Watch: Oregon Trooper Falsely Accused of Being Racist by Ignorant Protesters

Racism remains at the forefront of America as thousands upon thousands of citizens stand in destructive unity, only making matters worse. Violent demands for equality have accomplished little more than ripping the heart out of a nation, that for the most part, had already chosen to leave its past mistakes in the past where they belong.

Tensions are running high as peaceful people without a racist bone in their bodies are being accused of not realizing how racist they actually are. And though these folks may have never condemned anyone based on their skin color, because of these false accusations, and sometimes violent confrontations, sadly, some of them are now understandably becoming this way. They’ve been forced into it.

America witnessed a couple in Georgia pointing weapons at protesters who cut a path through their private property. The couple has faced widespread condemnation, but with everything else we’ve been witnessing, who can really blame them? They were frightened.

An off duty state trooper in Oregon, wearing a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt, flashed the OK sign with his fingers at some demonstrators while attending a peaceful rally. Because the trooper is a white man, he was immediately called out for racist behavior, though his intent was nothing of the sort.

4chan is an internet community bulletin board that allows jokes, memes, and comments to be anonymously posted by anyone who chooses to. Because of this, the platform is being used by extremists with the sole intent of heating the pot of discourse to a boiling point.

As such, some less than desirable users have given the okay sign an entirely new meaning, claiming it to be a symbol of white power. As one would rightfully expect, the media was quick to jump on this, but instead of chastising the perpetrators of hate for their falseness, they accepted it as the truth.

The Anti Defamation League was quick to point out the erroneousness of such an implication by stating how the tactic was so successful the symbol has become a popular trolling mechanism. And also as one would expect, the general public bought it hook, line, and sinker.

The league went on to state, “Ironically, some white supremacists themselves soon also participated in such trolling tactics, lending actual credence to those who labeled the trolling gesture as racist in nature.”

Video footage of the event shows the trooper approaching a man, flashing the okay sign, and saying, “You’re good,” in the form of a question. The trooper and demonstrater then high-fived one another. No problem. Right?

This happened only after the trooper had witnessed this demonstrater being knocked to the ground by a violent protestor who was later arrested. The trooper was merely making sure the victim was “okay.”

Oregon state police issued the following statement, “Best available evidence indicates the trooper was simply checking on the man’s status and used the universal signal to signify this inquiry, which the man gestured he was—then patted this trooper and a second trooper on their shoulders in an apparent signal of appreciation. The man was the victim of a crime.”

The agency further stated it “condemns all racist behaviors and does not allow white supremacist behaviors by our officers and staff. We appreciate that the public would be concerned and rightfully outraged if an OSP trooper were to flash an offensive gesture.”

“We would share in that outrage and concern. In this instance, we would ask the public to await the complete information before condemning a trooper with an irreparable and harmful label. Additionally, some members of the public are misidentifying the trooper in the video with another trooper who was working the event.”

This should serve as a blatant reminder of how not everything on the internet is true. Yet, some people will buy into anything so long as it suits their needs and beliefs.

Something as simple as an aged-old okay sign was turned into a fake racist symbol of white power via a social media platform, causing undue harm to an innocent off-duty cop without an ounce of racism in his body.

It goes without saying how we all need to use caution “out there.” But now, it needs to be said, we should also use caution when reading things on social media platforms.

59 thoughts on “Watch: Oregon Trooper Falsely Accused of Being Racist by Ignorant Protesters

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  5. This is just more B.S. The “okay” sign has been around decades longer than these BLM Marxist . It means okay, as it always meant. All this PC crap is worn us to the bone. Soros has paid these weak minded jack asses to cause chaos. 25 bucks an hour daily to raise hell. More than 95% of them ever made. Most it is their first job, thr folks must be so proud. Why sn’t this Trooper wearing a shirt that says, All lives matter, or Thanks to our brave Vets, Blue Lives Matter instead of kissing up to this anarchist. BLM only matters when it suits their purpose. ‘if’ blck lives mtter so much, why thhe hell aren’t these thugs in Chicago stoppinng the shooting gallery, or St Louis, Atlanta, L.A. Only matters when they get press out fit. The boy that cried wolf too many times…..kind of like “you a racist’ OVER IT!.

  6. It is sad to see the way some people are trampling on the rights of others to prove the point that they have rights? I have worked with black people, eaten in restaurants with black people, served in the army with black people, and I have black neighbors and friends. The BLM movement will never correct things that happened before any of us were born. Let’s not start another civil war over the rights of Americans, black or white.

  7. Clarification: In the third paragraph of your article you mention a “couple in Georgia that pointing weapons at protesters who cut a path through their private property. The couple has faced widespread condemnation,”. This is wrong. The story is correct but you have the wrong location. They are located in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a lawyer and the protesters broke down an iron security/privacy gate to gain illegal entrance to their private neighborhood.

    1. If it were my home and as much as I hate violence – if I honestly believed they were there to burn my home with my children inside – Many would have died that day. The media makes the story sound like the two home owners standing on their own property had no right to defend it. What a farce – these morons are pushing our country into standing up for what is right and there will be bloodshed if they keep pushing. Ask yourselves who pays to have these individuals go from state to state causing havoc, who pays for all the signs you see at each protest , who is paying to create this – if you folks would use the brains God gave you – you would see if they cause enough Kayos it is another political ploy against the current administration.

    2. This off duty trooper does not realise fully the force behind this moment. Just one look at him disqualifies him to be on the protesting movements side. Think on it hard state trooper.

  8. Im proud of the police myself for holding such restraintt.Ya’ll seem to forget when a person needs help who is the first one we call the police.They are the first ones there they are johnny on the spot all the time to.A few bad police does not mean they are all bad .As for the blacks that got killed if the video showed all of it you would of seen the black guys resited arrest an ran so the police had to subdue them Now if the blacks had not resited the police they would of still be alive i believe.And besides geogre fyllod had a long list of crimes he was what i call a career criminal.Now its funy to me to see more whites hollering black livees mattttter than the blacks themselves to.Now where i live for years an years the ones doing most of the crimes are black to.

  9. I hope the NYCPD can get the license Number of those gangbangers that executed the man crossing the street with his daughter. De Blasio Can then send a social worker to talk to those guys into turning themselves in. Or, at the very least to let them know it was not a nice thing to do, and they should refrain from such activity in the future.

  10. I remember back in the 60’s when I was a young girl, my grandfather who fought in WWII saying that even though that War was Won; we (USA)will forever be at War. I never really knew the power of what he was saying until I got older. Why can’t we all live to be Happy and Free?? Why all the killing, burning and misery?? The Lord said, in the end; man will destroy himself!!! Please help to stop the decay, destruction and very soul of this Great Country!! Vote in November like your life depends on it….. because it does!!!🇺🇸

    1. What you’re seeing is history repeating itself. The younger generation has become so brainwashed by the media, politicians, and the so-called education system that they’ll only realize what all they’ve lost after it’s too late if the progressive/socialists gain power. Promoters of communism always feed on the young because they’ve not had the chance to actually witness what has happened in the past.

  11. I think it is important that we all realize that we are not the problem and I mean people of any race, ethnicity, culture it is some one in a high level of politics who wants us to hate each other so we will be so busy focusing on that hate when it comes time to elect a leader we will not know what hit us when we realize that we have allowed evil to rule over us. I pray to God that our eyes, heart, souls will be opened and we will unite and realize that that the real enemy is paying for all of this chaos to destroy our country. Please take a step back from all the violence and take time to pray that God open’s our eyes to the real enemy. God Bless everyone and lets take back our country and stand together and rebuke Satan and his minions from our lives. Remember all lives matter and that we must unite and stand strong for each other an our country.

  12. I am white I think that all lives matter Regardless of skin color . It seems that when their is protesters its an excuse to loot and damage
    and it hurts small business who get cleaned out of their merchandise. We should ban all protesting peaceful or not because it eventfully
    causes problems their should be an other way of getting your message across for the safety of everyone.With the virus killing people
    they should stay at home.

  13. “A NATION DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF, CANNOT STAND!” Abe Lincoln during the Douglas Debate. CIVIL WAR IS COMING!!!

  14. I agree with Lacy that people are going to start fighting back & we have already had several examples. People have had enough & companies, leagues need to stop caving to these BLM demands. Why are people caving? Sometimes, you need to stand your ground & this is one of those times. This is all a bunch of bs. If the BLM does not like this country go somewhere else to live

  15. He is an Oregon state Trooper and probably a biker. Now we get slammed for wearing a shirt like that. He was not causing problems, he was giving them the okay or wave. Its bs. Then he gets pushed down by one. Its out of hand. People need to start preparing to fight back. Stop letting them get away with this bs

  16. Sorry about cussing,I was brought up that cussing belongs in other public places lol.ex cop in Minnesota torture by any means,cop in my home state has his own bs agenda?we the good people ,stay informed,use good sound judgement,and stay safe,mentality and physically. God speed

  17. Why is a cop Wearing a BLM Tee Shirt? He should think about finding another line of work.
    It has nothing to do with racism. BLM advocated the overthrow of our government. A police officer is sworn to support the Constitution. This officer’s actions are in violation of that oath.

    As a retired police officer, I say he is a traitor.

    1. If you look close, his shirt says “Black BIKES Matter”. The sad truth about the demand to defund and reduce the police presence, is that it paves the way for martial law and national guard on every corner.

      On another note, does anyone else find it ridiculous that there is a culture that denigrates their success stories, poo-poohs their real heroes, and turns violent criminals into martyrs? That this same culture is responsible for 93% of all gun crime in the USA and 90% of that is against members of their own culture?

      I’ve see reports from 2019… 10 Black men were killed by police…. 42 police were killed by black men (and some of the police involved were black) funny thing is…more whites were killed by police in the same year.

  18. Make that human hating sob,watch TV news,fox and .most all protesters are ignorant to any cause.including that police officer,sorry have no faith in any protester.may be Trojan horse? I belong to white race from Ireland and scot,and where you get your ass kicked for being stuped……

    1. It’s time to stand up here in America and take our country back from these morons – idiots like Antifa and the violent protestors who were only looking for any reason to pillage and riot – nonsense like eliminating the police forces – guess when someone is being raped or a bank being robbed – these morons would send a Social Worker to tell these scumbags how wrong it is to do what they are doing. There are bad apples in everything – when they are discovered then deal with them. If you don’t deal with them the rottenness will affect others. My grandparents came here from Germany before the war and had a very rough time but they earned their way honestly and became American citizens – I do not believe in violence but there comes a time when good needs to kick evils butt. This time is getting closer – these tough guys will be very sorry and will learn you can only poke a bear so many times until he rises up and teaches you your actions have consequences.

  19. I honestly feel in my heart the News Media should be held responsible for reporting only half a story, hearsay and editing any videos. Freedom of speech is what they use as a shield to print only sensational news for their profit and fame. Please, do not trust what you see from your News Broadcasters, research not just one place but many for the complete stories that are being broadcasted or printed. We do need to remember Martin Luther King’s speech March of 1964 stating “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” I do not feel this is black against white OR white against black, there is more going on to cause us to perish together as fools and we are being divided to be conquered.

    I totally agree All Lives Matter and my white niece, who is married to a black gentleman and has three beautiful children, said “If your child was sick or hurt and needed blood, would you really care who gave the blood to save your child?” A black gentleman just yesterday offered to let me go ahead of him in a line because he saw I was in a hurry…………….I did not see his color, I saw him!!!! He did not see my color of white he saw me!!!!

    God, please let us wake up and come together for red or yellow, black or white you are our creator. Only, we can save our country.

    Off my soap box………………….I love the USA and cry for the pain we are going through.

    1. You are right. It is actually a well funded class war, between the globalist “elite” and their intended slave class, being passed off as a race war.
      BLM is a Marxist group working to dismantle law enforcement, the normal family structure, and western civilization in general. The only black lives that matter to them are the few killed by police or a ‘white’ person, that they can use as an excuse for their violence.
      It is the latest iteration of the recurring “Communist revolution”, which I’m certain will eventually fail, but they do make things messy.

    2. I soo agree with you! But since BLM I have become prejudice! It breaks my heart for the innocent children who are being killed! I have become totally against protesters that have become rioters! Rioters should be shot the minute they start destroying public property!! If they are arrested and have to serve time and have to pay a $1000 fine plus repairing the damage….maybe they would think first!!

    3. Patricia, since Obama and his crew I have definitely become a racist. They called me one for at least twelve years now. So, I am proud to say I am a racist I hate any and all of the Democrat Party race.

    4. You must be proud of being a scumball, bragging about being a racist and against all Democrats. You have a syndrome of hatred of half of all Americans because they don’t share all of your views.

    5. You have reason to be concerned, Barbara. Anyone who isn’t upset isn’t paying attention. The liberal press wants us to be ignorant of facts. Facts get in the way of their narratives. They are a bunch of paid actors and they make me sick!!!

    6. Never forget the news media is a business – stories about good things such as kids earning good grades or grandmothers at a knitting bee don’t sell news – but garbage does and it isn’t just the garbage but the slant put on stories to incite public passion – these folks today are not reporters – a reporter would stick to the facts where ever they lie. These are opinionated better than thou and constantly either flat out lie or slant the facts in the direction they choose. It’s time to stop letting the likes of these overpaid glory hounds direct our lives. We are fully capable of deceminating right from wrong when presented with the truth. Quit listening to these morons – stop watching their shows or stop buying their rubbish they print in magazines and newspapers – soon the companies that advertise will stop buying ads and without revenue these morons will be out of a job or better yet replace them with true and honest reporters.

  20. typical loud mouth ignorant jerks. BLM = burn, loot and murder. you lost your cause with me.

  21. I did. The article is designed to make things look worst. Please protest peacefully. The police are doing their job. If there is a reduction in the police force, just wait until the protesters are in need of help – Police, help!!

  22. Did anyone see what the shirt really said BLACK BIKES MATTER and not BLACK LIVES MATTER not sure what the shirt meant , but see how the media portrays the off duty officer. The OK sign does not indicate white anything it just means OK.

    1. Probably black Harleys. I could be wrong, but the guy looks like an old biker, and most old bikers are patriots.

    2. He probably is a biker, I’ve never seen a Trooper with a beard. Most states would not allow their Troopers to wear a beard a beard. They are kinda like the military about short hair and no beards. Black Lives Matter is now a subversive Communist radical group. They are lead by radical scumbags.

    1. Who really know what he meant with that hand sign. No one has the right to but there hands on any one.

    2. This clowns can’t read as they have been dumbed down by the great school system and drug use. They don’t care as they think they will win and get free stuff. How about a striped uniform and a shovel in a sand pit. When you can’t shovel anymore they chop your head with the shovel. Next! Total stupid, “Here’s your Sign” Be careful what you wish for.

  23. The thought process of using the sign for OK needs to be changed back to meaning OK and not White Supremacy. I feel sorry for people who are deaf and use sign language, will they be attacked out of ignorance?

    1. Not only sensors, shoots first many currently in concentration camps in both country’s- these morons that believe any race is superior to another are just that sheep that have nothing better to do than burn and pillage fellow Americans hard work. Get off your soapbox and build your own life. People like Soros – a wanted criminal by Russia and the Ukraine – should be deported to face his crimes. If the elected officials cannot do their job fire them by using your power to vote. All you individuals who think your so tough (like Antifa) who pick on the elderly or defenseless women or gang up on someone – one day you will push the majority to far and will learn what tough is – you won’t like it.

    2. That point is being reached fast. People Black and White are getting fed up with these idiots. Good Black people are victim by association and have the most to lose as they get their places destroyed. The officials are all on Commie payroll for NWO and want this country destroyed, so they turn it into a fifth world country. I can show them an “O” on the end of a tube named 12 gage. When it starts, no prisoners.

    3. All I see in the picture is a bunch of overly concerned dumb white people acting like they care!

      These are the same dumb white people who insisted the land o lake take the native american off their logo even though the native americans wanted it left on and the art work was done by a native American!

      These are the same dumb white people who insisted that Issaquah high school stop bringing the Issaquah Indians even though the issaquah and snowualmie tribes wanted the high school to stay the Indians.

      Basically these are dumb white people pretending to care while push dumb liberal/democrat cuases.

      Need proof? They are not protesting the thousands blacks that die in chicago and Detroit? All BS no real caring.

      Every single one of these dumb white are happy to RIP people off at work, step on people to get ahead and not bother teaching facts at school.

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