Venezuela’s Greedy Maduro Set to Profit from Gas – He’s a Terrorist!

Nicolas Maduro is the crazy president that has pushed Venezuela to ruin because of greedy socialist policies. He loves evil and has joined with the terrorists of Iran to help fuel his need for greed and to help Iran develop its nuclear program. Maduro has stated that he is going to start charging people for the gas that is slowly heading towards the ruined country. Several tankers of gas have made its way to the country to defy international sanctions and limits placed on both countries for their treatment of people and programs.

It is reported that Maduro stole the money from the southern miners in Venezuela to pay for the gas coming into the country. The people have already paid for the gas and now Maduro is going to charge them again. Maduro is a typical corrupted socialist that is greedy and wants more for himself. He stole from his people to pay for something that he is going to sell back to those that he stole from.

Iran sold illegal oil to a country that stole money from its people to pay for the 1.53 million barrels of gas. The condition that Maduro has put his country into is poverty. People have to buy gas on the black market or wait in long lines at the gas stations. Maduro has no intention of letting the people use the gas from Iran. He has the goal to make a serious profit from it at the expense of his people. The gas is going to be used by a selfish man to pad his pockets with money that he will never be able to use in his lifetime.

Maduro is brainwashing his people into believing his lies about how he puts it “Gasoline must be paid for.” He believes that he has the support of his people because he has lied to them. He stated, “I have Venezuela’s support and understanding.” He has lied to the people and misled them to believe that they are getting supplies from their leader. But what they are getting is stolen goods that already belong to the people.

Maduro blames his troubles on the United States. By doing this he does not take responsibility for his actions. Like the Democrats, he likes to blame others for his troubles. Maduro is thought to have rigged the elections to put him in power. Which is in line with how he treats the people under his leadership. Maduro has already pushed out the systems on how the people are to pay for the gas. People that have first-hand knowledge have stated that “In recent weeks, more than 100 service stations across the country have received new equipment that would allow them to charge for gasoline and ration retail sales, though their operators have not yet received clear instructions from the government or PDVSA.”

Maduro wants to raise the price of gas in the country. They have been frozen for decades. The last attempt to raise prices led to riots and protests all through the country. Socialism controls the prices of things. And any time there is an increase in the price means Maduro wants more money. Socialism takes the money form the people like greedy kings of ancient lands.

Iran and Venezuela are two corrupt nations that found each other in a back alley and have agreed to defy the world in their climb to power. The vessels have yet to encounter any resistance to their path to Maduro’s pockets. Half of the tankers are unloading their cargo. The fact that they had no resistance only proves that their actions are not that important. They are defying sanctions, but they do not matter in the overall scope of the world.

President Trump has put maximum pressure on these two nations to get them to realize that their actions are terrible. The fact that they have banded together only proves that the sanctions are working. At some point, they will realize that it will be better to deal fairly with people and other nations, simply for the improvement of their nations.

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