Wandering Children, Freezing, Saved by Bus Driver

The recent cold front, which slammed its way through the United States, left many people chilled to the bone with record-breaking sub-freezing temperatures.  During this winter storm for an early fall, Nicole Chamberlain, who is a bus driver in Wisconsin, had a sharp eye, which could have very well saved the lives of two children.  During Chamberlain’s bus route for Waukesha Metro Transit, she spotted two underdressed children, a boy who had on a T-shirt and pants and a girl with only a diaper and a T-shirt.  The wind chill was 3 degrees Fahrenheit when she gathered the wandering children 6 and 2 years old and sat them down inside her warm bus.

Chamberlain told Fox 6 News, “No one had a coat on.  It was snowing, and it was windy, and these were tiny little kids.”  The surveillance video was released to the Waukesha Police Department, and it captured the entire scene showing Chamberlain using her coat to help warm up the kids.  The audio on the video also captured the bus driver telling the children, “It’s OK, honey, we’re gonna figure it out.  You’re nice and warm on the bus.”  As the children were warming up on the bus, Chamberlain called the police.  Thankfully, the children’s family were out looking for them when they heard “all the commotion.”  It was then they found their kids on the bus safe and sound with Chamberlain keeping them warm.

Chamberlain continued to tell Fox 6 News, “I’m just thrilled I was in the right place and right time, but even more thrilled the situation turned out to be even better than what you hear sometimes.  They went back, they were with a happy family. They were safe. That was most important to me.”

It is unknown what caused the children to wander off, but they can only see the kids snuck out of the house for a split second, and with the cold, they became disoriented.  People sometimes have a way of being in the right place at the right time.  Chamberlain is held as a hero in the city where the kids were found.  Thankfully, this story had a happy ending.  In Wyoming, a similar incident happened where a boy 16 years of age went missing after wandering off with only his pajamas.  He is still missing.

Many people across the nation were caught off guard by this massive cold front.  Meteorologist Janice Dean said on “Fox & Friends,” “You know what? 70 percent of the country is below freezing right now except Tampa and L.A.  We had record-setting snow yesterday across the Great Lakes and the Upper Midwest, over two feet of snow. Freeze advisories from Texas all the way up towards the Southeast that means we are dealing with below-freezing temperatures as far south as the Gulf Coast.  We even had snow in Texas yesterday.”

Since this story is almost as big as the impeachment, the News Media had no choice but to report it.  Dean added on “Fox & Friends,” “We are still dealing with the potential for snow across the Great Lakes and the Northern Plains.  Still cold today, tomorrow, even into the weekend, but things will warm up next week.”

Multiple accidents on roadways across the country occurred due to icy road conditions.  It was reported airplanes slid off runways, and hundreds of flights were canceled.  In the southern part of America, Texas to South Carolina experienced temperatures in the low 20s with wind chills in the teens.

Last year America witnessed a similar Winter storm, which blasted freezing temperatures in the teens for almost a week.  Precautions should always be taken when dealing with these types of freezing temperatures.  Much can be expected when it comes to these types of cold fronts since we have not even reached the beginning of Winter.  Blankets, coats, warm drinks such as coffee, soup, and hot cocoa should be on the list of necessities when facing the bitter cold.

On the political side of things, Greta Thunberg and Democrats have not said a word about global warming.  Where are the Democrats?  Has the cold weather caught their tongue?  Maybe their tongue is stuck to a metal flag pole somewhere.  This is Mother Nature telling them to shut up because we are experiencing colder temperatures than usual.  Yes, it does get hotter in the summer months, but this proves Mother Nature’s wrath can unleash cold fronts, which can make a grown man cry sometimes.

55 thoughts on “Wandering Children, Freezing, Saved by Bus Driver

    1. Absolutely and what a heroine she truly is! I don’t understand though how little kids can walk out of a home if doors and locks are up higher for them out of reach. I am not blaming their parents, but as a mother, my children were not out of sight..EVER, and I knew at all times what and where they were. I think at times with all that parents are dealing with that they are some times, just preoccupied and that is a no no in my book. They are our charge, and we need to keep aware and not let little ones out of our sight ever. Bless that wonderful bus driver. Rev. R. M. Marmolejo

      1. Rose Marie:your statement “my children were not out of sight -ever-and i knew at all times what and where they were “is a false statement. Unless you are (God who knows and sees all things )it is impossible for them to never be out of your sight. Did you never sleep? When you took the a shower, were all of them in the bathroom with you? And could you see through the shower curtain,
        With shampoo in your eyes, and still see them at all times??? They were never out of your sight ?
        I’m sure must have been a wonderful mother, but your statement is untrue.

    1. I’m Sorry about this statement because little, munchkins can and do slip away even when you are watching them! Thank GOD they were found.

    2. Thinking badly about a parent is not what we should be about in this. Those children are very young and thought maybe a trip outside would be fun. The parents were to be said to have been out looking for them. They heard the commotion and went to get their children. Kids do some strange things because they don’t have the same thoughts of what is right for us “grown ups”.

      1. So VERY TRUE! So very often, even within my own family, children have done things, which adults would, never, consider. It is called imagination, and curiousity. Even worse, until children are TAUGHT about weather dangers, the young have no idea of how dangerous the weather can be. As for parents being “on-duty”, 24/7, not even combat soldiers, or emergency services, should be asked of this.

        All that parents can do is the best they can.

        Remember: Children do NOT come with “owners manuals”. Parenthood is a “hit-or-miss” situation.

        Good decisions, and bad ones. Every child is different.

        Those, who say that parents should be more “responsible”, should grow up themselves.

        Children will be children, no matter how “observant” parents are.

    3. Aaron, Wjile I agree wit your assessment, I certainly hope you’re not insinuating that the parents of these two children were or are at fault. I know from first hand experience that “some parents” are indeed faced with mischievous children at times.

    4. Trouble is your probably never had children you dork. Why don’t you try to watch them 24/7 and see how fast they can get away.

    5. Agreed and they need to pay attention at all times; children at that age especially need nurturing and constant awareness. We cannot be pre-occupied when we have little ones, not EVER. This could have ended up quite tragically.

    6. I think the parents should have been take n in for questioning. At the very least the parents should have been charged with neglect. Who knows maybe the childre were trying to run away and escape abuse. That’s what it looks like to me.

  1. What a sweet story! I praise God that those two “little ones” were found, before it was too late. God bless the person that saved them. And, may this precious family enjoy each other, every day, with an “extra smile” on their faces, and in their hearts. Nehemiah 8:10

    1. why press charges maybe better locks on doors but the parents didn’t put those kids outside if you have children you know how they can find odd things to do just be thankful to the bus driver and GOD they were found

    2. You bet! It had to be cold in the house too and they were not dressed very well. Sure little ones can get out, what the heck were the parents doing not to miss them? Negligence gets little ones hurt!

      1. So true, this could have ended quite tragically, and they could have succumbed, had an animal attack, froze to death or something else. Pay Attention at all times goes without saying. As a parent it is your job and duty for those God has entrusted us with. Amen

  2. Nice story except for the Very Political Last Paragraph About The Democrats, Their tongues, frozen flag poles & very freezing cold weather! Maybe Somebody Should Tell d. trump, AKA CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, (That Oval Office STUPID SICKO) That He Needs To Shut Up By Sticking His Tongue Against A Ice Cold Frozen Flag Pole!

    1. Really? It is the democrats that push that hoax of climate change aka called weather is nothing more to get more money out of your pocket. Its obvious you don’t like President Trump!

    2. You’re right, there was no need to turn this into a political rant. So, why did you continue to rant? I just am so thankful that these little children were found before a real tragedy happened! Blessings to this alert bus driver, who acted quickly! I would have no qualms about her driving my grandchildren around. And, bless these little kids! I think their angels were looking out for them that day!

    3. Trump didn’t made that comment! So Betty why don’t you think before you text? It was said by whoever post it on here! Yes it true! All you dumb Democrats supporter think you can control Mother nature! No man can control Climate change or global warming! Man did not put the world together! GOD DID!

    4. Betty the only PEOPLE or person who having problems are those who refused to wake up! Including you! I thank God for that bus driver. I’m sure they heard His voice telling them to look! I could asked you why you hate the President? Is it because he done more for this country in three years? Thank any Democrats president done in thirty years? Take a look in your bathroom mirror, who do you see? That right yourself! And the person who responsible for their action in their life! Or do you think it the government job to take care of you? Sure the BIBLE say feed the poor and needy! But it also say if you don’t work you don’t deserve to est! Lot of people take that line out of it meaning. Because JESUS was referring to those who are NOT ABLE BODY! Democrats want you on their programs so they can control you! Even the date you are to died! All it take is common sense to see they don’t care about AMERICAN CITIZEN!

  3. Great news! There are some terrific folks in this country. So nice to see news that doesn’t involve the impeachment circus.

  4. STOP bringing politics into situations that are not political!!!!!! This is not about Republicans and Democratics!! It’s about a watchful bus driver saving the lives of 2 babies. I raised 6 children and worked for nearly 30 years every week. Without the much needed help from my mom, dad and sister, I may have been in something scary like this too!!!!

  5. This is a great story. We should all learn from the bus driver to pay better attention to our surroundings most of the time we are caught up in our own little world.

  6. Thank the bus driver for being alert and doing the right thing to save two in need of help children. Thank God for helping her be alert and doing the right thing when it was needed most……

    1. That driver deserves recognition for her quick action with the little ones. Sorry to see such garbage from some of the commentators herein. Allen Terry

  7. That Bus driver should be rewarded. She was paying attention and did what was right at the right time. I’m quite sure those parents hearts are filled with joy and thanks for that driver. Rug rats can and do pull a fast one on the most watchful of us. This should be a lesson for us all. Thank you Lord for intervening.

  8. Thank you bus driver you were in the right place at the right time. Kids have the tendency to run out when you least expect it. It happens to the best of parents. Thank God everything turned out fine.

  9. How I wish that I were the one who was in the right place at the right time and so given the opportunity to save the lives of others, especially children.
    Children are the future of a people, nation, or culture. This explains why the demonRat party supports abortion. It is their decades long concerted effort to destroy the people, nation and culture of America. And it has worked, though not as well recently as more people wake up to the satanic nature and policies of the demonrat party.
    But imagine the astonishing damage already done. So far, 50 MILLION aborted children in America alone in supposed peacetime when there were 60 MILLION war-caused deaths in all countries during World War 2.
    Are you beginning to understand the scope of the criminality involved here? Just as Jews were redefined to be less than human to justify their murder, and blacks were redefined to be less than human justify their kidnapping and enslavement, similarly, human children are redefined by demonrats to be less than human, ‘merely a clump of cells’, in order to justify their murder.
    Thank god there are still lots of good Christian people in America who cherish life as sacred; who correctly view human beings as being made ‘in the living image of the creator’, and who are thus capable of the transcendental goodness of the act of this bus driver which shines as a beacon and an example to us all.

  10. One i happen to drive up to an accident. I could not believe what i was seeing. A man had laid down his motorcycle to avoid hitting the back of a truck. His passenger a middle aged women was tossed to one side of the road . She was injured but not any apparent life ending injuries . What i could not believe was the man was under the motorcycle pinned to the ground with what seemed to be many bad injuries. The Bike lay on top of him and was burning from gas from the tank.. There was at least 6 people standing and watching and even a women crying for somebody to help him. I literally grabbed a man watching by the arm and pulled him with me . we got the bike off of him and his clothes covered with our shirts to put out the fire. . I was totaly taken back that they just stood and watched . Are people really this way. God i hope not.

  11. I believe that the moral of the story is keep your eyes open. You never know if God is put you in a place to help. I believe I remember a story of another bus driver and something of a similar situation. But it is strange about the 16 year old because this is not a small child something does not sound right about the sixteen-year-old I hope that I’m not right I pray that he’s found quickly

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  13. Kids can escape when parents least expect it. We found the little boy, about 1 1/2, from down the block, wandering down the street and trying everyone’s doorknobs to see if he could open their doors. Mother was in the bathroom and he got out of the playpen. She frantically went looking for him, when we saw him, and recognized him. We took him by the hand to take him home, when his Mother saw we we leading him home. She was so grateful. Don’t judge. Just be thankful God gives us all a Guardian Angel.

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