Walt Disney World Rising from the Ashes of Liberal Attacks

Wonderful Walt Disney World Resort has lost millions of dollars because of the coronavirus. The forced shutdown to stop mass pollution of infections has crippled the entertainment giant. But what is known as the “most magical place on Earth” is proving to be just that as they rise from the ashes of liberal attacks.

Disney has announced that they plan to reopen their parks and the fearful “experts” are stating that the park is going to be the heart of spreading the infection around the world.

The so-called “experts” have turned into opinionated politicians. Their statements are no better than that of the Democratic Party. They are pushing “what-if” scenarios without being able to back it up with fact. They have no idea what is going to happen if Disney reopens.

The “most magical place on earth” obviously is going to have CDC patterned guidelines in place to minimize any chance of cross-infection. But the demonically controlled media uses words like “potential” and “could” to instill fear and panic in people.

Businesses are going to reopen despite any virus that may be going around. COVID-19 is no different than that of the flu or a bad cold virus. But no liberal is crying about those viral agents. They don’t bring it up because no tests are being recorded to prove how bad they are.

COVID-19 is proving to be a bad cold that is going to stick around for a while before it changes into another version of itself. When final stats are compared it proves to be a lot friendlier than the fly, which kills far more people each year than COVID-19 could ever hope to do.

The reason why the damming Democrats and liberals push fear is simply that November is an election month. They lost all their ammunition after the impeachment so COVID-19 unleashed and they jump on the platform of blame and shove all fault towards President Trump and successful businesses.

Companies that remain closed are going bankrupt. This is what the left wants to see happen all over the country. But in a fit of wisdom and good planning, businesses are restarting despite lockdowns and politically based threats from the Democrats.

Every major company that has reopened has faced criticism. Tyson foods were on the chopping block when it was discovered that some of their people were infected. There was fear pushed by ignorant liberals when they opened their doors. Disney just happens to be next in line. But they are determined to open with precautions in force.

They will seek to enforce “limited capacity, physical distancing, temperature checks, face masks, hand-washing and hand-sanitizing (at more than 4,000 newly installed stations), plexiglass partitions, and increased cleaning and disinfecting at the park.”

The crazy critics still cannot see beyond their doubts and fears that what Disney is doing is best for the economy. Dr. Dara Kass fearfully admits that Disney is making a great effort to keep people safe. But her fear adds that “Disney is doing everything it can to keep people safe in so far as mandating mask-wearing, hands-sanitizing, mobile-ordering and partitions.

These are all smart solutions for local businesses. But this is not a local business and so they’re providing an attractive nuisance for people to come to a highly infective state.” She sees the park as a predator seeking to attack kids and put them in harm’s way. To the liberal, anyone that opens their doors or does not wear a mask in predator to humanity.

Kass maintains wrongfully that Disney is not a local business so they should not be allowed to reopen under the same set of rules. So now the backstabbing liberals want to change the rules for organizations and companies that are worldwide. Kass admitted that “If they were a private, local business operating in their community, we would say, ‘This is a good example of what you need to do, ‘But people don’t come to Disney World from the neighborhood.”

But everyone has their own opinions. And that is what is driving the fear of COVID-19 and has pushed rationale thinking far away. The liberals base their fight on opinions and not fact. And the only people that are getting hurt in the process are the Americans that what to continue to make America great.

30 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Rising from the Ashes of Liberal Attacks

  1. Disney got their education about liberals. But they still need to return to a family friendly entertainment, with mom and dad and kids and grandparents. A good start, but not a complete one that will perfectly satisfy most of us.

  2. Disney made their bed, chose liberals they can suffer in silence. They’ve lost all our business.

  3. Maybe this will be the thing that takes them down all they do is suck up to the liberals and dumbocraps if they lose the support of the real Americans they will understand it’s only the happiest place to the few they choose to represent .

  4. I was a pass holder when I lived in Georgia and have been going to Disney since my Daughter was 12 and she is 38 now every year with my kids Grandkids and Grate Grandkids and when they made the. Deal with that un-American piece of filth they lost my loyalty and my money

  5. Disneyworld is STILL a Left Wing Liberal SEWER system complete with FAGGOTS on GAY DAY. I haven’t been to Disneyworld in DECADES and I DON’T miss it. They’re DISGUSTING and I’m sure Ole’ Walt is TURNING over in his GRAVE. I haven’t seen a DISNEY movie (including STARWARS) in years. I don’t miss that GARBAGE either. That place needs to be morally CLEANED UP! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. The Disney Corporation we have now is not Walt Disney’s studios and theme parks!
    And, if there has been any serious attack from “left ad liberal” side, it would surprise me immensely, as modern “Disney” has shown itself to be one of the most powerful LGBTetc advocates, and the most evil traitor to the Boy Scouts who had suffered worse than the Catholic church through homosexual predators, but when they banned all such persons from admission, (Non-Walt-)”Disney”, the Scouts’ greatest sponsor, cut all Scout support – and forced them to give up that cleaning and re-admit homosexual boys and scout leaders. By the way: One thing proves the power of “Disney” &Co more than everything else: When the Scouts decided to clean their ranks, the had found 1,257 homosexual abusers and rapists. Does anyone remember any big trials of that direction? – No? – Neither do I, nor does anybody – but why? – Because of that power and influence .. of “Disney, NYT, WaPo, CNN, thousands of companies who either have LGBT members on their Board of Directors, are threatened with Boycott if they dared say word, and others, including D.A.s and Judges are threatened with the next elections (“you know what we can do!”)

  7. Why are minorities running this country namely gays, blacks and anarchists.? Assimilation into society means a person fits into the mores of the majority. There is one simple solution. this is our America if one doesn’t like it GET OUT. Find another country to take you and your snively liberal BS and see how that works in another country. Try China, North Korea or Iran.

  8. Abrir cada lugar, es una forma de ayudar a mantener la Libertad y minimizar el terror o panico que la Izquierda fascinerosa quiere instaurar, con su agenda para perjudicar la elecciones, cuando cada dia saben que el actual Presidente Donald J Trump sera electo por mayoria.Se que existe un virus llamado coronavirus(1962) y asi varias veces se ha manifestado en el transcurso de los años , pero esta cepa fue envenenada como “Experimento” y escapo de Cina Comunista supuestamente, por lo que ha llegado en el momento adecuado para que el Partido Demo_Ratas lo utilize como arma en cintra de Trump 2020.

  9. Thanks for publishing the opinions, The liberals don’t care about our country or the citizens in it. All they want is to take down Trump and turn our country into a third world. BLM is a platform the liberals are using for personal gains, they are the ones that are getting the short end of all this. All lives matter in this great country, why do you think that so many people want to come to our country, cause we have hope here presently, if we continue on the path of the liberals there will be no hope left in America.

  10. Great to hear other people are realizing the LIES Democrats are using to um educate people in reality things. What a BUNCH of UNEDUACTED DEMOCRATSin what is really going on A POLITICAL SCAM IF EVER I HAVE SEEN HAPPENENING. AMERICANS ARE THE SMART ONES EH? DEFEAT PEOLOSI AND CLINTON IN THEIR OWN GAME PLAN GOD BLESS AMERICA

    1. Amen! Glad I am not the only one whom is fed up with all this covid nonsense. I worked in the hospital for years, the only staff required to wear masks are surgical staff. All this BS just gets me so mad people are willing to be led like sheep!

  11. Disney lost my interest when they gave their employees the option of training their h-2 visa new hires and get paid for a little longer or be fired.

  12. Ummm,Disney is liberal. One thing i can think of ,GAY DAY AT DISNEY. Walt may of been an anti semite. And,i dont agree with that. But he has to be turning in his grave.

  13. disney lost my interest as soon as the supported kaepernick and the upcoming series

    1. Waiting for Disney to have aBLM day with protesters marching down Main Street looting and Burning

    2. That would really be a hoot! I don’t think that they have totally lost their minds yet. They are just virtue signalers who are behind vandalism as long as its somebody else’s property that gets vandalized.

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