has money for generations and would like the world to return to the ancient “Feudal” system where they as “royalty” will own and control everything and what humans they allow to live will only be servants allowed enough food etc to survive as long as they need them. These sickos have written books explaining how put upon they are to have to take control of us lesser beings as if we were livestock incapable of ruling . THEY have been and their descendents and lackeys are behind every real problem we have and continue to face. The fully funded the rise of communism and are now using Muslims too as both are totalitarian propagating ideology of conquering the world. They work in board rooms and place their people in every position of power in universities, government, Churches and corporations to edge each society closer and closer to it’s inevitable doom. We now call this cabal the New World Order or Globalism. But, it is the same Feudalist ideology that ran the world for thousands of years until God blessed this land and this people to finally allow the people to rule themselves with a constitution that protects our God given rights. America has been a threat to their agenda right from the start and if not for our constitution they would have bought off every elected official and turned the US into a totalitarian state long ago. They are now desperate to reverse the course of nationalism and populism that brought Trump onto office and helped the UK balk at the EU. It would not surprise me what they might force their minions in both Socialist (communist) and Muslim nations to do to try to stop president Trump from getting elected again damaging their efforts further.

      2. Let’s not forget the Chinese that have been arrested here stealing corporate trade secrets and spying on us just to take anything they can, and send it all back to Red China. From medicine to military !!!

    2. I agree that it is China’s fault. I disagree that it originated in a meat market. This virus was released ON PURPOSE by the Chinese Government as evidenced by the fact that the doctor who worked on the project was murdered when he tried to warn the world about the coming pandemic. One top Chinese government was quoted as saying “this virus will bring the United States of America to it’s knees”

      1. Consider the “meat market” release as a covert action,and a plausibly deniable event. This is further borne out by the flood of Chinese travelers suddenly wanting to “vacation” in all their enemy countries. Is it a deliberate attack??? YES,YES,YES!!

    3. ARTIE:
      As an ex-cop, allow me to remind you that the people of the city or area at which this pandemic broke out, DID NOT START EATING BATS THREE MONTHS AGO as the Communist China regime wants us to believe but this outbreak, DELIBERATE OR ACCIDENTAL,
      is the product of the GENIE escaping from the bottle at the BACTERIOLOGICAL WARFARE LAB the Chinese government has at the’general area in which the pandemic outbreak happened…
      But what I will never ever be able to understand, is the extent our rulers allowed our dependency on Chinese manufacturing, to the extent the once famous MADE IN USA tag can be considered an EXTINCT SPECIES and the WORST than anything, DEPENDING ON CHINA FOR MEDICINES, just because BIG PHARMA’s insatiable greed and to hell with the natives….????????????

      1. I agree with what you said Jacob, except for the “rulers” part. The U.S.A. does NOT have “rulers”. We are a government by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE. We are supposed to be the government, not a bunch of bureaucratic wannabe dictators. We have a president who’s decisions are supposed to reflect the needs and desires of the PEOPLE, not a king or queen or any other type of totalitarian dictator. It’s high time people started realizing that again. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!

    1. But what Communist China proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, is the fact that with this pandemic IT CREATED, IT BROUGHT
      THE WORLD TO ITS KNEES , something not even attempted by the beasts of Nazi Germany and much less the USSR at the cold
      war times..

      Time to WEAN from this stupid dependency once and for all and start back from scratch as we did after Pearl Harbor, even as it wasn’t then in the stupidly DEPLORABLE condition it has been allowed to fall by the kind of “leaders’ we’ve been having until the present one who seems to have started to read the RIOT ACT to CHINA…!!!!!!

  2. I had a scientist tell me yesterday that this Covid 19 virus was man made. He believes that the purpose was to create chaos and havoc in the world. Bit of a conspiracy guy, but an interesting notion.

    1. Bill Gates spoke about this virus in 2015 at a lecture! This was exposed so the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias could attack a People President Trump at all angles and also try to implement the experiment of a NWO and how the masses react! Do you realize what all can be done, the corruption, gun control , to try and hurt the President chances of re-election etc! But it will not work! The ant-American democrats keep showing their anti-Americanism agendas and their tools the medias propaganda LIES!

    2. He’s absolutely right. The Chinese Government would have us believe it originated when someone ate an infected pangolin. They’d also have us believe that the doctor who worked on the project and tried to warn the world about the coming pandemic died of the virus. What a bunch of bullshit.

    3. ROBERT :
      It does NOT call for a scientist to see behind the Chinese claim of BATS eating being responsible for this pandemic, UNLESS it trusts our STUPIDITY into believing that the people from the general area at which the pandemic broke out, STARTED COINCIDENTALLY

      But isn’t lt it significant that our ABJECTLY ROTTEN LEFTIST MEDIA has kept mum as to the origin of this accursed pandemic, seemingly buying this Chinese bat eating “One Thousand and One Nights” FABLE…??????????????


  3. Retired 86 year old male wife of 63 years. Retiree Korean Vet. NyYPD involved . Not thinking of us old people but youth in America. Willing to volunteer for anything needed for America. Greatest country in world. Conservative now prior to learning corrupt leaders of both parties. Socialism worlds most dangerous ay of any country in world. Going to vote be careful learn first what is best for all Americans. Free things are worth nothing, work for things. D

  4. I come from a time before many Americans were even born, the days of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and every day we awoke to the threat of nuclear vaporization by America’s enemies. The only reason that we survived was because then, America had a hair-trigger nuclear response and a greater nuclear arsenal. In those days, we held their respect with our “You may destroy us, but we can destroy the planet even so.” Everyone Loses was our survival policy. The world’s nations didn’t care about the American people, but they certainly cared about their own asses. Then came the Progressive 21st Century, and with it, the loss of any respect towards America. To be bluntly honest, this country and its people got soft. Now, we live under the threat of Blackmail through Globalization, and their designer viruses. It is not too late; we were once a self-sufficient country and we need to become one once again: American cars & products, made in American factories by American workers. Things might cost a bit more, but they will sure as Hell last a Hell of a lot longer.
    When America was still a force to be respected and reckoned with, we all accepted the inescapable fact: War with Red China was inevitable. Sooner or later, we’ll have to attack.
    I say “sooner” than later; enough is enough, and besides… I want our great country back.
    “Make America American Again!”

    1. We’ll never attack. We will only respond. Unless we’re attacked NATO will sit by and watch us be minimalized by the Chinese who are four to our one. If we attack, we’ll win – but will we then be in a position to stand down the Russians or will we then be dominated on the world stage by the Russian military? Thought provoking, heh?

  5. I am 70-years of age and China has always been my biggest concern. Aside from Stalin, I believe the Russians have a perspective of human life more akin to the Western world. Putin is a thug but he is not stupid, nor do I think he wants to have millions of Russians fried by nuclear weapons. The Chinese are far different – they don’t value human life; they only value power and control. Mao shrugged at MacArthur’s threat of using the atomic bomb during the Korean war. He openly stated he was willing to lose millions of Chinese to defeat the United Nations’ forces. He knew we would eventually fold when the cost for South Korea got too large, and nothing was going to cause him to fold and lost North Korea. The same perspective exists today. The Chinese Communist Party is not concerned about how many Chinese would be lost in a conflict with the United States. If they can start a conflict and fight us to a standstill they will have a claim to being the leading world power. They don’t need to win; a tie gets them on the worldwide stage. They know we won’t go nuclear because they know we will not sacrifice an American city by doing so. Plus, to fight China we need to depend on NATO. Can we depend on NATO? If NATO does not respond in support of the USA then the Russians will take advantage of the situation to ally with the Chinese in spite of the fact they are not real bosom buddies. It would be extremely difficult to defeat China and Russia at the same time, and if we lost then the Chinese would overwhelm Russia.

    1. The Russians,and Chinese have already conducted joint military operations together on a very large scale in the past couple of years,so think carefully about all your conclusions.

  6. Obama Obummer , Clintons, Bushes, Really FU United States, They want NEW WORLD ORDER, These businesses move overseas Cheap Wages Nabisco built plants in Mexico, Look at the package of Cookies 🍪 next time you buy them, made in Mexico, How do we know if their not CONTAMINATED and Cause American Deaths, These F Liberals Screwing Chinese Women and bring back Diseases to Americans who never travel anywhere Not Right Innocent People get a Death Sentence Need Civil War , SANCTUARY’S SUCK, Kiss 💋 Aliens Asses Not enough jobs go around and Aliens are Freeloaders

  7. Chinese military are not supermen, or women, they never were, but they are powerful in sheer numbers, in the Korean conflict they just used soldiers as human shields, since their military at that time, unlike now, they were short on weapons. If there were a conflict today, no matter how many got killed there are hundreds of millions to replace them.
    Second their the most logical and intelligent folks on earth. They do not act on emotion, their common sense driven. Like here they love their kids, and as a nation rarely sought conflict, unless forced to respond. Only under Mao in the Korean War did they enter a conflict without being attacked. I served in the military for a long time, we are truly a great people and conflicted has always made us as one. The only fear I have is even our Congress members continue to degrade our history and proud heritage, they find only fault and believe if they enslave us under socialism without our consent, then we will all fall into place. The most fearful evil on earth is the majority whom control the House. They would destroy the republic because they appreciate nothing given to them, and believe they are entitled. They believe we must obey and accept a leftest ideology. They think we would not rise up against them, and even die to preserve the republic from them destroying it. Their clueless and F up, plain stupid.

  8. Thank you, POTUS Trump for putting the U.S. BACK where it NEEDS to be. We DON’T need ANY of these BRAIN DEAD leadership ideas from BRAIN DEAD Liberal Leftists running things anymore. They have NO idea WHAT they are TALKING about, or WHAT they are doing because they are , well, B R A I N D E A D . One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. I Have always thought President Trump was darned good, and boy was I wrong!
    Now I know better, he’s dammed GREAT.
    He makes all those that have tried to put him down, anti American , yellow. sick,
    self issue loving SOB’s like garbage
    I would have no problem voting for him if he should even want a third term.
    GOD BLESS President Trump and all he has done for us.
    I would not hesitate to follow him into the Gates of Hell If need be.

  10. One World Nation Under GOD, But First Prophecy. Wuhan, Red Dragon Communist China COVID-19, Corona Virus has nothing to offer The World, but exploitation, slavery and ETC.
    For Ever live The American Union for it is Earth/Celestial. GOD Bless The USA and all allied Nations.

  11. There ought to be a class action lawsuit taken out against China by all nations affected by Covid 19. Make them responsible for how the affect the world with their form of government.

  12. Although I have only found 2 articles with findings by researchers confirming that a viral strain as resilient as Covid-19 which the Chinese government has confirmed has mutated at least once since being mutated from a strain only capable of infecting animals to one infecting humans was indeed Bioengineered.

  13. It`s our fault we watched the elite send our jobs to China and did nothing. Obama said that those middle-class jobs are gone. Fight a teen-ager for a hamburger Flippin job. The beat goes on in China. They send us scheit they don`t sell to the Chinese public it breaks. Just stop doing business with China. This is perfect timing for we the American people to leave the Chinese behind. Let their inferior goods rot on our American docks. Goodbye China the goods you sell us are as slanted as you are. You use them.

  14. Chinese threats are a good reason to close our borders. Don’t accept anything from China. Do it with your own dollars. Don’t buy anything that comes from China. Force the issue. Buy American. Close their doors. Our military will get the job done.

  15. I agree with some of the viewers on here as China should pay for this terrible thing thats happened as they knew about this ahead of times as never said nothing till it got out of control. It shows you what kind of people we are working with as they already showed their true colors to the USA & other Countries.

  16. It is should be beyond any ones imagination except CORPORATE GREED why we would have life saving medications that we rely upon manufactured in a communist regime. This should be a warning. Congress must act to ensure that over 50 % of all pharmaceuticals used here must also be manufactured IN THIS COUNTRY.

  17. As a former member of the West German Military strongly believe the theory of a Chinese Military Bio Lab virus development, since all signs point in that direction. We must not think and blame a poor animal to cause that much damage in a very short period of time effecting the entire globe. People that blame the wet butcher bloc in Wuhan must think the earth is flat. The Chinese have been doing this for hundreds of years without a virus feeding on anything that crawls , walks, etc.? . Now suddenly this deadly creation. Medical experts tell us all about mutation and many other stories that raise serious questions . None have been able to visit the source or better has been allowed to get near it. They have no answers on their own, only to tell us to stay home and wash your hands often The world was not ready for this , however some politicians try to exploit the situation in their best interest plus we must not overlook the news either in the arena. The Western World must come together to agree on drastic cuts in relationships with China. Reduce trade at once and make them pay for the killing of the people and problems they initiated . If they threaten us with Military action, we should be able to confront them with all available force. We are dealing with a very evil and deceiving Regime ! Our answer will be – you will regret.!

  18. Why did America EVER , give trust to an enemy, to supply us with medication. This could have been a very sneaky way to start killing people, unaware !

  19. This sounds right. The USA can not be defeated in a straight up fight so we have been sucker punched to gut our economy. First, our products are moved to places where they can be made cheaper. Done. Then when we are attacked by biologic warfare. So the Chinese lose a few billion. Have the seen the dozens of skyscrapers they have built that ARE COMPLETELY EMPTY. The biggest threat to the Chinese is to have billions unemployed. So they build empty buildings. Consider this is part of a socialist plan to create empty balance sheets and attack the US from the inside. The west runs around spending trillions on a pandemic which the Chinese started and have the capacity to build medical supplies to fight. I’m not a wild eyed radical seeing evil plans behind every tree but I do see how the Chinese are going to bring the US to our knees.

    It’s deeper that just an illness. I see a plan to bring the US to our knees financially-which is total victory for the socialist. First search Youtube for all of the empty skyscrapers the Chinese have built just to keep people working. That’s crazy.

    Then Look on YouTube and search for unsold automobiles. There are literally thousands of BRAND NEW three and four year old automobiles of every brand spread all over the world in parking lots all over the world, and the companies keep cranking new ones out. Search for the BMW video where they are taking brand NEW cars ready for shipment off racks, dissembling them and melting them down. This is a perfect correlation to the vacant buildings in China.

    We are in an economic war now with a pandemic load on our economy. Anyone not see a pattern here? We need to get the dems out of office and get control of our economy before we are defeated from the inside by socialism. We must build our own products and get control of our economy.

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