Welcome Back to 2020 — We’re Talking about COVID Vaccines Again

Telnov Oleksii/shutterstock.com

Remember when the news of COVID first hit? We were all in a panic to figure out what that would mean for all of us. We watched as the government sent us into lockdown. Then, we all waited with bated breath to find out when vaccines would be ready so that we could protect ourselves from this nightmare and move on with our lives.

Check some of the headlines. It’s as if we’re back in 2020.

There’s a new push for COVID vaccines because it’s possible that the federal government will authorize the use of Pfizer and Moderna shots for small children next week.

Millions of doses of the COVID vaccine are already on order. Pharmacies and states alike have been able to place orders – and there will be 5 million doses available to start.

Wait, people are still being vaccinated? Yep. And now, it’s likely that those under the age of 5 will be able to get vaccinated.

Right now, because those under 5 can’t get vaccinated, they’ve been excluded from many activities. Families have had to make various changes to vacation plans and more if they have young children. Most can’t even board a cruise ship if the entire family isn’t fully vaccinated.

Most people would say that COVID is over. After all, we don’t have to wear masks anywhere. We can go into restaurants and shows without showing a COVID vaccination card. Is there really a threat anymore? It depends on who you ask.

The CDC identifies the U.S. as a medium level, which means that there are new cases and that people who are at high risk for severe disease or immunocompromised need to take precautions.

Depending on where you are in the U.S., the risk may be high – and that means still having to wear a mask when indoors.

Will there be another push for a COVID booster? It’s possible. Right now, it’s beginning to look like the Democrats want to grab any power that they can ahead of the midterms.

The New York Times reported that COVID cases are on their way up – with approximately 85 million cases around the country. Some states are seeing more issues than others, though the total number of deaths is dramatically lower than it used to be.

The COVID Omicron variant isn’t as strong as the previous variants. It means that if you do get sick, it’s likely going to be mild. Some people don’t even know they have COVID because the symptoms are non-existent. And if you’ve had a COVID vaccine, you’re likely not going to get as sick in comparison to if you’ve never gotten the jab.

It’s all about searching for the truth in comparison to what the media reports. We know that the under 5 age group is likely to start getting vaccinated. If anything, that should protect more of the population and allow more things to open up. Unfortunately, that’s not the way that the Democrats operate.

If you’re not sure whether you’re in an area that is safe from COVID, the CDC allows you to search by state and county. It may even be worth looking at the cities you plan to travel to this summer. It’s best to know what you’re getting into before you arrive – including whether you should have some masks on hand – you know, just in case.