VIDEO: Seattle Mayor Has Blood on Her Hands– Teen Victim’s Father Begs for Answers

The Black Lives Matter group has shown once again that they do not truly care about the lives of people of color. Their hateful group marched into the Seattle police building and ran everyone out. From there they turned the Capital Hill Organized Protest movement into a group of hate and crime. So far in the CHOP zone, there have been several deaths of innocent children. With the recent death, there has been no communication or anything from the mayor or anyone else involved in the illegal occupation of Seattle.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson Sr. is the father of an older teen killed in the CHOP zone. This stricken father is asking for answers. He wants action in the death of his son. People failed the citizens of Seattle and allowed protestors to take over and raise the level of violence. No one from the leadership of Seattle has reached out to the family and offered any kind of condolence or explanation as to why the young man was killed.

Anderson stated that “They need to come talk to me and somebody needs to come tell me something because I still don’t know nothing. Somebody needs to come to my house and knock on my door and tell me something. I don’t know nothing. All I know is my son got killed up there. They say, ‘He’s just a 19-year-old.’ No, that’s Horace Lorenzo Anderson [Jr.]. That’s my son, and I loved him.”

Democrats and the media do not see anyone as people. All they see are statistics. When a person is shot or hurt in their region of control they do not care. They go on with their happy lives acting like all is well. Jenny Durkan let the CHOP zone happen. She pulled the police back when she should have ordered them to engage. She praised the pathetic demonstrators for their violence and snubbed all offers of help from the federal government. She is responsible for all the deaths that have happened because she joined with the criminals.

The only way Anderson had known his son was killed was from the boy’s two friends who came and told him what had happened. Since that day there has been no call or communication as to how or why the boy had been shot. To the Democrats, he was just another number. Anderson stated that “The only way I found out was just two of his friends, just two friends that just happened to be up there and they came and told me. They weren’t even from Seattle. Now, mind you, I haven’t heard —  the police department, they never came …”

To date, he still has never been told anything. Even after the meeting with the media, nothing has happened. Anderson has pleaded by saying “Someone should’ve came and knocked on my door and … should’ve been, like, coming to talk to me and let me know about my son. To this day, I really don’t know nothing. I’m still here sitting. I don’t know nothing.” The only news that he is getting is from social media. From people that keep retelling the story over and over.

Anderson blames the liberal controlled police department and the Democrats. He maintains that when the time came for his son to need help it just was not there. No one came. Not even from the CHOP zone. He stated through tears that “My son needed help, and I don’t feel like they helped my son. My son needed help, and I don’t feel like they helped my son … I feel like he doesn’t — without this, he would just be nobody. He’s just — it doesn’t matter, he’s just another guy. Just another child, just swept up under the rug and that’s it and forgotten about.”

The Democrats hate people and see them as a resource that they can use and discard. President Trump and the Republicans care about people and want to help them. He offered Durkan the chance of military intervention, but she snubbed the president. Had she accepted the offer the kids that have been killed would still be alive today.

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