Was the FBI Warned About Pensacola Shooter?

The debates have been ongoing about gun control, but the issue will never be about the gun.  Criminals will find a loophole no matter what laws are in place to take the guns out of their possession or purchasing them.  It is the hatred in a person’s heart which causes all evil and senseless acts of violence.  As more information comes forth from the investigations of the December 6 shooting at the naval base in Pensacola, Florida, we find the shooter and the FBI knew about a loophole.  Six months before the shooting took place, the FBI issued warnings in their report about this loophole, which was taken advantage of by the perpetrator.

There is a hunting license exemption that the Saudi gunman used to carry out his horrific act of violence.  The FBI’s warning stated on May 22 of this year, “Federal Hunting License Exception Could Be Exploited by Extremists or Criminal Actors Seeking to Obtain Firearms for Violent Attacks.  This report was sent from the FBI’s Office of Private Sector.  The warning issued to all businesses stated, “Extremists and other criminal actors could exploit the federal statutory exception that allows non-immigrant visa holders who normally can’t buy firearms or ammunition to legally purchase them with a valid hunting license or permit.”

The warning continued, “Terrorist organizations, including ISIS, have encouraged Westerners to exploit perceived gaps in gun laws to conduct mass casualty shooting attacks in their home countries, and that foreign national visa holders could use this hunting license exception to obtain firearms to commit violence in the Homeland.”

Investigations uncovered the warning issued by the FBI pertains to this incident where the shooter, Saudi national Mohammad Alshamrani, wounded eight and killed three people at the Naval Air Station Pensacola.  The FBI identified Alshamrani on December 7 after the shooting took place, and he was killed by the law enforcement agency.  He was a 21-year-old, ranked as a second lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force, and attended the Navy facility training program.

It was confirmed by the FBI Alshamrani used the hunting license exemption to obtain the firearm used in the shooting.  He also posted on social media before all the signs of a terrorist act from groups like ISIS and al-Qaida.

When reporters reached out to Uber’s Lock and Gun, the woman who answered did not comment on whether or not the store received the report from the FBI when they sold the gun to Alshamrani.  There were two other gun stores in Florida who claimed they never received the warning issued from the FBI and said they knew nothing of the FBI’s Office of Private Sector.  A third gun retailer stated bulletins are issued from the FBI, but he was unaware of the loophole of the hunting license exemption.

FBI special agent Rachael Rojas told reporters, “Alshamrani carried out the shooting using a Glock 9 mm pistol that was legally and lawfully purchased. Nonresident immigrants can purchase handguns in Florida, provided they meet certain exceptions, including possessing a valid hunting license or working as a representative of a foreign government or law enforcement agency.”  The Governor of Florida also confirmed Alshamrani purchased the gun through “a federal loophole that he took advantage of.”

A spokesperson for Governor Ron DeSantis, Helen Aguirre Ferre, stated, The governor has made clear that he is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment for United States citizens, but foreign nationals need to be treated differently.  Gov. DeSantis is advocating federal partners to require, at a minimum, improved vetting by both the U.S. and foreign governments.  The tragedy at Naval Air Station Pensacola could have been avoided, and that is more than regrettable.”

There are a few things that are wrong with this picture of how the FBI went about stopping this act of terrorism in particular.  The FBI reported they did send the warnings out to all “participating organizations.”  They declined to comment on where the loophole report was sent.  Could this be an FBI screw up or gun retailer’s fault?

Alshamrani set off the red flags he was involved in social media posts for the terrorist act.  Why didn’t the FBI stop him then?  The end of the report states, “If you believe there is an imminent threat, contact your local police as soon as it is safe to do so.”  How can gun retailers do so if they don’t read the warning or do not receive the notice?  It is something to think about.

33 thoughts on “Was the FBI Warned About Pensacola Shooter?

  1. sure hunters use hand guns for hunting what a joke the FBI has turned into . The security has become a joke I blame the politicians for the mess we have, Trump is acting for the good of the USA and the democrats waste all this time over nothing . I was in a classified unit I have always kept the secrets I knew if we don’t get our act together America will fall like the roman empire

    1. Actually, I use to, and know several other guys that hunt with a hand gun. No, it was not a 9mm semi-auto, but a Ruger .41 Mag single action with a 4 power scope, and took several deer with it. It was much more of a challenge that a rifle. So be careful what you assume.
      However, in this case, it is obvious the FBI screwed up big time.

      1. I agree. I used to hunt feral hogs (and even brush hunted javelina once in West TX) with my accurized M1911 in .45 ACP, and hand loads, but that was at ranges of less than 25 yards. Even the .45 ACP took 3 rounds to stop a charging javelina. (Tough little buggers when they are mad at you!)

        A 9mm? Maybe to shoot a rabbit, coyote, or even a bobcat, but the 9mm isn’t even as powerful as a .38 Special and I had to put down a rabid dog with my .45 ACP after an officer shot it 4 times in the chest with a .38 Special using +P rounds. One chest shot from the .45 ACP and it was over instantly. The only .357/.358 diameter round I’ve used that is capable of mid to large game is the .357 magnum with hand loads in my Rossi lever action carbine. Great brush gun and round for the small white tail deer in TX as the longer barrel allows higher muzzle energy and bullet stability out to about 100 yards. (I painted the bases of my hunting “hand loads”so that I wouldn’t accidentally fire one in my Dan Wesson hand gun. The pressures were higher than the hand gun could handle, but safe in the rifle.)

        BTW: Some carry a handgun for “finishing off”, but that is illegal in many states and muzzle energy minimums that a 9mm can’t come close to meeting are standard in many states now.

      1. Agree completely. No faith in either the commie party/deep sate nor federal law enforcement anymore. AND you can that of liberal meccas too.

    1. It is becoming more obvious daily that Obama left a lot of very loyal plants behind when he left office after eight years. The FBI and Justice Dept. appear to be no exception. Trump made a terrible mistake leaving these planted Obama loyalists in office when he assumed command. A newly elected democrat president would have replaced all of the heads of federal agencies who had been appointed by a republican predecessor. Then to put icing on the cake, many of Trump’s initial appointments turned out to be disasters – Sessions for example. How Trump has managed to survive the Obama loyalists who have tried to destroy his amazing presidency and the fumblers and bunglers that he appointed is a tribute to his greatness as a leader. To sum it up, maybe the Obama plants at the FBI were to busy pursuing their mission to destroy Trump to have time to be bothered with the mission to protect us.

      1. You’re SO right about the Obummer plants!! Guess the question I have at this point is why the new Director is not doing his job?? Seems that he is no better than those before him. Time for the President to drag him onto the carpet and have him explain why he’s doing nothing about the Coup that’s going on !! If he can’t cut it, then find someone who can.

  2. The swamp defending there actions by saying we did this it just another way to try and put gun control and socialism in place there needs to be better vetting of all government law enforcement agencies to see who really stands by the constitution and who does not .

  3. Both governments should have been more careful letting that P.O.S. into the United States. Hind sight is 2020. I hope the USA gets more picky who is permitted to come in. They took the Saudis word the asshole was Okay. We can’t take anyone’s
    word any more, allay or not.

    1. But, but, the dimocraps want to open borders letting terror in to run rampant. The FBI is already impotent in the swamp, just wait for the influx and amnesty under the Democrat partys open boarders, get a license to drive and vote at the same time. The rest of the world is laughing

      1. it is MANDANTORY THAT WE INSTALL VOTER IDENTIFICATION CARDS BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION…. no drivers license/state id cards,or mickey mouse club cards … ONLY FEDERAL ISSUED IDENTIFICATION…pasport/draft registration. dd214…SHOULD BE ACCEPTED..

        1. I don’t have a draft card and don’t plan/ don’t need (physically unable to travel out of the country) a passport. Besides getting a passport is complicated and expensive. Also a national identity card harkens back to a darker time in history when government agents would ask for a person’s papers and, if not produced, that person would be arrested and shipped to a concentration camp.

  4. FBI has changed into the enemy of AMERICA! Can thank Obama for that! No one who hunt use a pistol to shoot animal! So who getting the blame for this terrorist attack in Pensicola? Sure look like a cover up by someone who trying to DESTORY AMERICA from WITHIN!

  5. My thoughts concerning any gun control is this: The city, County, State Police, FBI and you name those appointed as public safety people know of all the dangerous gangs, their habits, activities and locations. They know of the drug dealers and human trafficers and their location, why do they not in congress, and law enforcement officers declare a real war of attrition on those groups place dead or alive posters on them rid America of those groups. Go after those groups with the eradication by death of all gang members, all drug dealers and dug smugglers. There is no social redeeming value to their activities so eliminate them from society.

  6. All FBI agents who is found to have relationships with obama-and the democrat ic party should be fired/or sent to a lower level after what the system has said about thes agents. Especially after what was just said about the FBI knew about the shooter in Florida bwefore it happened. The FBI has been very ubsupportive of the responsiblities ever since Mr. Trump became President. The entire system should be investigated–and all agents fired who show support for any party.

    1. Hmmm!, Mueller, McCabe, Comey, Strzok and so many more it is a given that both the federal law agencies and intelligence communities need strict oversight.

    2. Proof of the intelligence communities needing to be watched like hawks lies in the thinking of those like John Brennan.

  7. The FBI leaders were appointed and/or prepped to fit the role they were to play in Hillary’s rule. When she was beaten by Trump their loyalty remained with their indoctrination with the addition of activities to cover their traitorous rear ends.
    I firmly believe, the deep state includes several of republican senators who will help the criminals in the FBI and
    those lying snakes such as the google eyed democrat from Cal. who put us through the impeachment dog and pony show, get off the hook for craping all over our Constitution.
    As for the media, they are like school teaches. If they have not the brains to initiate or do productive work ; so they must follow the ring put in their noses by their left wing masters. In the bible( this is a book disavowed by most left wingers) It says people who speak without good intentions: ” become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.” I won’t give a reference because those that need to read it don’t have bibles. I will just say it sums up both the
    democrats and the drive by media.

    1. You always have to consider the only grasp on reality that the alleged woke crowd have is being Grammar Hobgoblins and they will criticize on those grounds alone.

  8. The F-aild B-umbling I-diots ignored warnings about the mass shooter Cruz…
    “The FBI admitted Friday that it received a detailed tip about accused Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz in January, but failed to follow up and investigate.
    “Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn’t going to cut it. An apology will never bring these 17 Floridians back to life or comfort the families who are in pain. The families will spend a lifetime wondering how this could happen, and an apology will never give them the answers they desperately need,”

    The fact that our slobs in D.C. prohibit our highly trained men and women of the military from carrying firearms while on base is also failed. Add this atrocity to the Ft. Hood massacre.

    1. Hi
      I did not read all about Pensacola , Attact because i had already read about it { It is my hometown } and as far as the FBI are conserned i do not trust them to do anything . They did not do any thing about 9-11 and i know for a FACT THEY WERE CALLED SEVERAL TIMES ! So why would they do anything for Pensacola ? There is little respect for malitary or vets as i see it !
      I am off a milatery family ! And proud to say so !
      I am so sorry Pensacola for all that you had to go thro and for your loss ! MAY GOD BE WITH YOU !

  9. Interesting that, about ‘Hunting Rifles’ used for crime.
    If you remember February 2014, there was a big massacre, over 100 dead, on the Maidan square in Kiev, Ukraine, and the rumor was spread that this shooting had been done by police, on order of President Yunokovic. That cause an enormous uproar, and armed people stormed the Presidential Palace, but Yanukovic fled and got away alive.
    BUT: The Parliament Commission right afterwards found that “all victims were killed by the same weapons -but none of these were police or special force ones!”
    In fact, two days before the shooting, police in Kiev had been informed that a cache of weapons was on its way from Lvov, “including HUNTING RIFLES”. And, straight after the shooting, Mr. Paruby, deputy head of the fascist party was seen with some “well-dressed men carrying rifle-bags” behind the hotel at Maidan.
    He was deputy to the Fascist Leader known to the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and President Obama as “Our Yats”.
    So much about politicians and hunting rifles.

  10. i’m 68 yrs. old and i am dam glad i won’t b going for a second round in this world, it is becoming a complete nightmare. pollution, no more family respect or values, forget the do un-2 others i grew up with, now its hurry up and do un 2 others b 4 they do un 2 me! for immagrents coming here looking 4 a better life and then trying 2 change our customs, like you can not say christmass any more, you can’t say this u can’t say that, because it offends me. well i say tough shit if u don’t like it go the fuck home! b cause we can’t afford 2 support your sorry ass any way. we can’t even take care of our own. nuff said it just plain sucks!!!!!

  11. forgot to say this political beckering bullshit is getting very old. shut the hell up and and do your dam jobs and get the shit done. the economy is the best its been in quite a few yrs. so any one who does not like the way the president is doing things, get on a boat with the rest of the immagrents and get the hell out of here, that simple. because the only difference between a beer and your opinion is that i asked 4 a beer!!! and tell all your celebrity friends that just because they have money all of a sudden we should listen 2 there opinion. well i am sick of it ! opinions are like assholes every body has one. shut up!! i’m done now.

  12. Quote: “…working as a representative of a foreign government…” I would think that being an officer in the Royal Saudi military would qualify under that clause so forget about the hunting license exception. Besides buying a gun from a FFL, even under the exception would still require running the background check. SOOOOO FBI dropped the ball again? Or else there were exactly no reasons not to sell the gun. Just goes to show that the US and not the government sending military personnel here for training should be doing the vetting.

  13. No Muslim or non-citizen of the USA should be allowed to purchase a gun in the United States. Regardless to all foreigners, they should not be allowed to purchase guns. Neither should they be allowed to have guns in their possessions. Non-citizens of the USA should not be allowed to carry guns or have in their possession without special permits approved by USA. The person should have a complete back ground check and be a citizen of the USA with special permit to have in possession or purchase guns.

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