What is the CHAZ Effect…And Why There’s Nothing Pretty About It

Seattle has had a front seat experience into what it’s like to not have the police. If the rest of the country wants to defund the police and dismantle them, they may want to take a good look at what’s happening in the Washington city first, especially as the CHAZ effect is now rippling throughout the city.

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has essentially kicked Seattle Police out of the city center. So, CHAZ is running things now.

What does that look like?

For one, it means calling 911 a total of 19 times after preventing arson to his business and catching the suspect. Oh, and the police admitted that they weren’t going to respond to the call.

John McDermott called because of the fire as well as the arrest of the responsible man. Mason McDermott was able to catch the man responsible, holding him pinned while his dad called 911.

Neither the fire department nor the police department showed up.

Here’s where the CHAZ effect rears its ugly head.

The McDermotts quickly found themselves surrounded by hostile forces. Wait, what? They’re the victims.

CHAZ was there, demanding the release of the suspect.

What about the fact that he committed a crime? That, apparently, was not important. They didn’t care that he was a criminal. They cared that he was being held there against his own free will.

That’s when the lightbulb clicked for the McDermotts. One, they had no choice but to release him. And two, they realized that their elected leaders in both Seattle and the state of Washington had failed them.

The shop owned by the McDermotts is outside of CHAZ. They decided to go outside of their zone in order to have the suspect released.

The local government is set up to prevent this kind of mob rule. However, if the local government does not do anything to stop it, is there still a government in place?

Former pro tennis player and media reporter for the Daily Caller, Shelby Talcott, spent some time in CHAZ. She documented some of what was going on, including how one woman on a microphone announced to everyone: “You are not here to be peaceful. You are here to disrupt …”

Great. So, they’re admitting that they’re not peacefully protesting. If only that’s where it ended.

The other name for CHAZ is CHOP. It’s the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. It may be the better name, too, since they may only be days away from bringing in the guillotines.

They’ve already announced that they’re not peaceful.

The woman on the microphone asked the crowd if anyone knew what happened to those who didn’t get on board with the French Revolution. The crowd answered, “Chopped.” As in, chopped off their heads.

Holy. Crap.

To even reference something like that should send shivers down your spine. This autonomous zone has taken it too far – and yet both Mayor Durkan and Governor Inslee are nowhere to be seen.

The entire city is in jeopardy of being taken over by CHAZ (or CHOP) if the government doesn’t step in soon. What happened with the McDermotts has shown that the zone isn’t afraid of stepping outside of their borders to demand the release of a criminal. They’re not planning on helping anyone. It’s complete anarchy. They want to use mob rule mentality to run the city without having any kind of justice system in place.

For those outside of the autonomous zone, they’re quickly learning that they like the police and fire departments. They like it when they can call 911 and have responders show up and help. Criminals need to stay as criminals. The innocent need to be helped.

No one wants to deal with having a “chopped” threat. If the city starts getting guillotines shipped in, we’re going to need to take action. The CHAZ effect is spreading…and we can’t wait until it gets French Revolution-style in the city before the Democratic government wakes up.

63 thoughts on “What is the CHAZ Effect…And Why There’s Nothing Pretty About It

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  2. Well if the cops aren’t responding than I guess you have to take the law into your own hands & that goes for anyone coming to free the creeps. People stand up & fight back!!! You noticed the cowards took over a city they knew that the people would let them. It’s time to take back America. The 4th of July is coming up… Let’s show what it really stands for!

  3. This mob needs to try their thing in a town full of Rednecks that would cure this Marxist bunch and send them back under their rock.

  4. Release the Veterans. Chop be buried in 24 hours. Just one question. 7.62 in left eye or right? Actually gut shoot them so they die slow. You worthless punks wanted no ambulances. Seattle used to be a nice place until demoncraps blinded the people. If gun control worked Chicago would be like Mayberry. The only reason a government wants to disarm its citizens is because they have plans for the citizens that the citizens would shoot them for. George Floyd was revived in the ambulance, broke out of his handcuffs and attacked the medics. Then he died of a heart attack from a drug overdose. And pervert Biden says he’s greater then MLK? My dog excrement is greater then Perv Joe. I’m sixty five you want to fight you F-ing perv? Sniff my wife or daughters you won’t have to ask. I’d kick you worthless ass so hard you’d have to unzip your zipper to breathe. What’s your name? Don’t cheat and look at your name tag in a mirror: eoj. And you looked like a jackass face mask hanging from one ear. Sniff this, Pervert.

  5. We as Americans , look like IDIOTS to other countries watching this! does anyone even wonder if someone with bad intentions , such as terrorists, want to try to do something as we sit here and let America destroy itself from within? Send in the troops to take control and stop ANARCHY from rising within. this send a a bad message all around and breaks down the social structure of our country. Didn’t MLK say he wanted all races to come together PEACEFULLY to resolve differences? Or do I live on another planet? God sees us as HUMAN not preference of skin color, so maybe we should apply that analogy and get along .

  6. This situation with “Chop” should wake up those who have voted in the past for Liberal Politicians, such as our Governor Mr. “Butter Knife” and the Seattle Mayor of Love. They have both let their citizens down. Failure to protect and to represent those who were caught up in this nightmare, can not be forgiven, vote these people out. Voting for them does an injustice to all those who were discarded to the injustice of the mob. Until we as a people do the right thing by voting for justice, equality and upholding the rule of law for all, there will be no peace in the future. Mob rule could be coming to a neighborhood near you soon, wake up and stand up for America now!

  7. Article IV section III of The Constitution forbids any state or any states to form a new state without the prior consent of all involved state legislatures approval AND the prior approval by The Congress of the United States. “Chaz” or “Chop” are self-declared states that have not followed the Constitution. The Constitution also defines treason as any party who is found to have aided or abetted any foreign state against the United States. Since these “new” states have openly promoted insurrection and have refused to abide by the Constitution it is reasonable to conclude they are not domestic states but, in fact, foreign states. Therefore, all parties that aid and abet these foreign states against the Constitution and the United States by definition would be guilty of treason. Bureaucrats that are in this category should be addressed as prescribed in the Constitution. All those who afford assistance to the foreign states should also be addressed under the Constitution. The usurping or destruction of U.S. property by force violent or otherwise by any foreign state is, in fact, an invasion of the United States and a declaration of war AND those infractions should be handled with appropriate action in defense of the United States. Since BLM and AntiFa have claimed ownership of “Chaz” or “Chop”, they should be addressed as the Terrorist Groups they have defined themselves to be.

  8. This whole situation only shows to me these idiots do not know what the US of A is all about. They will never be able to turn the US of A into a Marxist/communist country because to do so would require the destruction of the US Constitution. And if that could ever happen (there is no way, unless…see below), it would be the end of the US of A. And there would be nothing to turn into a Marxist/communist whatever.
    To cancel the US Constitution would require the vote of every body politic in each of the several States. It is not going to happen! But they can still go after a State that may want to secede from the Constitution and establish its full independence. Then it can turn into a Marxist/communist nation, probably governed by mob rule. There are several candidates, like California, New York and, probably, Washington State (if Seattle is an example). That’s your only chance IDIOTS!!!!

  9. people wanted this, (majority) they didnt want the police help, they have got what they wanted. This isnt a racial war this is a spiritual war evil against good. And the people are falling into this trap. You tear up your city, you personally fix it. Repairs should not be done by the government. one of two things will happen, they will quit or the people who care will make them quit. enough is enough

  10. Being in the military to put an end to these protest and crimes. Put the military on roof tips with weapons to stop drive by shootings – blow up their cars! Deputies the citizens to help protect our police and military. Let us take back OUR AMERICA! These blacks have no idea about slavery. They just what America’s to step down and for them to run our country. Now they are saying Jesus was black how much longer are we going to put up with this BS,with out taking back our country. My home is protected,and me and my neighbors will arrange an early meeting between them an Jesus !

  11. Too late for bringing in the police. We now have a fantastic photo op for the upcoming election. CHAZ or Trump coming to your neighborhood soon. Do the former property owners have a legal case against the city for letting this happen to their businesses and property? Isn’t that the implicit contract for having a government….to provide the framework for a civil society. If the BLMers were even advocating something to make black lives better it would be one thing. But now we see they are nothing but a front for Marxism…right out of the playbook. Their Marxist bullshit is way more important than any social justice. Blacks please don’t be fooled by these retards. They’re using you!

  12. This is only part of the problem that this mayor and city council are responsible for! If you all would watch a small documentary of what’s really going on there you would be sickened! The documentary is called “Seattle is dying” and it exposes this flop of a socialist Democratic utopia! The streets thanks to its leaders are filled with the stench of feces and urine,rats,garbage,and the homeless! Most of the homeless are either alcoholics,drug addicts or both. Then you throw on the fact that a lot of them have real mental issues but instead of getting these people any real help they allow them to use drugs and drink any where they want to. They have even made it legal for drug addicts to have over three grams of heroin,cocaine,or meth on them for personal use! So instead of arresting these people and sending them to treatment or jail they usually just let them go! That goes for almost any crime also except murder! They just release them back out on the streets and tie the police’s ability to arrest or convict anyone! Check out the video of “Seattle is dying” it truly is appalling!

    1. I watched this program and it is amazing even the fools behind the wall can’t see how they have been played. So one had to think how long had this really been going on the DEMO RATS have set this all up and timing is also in their game plan. People wake up do you have any idea how close you are to losing all that you have all that you have built in your life time for your family, you may think Seattle is far away but it is not

  13. That old bag Nancy needs to be feed to the BLM thugs and let them do what they what with her and the rest of the un-American shit flush them

  14. If you want this to be fixed STOP voting for Democrats. They are no longer a party of the United States. They are the American Communist party now. They have lost all reason, common sense, loyalty, integrity, morality and sanity. The ridiculous governor said he HAS NO IDEA of what is going on in Seattle!! Meanwhile the entire nation knows all about it! What he has no TV or does he only watch what is going on in Olympia? What a lying sack of shi*t. The Mayor is a total coward and totally incompetent. Washington is running neck and neck with Commie-fornia and New Yorkommie!

  15. But the democratic government of the democratic party doesn’t need to be woken up. They know exactly what is happening in CHAZ or CHOP and they do nothing exactly because they not only approve of it, but they socially planned and manipulated the useful fools who call themselves liberals in order to make it happen.

    The democratic party is about personal power at all costs. They are like Sith Lords in this respect with the downside being that while in a “galaxy far, far away” they only have 2 Sith Lords at a time, we are cursed to have many democrats at a time.

    The party has also been captured by the interests of the globalist bankers from Europe who belong to the tribe of small hats and big noses whose god promised them that they are to rule over everyone else because they are so superior. We have the same tribe constituting the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, which is NOT a bank, has no reserves of anything except malicious intent towards the people of the world, and is a private banking cartel which has absolutely nothing to do with the Federal Government.

    All the small hatted, big nosed bankers are communist, and it was one of the fellow tribe member who invented communism and socialism in order to fool the people into supporting a system designed to impoverish and kill them, all under the satanic lie that it was designed instead to promote their life and prosperity. Born in a lie, communism has managed to stay alive since then only through a constant barrage of lies.

  16. I wonder how many of these people are drawing unemployment while protesting. Something must be done before all our statutes and art are destroyed and they go on to destroy everything like Hitler did. One of his first steps was to get rid of the police and then to destroy their history.

  17. I definitely agree with those who said, surround that shit hole and allow nothing in, if they come out its directly to jail for a minimum 25 to life with no early release, turn off all utilities, water, wifi, bluetooth, television and radio signals, and wait

  18. America this isn’t over yet, wait went this Nation get closer to elections we will have more
    Riots & Destroyed property , the News are using
    Psychological operations against each other’s
    and the Democratic leadership in Congress don’t care about United States of America
    Watch the UN Cronies they are in Bed with the
    Democrats ..!!!

  19. The 10th amendment gives each state rights. The federal government can’t step in unless it goes almost nuclear. The people of Seattle voted in this woman knowing full well her politics. However, I am betting they didn’t realize how communist she really is. She can be voted out, but will she? The governor supporting this insurrection can be voted out, but will he? On the up side those who embrace communism and lawlessness are getting their 60 day free trial what it would be like under communism – and sometimes reality is a great teacher.

  20. The government has to go in and arrest all of the people who have joined Chop and deport them or arrest them. They have all given their American citizenship back so now they do not deserve to live in America

    1. Send them all to Russia or any other place they like. Just deport them all. They don’t deserve to spend another on US soil. And while you’re at it, round up Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and AOC and her “squad”. Send them all to the same God forsaken place.

    2. AhmenThis will go on till the election. The Dems are using every means they can to try and stop Trump. They are the lowest of the low. Trump will win no matter what they do The Dems are behind it all. The Clintons need to be put in jail. How many people are prosecuted for so much less? Where has our America gone?? No fear Trump will win…

  21. In 1957 President Eisenhower nationalized the Arkansas National Guard, and made them federal troops. He also sent in 1000 Army soldiers (101st Airborne Division) into Little Rock, Arkansas. This was to protect citizens from harm (children of color attending school). President Trump has every right to do this with Seattle, and other cities. Citizens need and deserve protection against these terrorists.

  22. There are builders and there are destroyers. Both are necessary for different purposes at different times.

    There needs to be a way to regulate what the builders build and where they build it. There also needs to be a way of regulating what the destroyers must destroy and what they can choose to destroy.

    The people need to make the necessary laws and hire the people who will enforce those laws.

  23. If this doesn’t wake up the people that American Haters are loved by the Democrats, Schumer, Pelosi, etc nothing will. Their goal is to destroy Liberty and Freedom by any means. The National Guard must be called in and use force to take the city back from the communist lovers. They all must be arrested, tried and sent to prison for life in a hell hole.

  24. I agree with everyone here. Build the wall, don’t let them out or in. Cut off all food and any other deliveries. Surround them with our military. Then lock them up and charge all of them with treason!!!

  25. It’s time for the citizens outside the area to take up arms and target practice! CHAZ OR CHOP won’t be able to shit about Snipers picking them off

  26. Is this the kind of environment that you want your children’s children to live in. It’s time for real Anerican’s to take a stand against these anarchist’s and their Democratic allies. What happened to George Ffoyd is a tragedy and should be addressed
    through peaceful protest. However the looting, rioting, fires and destruction of the Seattle community is a downright criminal act that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Agreed. People should research “excited delirium”, which is what the officers reported when they called for an ambulance and held him down, waiting for said ambulance. Excited delirium results from an overdose, and among other things, the person exhibits superhuman strength. It often ends in death, unless medical treatment is recieved immediately. The officers involved were restraining the person until the ambulance arrived, as they had been trained.

  27. Sounds like they want to turn America into the middle East. If they like it that way they can move there and not change our Country. How are they still being allowed to do this? Maybe its because the political party of that state doesn’t have any balls and ate afraid to look bad. Well buck the fuck up and do your damn jobs and Be A Leader.

  28. How long will this unrest last? If the mayor and governor of Washington won’t do something about it President Trump needs to send in the national guard or the regular military to restore peace to this city

  29. Morons, what else can they be? Certainly not peaceful protesters, no, I think morons sums it up

    1. I think it’s time to take back control before there is nothing left to save. I we need to bring in the Military so be it. The rest of us have lives to live, jobs to go to, family’s to protect, homes, cars, pets. These things that we hold dear. These people obvious don’t have any of these things. Isn’t there a brand new Prison sitting out int a desert somewhere that has never been used? I believe I saw it on Mysteries of the abandoned

  30. Let them have city hall. Cut off all water, power and comminication . No food in either. They are autonomous after all. Let them have what they want. Post the national guard to make sure they stay there. Its their country now. The “reign of terror” is all theirs and let be theirs to experience.
    This is not even civil let alone progressive.

    1. Thomas, my thoughts exactly. Don’t let them out. When they run out of food & water & the smell is so bad they can’t stand it anymore, they might change their thoughts on how they really want to live. If they surrender, they go to jail but have to work in a chain gang each day to repair the damage they have done. I’m trying to decide if they should be deported once the clean-up is finished!


  32. LOCK and LOAD! . . . Target Practice time – Prosecute the SURVIVORS to the FULLEST EXTENT of FEDERAL LAW with STIFFEST PRISON SENTENCE, and make FULL RESTITUTION. Find the Politicians responsible and send them to FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION, TREASON and DERELICTION of duty – NO exceptions. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I’m with you Joey, I really think that most of the people in this town must be liberals and were on the most part against the 2nd Admendment right to bear arms. Otherwise I think they would have had a secret town militia form for things like this. I find it kind of funny and would hope that this little incident would effect who they vote for next election. I wish these people would try building a CHAZ/CHOP in my town it wouldn’t happen, and besides our police would probably defi the Mayor or Governor and institute law and order regardless.

    1. Lisa says:
      I thought that they did not want walls???
      They try to destroy statues, and Names from our past but they cant change history,
      This is all planned by the far left. people or all colors were finding that they liked people for who they were and not by what color they might be and the left could not let that be so they needed a bad event to happen so that they could start this BS unreast. Look at their history With Unreast they get more power and promise everything that they can’t provide every Party/Gov. that has done this has failed look at Venezeula.

  33. How long before this happens in other cities? I say the police and fire and ambulances don’t go in let them deal with it on there own

    1. It’s a sad day but it’s come. These people have lost their sensibilities, totally given up on acting intelligently. They have now created a new set of criminals, themselves.

  34. Bring in the National Guard and role over these idiots. Time to bring back some discipline and remove this BS from our streets and our lives. The real people are getting up every day and going to work, unlike these ……. who think they are representing us. They sure don’t represent me or mine~

    1. Anyone that thinks that America is safe any longer, is either 3 bricks short of a load! The Minnesota Governor and the Mpls and St.Paul mayors should both be removed from office! When a mob reallizes that the people that are running the State and Local Government are SCARED to do their jobs, it is immediately obvious to the Pillaging Scum to crawl out of their gutters and they will go further each time that they get away with their Ruining, Pillaging, Burning and decimating an area till they are stopped. It is a horrible thing that happened to Mr. Floyd, but it is no excuse for the complete disregard for law and order, and for burning, breaking into and ruining and robbing innocent business owners that are totally ruined by these people. I heard older people asking, “Where shall I buy my groceries now? I must walk to stores for my food and other things,,,How do I get them now??? THANK YOU TO ALL THAT BURNED OUT MY SHOPPING AREA, AND THE SMALL CAFE’S, AND MY FAVORITE PLACES TO MEET AND GREET OLD FRIENDS!!!

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