Veterans Set Omar Straight After Trying to Give GI Bill Benefits Away

As Americans, it’s hard to see a military veteran and not feel thankful to them for their service and sacrifice. It’s a feeling that is almost engrained in us, a must-have for any patriot. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But apparently, as Representative Ilhan Omar just proved, not all American citizens feel the same way. According to a suggestion she just made, veterans shouldn’t be given any special privileges, honors, or even benefits. And that includes the much-appreciated and used GI Bill.

Instead, she says those benefits should be made available to everyone, military service or not.

She tweeted an Alternet article recently that said, “Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original GI Bill and apply it everybody – canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational schools tuition-free.”

And while I’m sure the original author of these words had good intentions, to make a college education more realistic for those who otherwise can’t afford it, he and Omar are going about it in all the wrong ways.

The GI Bill rewards qualifying servicemen and women with things like scholarships and grants, as well as educational opportunities such as training and college courses for their service to our country. This is only available once a vet has served for a particular amount of time. Therefore, it is a privilege that is earned.

Any vet knows that. It is not freely given, as Omar would suggest. Its price is the sacrifice of years of service; in dangerous situations, some never come home from.

Vets and civilians alike can recognize that, as these social media users let Omar know.

“This really shows how little you know. The GI bill wasn’t free. I received the GI bill for proudly serving 11 years in the Army National Guard. I would completely agree that anyone who is willing to do that should receive this great benefit.”

Another said, “My son served in Afghanistan as a combat medic. Risked his life and saved lives. He earned is GI student loan and is now an ER nurse. You cheapen his sacrifice. Shame on you.”

The GI Bill’s purpose is to offer hope for something after their time spent in the military. It provides training in civilian careers and industries that years of combat could not prepare them for. But it also offers the civilian workforce an opportunity to benefit from the lessons and discipline these individuals did learn.

Saying that these opportunities should be given to everyone, regardless of service to their country, is essentially a slap in the face to veterans everywhere. It tells them that their sacrifice didn’t matter. And that is very, very far from the truth, as is the suggestion that the GI Bill is in any way “immoral.”

According to the author of the piece, young people in America have one of two choices: “to either put on a uniform or take on crushing debt.” And he states that it “offers a false choice, but also an immoral one – suggesting that individuals should have to choose between having an opportunity for a future by participating in never-ending U.S. wars or not having such an opportunity.”

However, as a young person not born into privilege, I can tell you that just isn’t true.

There are plenty of options for people of all ages and skillsets to attend secondary educational facilities for pretty much next to nothing. Think of all the people who earn academic scholarships, state or federal funded grants, or even get paid to play college sports. No matter where you have come from, what your race, gender, sexuality, or religion, there is some kind of educational funding out there.

As the cost of education has risen over the years, many companies have begun offering educational benefits to their employees, whether for the employee themselves or their children.

And in many cases, these options can completely cover any and all educational expenses, including room and board, books, and tuition.

But we can’t expect Omar to understand, as this vet so clearly states.

“Imagine SERVING YOUR COUNTRY (instead of your own SELF-INTERESTS). Imagine being placed in harm’s way while taking fire in some foreign country while dealing with IED’s, snipers and bombs. The GI Bill is for those who SERVED – something you know nothing about.”

163 thoughts on “Veterans Set Omar Straight After Trying to Give GI Bill Benefits Away

  1. Omar is a supporter of no one except herself. She is not a real American and does not belong in our congress. There are many people from other countries that have come to America and have worked hard to become citizens and love this country but, she is not one of them…..I cain’t wait for November 2020…


      1. You know, after listening to this dumb broad for the past 3 yrs, Ive come to the same opinion. She hates this country and Every time she opens her mouth proves it!!!

      2. My husband served his country well and beyond, and this negro Muslim comes to our country telling us how to serve our military?? She is ungrateful, then again she has a primitive mind she wouldn’t know which end is which. She should go back to her god forsaken Somalia with the rest of all those other primitive ones there in Congress. I just cant believe what’s happening in our United States. That’s what Nancy Pelosi and her liberals should be talking about.

      3. Absolutely. She is a plant, whose purpose is to cause strife, chaos, weakening and the eventual destruction of the USA. And she’s not the only one.

      4. I am a vet also and OMAR should step down or be forced out of Congress, as she is a –cking muslim and does not believe in GOD, p e r I o d

      5. Why she is not already in prison or at the very least, removed from Congress should confirm
        to anyone not of the “Living Dead” political party, that there is an enormous justice disparity in this country. If Bernie was
        President and and she was from the opposing party, she’d be in the Gulag staving to death.

    2. Omar has no right to say negative things about the Vets or the GI Bill benefits. She is so negative about the USA. How did she ever get elected to Congress? I see her as a traitor. She needs to return to her country. By the way, our 21 yr old son died while serving in the Navy.

      1. She was elected because obozo put his terrorist buddies in the district she is from to start the takeover of America.

      2. You cant say anything about her being black, because that would be deemed racist her being Muslim like Hilary Clinton used to say, when she was running for President anti-Islam. Can you imagine what this country would be like if she had won the Presidency?? OMG!! The liberals started all this when Obama was in the WH. for 8 bloody long years. What we are seeing now is the Obama fallout. Who the hell made that? I always say, and lots of my family and friends think that he was voted in by proxy the Muslims. The average American would not have voted his Muslim ass in the WH.

    3. This piece of Muslim excrement is not any American to speak of, starting from the point she was NOT born here but NATURALIZED
      by GOD knows which provision but I firmly believe it is time to REVOKE her naturalization and send her back to where she came from…

      We have more than enough ENEMIES among our native SCUM and definitely in no need of IMPORTED ones….


    4. Omar is only about the Benjamins as she calls the United States and Israel she’s a the terrorist and Moslem terrorists Omar is a disgusting disgrace to the United States and it’s citizens vote this anti-American trash out of office wake-up Minnesota residents this criminal element woman is a danger to the United States and it’s citizens.

      1. Calling certain people “Benjamins” is a very derogatory comment re: Jewish people or those who are allied with Israel. It’s hate speech and should be censured. And get her out of Congress-she doesn’t belong there.

          1. Yes I can ! tRump does it everyday. Cadet Bone Spurs has desparaged members of the military and the families of solders killed in action numerous times. tRump will give lip service to the military but he has no real respect for the military or anyone else for that matter ! The tRump never opens his mouth without bragging how great he is and saying how stupid and worthless everyone else is

    5. WHEN IN GOD’S NAME ARE WE GOING TO get rid of this worthless piece of crap along with the rest of the so called squad? The dems could do this in a hurry, but Pelosi has no power left for her chair, in fact Pelosi might as will go with the other four worthless pieces of dog shit.

    6. Amen to that. I can`t express my feelings on line. But just the same she should be deported back to where ever she came from. I pray we can get this great nation back on a good footing by changing the congress back to Republican. We need to do that to support President Trump.

      1. We need to get partisan politics back to responding to the will of a loving,caring framework that creates rather than divides us ,l can’t believe that all this tax money was wasted and all the Divisiveness
        it craeated just to expel a rightfully elect ed ,not perfect human being. This would b a death sentence
        under Henry Vlll

        1. Excellent point, Don. I was talking with a friend of mine about the wasted tax dollars the other day. Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff should have to pay for this pointless witch hunt OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS and the money that was “wasted” should be returned to us taxpayers.

    7. Totally agree with you and have said what you have many many times. This communist/Socialist shouldn’t be in our Congress. Can’t wait for the election that runs her out of Congress and I want to see her run out of the United States. She’s a communist and AOC and Talib are right in there with Omar. They have penetrated our Congress and should definitely be run out of Congress. They have no place there and we need to send the message that we won’t put up with non-American/Anti-Semitic Socialists. The same goes for Bernie Sanders – he’s another one that has penetrated our Senate and needs to go once and for all.

    8. You got that right. People in Minnesota are as dumb as a rock voting that rag head in. The cold must have froze their brains.

  2. I tend to agree that she should not belong in Congress. However, I go a step further, she does not belong in the United States and should be deported back from whence she came! She is NOT American by birth, by moral character, by any basic “right” to be an American. Even the process of naturalization requires that the applicant swears allegiance to the United States and the principals of allegiance to our wonderful Country. She doesn’t believe in, nor honor our principles, she has absolutely no business in Congress, and likely will not be reelected. Send her back to her homeland where she will be more comfortable!

    1. I don’t care to where she’s deported, just get her the hell out of the USA. She’s a despicable airhead, who, as so many of her ilk, want to change this country into a fetid muslim slum, just like home.

          1. she is a terrorists, look what’s on her head in Congress, such a disgrace to our Congress, her husband ( her –ucking brother) what the HELL!

    2. Totally agree with you. She and the other two she hangs out with, have no place in our government or in America. Our Veterans definitely deserve every bit of what they get and more. These sniffling punk kids have earned nothing! To warrant free education, after that they will then demand free help to everything else because they have Never done anything to earn it and develop morals , pride and be self sufficient!

      1. Oh you can believe they got there education and they got it for free!! So they have no idea what life is all about. The squad are all a bunch of spoiled rotten punks! Everything was given to them on a silver platter! They all need to be charged with treason. They have spoke only negative about our America!! So throw them out of America!! Their hate for our country should not be tolerated! God bless our President and God bless America!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏

      2. She is a slut of GEORGE SOROS! She is a ingrate, a plant like ODUMBASS! She needs to be drafted and put on the front lines of hell before she speaks about others! THIS COUNTRY IS NOT HER COUNTRY! SHE AND HER TRIBE OF GARBAGE RAN FROM THEIR COUNTRY! SORRY THEY WERE ALLOWED INTO OUR COUNTRY!

    3. I’m with you 100%. Look up the book of Karon and see what their faith is all about. After that look up how many migrant muslims Obama Obama let in before he left office. They migrated to inner cities by 10s of thousands and all voted democrat. Obama, Cliton, Biden, Palosi, Schumer, Shiff and many more democrats were in on it to fix the 2020 election. There’s a lot more that helped them, DOJ,FBI, CIA, Ect. Get ready, this could get real ugly in the next year!

      1. Not only did he marginalize the police force and make our great military into a social experiment, he did his best to sabotage the entire country on his way out the door. What a great president….

    4. If u can’t b president without being born here why then do we allow foreigners to govern like Arnold the Rino kraut? We would not allow Der Fuhrer to be in control of any position here. I’m 1/2 kraut and lm ashamed of being a stigmatized Nazi. they should have nuked Berlin way before the Soviets came in.

      1. Believe me Don, anyone who calls you a Nazi because you are of German heritage is/are uneducated idiots! These people have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE the circumstances under which most Germans became Nazis during Hitler’s regime. If you didn’t join the party, you brought outside for “political re-education”!!

    5. Definitely and she should be made an example of. We don’t want people like Omar, AOC and Rashida Talib in the U.S. let alone in our Congress. Get them out of here and let’s send the message that we don’t want people who aren’t American and hate the United States. We don’t need them here and they’re a danger to our society.

    1. So keep in mind who are the people they represent…. the demo ratic party! So you small minds keep voting for the lols of this rsghead and you will become part of the party that should be called the party of Karl Marx ! The party of JFK is now defunct.

    1. Not only has she cheated, but she married her brother so he could stay here in the United States and go to college. I’m sure they’re brainwashing college students with their Anti-American/Anti-Semitic rhetoric. She should be prosecuted for all the cheating she’s doing including keeping her brother her in a fraudulent marriage. Kick her the hell out of the United States.


    1. They have to serve more than one term I think. I’d wish someone would prove me wrong. None of the squad doesn’t deserve a damned cent from us in a pension or any other gov. hand out. WORTHLESS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I am a American born citizen & I’m standing for our vet’s who has proved to protect us & our country. Let’s not forget they protect everone that lives in this country Omar, & your disrespectful self & others that stand by you. You ran from acountry that was evil & treated people less than human. You wouldn’t have what you’ve got if you hadn’t came her. But you will soon loose what you’ve got due to your true colors . We the people will protect our VET’S. THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THE EVIL ONE’S LIKE YOU. YOU HAVE SHAMED YOUR OWN CULTURE. TRY DOING GOOD THINGS FOR PEOPLE, Starting with your children instead of negative, anger & hate.

    2. Pelosi should pay out of her own pocket and put the money back into the Social Security Fund. No wonder there’s no funds to continue this benefit in the future. We pay out of our weekly checks into Social Security so it’s not an entitlement – it’s a savings account that was not to be dipped into except to issue Social Security to people who have paid into it and retire. It’s a funny thing how people like Pelosi, Adam (Pencil Neck, Pinhead) Shiff, the Squad, get away with everything crooked that they do. They’re thieves and cheats and they go free and never get prosecuted or and jailed. If we don’t start arresting these people they will continue to rob our government. They’re nothing but dirty swamp rats who stink to the high heavens.

    3. She has all the sensitive information that passes through congress! Pelosi paid for the impeachment with our Social Security benefits. More information on this please!

  4. This is simply a terrible human being, time and time again she has shown her disdain for our great nation, she is human garbage..

  5. No practicing Muslim will ever be a loyal citizen of the United States. Their cult does not permit it and if they reject the cult and join a real religion they may be murdered by a member of the cult. Basically they are a sleeping Trojan horse waiting for the right time to rise up to take us out.

  6. I had a dream the Jihad Osmut got mugged walking home. When police asked any witnesses they could find they all replied; “Some people did something!” And then they all walked away! Hmmm…great dream!!!

  7. Omar appears to be the most discontented person in the U.S., and she finds fault with EVERYTHING in the U.S. so why does she stay….for the most obvious reason in the world….she is making a fortune off being here. At the same time, she’s driving the rest of us CRAZY with her rhetoric, and she is doing everything in her power to destroy American values, culture, laws, economy and international relationships . Time for this poor unhappy person to go back to Somalia where she can implement her ideologies to rebuild her native nation and leave us poor Americans to our own freedoms of choice.

  8. We have forgotten that the best way to destroy anything is by working on the inside. Let it destroy itself from within. The moles from the Islamic world is working on our way of life, they are doing a great job. We are trying to kill the people we don’t like instead of reasoning things out. Turn against the sacred beliefs we have had for all our lives. Lord have mercy on us and forgive our trespasses on our fellow people.

  9. She is the perfect example of an immigrant who was allowed into the country for all the wrong reasons We should have a merit based system and one of the questions should be what is their possibility of assimilating and embracing the American way of life? If they fail that question there should be no entry. She is beyond horrible!

    My grandparents came from Germany. They celebrated every American holiday and were grateful for the opportunity America offers.. They never spoke German in front of the children because they felt it was important to learn English and they wanted to be AMERICAN. Wow, what a novel idea.


  10. AMEN!!!! JWarren505; 173rd ABN, Vietnam jungle for 21 months; And will never forgive this country for the atrocity that they meant to have us young US Paratroopers to spend all our time in the worse type of jungle and try to escape with our bodies and mind to figure out what the fuck this country was trying to [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1st Battalion, A Company, 3rd Platoon and survived!!!! AMAZINGLY!!!!!!!!!

  11. The United States is and always will be the best place to live free, but people like Omar don’t respect the efforts that many of us, as immigrants, have done for the betterment of the country. I came to the U.S. from Canada when I was in high school. I have had a good life here and would not trade it for anything. People who bitch about the country should be sent back to where they are from, no questions asked, just get the hell out of here.

    1. You are so right. Swamp Rat Omar should be kicked out of the U. S. She’s trying to ruin the United States and take her place at the top of a socialist/communist society which Bernie
      Sanders and his minions are trying to do. Vote these bastards out in 2020 and drive them out of the United Statees.


  13. I served first in Vietnam for two tours then during the 1st desert war in 1990-1991, I earned my GI bill by serving a total of 37 years where I was prepared to give my life for my country. Now comes a foreign born rag headed negro bitch that doesn’t belong in this country and she is in the US House yet. So she says my “free” GI bill should be given to every sniveling snowflake because they are an entitled group.

  14. What rock is she living under, she should leave and take the rest of the squad with her, they don’t deserve to be in this Country, they are so busy finding fault and wanting to make stupid changes. Someday reality will hit them and they won’t know how to handle it. Best thing you all could do is leave then you won’t have to worry about making any changes.

  15. What rock is she living under, she should leave and take the rest of the squad with her, they don’t deserve to be in this Country, they are so busy finding fault and wanting to make stupid changes. Someday reality will hit them and they won’t know how to handle it. Best thing you all could do is leave then you won’t have to worry about making any changes.

  16. The only way Omar got to be a citizen is by marrying her brother. Omar is a rag head, not a citizen who stands up for freedom in the USA. Omar should be deported and go back where women have no rites! Omar is a socialist! The United States people work hard for what we have and so does a vet. giving their life for the United States and the freedom under the United States Consitution.

    Who were the idiots who voted for Omar? Shame on the people to allow a socialist to represent their state!

  17. She should be deported. She sneaked into this country claiming to be part of a family name Omar. She applied under the name of Omar for U.S. Citizenship and received Citizenship under Omar. Her citizenship is invalid because her real name is Nur Said. She falsified the document by signing under the penalty of perjury that her name is Omar. This is the United States of America yet Congress let her take the Oath of Office with her hand on the Quoran which shows her alligence is to the Muslims Law not our laws. This is why she hates the U.S. Obama was not stupid. He had everyone’s eyes on the illegals at the southern borders while sneaking thousands of illegal Muslims thru Canada. When asked if we should deport illegals let us also add deport illegal Muslims.

    1. Every word is truth, sadly no one has the guts to do anything to these bad people, we need to overhaul this Government and i mean quick.

    2. I don`t care HOW just get the bitch and rag head friends out of this great nation and I could not care less where the end as long as it is NOT anywhere in the USA.

  18. She is , & always will be dedicated to her muslime beliefs , she see US(A) all as INFIDELS & we should be KILLED. She has NO PROBLEM in displaying her PURE HATRED & DISDAIN for US(A) & OUR WAY of LIFE….she… like her ilk in Congress just LOVE PUTTING OUR COUNTRY DOWN & she & her GROUP of ANTI-AMERICAN MISFITS wish DEATH & DESTRUCTION to AMERICA, & anything AMERICAN. So in closing .. I wish to invite these scumbag POS to EXIT THIS GREAT COUNTRY & RETURN to the SHIT-HOLES from wench you came… GOD BLESS AMERICA, & GOD BLESS PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP… AMERICA… LOVE IT , or LEAVE IT.

    1. Why the he’ll is she still in this country when she has never praised the usa…..never given thanks for her betterment….ship her back to Somalia where she belongs….. my son was in the military and so was my husband both to protect this country…why permit ungrateful B like her!?!?

      So ooooooo ….what did that white guy who left his wife for this bitch have to say. …..or …..found in this sorry pos?!?

      1. The ragheads protect each other and President Trump is doing a lot to drain this stinking swamp, but it’s not easy because Obama made sure everyone was protected. Trump still has people leaking that are in high places in our government – so it’s not so easy to get rid of them. Look at what Pelosi and Pinhead, Pencilneck Shiff get away with. Even the FBI is full of spies and people who hate our President and the U. S. They’re all becoming millionaires because they stuff their pockets with our taxpayer money. Obama became a millionaire who now lives in a mansion. That’s from taking our money for eight years. What a bunch of snakes.

  19. she is got to go, our Veterans deserve better. all veterans have put their lives on the line for all of us to have the freedoms we have. this moron is a disgrace to America and has no idea how many veterans sacrificed losing their loved ones for us to have freedom. sent her to a country where she can spread her lies and see what happens to her. This is the United States of America and we are proud of our Veterans. Leave them alone and their benefits.

  20. She is not an American and do not deserve to be here send her to a place she can do no harm to our country

  21. What idiot have her the right to have any say about our Veterans? We dont need her ideas on a damn thing.What we need to do ,is send her ass back to the camels and desert !

  22. I do agree she is not an American, and the solution is very simple, the next election , VETERANS ,lets do whatever is necessary to make sure that she and the SQUAD, are not reelected to congress, then she will be free to go back to Somalia.

  23. The old saying open mouth insert foot this has been the practice of Omar and her Democrat partner’s in trying to over throw our government of this country.When you start attacking the G.I. bill along with other programs that were earned and replace with Socialistic ideas were in trouble,you wonder where this country going. It’s unfortunate that the Democratic Party has gotten to this point that they elect people of this caliber to represent the hard working people that made the party. The leadership of the Democrat party should be ashamed they condone this type representation’s and condone there action’s.

    1. We did nt fill Arlington etal,Nomandy, Iwo Jima with brave men so we would turn into a socialis/ Commie
      Nation Didnt we kill it in 1945 and 1989 by Reagan?

  24. Omar and Talib need to “BOTH” be escorted OUT OF THE USA ! BACK TO WHERE THEY BELONG and let them COMPLAIN “THEIR” not “HERE” and lets see how far they get. I would bet DEAD within a weeks time in their home country if they tried to pull the BS they pull here!


  26. Send this rag head back to Somalia she has to go then she car herd her goats and her husband can have sex with them I’m sure that would be a better piece of ass than she would be .All these ungrateful rag heads in Congress and Senate is piss and moan and hate every think has and done.I’m sick and tired of Americans bending over backwards for these ungrateful assholes. Then don’t try to take anything away from our solders they deserve more than we give them.If you think of it the biggest bunch of congress are not worth a pinch of shit and don’t deserve the pay and benefits they receive.

  27. Ilhan omar is not an American , she hates America and everything we stand for, we need to get this woman out of our Government.

  28. I agree with all the above comments from Veterans and Citizens alike – we served (21 years – Retired) for the benefit of the GI Bill and other benefits. Send them all back to their respective countries. We need to change the Constitution to read, “in order to be elected to Congress, you need to be a natural born American.” People need to remember when they vote in 2020 who is doing the right job – and not elect them again. President Trump has made more jobs; balanced the trade; “trying” to finish the wall to keep out the criminals; and make everyone come in legally; and doesn’t take a salary for being President! He’s got our vote again for 2020!

  29. This POS needs to be investigated for various improprieties and deported if need be. Wonder who paid for her education? Bet it was free and unlike the GI’s she didn’t deserve anything from this Country! Now she is in Congress and she is a traitor to America and all it stands for!!

  30. I have a MUCH BETTER IDEAD FOR Representative Ilhan Omar & ALL POLITICAL FIGURES. Starting in 2020, Omar and any and all current politicians, in Congress, all bee REMOVED FROM OFFICE this year. HOWEVER, ALL current politicians or future will be limited to 2 terms and not more! No politician may receive any source of income, except for Social Security or for what they pay for. Nor can they have any special privileges, honors, insurance for self or family or even extra benefits with include extended salary payments, no secret service-security, no limo rides unless they pay for their own, and no authorization into any secret or government departments. So, they wait & pay for it just like normal people do. In short, if they want or need anything, they must pay for it just like American People do, who lose a job. If it is not paid, they face the same consequences as American People do, which could be higher interest rates, or if not paid they face lawsuits, court, or worse. Plus, the AG has full authority to do an investigation on them and if they find any wrongdoing they face will major penalties, jail or worse, just like other criminals would face.

    Let the America People vote on this and whatever they decide will go into law. Because every political person would vote this down, but if the American People voted, this would become a law.

    1. Mark: Great idea! The Utopian dream, in fact. But you and the rest of America need to Wake Up, while there still may be time. We are not gonna be able to “wish” this Curse away, or to depend upon “our Government” to do it; we, the American people, must take action ourselves. We must forget our differences, and unite against our common Enemy. Get out and Vote, and when you vote, Vote HARD! No more “Mister Nice Guy”!

  31. Do any of you remember watching those captured jet airliners slam into the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001? Remember the Americans forced to leap to their deaths rather than burn in a Muslim-made Hell? Do you Americans remember your Vow of “NEVER FORGET!” afterward? I DO. But, many of you have obviously forgotten. Ask yourself HOW these Islamic terrorists with their misogynistic “religion” got into our country, and while you’re at it, ask yourself HOW such an America & American-hating Islamite menace got into our very Government, AS IF she has the very right to govern Americans and control/destroy our lives. I can promise you that the Founding Fathers of our once-great country would have had this Christian-hating Muslim dangling from a hangman’s rope long before they would have relinquished the right for a Islamic rag-hag to dictate her hate upon the American people! What’s the answer, then? Short & Sweet: SEND HER BACK!!! Send them all Back!!! Barrack “The Muslim Godfather” Obama is Over in America, and the Plague of an Islamic America that he introduced into our country must be purged, as well. Just remember this little proverb when you vote: Not all Muslims are Terrorists, but all Terrorists are Muslim!

    1. You said it – and sad SO MANY have forgotten that dreaded day and her remarks concerning the jets – with that remark she made – clearly had no thought about the American people on those jets – she has proven time and time again to us she is clearly a terrorist with terrorists ties – why has nobody laid her 6 feet under by now mystifies me – and I for one can not wait until Nov and to see President Trump drag her out by her turban and hopefully slam her in prison – better yet the firing squad for treason!!!

    2. Obama (OVOMIT) did more damage to this great nation than anything I have ever seen or dreamed could be done in my 81 years. Blame the people who were dumb enough to vote for him for two terms of destruction to this great nation.

  32. This I for Ilhan Omar. I served more than 22 years in the U. S. Army. I have never used the GI BENEFITS PROGRAM. However, what you are suggesting makes no sense since that program was intended only for people who served in one of the U.S. MILITARY. Is that too hard to understand?

  33. Omar appears to be the most discontented person in the U.S., and she finds fault with EVERYTHING in the U.S. She does not speak for herself but for those she represents. She has no loyalty to America but to her sponsors, the terrorists in Iran. She is completely out of touch with reality of what America is about. Someone need to investigate who her sponsors are and where she got money to buy votes. She has connections to terrorist groups in the Moslem world. The land that offers so much opportunities has been infiltrated at the highest level, the congress. She thinks she is the mouth piece of the terrorists and wants to undermine the USA from inside! It is time you all understand.her motives and her intentions to continue to be disrespectful to this great land. Time is here to teach her about the sacrifices our service man have made and deserves more than a GI bill. Omar does not even know the purpose of congress nor does she understand why veterans deserve more. Time is now to revoke her citizenship and send her back where she came from. She is a disgrace to those she represents and a disgrace to the congress! If you do not know the purpose of something, you will abuse it! Omar does not know the purpose of congress, therefore she is abusing that Institution!

    1. Now, since the Somali government stated that she married her brother to get him into this country, what are we waiting for? She has all the sensitive government that Congress has, the woman is a traitor and hates the USA! Why is she still in Congress? Marrying her brother??? Just to get him into this country? There is more to this story than we are being told!

  34. sometimes ya JUST GOT TA have bad examples (thus the bald woman, Omar ??? something or an other) That way you can really appreciate a good kind unselfish person who really cares for most everyone.
    omar, a little logic …..
    If your in a bar and it’s obvious that your now feeling welcome. A reasonable person would leave before as ass kicking begins! Omar, are you not reasonable?
    PS. is it true you married you brother? IF so was it because of true love or he was better than no one? asking for a friend….

  35. Hey Jihad Osmut—your day is coming!!! The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end!!! History will show you to be the liar you are whose name will go from Ilhan Omar to Jihad Osmut!!!
    Bye-bye—you anti-American fool!

  36. She’s lucky she didn’t talk like that country and I was in theater I would have locked and loaded on her. This is why Israel doesn’t want here or her cohorts in there country.

  37. She is a idiot as most of the squad is. They have no idea what America is all about. Ignore ignorant
    squad members because none of them belong in the US. I think they all should be impeached as most of the Democrats should be impeached. They have all committed “TREASON”. I think they all need to leave and our Brave Veterans should escort them to terrorist friends. May God Bless our Veterans and the GI

  38. AND ,why isn’t the american people standing up? Why are we not forcing this scum out?
    Until we take a stance this crap is never going to end. I am so sick of having to see all this crap and hear these jokers run their mouths . HAVE THEY NOT SLANDERED,CREATED MAKE BELEIVE CRAP ENOUGH IS IT NOT AGAINST THE LAW TO FALSELY ACCUSE AND CREATE HOSTILITY LET ALONG COME HERE AND STAND IN OUR CONGRESS AND SPEAK AGAINST OUR SOLDIER’S LET ALONG THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY? I wish people
    Would stop pacifying these people pack anyone of these idiots up who come here
    And disrespect us period send them back on a one way trip with a if you ever come back you will be treated as terrorists and shot.
    It is apparent our goverment has no common sense let along love for our country in any sense they need to be packed up and either sent to what ever place they upholding or better yet put in a federal prison for crimes against all of us. WHY IS NO ONE DOING ANYTHING TO SHUT THIS CRAP DOWN, if folks don’t start doing something our freedoms will be gone next thing you know
    Americans will be done as hitler done the jews.this is serious buisness folks is everyone not had enough of this .we put these idiots
    In office we hired them it’s our money that pays them and we have voices we can fire just as well as they was hired.
    Mocking and putting you down they are laughing at you while getting by with their corruption and crimes against us all they are not for your good they trying to bring the new world order on us. These folks got to be removed from office or everyones going to suffer. Believers non beleavers, all.
    We may have diffront beliefs but can we not stand up for what is right as a whole get along long enough to do what’s right for us all?
    We all have to live in this country together
    What happened to respect for one another,
    What happened to the greatest country in this world other than it being overloaded with illegals bringing their hate along with these muslims comeing here spreading theirs to thinking we should live and beleave as they do. If that is what they want hey go back to the place that taught you that where your culture can be fulfilling to you. You supposively left your own country to escape all that yet you come here expecting us to change for you no folks it’s that time if this is what you want all of you need to be revoked and sent back.THIS IS AMERICA, NOT SOMOLIA, NOT IRAC IRAN NOT MUSLIM COUNTRY either have respect for the citizens of this country or go back from whitch you came. All the folks involved in this mess
    Should be held accountable for all this mess
    And sever consequences should be given before the entire world to see and anyone who becomes a trader or a anti american
    Should be treated as such especially in our government branches who represent us here
    . This should be felony crimes not a slap on the wrist anyone trying to do damage and implement dangerous policies in this country should truly be punished sheift Pelosi, Nadler the traders spying on the president all should have repercussions for their part in the crimes ,the hate the division all they have created falsely a firing squad or big tall tree with a rope would of been given in the past I think placing them in prison for 20 years or more without any possibility for parole till the full term is complete
    would serve each and everyone of them right and as far as obama goes he should be treated as a spy and a trader and a enemy of this country for all he did why is he still free period why is clinton still free should they not be treated just like we would of been had we of committed these crimes why have they not been punished? People we must demand what’s right this has gotten out of hand I don’t care what party your in this has to stop and order must be brought back these people need to be charged and punished for all they have done if they get by with their crimes than our justice department will never recover again and people will never trust them again like I said no ones above the law and just because they got money or priviledge don’t mean they are exempt from the same laws we have

  39. She is a lowlife plain and simple and does not belong in the Congress, this is a lowlife who has demonized Jewish people and the State of Israel, one of greatest allies, she is shameful in every way possible, lower than whale shit..she has brought her hatred of this Great Nation to our shores, how is it remotely possible that the democratic party gives her a pass, it’s a reflection of what the democratic party has become misfits and lowlifes…

  40. Omar is so da man anti-American. I never served in the military but I sure as hell don’t begrudge ANY funds currently provided to our brave current and previous military! Omar needs to leave America and no longer given ANY platform to spew her hate of America!!!!!


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