Were NYPD Officers Poisoned with Milkshakes?

The media and Democrats are after law enforcement with a vengeance following the death of George Floyd. It seems like law-hating people were just looking for a reason to protest in the streets and call for the defunding of police departments around the country. In Democrat-controlled states, there are those that support such nonsense in leadership. The Democrats want to dismantle law enforcement because they know that without enforcement of the law will bring the type of chaos they long to have.

Many officers still show up for their shifts to serve and protect without having the reassurance that they are being protected by their civic leaders. In one instance in New York, three police officers were poisoned when they ordered milkshakes from the Shake Shack restaurant. Of all the milkshakes ordered that night it seems strange that only the cops would become ill. These public servants were poisoned because they are cops. But the New York Police Department leaders are claiming that there was “no criminality” that had taken place.

Simple milkshakes do not send people to the hospital. Even if the ingredients were spoiled the worst that would have happened is an upset stomach. Each one of the officers started complaining that they were “not feeling well.” Eventually, all three of them ended up in the hospital with poison like symptoms. Of course, the restaurant is going to claim that they had nothing to do with and were completely “horrified” at the notion that something like that could even happen. There were no other cases of sickness from other people.

It looks like something is really wrong with this situation. For some reason, Police Chief Rodney Harrison said “After a thorough investigation by the NYPD’s Manhattan South investigators, it has been determined that there was no criminality by shake shack’s employees.” The chief appears to not want to stir up trouble given the mood of the public. But these three officers deserve better than a sorry coverup for the poisoning of their bodies.

Several organizations are branding this right as an attack on the police. The Detectives’ Endowment Association, the labor union, and others are stating that this is clearly a matter of the police being “intentionally poisoned by one or more workers.” If this was a person from a minority section of the city the media would be reporting all kinds of fake news demanding the employees be put to death. But nothing is being said because these three people are cops.”

Right now, the only thing stopping the defunding of the police is the unions. They are not going to stand by and watch the officers be attacked by the Democrats. Paul DiGiacomo, who is the DEA President, stated that “Police in New York City and across the country are under attack by vicious criminals who dislike us simply because of the uniform we wear. Emboldened by pandering elected officials, these cowards will go to great lengths to harm any member of law enforcement.”

The real cowards are the Democrats that are allowing these attacks to take place to the men and women of law enforcement. They had nothing to do with the actions of one officer. The Benevolent Association stated that “When NYC police officers cannot even take a meal without coming under attack, it is clear that the environment in which we work has deteriorated to a critical level. We cannot afford to let our guard down for even a moment.” It is time for real change to take place with the Democrats hold on the state of New York.

Police officers are being told to really inspect their meals before eating them. This is a sad day for the police officers around the country. Thankfully there are still millions of other people that love the police. They want them to be safe and they want them to return home after each shift. They are the main reason why Americans can go to bed safely each night and not worry about criminals and Democrats invading their homes. The men and women of law enforcement deserve better than what they are getting from the Democratic Party. Thankfully President Trump is an avid supporter of law enforcement.

48 thoughts on “Were NYPD Officers Poisoned with Milkshakes?

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  4. The democrats have two terrorist organizations working for them, antifa and black lives matter. Until these two terrorist organizations are dealt with, everyone is in danger.

  5. Someone in Shack Shack did this on purpose and w the intention to make these 3 Police Officers sick. They need to be caught and prosecuted. Police Officers are starting to walk off the job en masse. Has anyone thought about what it’s going to be like when criminals are breaking in your home and there is no 911. You better be armed bc you’re up the creek. Crime is going to be out of control. What will you do?

  6. This is horrible! I stand with the police officers and agree, we need our officers and appreciate them you can’t judge them all because of a few bad apples.

  7. Perhaps we as a nation should fix a law the requires a food establishment have a camera focusing on the preparation of all food. No camera, no food service.

  8. People should STOP blaming the police in general, some are bad but most do a damn good job on protecting and risking their lives. The looters looking for an excuse to do in front of everybody what they do best, thieves. We should learn to get along, respect each other to live in peace. Each and everyone of us will pay sooner or later for the evil deeds we made, no doubt.

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  10. this was done by one of the employees who hates the police. it should not be hard to find out which one. they should be given a prison sentence. they did this on purpose.

  11. The CEO and manager of Shake Shack MUST get involved to determine what really happened!! Would they want similar issues involving their family and friends?! STAND UP!!!!

  12. From what I read, the remnants of the shakes were submitted for analysis! If so, what were the results? If contaminants were found, somebody should be held responsible! In the meantime at least I know, I will be Boycotting Shake Shack!

  13. I don’t mind supporting those that protest for the truth. However, who knows what the truth is anymore?
    NO ONE deserves to be hurt!!! Front line people are our safety net, why are we hurting all when in every venue there are those that mean to hurt and they are the one’s to be punished! I’m so tired to trying to take care (I’m a nurse ) of all that are sick and injured, yet in return all there is his HATE.
    We all must agree on what matters, not just a few. Those that are in power, must stand up for the law and not bend to hate.

  14. This has gotten out of hand and control. Does Shake shack have an internal video re order? Do the officers recall time of purchase? I would order to have access to the recorder and see who made the shakes, and how they made them! Press charges make them less their jobs and have a record not to ever work in the food industry again.

  15. God bless everyone regardless where you may be from. And always remember that there’s nothing and no one greater than Jesus who loves us ALL. 😊

  16. Peace brings peace. If you do wrong eventually there will be a consequence. What goes around comes around.
    There are wonderful police officers out there, more good than not good, like in any corporation.
    Let’s pray for our officers and pray for peace. Good comes from peaceful things, not from riots or hateful actions.

  17. Typically ice cream or milk shake machined are cleaned and sanitized with Stera Sheen. It is a chlorine based sanitizer. It is only used when the machine is cleaned, typically end of day. Unless sone of the powder was added to the actual shakes. This one smells bad

  18. It is not about George floid, he is just the excuse. What they want is to overthrow the government. If they keep it up, it will lead to shooting and death. I hope not but the writing is on the wall. STOP this crap because it will not get better for anyone. OPEN your eyes and think about you are doing, this is not the movies. STOP

    1. It is the Chinese Government using our own media against us. They have been doing this since the Vietnam War. They purposely misreported the facts regarding the George Floyd case. China is attacking our country by censoring us and attempting to destroy our way of life. They are mad at Donald Trump because he’s not the typical pushover president we’ve seen in terms of dealing with China.

  19. Just how will police officers “inspect” their food? The kind of poisonging these officers were subjected to is not something that can be seen, and maybe not even smelled. It is doubtful that it would be possible to determine that someonne had spit in a cheeseburger, either. There are many ways to poison foodstuffs that would not be easily detectable. Perhaps when food is prepared for a police officer the manager should supervise all steps–at least that way the pereson responsible for the act could be identified (and punished).

    1. We all should observe food handlers. All can do this. I’m through with Shake Shack. Look at the wired weirdos working at Starbucks. Pierced, glued and tattooed.

  20. Why are four out of five comments written by people with names that ninety-nine point eight percent of the people in the USA cannot even understand. I stand with the NYPD and hope very soon the voters in New York City will impeach that Communist de Blasio.

    1. Charles, the people of whom you are admonishing for impeachment, or voting out, better not stop with the crooked mayor, the entire state should also rid it’s self from the Governor, State reps city aldermen women who are Democrat. It would also help that city and state to rid themselves of their Democrat senators and Congress reps.

    1. Lets see now,,,,Biden will completely clean up the poisoners that would not only do harm to average citizens, but can target our FAITHFUL IN BLUE without any checks and no concern about whether the people that they are poisoning, whether they wear regular clothes, or the “FAMOUS BLUES” that so many have so proudly worn, and that despite being degraded by the scum of New York. Noone of any true and honest regard for law and order would EVER douse a man in blue!!! Many will not like to read this, but the only ones of that ilk are the people that refuse to work for a living, being honest in their own self-respect, and helping to make America BETTER!!!!!

    2. Let us just ponder where this is truly accurate: There are racists on both sides, and that is a fact. As any person of a sound mind, I disregarded or did not think of my actions (AS A CHILD) as being “hurtful” to persons of a different color. I also never looked “down” on a person of a different color. I grew up in a small town, and people of different color congregated with their own families,, just as we did, and I never looked at it from a point of view that was negative. When I joined the Army in 57, I rode the bus into Columbus, GA with a few of my new black acquaintances, and was kind of “taken back” when they told me that I should not get off the bus where they would. That was the first time I found out that there were “two” worlds. We served together,(many of us) for three years, and the “unspoken rules” were set. Those “rules” are sadly more evident today than in the 50’s,, and that is a shame, but burning and ruining the quiet, peaceful neighborhood businesses is a “Horrible way” to try to make favorable attempts to correct the situation, and only causes more problems in our lives, both white and other. We are all citizens and deserve the respect of ALL OTHERS, to work towards a peaceful nation that respects our neighbors and their property.

    1. This is why there is hesitation about returning to offices. Many of these employers as well as restaurants, stores, supermarkets and businesses have NOT really cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized their businesses. They only open to get money without taking the right protocols. Not only NYPD bur all Americans must be careful when eating or drinking from outside venues.

    2. What planet are you on they need to clean and disinfect the scum employees who would harm and kill another human being because they happen to work under an oath to serve and protect—lots of moron can get an easy milkshake making job without a lot of background check and do their dirty work with a smirk and a wink from the main a hole paying these punks to harm the USA

    3. The whole poisoned milkshakes bruha was debunked the next day – turns out that the milkshake machine hadn’t been thoroughly rinsed of disinfectant. No one was out to get them. The police officers were not victims of some nefarious plot, no matter how much you want to believe it . Do some research folks, before jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon .

    4. You are so correct. But the employers needs to seek out which employee would do such horrible thing and make sure he/she is prosecuted to the fullest.

    5. When restaurant machines are cleaned..the sanitizer that is used is safe so if some is in ice cream machines or milkshake machines.. it will not be something to make 3 police officers sick. So it may be someone that made the milkshakes put something in them. The people working in restaurants should be very careful since they can be shut down or closed if they are determined to be health risk for people. So sad that people would sink to this level of Behavior! Support our Police 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ( suprised that an investigation not done..for safety of others!😡)

    6. Gwendolyn Jones – “Many of these employers as well as restaurants, stores, supermarkets and businesses have NOT really cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized their businesses. ” I’m sorry, but this is not a case of lack of disinfectant use. This was POISON. People, we need to really read what is being articulated in this article. The owner of this establishment should be put up on charges. At the very least, this business should be boycotted by law-abiding citizens.

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